Clean Your Car

Our car's command center: includes baby wipes, hand sanitizer, band aids, and a few snacks in case of emergency while I haul my kiddos around town.

If you know me, you know that I'm the last person on the planet who should give much advice on keeping an organized car (or garage for that matter . . . my husband's in charge of that one and I've pretty much given up all hope!) But today I spent $6 at our local drive thru car wash and about 20 minutes using their vacuum, and my car is so much better for it. (I drove my husband's car yesterday which he occasionally has professionally cleaned for work, and oh my heavens, I couldn't believe how bad mine looked in comparison! I can't justify paying for a high end car wash, but $6 isn't too bad . . .) 




Here's the before. . .

(In fairness, my youngest found out about 3 minutes before taking this picture that she was old enough to go to an extra gymnastics class today, so she changed those clothes and hurried in as fast as she could . . . hence most of the disaster below that I can't believe I'm sharing with you!)



And the after . . .

I'd really love to get a new set of floor mats for my car, but for now I'll settle for at least a vacuumed floor. (Does anyone else's car floor look like that? And does anyone have tips to clean it? I'd love to hear them!)


So, take $6 and 30 minutes and get your car cleaned out too if it's not already. If you want to pinch a few extra pennies, at least vacuum it out at home . . . I promise you'll be so glad you did!



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  1. My grandfather introduced me to a fantastic cleaning product. I looked in my supplies, but didn’t have any of it, of course, so I can’t tell you the name. 🙁 However, you can get it at auto stores or even at Walmart in the auto dept. It’s just a spray on cleaner like you would use like an indoor carpet spray. It’s just designed for cars. It cleaned up stains I never dreamed would come up. We use it on carpet AND upholstery. I wish I could remember the name. It might even be upholstery cleaner and we use it on carpet. Anyway, if I can find out the name I’ll let you know. Otherwise, just check out the auto dept. Amazing and inexpensive way to get a whole new look for you car’s interior!

    • I’ll have to hunt that down Tracey – thank you so much for sharing because I really would love to find something that works!

  2. When my car carpet was dirty I sprayed some Resolve foam and used the little brush to really work it in there and then vacuumed it up with the car wash vacuum. It worked really well.

  3. factord_agin says

    The folks that clean the carpets in my house also clean the carpet in my tahoe. Charge maybe $20 bucks for it?

  4. So I managed to spill an ENTIRE gallon of bright green paint in the “well” of our minivan in the parking lot of Home Depot in an effort to return it. It was less than one year old at that point and we had saved and couponed for years to afford to pay cash for it. Needless to say, shock and horror ensued. We *happened* to have my FIL’s awesome Shop Vac at our house so I booked it back home (it was July/August so the chance of it hardening was like 100%).
    Using mostly just our water hose and the shop vac (and probably a roll of paper towels), I was able to totally and completely save the back of our van. Looked exactly like it never happened. Praise the LORD!!

    In short, I imagine a Shop Vac (mine was a LARGE one) would do the trick…plenty of rinsing with no mess! Good Luck, Laurie!

  5. The Dollar tree has a great product I LOVE. It is the LA’s Totally Awesome Carpet spot and stain remover. It is a red bottle and works great. I spray a bunch and usually let it set for 5 min, then scrub with a rag and blot, and repeat as needed.

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