7 {Saving} Secrets You Need To Know Before Shopping Hobby Lobby


It's not secret that I love me some Hobby Lobby shopping. I love their cute home decor, DIY inspiration, and could spend hours perusing their fabric aisle. But did you know there are a few secrets to shopping Hobby Lobby to help you save even more? Check these out . . .

1. Almost always, you can find a 40% off coupon online at Hobby Lobby valid on any one non-sale item.

You can show the coupon on  your Smartphone or print it off in store, and it's valid for one use per customer per day. You can also use the 40% off coupon on a single cut of fabric or trim. If you prefer, you can use the Hobby Lobby app that includes both their store sales ad and coupon on iPhone and Android.


2. Certain items at Hobby Lobby go on sale 50% off just about every other week.

If you want something at Hobby Lobby but it's not on sale, wait a week or two because many items at Hobby Lobby go on sale at least once a month. Here are a few items I've noticed pretty consistently on sale 50% off every other week or two at Hobby Lobby:



  • ribbon
  • select scrapbooking supplies
  • glassware
  • home accents
  • floral
  • wood and metal decor
  • small decorative frames (these are almost always on sale)
  • candles

I'm working to figure out the exact sales schedule at Hobby Lobby but haven't found it yet – if you have any tips I'd love to hear those!


3. There are items that just don't go on sale all that often at Hobby Lobby.

While Hobby Lobby is great about putting some items on sale, there are things that don't go on sale very often at all (and hardly ever 50% off.) Here are a few items you'll need to save that 40% off coupon for:

  • cake decorating or candy making supplies
  • stationary
  • kids crafts


90% off Christmas Clearance by January 15

4. Hobby Lobby deeply discounts Holiday decor and select home accents.

Clearance at Hobby Lobby after big Holidays (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, etc) starts at 66% off. Usually within the next month those items clearance up to 80% off, and then 90% shortly after that. Hobby Lobby actually starts putting Christmas items on clearance in December, and by mid-January everything is clearanced to 90% off. Great way to save if you can hang onto it for a year!


At the back of the store and around the side perimeters Hobby Lobby has additional clearance. These are typically 66% off, and are worth checking out to see if there are any clearanced items you've been watching for.




5. Hobby Lobby has great prices on poster board.

This one may seem a little random, but as a mom whose kids are always up to some project at school, I love this little deal! While the Dollar Tree has white poster board on sale every day 2/$1, their colored poster boards are $.69. Every few weeks Hobby Lobby puts all of their poster board on sale 2/$1 (including colored poster boards), which is worth watching for when you're there.


6. Hobby Lobby honors competitors' sales ads but does not take competitor coupons.

According to their coupon policy, Hobby Lobby will honor a competitor ad if they carry the exact same item. They don't honor “percent off” coupons though, or special Holiday ads (i.e. Black Friday sales.)

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 7.50.53 AM

7. You can request to order large quantities of items at HobbyLobby by checking with the customer service desk at your store.

If you're looking for a specific item at Hobby Lobby but they don't have the quantity you need, ask your customer service desk to see if they can order them for you. They are able to order most items, which makes getting large quantities easier for you!


Go HERE to read the Hobby Lobby coupon policy, and if you’ve come up with other ways to save at Hobby Lobby I’d love to hear about it! Take a minute to leave a comment to share ~ I love hearing from you.



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  1. Thanks! I love the lobby!

  2. You can use the 40% off coupon on furniture, even though it is always marked 30% off. This is the only sale item you can use a coupon for (40% off, not stacked at 70% off).

    Also, you can only use one 40% off coupon per person- not per family. I’ve been known to pass my phone to my kids so they can use the 40% off coupon too. lol
    Just hand them some cash and an item and get that discount!

  3. You can also use the 40% off coupon on a single cut of fabric even if it is already on sale. (Many fabrics are regularly on a 30% off sale.) Just ask the employee cutting your fabric to write the ticket up at the full retail price and note that you will be using a 40% off coupon. I do it all the time.

  4. Hobby Lobby sales rotate about every 6 weeks. Very handy if you sew, McCall patterns are usually $1.99 & Simplicity are usually $.99 in my area. Limit 10, so if you want a lot of patterns bring a friend.

    • Lisa, I know this thread is a year old, but I was hoping you could tell me where you find out when the pattern sales are. Now that Hancocks is closed I only have Joanns sales, and I heard that Hobby lobby also has pattern sales but I cannot find them in there online sales flyer. How do you find out about the sewing pattern sales?

