25 Days To A More Organized You Day Five: The Laundry Room


Since we're working on keeping up with the laundry this weekend, I thought we might as well go with the laundry theme tonight!  This laundry room makeover is one of my all-time favorite organizing posts, and believe it or not, this laundry re-organization that I posted two years ago STILL looks this good. (The only issue I've had is with clothes to be ironed . . . if someone wants to hire me a laundress I'd really, really appreciate it!) If you have a tiny laundry room like I do, don't lose heart . . . you can get yours organized too. 😉




(originally posted January 2012)

I'm going to just go right ahead and share our dirty laundry (quite literally!) here today. 🙂 I've spent the last five years detesting our laundry room, because it felt like there just wasn't any hope for a cute-“Pinterested” laundry room. It's tiny, and hidden away from just about everything as it's upstairs, so we've had no motivation to do anything with it. (My husband looked at my laundry room board on Pinterest, and said “you know, those aren't laundry rooms, those are living rooms!”)

But, I finally decided mine could be so much better than what it was (right?) Here's what I've looked at for way too long (and I just went right ahead and took the pic in spite of the mass chaos . . . yikes!)


And here's what it looks like after about five hours of work this week and $125. (It could have been done for way less moo-lah, but I decided to splurge a little on the baskets at Target. . . .)




I found the paint at Lowe's for $5 in their mis-matched paint bin (always watch those bins!), and purchased the baskets for $20 each at Target (which was way too much, but they were so perfect!) The verse was at Hobby Lobby in their vinyl lettering section, and I used a 40% off coupon, which made it $14. All my bargain Tide, Resolve, and Publix Bleach are now safely stored up above in the baskets, and you don't see them . . . WOOHOO! (The wreath was actually hanging in a different spot in our home and I'm not sure that I love it, but I'm hoping to find a spring colored wreath in the after-Easter clearance sales.)




I even took a few minutes to cut my fabric softener sheets in half (half works just as well as one, and is a great way to pinch an extra penny!)


I've actually kept it this clean since Tuesday (wooohoo!), and am amazed at the difference that having an organized area to work in makes.  I even purchased tons of plastic hangers, which are just complete luxury. (I know that sounds nuts, but I've never purchased a hanger in my life! I finally got tired though of fighting wire hangers, so I decided that at this point in my life they were worth the splurge.)

Obviously the biggest change in the laundry room was getting the laundry done, and more importantly, put away. I hadn't really ironed in over six months, so all those clothes had just about taken over. Last Sunday I took my laptop to the laundry room, put on a free Amazon Prime movie, and worked for a solid 2 1/2 hours just ironing (eek!) Here's the conclusion that I came to: I can procrastinate as much as I want, but the ironing takes as long to do today as it does if I wait and do it in two weeks, or even six monthsSo, I'm determining to keep on top of this, because I never want to see that mess again!


Do you have any other suggestions on how to organize a tiny laundry room? I'd love to hear them, so feel free to leave a comment HERE to share!


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  1. Pam Morrow says

    Think we may have the same washer and dryer. Waiting for mine to finally die so I can et bigger ones.

  2. Wow..same layout as mine only pretty and organized. You have inspired me!!

  3. I really like the wreath!

  4. never even heard of fabric softener sheets! Have you heard of Charlies soap? It was first made in America. it saved me a tonne of money on laundry powder, and i dont even need fabric softener any more! 🙂 (use white vinegar in the rinse, and no softener needed. nor dryer sheets, when i use they dryer, ever so occasionaly! 🙂

    • I haven’t heard of Charlie’s soap – it’s so funny to me that things are so different in other countries! I’ve used vinegar here as well (definitely the cheapest way to go), but the fabric softener sheets just make everything smell so good! 🙂

  5. I am inspired too!! Your room is the exact same mine ( size and layout). I read the previous post of using white vinegar- please explain. And do you have any ideas on what to put in an H E machine when it needs cleaning on the cleaning cycle ? The store bought cleaner is so expensive. Thanks!! Love your site and postings!!

    • Hi Deborah! I couldn’t believe how much better my little laundry room was – I know a lot of people have that set up and it’s overwhelming to figure out how to keep it organized when it’s so small!

      I just put vinegar in where the normal fabric softener dispenser in at the beginning of the wash – maybe 1/3 cup per load? It keeps your clothes from being having static and has no scent, and you can’t beat the price! 🙂

  6. Love it! But I would be afraid I would drop the basket on my head with the heavy soaps and iron in there!

  7. I just want mine finished! Lol. We live in a mobile home and my washer and dryer are in my bathroom.my husband, bless his heart,knocked out a wall to make it bigger and has yet to finish. He works all of the time as a truck driver so he doesent have much time to finish projects. And im not handy enough to finish what needs to be done. I do love the idea of cutting the dryer sheets in half! Im going to go do that!

    • It’s the smallest thing but really adds up Melissa – and great job on being patient (your hubby will get there – it’s hard when their schedule is nuts!)

  8. I love the baskets to hold and hide your laundry supplies, but aren't they heavy when you take them down to use?

  9. Where do you hang the clothes…mine looks just like this one with clothes hanging from the shelf

    • I have a small peg board unit to the right which is where I hang things now, and I try to have my kids take them to their closets more quickly! 🙂

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