Be Awesome In April Spring Cleaning Challenge – Day 13


If you missed my Facebook live video this morning you can watch here.

It’s Day 12 of our “Be Awesome in April” Cleaning Challenge and I hope you’re joining me!  If you’d like to join me, head on over HERE to download your free printable checklist.



I’m super excited that I’ve tackled wiping down the doors and using Pam Spray to get rid of squeaky doors already ~ goodness, why don’t I do that sooner? 


(I seriously love the Pam trick. Because, I can never seem to find the WD-40 in my hubby’s work bench. But I can always find cooking spray.) 🙂


But I’m even a wee bit more excited about this whole Declutter App thing, because if you’re like me and need to Declutter a bit, you’re going to love this. 


If you need to Declutter a few things, you can try it out too: 

1 .  Gather together a pile of unwanted electronics, cds, books, dvds, games or game systems to see what they’ll be worth.

2 .  Head over to HERE and enter the barcode of an item to see what you’ll be paid.

WAY easier though (and all kinds of fun!) is if you download their app and go around your house scanning barcodes to get the price.  (Here’s a screenshot from my phone of items I was checking in the app.)

3 .  Click “Accept Price” and add to basket if you agree and want to sell it.

4 .  Come up with a minimum $10 worth of items you’d like to sell.  Pack them into a box (any box) and attach your free shipping label.  (This will be sent to your email inbox for you to print out)

5 .  Mail off your box!   You’ll get paid the day after they receive your box – via Paypal, Check or Direct Deposit.




Right now when you use the code PPP10 at checkout Declutter will pay you an extra 10% on your total check for trying them out.


So, if you have $20 worth of stuff to send them, they’ll send you $22.







Head on over HERE to try it out, and let me know what you think! 


And don’t forget to join me for our 20 Day Be Awesome in April Spring Cleaning Challenge.

I’d sure love for you to join me this month as we’re getting our homes + bodies + minds in order, so be sure to also take a second to snag your free Be Awesome in April printable over HERE.

Looking for more motivation to get started today? Here you go! 


Be sure to also join our Home Sweet Home Facebook Group for more motivation and encouragement ~ I’m loving this group and am so inspired each day by them to truly be awesome in April!



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