      • The pattern sales run around every 4 weeks. Once a month. Simplicity goes for .99 and Mcalls for $1.99. I work at a hobby lobby in Oklahoma

  5. Those decorative frames you speak of-the photo frames in the up front section, most of which are easel backs- are actually ALWAYS 50% off. You can also access the weekly ad on the website to see what things are on sale before you go, if you’re looking for specific things. But we all know how easily it is to get deterred from a goal list in that store!! 🙂

  6. I have a Hobby Lobby addiction. A few days ago they had a bunch of wall art, plus all remaining spring, summer, and patriotic items 90% off. I literally squealed with joy. It is good that our closest store is an hour away, otherwise I would be in there all of the time!

  7. Ribbon & Tulle (spools) & Deco Mesh are on sale 50% off every other week.
    Jewelry findings/Hair clips/Felt circles/headband blanks 50% off every other week.
    Glass decor I believe is 50% off every other week, may be every 3 weeks.
    Clay is on sale every 3 weeks.
    Scrapbooking items 50% off every other week.
    Most of the simple cotton fabrics (fillers) and fleece are 30% off all the time.
    I believe the buttons/sewing misc. stuff is 50% off every 3 weeks also.
    These are the ones I can just remember off the top of my head.

  8. Open back frames and wall frames/shadow boxes alternate weeks at 50% off. If open back is on sale one week, the wall frames will be on sale the next week.

    Also, if you hold on to your receipt and an item goes on sale the next week you can go in and get refunded for the sale price. My mom was told that years ago. Don’t know if it’s still true because I don’t buy things in that store unless it’s on sale or I have a coupon for it.

  9. NEVER pay full price at Hobby Lobby 🙂 Most of their stuff, especially decor items, is only worth the sale price, anyway. It’s kinda like the weather in Texas…don’t like the price, wait a week

  10. I just learned an amazing tip from a store associate at my local Hobby Lobby. It definitely should be added to this list. As you said, items go on sale on a rotating basis, so I always wait for a sale week to come around when I’m buying a lot (such as knobs, etc). On Saturdays between 4-5pm, they turnover the store from one week’s sale items to the next. If you shop during that time, you get the store wide sales from BOTH weeks. Which essentially makes the entire store on sale. I learned this from an associate when I inquired about whether a certain item would be going on sale soon. I confirmed the next Saturday that this does, in fact, work. Both circulars were at the front of the store when I arrived around 4:30pm. A few things didn’t yet have their 50% off signs up yet, but they rang up as such at the counter. I bought two lamps and a bunch of knobs and saved over $130, without needing to go multiple times to catch the separate sales.

    • Hi Jennifer! I had heard that from some folks, but was hesitant to share because some stores said they don’t do that and I didn’t want to say for sure that that would work. But, definitely worth shopping Saturday night to see if your store offers those specials early!

  11. I work at a church. There are times when I go to HL to pick up things needed. If I pay with the church credit card (It says name of our church on it), I let the cashier know and she then calls the supervisor to verify it. I receive an additional 10% off my whole purchase., even sale items.

  12. Be careful and read the sale signs on the shelves including small print. The sign will be on a shelf where part of the merchandise is on sale but not all of it. For instance men’s decorative wall art might be a mix of wood items and plaster or plastic items. In small print it will say wooden items not on sale. I have gotten taken several times with this by not taking time to read the small print and got a surprise when I reached the cash register. They are very deceptive with their sale signs.

  13. If an item goes on sale after you bought it, you have 7 days to receive a price adjustment if you bring the item and your receipt back. So if your project is complete take it in and get your money back. Hassle but could save alot of money for your trouble.

  14. Just to clarify (and it may vary from store to store) but you can often use your coupon INSTEAD of the sale price, if the coupon is a better discount. I did that for a skein of yarn once (Every item in my basket was on sale, but the yarn was only 30% off sale price).
    Jewelry tends to rotate through about 3 categories (findings, charms, beads) to 40 or 50% off.

  15. If an item is on sale but out of stock, you can ask for a rain check and still receive the sale price.

  16. LaVern Drollete says

    I helped set up the Hobby Lobby here in our community and worked for them for a few months after. I was over the scrapbook department. Our store was limited on most items to only having two on each peg. You were only allowed more if you could prove that it was a fast moving item. Our orders went in on Wednesday and were shelved on Monday. You can special order if you need more Items and it doesn’t take long. So I suggest that you place your special order early in the week and then it should be there by the next week. Good Luck and happy shopping.

