A Bajillion Reasons I Love Your Mean Comments On Facebook


Let me say first that almost all of the comments you all share are so incredibly kind and generous, and I’m SO THANKFUL for that. But, occasionally I do get a mean comment (or two, or eight . . . ), so here are a few thoughts on those I’ve decided to share. Bear with me . . . .  

Y’all . . . I love your mean comments on Facebook.


Um . . . mostly? 🙂 


For real.


Don’t believe me?

Well, believe it or not there are some fantastic things you’re doing every time you choose to leave a mean comment over there, so I thought I’d share my absolute favorite (of the bajillion . . . ) reasons I love here.


Here we go. 😉


1. You’re making my posts more visible.

The truth is, Facebook doesn’t let you see most of the things I post there on PPP most days. In fact, of the 419,000 570,000 + Facebook fans that I have, many of my posts (especially deal posts) are seen by less than 20,000 people.

However, when you comment anything (even not-so-nice things), Facebook sees my posts as a little more valuable. Not the most fun way to get attention, but in a very noisy online world I guess I’ll have to take it.



2. You open the door for a few nicer readers to stick up for me.

I love that. 


If you’re one of the nice readers who comments, I really (really!) appreciate you. 🙂


3. I’m so glad to give you a place to vent.

Everyone has a bad day occasionally and just feels the need to holler sometimes.


I get that.


If being rude or snarky on Facebook gives you a safe place to vent, while I may not always enjoy it, I’d rather you be mean on one of my Facebook posts than to a real human being in real life.


I just hope you’re not mean to real life human beings in real life too?


Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 12.27.30 PM


4. You’re helping me develop some seriously thick skin. 🙂

Good. gravy. 


When I started PPP I was about as thin-skinned as they came, but now (most?) of those not-so-sweet comments just roll right on by. Every once in awhile I feel the need to defend myself and may share a word or two, but I try to remember that for the one or two mean comments I do get, there are so many more folks reading who are just plain old nice.


5. At least you’re seeing my posts.

Honestly, so few folks see my posts on Facebook that at least your mean comments lets me know a few people really do see the stuff I spend hours typing away at each day. If you really want to keep up with all the deals here on PPP I highly encourage you to sign up for my free daily emails (I’ll even give you my Crock-t0ber cookbook and grocery list for free just for signing up. You’re welcome!)
Although, the more you like or comment on Facebook the more often you’ll see what I post – so like, comment and share away too!


6. We live in a free country.

love that we live in a place where you’re allowed to comment on things (within reason?) and we can all voice our own opinions. 


I love that you can tell me how atrocious my recipe looks, how terrible it is that I bought Frosted Flakes last week, and how much you don’t like Chick-Fil-A.




I love that we’re so fortunate to be in a place where we have access to computers and smartphones and laptops and ipads . . . especially when so many people in the world don’t even have clean water.


So the fact that we can all share what we think with others who have different opinions all over the world is downright amazing to me. 


7. And now, one last thing.


Do remember that just about everything you see online was written at some point by a real, living breathing person.


And, that person (quite possibly), really does have feelings.


I’ll take your mean comments and sift through them as I can, but there are a few times they’ve been hurtful because I really am just a mom who loves to share a deal.


Our family doesn’t eat perfectly, my recipes haven’t been plated by Martha Stewart, and I’ve been known to have cleaning products near food in my pantry.




But go ahead and say what you need to say, get that heavy weight off your chest, and PLEASE BE NICE to the real folks who actually see you in real life each day, okay? 




Thanks for listening to me ramble today. I sure am thankful for you (mean comments and all), because you give me a place to rant sometimes too. 🙂


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  1. I actually don’t have a Facebook account for many of the reasons you talked about. However, as for the content of your blog, you are one of the most genuine voices I know in Blogland. I don’t want Martha Stewart recipes or the like. I really don’t need another image of perfection to fail to live up to 🙂 What I do appreciate are the realistic tips and hints about what is working for a real family and the reminders that nothing is perfect and it is perfectly fine to use a few coupons and spruce up some thrift store finds.
    I may have to share this post with a few teenagers I know–so many of the reasons on your list could be altered to apply to their own Facebook angst!

    • Thank you show much for commenting Jaime – I *love* Facebook because honestly it drives so much traffic to my site, but goodness, sometimes people just aren’t nice. For the most part though I’m CRAZY fortunate to have incredibly sweet readers, and am so thankful for that! Thank you so much for your kind words and just sweet encouragement ~ I appreciate it so much more than you know (definitely no Martha Stewart here!) 🙂

  2. I too do not have a Fakebook. That’s what I call it. I have been slammed on there too by family and did not even know it until a friend called to tell me, SAD! People are so miserable these days they feel the need to bring everyone down in the mire with them. Just keep the joy of the Lord and be blessed. Thank you so much for all the great deals and precious ramblings about you and your family!!!

