How to Declutter Your Home This Weekend (and Make Money for Summer Vacation!)

Have you already blown through quite a bit of cash trying to keep the kids happy this summer?  It can happen before you know it – take a trip here, eat out there, pick up some new things for the patio – and BOOM!  your summer fun fund is scraping bottom!

If that's the case – I seriously think you're going to love this.


Do you have a ton of old cds stashed somewhere?


DVDs your kids stopped watching years ago?


An old gaming system no longer in use (Or 3??)


A few cell phones hiding in a drawer?


Throw all those in a box, send it away FOR FREE and get paid in cash the day after your items are received.


For real. 

I tried it out myself and earned $60 yesterday with DeCluttr by simply doing some Spring cleaning around the house – selling some of my husband's old cd's, the kids' old XBox, some Wii games and a few books.




The best part?


It was stuff that we NEVER USE.


It's just been sitting there – gathering dust and cluttering up space in our home.


I love to always think of things as an “hourly rate”, and making $60 in literally 30 minutes was pretty exciting to me. 


That's $120 per hour ~ not too shabby!


Now, you're not going to get rich with this one, but every penny counts, and if you have a bunch of stuff that just needs to get our of your home, this is the absolute easiest way to do it.


Here's how to declutter your home this weekend and earn some money for summer vacation, a new outfit, or supplies for your Spring yard projects.


To Get Started:

1 .  Gather together a pile of unwanted electronics, cds, books, dvds, games or game systems to see what they'll be worth.

2 .  Head over to HERE and enter the barcode of an item to see what you'll be paid.

WAY easier though (and all kinds of fun!) is if you download their app and go around your house scanning barcodes to get the price.  (Here's a screenshot from my phone of items I was checking in the app.)


3 .  Click “Accept Price” and add to basket if you agree and want to sell it.

4 .  Come up with a minimum $10 worth of items you'd like to sell.  Pack them into a box (any box) and attach your free shipping label.  (This will be sent to your email inbox for you to print out)

5 .  Mail off your box!   You'll get paid the day after they receive your box – via Paypal, Check or Direct Deposit.

So what happens to all that stuff?

DeCluttr ends up selling most of it on eBay ~ saving you the time and hassle of selling it yourself. You may make a few pennies more sending it to eBay yourself or selling in a local online yard sale, but getting it done so quickly was worth it for me.


DeCluttr has a 5 Star rating on TrustPilot and several PPP readers commented on Facebook this week that they've tried it and loved it. 🙂

I'd love to hear if you try out DeCluttr – and how much you make getting rid of your junk!  Please share your experience in the comments!




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