  17. So I work Hobbly Lobby in CA. Home decor sales switch every week one week its metal glass wood candleholders then the next week its candles (4.99 & up ) polyresin ceramic and pottery and obviously more. Floral and frames also go every other week. Crafts jewelry and papercrafting go on sale every 3 or 4 weeks. Now pet peeves of working on a register 1. Don’t ever & I mean ever stand in a line to pull up your coupon. Don’t put the coupon in our face. Don’t stand there holding your coupon and not get ready to pay. Don’t stand with your coupon and not unload your items. You’d be surprised how many people do that. Just simply say I have my coupon ok and we will take it at the end of your transaction.
    2. Don’t tell us what is and is not our sale. Surprise surprise but its actually our job to know. So while I’m entering in don’t look at my register and asked for every item if it rung up on sale. We don’t scan! If something is not on sale, we’ll let you know but don’t try to argue with us saying there was a sign. You most likely only read the 50% off but under it in bold letters it’ll say what is on sale.. Another thing just to be nice if you have 500 things and the person behind you has 3 items let them go first.

    • Yanna,
      Thanks for the sales tips. The pet peeves, not so much. . . Kinda sounds like, “I’d like working retail if I didn’t have to deal with customers.” So long as the person with whom you’re interacting is polite to you, perhaps you should take a deep breath and let the rest of your peeves go.

    • That’s not true! I had a cashier ring my tulle up for regular price which it should have been 50% off and I told her it was half off and she checked it to see it was half off. Then she had the nerve to say she had been charging customers full price all day. So stop with the you know the prices, because apparently sometimes you DON’T! HUMAN ERROR!

      • Okay..I read everyone stuff; I agree with Yanna. I have been a CSM for 10 years and customers are sometimes carrying on a conversation and putting items on counters and finally at the end they hangup and say: oh i didn’ t want this or that and now let me pull up my coupon. Are you for real. Look at the customers behind you. Seriously. I wish a sign would go up. We cannot process your items until you are off the phone. All cashiers, department heads are given a weekly test. It is our job to know what is on sale and not on sale. Nesha possibly your cashier was new; didn’t review what was on sale for the week. She should of immediately call the CSM on duty to clarify. The sale signs are not misleading just read them carefully; that big 50% off is not usually for all items. READ the SIGNS there is nothing misleading. No we don’t honor others coupons. No we don’t honor next weeks sale ads on Saturday. The store that did that it is not correct. Cashiers receipts are audited and if they rang something up that was not on sale they will get a note from the office and sometimes if the customer returns it the following week it will be noted so that is not true and not HL policy. HL is the only store that will honor if something goes on sale the following week and you paid full price. I wish that they wouldn’t do that because there is no other store that will and that is money out of store sales. If you don’t need it that bad then wait until next week because you will have to haul it back to the store.

        • RaeRae while I agree with the telephone piece, it sounds like you and Yanna may need a new job….I mean she listed her pet peeves for crying out loud! If you don’t like working in Customer Service and find fault in everything that the customer does maybe you should look into something like janitorial work or something. I’m sure if the company evaluated the two of your attitudes they would be less then pleased that you are treating “there customers” not yours in this manner. So please take a good long look at your companies expectations a re-adjust.

  18. I found out about ordering large quantities when I needed to order paper to make my daughters’ wedding invitations and thank you’s. Really helped. And if you order when paper is on sale you get sale price on bulk too.

    • Linda,
      I know I’ve seen stationary-specifically blank cards and envelopes on 50% off before, did you notice a pattern when you were buying paper products ???

  19. None of these are secrets.

    • Why so rude? Not to mention off-base! FYI: Not everyone is a lifelong (or even frequent) Hobby Lobby shopper, so most of these tips WERE new & helpful to me.
      Re: the use of the word “secret” – it’s
      not like Hobby Lobby spells out all of this out for its customers on its web site (or anywhere else!), so these details ARE “secret” to most people.

      I hope you were just having a bad/grumpy day and don’t normally make rude/thoughtless comments to helpful strangers who take time out of their day to share helpful (& FREE) info with others just b/c YOU happen to know it already. (Imagine if everyone did that!? Comment boards would be overflowing w/nothing but  “complaints” from ungrateful know-it-alls!)

  20. I just missed a sale on door knobs – are they items that come up on sale often?

  21. Does anyone know,where to buy Deco Mesh at a reasonable price

  22. This is a great post! I’m definitely a little late to be adding to this post but I just wrote a post on their sale schedule 4 days ago! Their sales do vary, but I did break down on their sale schedule on my site, I hope that helps!

  23. Their sales rotate every3 weeks. So if jewelery( for example) is on sale this week. It will be on sale again in 3 weeks.

  24. GraceNora says

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