    • Thanks so much for reading Melinda – there are things I honestly do love about Facebook (it’s definitely the easiest place to connect with readers as well as old friends!), but goodness, you have to be ready for the rest. So glad you take the time to ready PPP – it means so much to me!

  3. I love Chik-Fil-A, and I love getting your email. It is sometimes the BEST part of my day! 🙂 I am a teacher, and have been so for 26 years. My skin is still not thick enough for Facebook, where I can hear about all of the reasons teachers are underworked, and overpaid. Thank you for taking one for the team!

    • I’m so glad it helps you and you look forward to the emails each day! Facebook is definitely not for the weak of heart . . . I’m sure you could handle it, but whew. 🙂 So glad you read PPP (that means so much to me!)

  4. May God Bless you in all you do as you share so much that helps with our lives.. Thank you for being so loving and kind and compassionate. A MAN’S pRIDE BRINGS HIM LOW,BUT A MAN OF LOWLY SPIRIT GAINS HONOR. Proverbs 29:23

  5. love you Laurie!! thanks for putting yourself out there everyday. This is another great post.

    Fools show their annoyance at once, but the wise overlook an insult. Proverbs 12:16

    ehugs from ‘bama :)michelle

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Michelle – I appreciate them so much! For the most part they really don’t get to me any more, but every once in awhile… well, they do! 🙂 Definitely God teaching me a little about Proverbs 12:6 (thank you for that gift today!)

  6. Julie Humbert says:

    Your blog is such a wonderful site! I was a working mom for many years until health problems prevented me from working. It was a hard adjustment for me. While I loved being able to be home with my girls I felt like I wasn’t contributing to society. Through your blog I learned so much about being a stay at home mom and the importance of doing so. I’ve learned to coupon, meal plan, organize and that we all have those days when the “Momster” (as my girls so affectionately nicknamed me on those days) rears her ugly head! Your honesty about your own faults have been such a comfort and learning tool. It is unfortunate that some people are so rude in commenting. But as you do so well…. you have found positives of the situation. Well done!

    • I love that so much Julie – thank you for taking the time to share! That means sooooo much to me. I really do feel like whether we work outside of the home or not, we have such a precious calling as wives and moms. Thank you so much for reading PPP and for sharing how it’s encouraged you ~ blessings!

  7. Laurie,
    I love your posts and your daily emails are the highlights of my day! I used to have a personal Facebook too but I have also deleted it because of the amount of haters out there, wow! Smh. Don’t need the negativity in my life, no way, no how. Anyway, wish I had 1/2 the grace and thick skin you have to handle that kind of madness. Some people can be just outright cruel, unfortunately.
    But, it is so refreshing to know that somewhere at the bottom of this Pandora’s box we live in, there’s still a tiny little voice named, Hope that is actually much stronger than she than she thinks is. That’s you, dear. Keep it up and shine on, girl! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Diana for your kind words, they mean so much to me! So so many people are kind that they way takeover the grouchy comments, but some days they wear you out. I appreciate you encouraging me and giving me hope – it means so very much to me!

  8. I’m gonna go post some mean stuff…you know, to help you out 😀

  9. Laura– you are doing a great job helping all of us save money. Thank you!!

  10. Laurie,
    I so look forward to your PPP email every day! you have made a tremendous and positive difference in the lives of my family! We have used your ideas, pointers, cost saving ideas, decorating tips, and recipes since first hearing about you from a friend in Madison shortly after moving here from Colorado. Laurie, I now use a crock pot because if you!! But 39 isn’t too old to start, right? ;0) You bless so many with your sweet spirit, tenacity, honesty, humility, creativity, spunk, and humor every day! Seriously. Every. Day.
    You are precious and you are using your gifts, talents, and abilities to change the world! Keep up the fabulous work!!!

