Be Awesome In April Spring Cleaning Challenge – Day 3

 If you missed my Facebook live video this morning you can watch here.


I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to work on our “Be Awesome in April” Cleaning Challenge today.  (If you'd like to join me, head on over HERE.)


I'm thrilled that Day 3 of our Be Awesome in April Spring Cleaning Challenge in here (mostly because my little project for the day is finally done!)

Today I cleaned out my fridge.





Armed with a toothpick, a few awesome cleaning supplies, and some serious elbow grease this project is finally all finished.


Isn't it just glorious? 🙂

I popped everything back in place (we'll see how the Dollar Tree bins work for corralling a few items?) and my whole kitchen feels soooo much better.







And just in case  you missed it earlier, the Grove Collaborative has offered PPP readers a special promotion to get FOUR FREE MRS. MEYER'S PRODUCTS DELIVERED TO THEIR DOOR.


(I'm seriously loving these products!)


Here's what to do if you're interested in this promotion while it's available this week only: 

1 . Sign up for Grove Collaborative 

2 . Answer 4 brief questions about your home (which helps Grove pick out a few items for your box)

3 . Finalize your basket. Add or remove items until your box reaches $20 (but be sure to keep your 4 free items!)

4 . To receive the Mrs. Meyer's Bathroom Basics Welcome gift, I added $20 worth of items to my box.  Here's what I included:

  • 1 Mrs. Meyer's Hand Lotion, regularly $4.99 – FREE
  • 1 Mrs. Meyer's Tub & Tile Cleaner, regularly $4.99 – FREE
  • 1 Mrs. Meyer's Hand Soap, regularly $3.89 – FREE
  • 1 Walnut Scrubber Sponge, regularly $3.95 – FREE
  • 1 Coconut Cleansing Wipes regularly $6.99, on sale $5.99
  • 1 Mrs. Meyer's Hand Soap, regularly $5.49, on sale $3.89
  • 1 Mrs. Meyer's Dish Soap, regularly $5.30, on sale $3.89
  • 1 Method Glass Cleaner, regularly $4.99, on sale $3.99
  • 1 Mrs. Meyer's Multi surface Cleaner regularly $5.39, on sale $3.89

That makes each item just $2.40, SHIPPED TO YOUR DOOR, compared to $4-$7 per item at Target or Amazon.



If you're interested in trying out the Grove Collaborative, head on over HERE and snag your free stuff. It's only available for a few days, so hurry while it's available! Think of Grove as Amazon for natural cleaning products, cosmetics, diapers + try out free shipping and see what you think.


Note: based on the reviews I'm seeing over on the PPP FB page people absolutely love this company and these products. (A few of the scents they recommended are lavender, honeysuckle, and lemon verbena. My favorites that I've tried so far are the basil and lavender!)




I'd sure love for you to join me this month as we're getting our homes + bodies + minds in order, so be sure to also take a second to snag your free Be Awesome in April printable over HERE.





I promise, we're going to make cleaning FUN, and totally take back control of our homes this month ~ I'm so glad I get to hang out with you!

Be Awesome In April Cleaning Challenge:

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