Drug Store Deal of the Week

Rite Aid is definitely my drug store of choice these days!  Check out this deal on Huggies at Rite Aid this week . . .

Buy 1 Huggies Box of Diapers ($19.99, receive $4 in UP Rewards at Checkout)

Buy 1 Crest Pro Health Clinical Toothpaste ($3.99, receive $2 in Up Rewards at Checkout)

Buy 3 Kleenex Tissues ($.99)

Use . . .

Pay $13.47 before tax out of pocket, get $6 in UP Rewards to use towards your next purchase, which is like paying $7.47 after UP Rewards for a big box of diapers, toothpaste and 3 boxes of tissues!  Update – I just added two more boxes of tissues thanks to Christina's note in the comment section.  They add $.50 to your total, and I figure two boxes of Kleenex for $.50 were a pretty good deal!  If you want to keep your total under $7, just purchase one box of tissues.  🙂 

Looking for more drug store deals this week?  See deals at Rite Aid, Walgreens and CVS .

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  1. I can not find the $1/1 non persc. coupon on the Rite Aid website. I logged into the ad perk rewards. Am I missing something?

  2. actually, its $.3 short of $25 🙁

    • Hi Nani! My Rite Aid has accepted the $5/$25 without any problem because it will go quite a bit over with tax (our sales tax is 8 1/2% here!) If your store doesn’t allow that, look for a pencil or maybe piece of gum (or something really cheap!) to add to get your total over $25 – you can add your item to someone’s Christmas stocking! 🙂

  3. I plan on doing this deal, except I will substitute the Thermacare heat wrap for the kleenex. With the $1VV and the printable $1 manuf. coupon the total is the same (I am using the $1 crest coupon from the clip and save to) 12.97…and then I will receive 2.99 SCR for the heat wrap.

  4. Marcia Van Drunen says:

    I’m new to working with Riteaid. I cannot find that video values coupon. Is it from a previous month?

    • Hey Marcia & Kristiana! Look at the third page of the Video Values coupons (that’s where it shows up for me). It’s kind of hard to see in in the midst of all those coupons!

  5. Your deals of the week are AMAZING!!! Thank you for all you work, I love the scenarios- they really help me out 🙂

  6. For those not seeing the Huggies VV coupon, it might be because the picture is of Pull Ups. I looked over it once or twice first, too. Thanks for this scenario!
    Also, am I just crazy or are there two of the $1 off a purchase VV coupons? Two different videos. One for RX services and one for the Rewards program.

    • Thanks for the reminder about the Pullups/Huggies coupon Sharon! I could only find one $1/1 Video Value but had heard other folks find two – the deal’s even better with two!

  7. I’m just wondering about the pdf coupon for $5 off $25 purchase. Is this legit? You can just keep printing it over and over?

    • Hey Shannon – I know there was recently a pdf for Rite Aid that wasn’t legitimate (it wouldn’t even scan in the stores), but I believe this one to be okay and my store accepted it without a problem. If you’re unsure about it though, you can also get a $4/$20 Rite Aid coupon when you watch some of Rite Aid’s videos – hope that helps! (I wouldn’t want you to use one if it wasn’t legit!)

  8. I found 2 of the $1/1 any rite aid non-prescription coupons, and also since this was my first visit to their video site I also got $4/$20 for watching video’s. Add that to the Huggies coupon, the mfg coupon I have for Huggies, $7.00 total in rite aid coupons ($5/$25 and the 2 $1/1), the Kleenex coupon I have, etc. and I come out at less than $5.00. Thanks for this amazing deal!!

  9. Christine says:

    Great scenario! If you add two more boxes of Kleenex, you can stack a Kleenex Video Values $1/3 and manu. $.50/3 and then you won’t need a filler and you get two more boxes for only $.50 more. 🙂

    • Great deal Christine! I knew there was a $1/3 manufacturer but didn’t see the $.50/3 Video Values – thanks for sharing!