    • I love that you use your crock pot now Christi – that makes my day (it’s amazing isn’t it?!) Thank you so much for sharing yoour kind comment, and 39 isn’t too late to start anything (I’m just a few months ahead of you – we’re almost twins!) 🙂

  11. I just don’t understand how anyone could be mean to you!! I sent you a short email a while back just telling you how much I looked forward to your emails and thanking you for all the money you have saved me and all the awesome deals I have taken advantage of. You sent me back an absolutely lovely email expressing your appreciation. As a couponer I try to shop early and make several small transactions so I don’t tie up the check-out line. For the most part most people behind me are genuinely excited about my savings. I have had several people be very ugly about waiting on me. My motto is “kill ’em with kindness”. I refuse to let anyone steal my joy. Don’t you let anyone steal yours. Peace 🙂

    • You’re so right Renae – goodness it’s so easy to let people steal our joy but it really is a choice (and killing them with kindness is a wonderful motto!) Thank you for sharing – I love that you’re here reading PPP! 🙂

  12. Paula Englert says:

    I just chalk up mean comments as coming from ignorant people who do not regularly read your Facebook page. I love reading recipes. If there is one I don’t like, I just won’t make it. No need for any comments. I love your coupon and great deal alerts. I, too, like saving money. I love tips on decorating, cooking, gadgets and everything else from clever people. Thanks for caring about all of us readers. Keep up the good work and carry on.

  13. Azure Bertollini says:

    I’m sorry you have to deal with horrible people when you are doing so much to help moms and dads and whomever else save money. I look at your emails and app everyday to help my family and friends and without a doubt you have made my life with couponing and saving money so much easier. Normally I don’t comment on things but when I saw your post I just had to because I can’t for the life of me understand how anyone would have hurtful things to say to you. You are a huge blessing to many and we appreciate all of the time and effort you put into helping us save money and time for our families… Please please please don’t quit your day job, so many would be lost without you… Thanks again…

    • Thank you so much Azure – goodness that means so much to me. Sometimes I really do wonder if it really helps people, so I needed to hear that today. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment – it made my morning today!

  14. Jessica Palmer says:

    What an awesome perspective you have. Very inspiring.

    • Thanks Jessica! My perspective isn’t always that good, but I am working on it 🙂 I need to make it move over to other aspects of my life!

  15. I read the headline and thought, I do not have time to read this. This is absurd and if people have time to write mean comments, they need to get a life, hobby, something.
    I would not even waste my time addressing them if I were you. thank you for your helpful posts. We live in a busy, cruel world. Keep Shining!

  16. Lisa Hamm says:

    I look forward to your emails and FB posts every day!! THANK YOU for sharing your deals, tips and insight….they are sooooooo helpful to this mom who is constantly struggling to keep her family of 7 on a budget! Not always an easy task! But you make it easier! So once again…thank you! You are amazing!

  17. I can’t say enough how much I LOVE this post. I have pretty thin skin most of the time & have to walk away from the mean comments when it’s on my own site or FB. When it’s on a friend’s page or post, I’m able to jump in and politely defend though.

    • Thank you so much Savannah – it’s crazy how much just a few words can sting sometimes (so glad I’m not alone in feeling that!) Love that you jump into stick up for those folks though – thanks for sharing!

  18. I came America 10 years ago, knew nothing, got married and have a baby. You will never know how much you helped me who even speak English well but wants to live smart as other house wives.
    ( now I am smarter than them because of you).
    Thank you very much. 🙂

    YOU DO YOU Laurie!!

    • Thank you soooooo much for your kind words Sakura – that means so much to me! 🙂 So so glad that PPP has helped, and that just makes my day. Thank you for your kind words!!!

  19. I read your posts and check the deals each day. You are somewhat like a smart little sister; happy, a little sass, funny and real. Keep it up and thank goodness for developing thick skin. Life is short, have dun doing what you like and do ńot take crabbiness or criticism personally.

  20. Aww it blows my mind that anyone would be mean to sweet laurie!!! I mean what is there even to say? Too many calories in the recipes haha!! I know it can be frustrating when deals don’t work out like they should but they are just suggestions to help us! I for one loooove your blog and your videos and have had so much fun snagging deals!! Thank you for your fun content!!

  21. I LOVE your blog, and Facebook posts. I have be able to get many a great deal on things because of you! I love all your enthusiasm and willingness to help us as moms and grandmas to get good deals and save money. Thanks for all your efforts!

  22. You can’t please everyone and no one is perfect.
    I love all your tips, do I use all of them no, but the ones I need and are in my budget, I am greatful for. I am also sure that things I don’t need someone else does. Thank you for helping us all and sharing your happy self with us.

  23. Love your videos, I hate it when I miss it live. Yet I still watch them anyway. I love how you get to share about everything. From the gospel to cleaning products and even a mini fashion show, I love your guests. I have never had biscuits as wonderful as Margaret’s . Keep on sharing. Hurting people say mean because they are deceived. Keep loving them! It confuses the devil!

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