Clean The Pantry {Part Two}


Can I just start by sharing that I have absolutely no business teaching anyone how to organize anything? 🙂 To say I'm mortified to share this picture is an understatement, but now that it's all cleaned up I'm hoping it'll motivate you to get your cupboards cleaned out too. This is the cabinet in our pantry where all the “extras” go, and I don't know that I've cleaned it out in at least a few years. Needless to say, it was time!


(Will you please remember as you see this that I have three crazy busy kiddos, run a small website, and am completely scatter-brained? Yikes . . .this is just awful but I'm running out of cupboards to clean so we must be heading in the right direction!)


Here's the before (completely un-edited, obviously . . .)


And the after . . .

I donated a ton of cookbooks . . . there are so many that I don't use at all, and it felt so good to get those cleared off the shelves. Like many folks I primarily hunt down recipes online, so the extra clutter isn't worth it except for the books I really do love.

I did keep out a few favorites that I'd really like to use soon . . . 

Here are a few favorite cookbooks that I did keep (which I highly recommend. . .)


Your turn now! If your pantry needs it, determine to spend the next few days really getting it cleaned out. Take on bite-sized pieces each day, and I promise it’ll feel so good to have it all done. I can’t wait to hear how you do, and if you have any tips on cleaning out the pantry, I’d love for you to leave a comment to share!



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