  10. Can someone tell me where the .50/3 Kleenex manf is? (what week?) THANKS

  11. Marcia Van Drunen says:

    Oh, thanks so much for the clarification on the VV Pullups coupon! I’m still a little overwhelmed to figure all this out, but hoping to try this week, maybe tomorrow 🙂

  12. There is oscillococcinum on sale for $4.99 , with a $4.99 SCR. There is a $2/1 printable http://www.oscillo.com/special-offers/ and a $3/1 video values coupon. Would be $ 0 out of pocket, and then either $2 or $4.99 SCR (not sure if the video values affects the SCR) as I am newer at this myself.

    • Great deal Stacey! I steered clear of the SCR because I know they can even make my brain hurt :), but that would be a fabulous way to get up to $25!

      Shelly – if you have a minute to run by, I would probably take it back and either ask for them to check why they didn’t print (and see if they can manually give you the $2 in UP Rewards), or just return it. I’d have a hard time paying that much for toothpaste – hope that helps!

  13. I tried this and for some reason I didn’t get the $2 in UP Rewards off the toothpaste. I tried to make sure I got the correct one, however they were still putting up the prices when I got there this morning. I don’t really need a $3 tube of toothpaste, should I take it back or hang on to it?

  14. What if it says the videos are not available on the website? It says that for every product too. Anyone else having that problem?

  15. My question is, How can you buy the Crest ProHealth Clinical toothpaste and use the Crest Pro-Health FOR ME coupon? It specifies FOR ME brand. Also, do you need atleast the same amount of items as you have in coupons? I know at Walgreens you do, so just wondering if I need to purchase fillers at Rite Aid also. Thanks

    • Hi Dustie! As far as the number of coupons go, Rite Aid does not limit the number of coupons on items the way Walgreens does (at least I have used more coupons than items in the past without any problem). I can’t see the actual picture of the box of Crest in the ad, so it’s possible the Crest For Me is not included – if it’s not, use the $0.75/1 Crest Glide Floss 9/26/2010 P&G Insert (exp 10/31/2010) or Crest Toothpaste (the Glide also has an UP Reward of $2). Hope that helps!

  16. I used the video values Huggies coupon a couple of weeks ago. How often do they reset? I’d like to do this scenario, and when I first got on, that video wasn’t grayed with a check mark, so I watched it again

  17. I got to the video values, and even though I had done the Huggies one a couple of weeks ago, it didn’t show the video as having been watched. I watched it again, and it said that I could go print my coupon, but when I went to my rewards it wouldn’t let me print because I had already used it. The crazy thing is that the other videos that I had watched along with the Huggies one a couple weeks ago showed up as having been watched. ??????? How often do the VV reset?

  18. I can NEVER seem to find the specific coupons for the links you set up to take you to coupons.com… am I missing something? There is no search feature and I just spent 20 minutes looking for a kleenex coupon to no avail! Please help!

    • I’m so sorry Tia! (I hate it when that happens too!) One tip on Coupons.com is to use the left sidebar so that you narrow your search (I’m betting you knew that already.) Unfortunately coupons.com removes coupons pretty frequently (or they run out of prints), and when I just looked it’s gone from both Coupons.com & Smart Source (I promise it was there Saturday, because I printed it!) The only other tip I can give is to check the coupon sites pretty frequently throughout the week and grab the ones you want, but in all honesty that coupon wasn’t one that I printed until I saw this deal! (And it’s a pain for you to waste your time hunting down coupons!)

      I’m so sorry and I hope next time we’ll find one that is still there when you need it! 🙂

  19. When I open up the coupon for $5/$25 Rite Aid Coupon all I am getting is a blank page; no coupon. What am I doing wrong? I wold love to have this coupon.


    • Hi Heather! I just went to check it (and another new one that I heard is available), and both are giving me blank screens too. I’m hoping it’s a glitch and they’ll have it back up – but it’s possible they removed it! If you have a few minutes you can also watch some Video Values to get a $4/$20? Keep checking the link though, maybe it’ll come back (I hope!)

  20. Thanks Laurie for letting me know that it’s just not me. I just checked again and it is still not working. UGH!


  21. The link above isn’t working…but I found it here….



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