5 Unexpected Surprise of the 21 Day Fix (+ How I Lost 8 Pounds In 21 Days & You Can Too!)





If you've visited PPP very often,  you know I've spent forever worrying about my weight.


Okay, I guess not really forever, but at least my forevermeaning all 40 years I've hung out on this earth.

This was me as a junior in high school when I was probably around 190 pounds – it was all I could do not to Picmonkey this picture to make me look just a little better but I'm keeping it real here ~ yikes! I topped out at 225 as a sophomore in college.

And while I lost a pretty amazing 75 pounds way back in 1995 (and have kept it off for twenty years, 3 babies and all), I've never had a healthy relationship with food. 

2011 at the Alabama Governor's Ball – the only time I've every worn a formal dress other than my wedding. 😉 

To keep off that weight, I've always exercised (at least 40 minutes to an hour, 4-5 days a week), and for the most part I've eaten reasonably calorically. (Thanks to working out I could eat a little more ~ my motto has been I exercise so I can eat!) 🙂


But I never really got down to my “dream” weight, and still hover at the highest end of a healthy weight for my height. 


And in many ways, I've stayed a little obsessed with food.


I've gone along with our culture's model of what's okay to eat, and chosen foods that just aren't right at all. 


So last fall when I heard about the 21 Day Fix, I tried it (honestly, half-heartedly), and really believed it would work. However, I knew Christmas was coming 🙂 and wasn't ready to really give up all my holiday baking.


At that point I kind of put the 21 Day Fix on the back burner, decided to do my best not to gain weight over the Holidays, and then headed in full force to the 21 Day Fix in January after seeing a few more friends post their successes on Facebook.


I'm hooked.


While I've kept that 75 pounds off this body of mine for a whopping 20 years, my love of not-so-nourishing foods really has never changed. But doing the 21 Day Fix has changed how I looked at food, and I so wish someone had shown me this way back then.



Curious what I've found after sticking to it?

1. I have way fewer headaches.

I used to wake up with a headache almost every. single. day. Apparently that was somehow related to eating way too many carbs, because I don't think I've had a single headache since starting the fix (which is crazy to me?)


2. My skin is so much better.

I've always had awful skin, and had horrible acne as a teenager. (Add that to a 225 pound body, and you can imagine high school wasn't fun for me!) As an adult my acne for the most part has cleared up, but I've continued to have really large pores that have driven me crazy.

While they're still noticeable, they are drastically less noticeable than they were 21 days ago. Honestly this has been the biggest surprise, and I never would have guessed it!


3. I'm really not hungry.

I expected to starve most of the time during the 21 days, but honestly haven't struggled with that one?

Apparently I need way less food than I thought I did, and by choosing the right foods I think my body is so much more easily satisfied than it was before. Apparently your body really does like protein that consists of something other than Nutella. (Who knew?)

4. I need carrots. Or broccoli slaw.

cannot believe how much carrots and broccoli slaw fill me up. They're amazing. Even though it hasn't been easy, when I've really just been hungry I've reached for those instead of chocolate chips. (truth.)


I am so much fuller, and can't believe the difference choosing the right foods has made.

5. Eating the right foods and exercising the right way changes your shape more than just eating fewer calories does.

Even though I've been at the weight I'm at in the after picture before, my body feels a little stronger and looks a little better because of choosing the right foods and exercising correctly. I love that. 🙂


And, I love that I'm exercising just 30 minutes each day.


Sooooo ~ will you join me as I finish out to my goal? (Please please please say you will?) 


Guys, I do not ever promote things like this.


I ended up gaining a few pounds over Christmas but am now down 8 pounds in 21 days and would like to lose ten more pounds to be at my “dream of” weight – I'd love for you to join me

I've been asked to sell essential oils, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, and everything else here on PPP, but never do, because they're not something that I personally have used and 110% believe in.



Update 4/11/16 ~ this is me after 3 rounds and down 13 pounds ~ I wasn't as committed the second round, but still lost a few pounds ~ now just 6 more to go!

But I really do believe this one 110% works because I've seen it myself.


And because I've always been in my heart the chubby girl, my heart aches for if you've struggle with weight issues too.


But we can do this.


just like in our finances, WE HAVE CONTROL over this area of our lives.


Goodness. I love that.


you and I just need to learn how.


So if weight's something you've struggled with too ~ if you've felt like you can't do it and it's too big a task on your own ~ I want you to join me.


Here's what we'll be doing (limited space available):

  1. We'll exercise each day for 21 days.
  2. We'll learn to eat the right way, knowing that eventually chocolate chip cookies aren't completely off the list, but they're a special treat, not the main course.
  3. We'll talk every single day about sticking to our weight loss goals, and we will do this together. This will be through a closed private Facebook group, and only for folks who sign up by February 8th. April 25th.
  4. I'll be your cheerleader (and I'd love for you to cheer me on too!) I'm fighting for you, I want to see you WIN at this.  I know you can have success!
  5. There is a fee for this group but I wholeheartedly believe it is worth EVERY PENNY. You'll get the 21 Day Fix Menu Plan, 2 DVDs of 21 Day Fix Workouts, 21 Day Containers, and a 30 Day supply of Shakeology ~ it really is worth it and nothing else out there has worked and been worth it for me! I promise I would not recommend this if I didn't totally believe in it and if you've struggled with your weight this is worth it. 

UPDATE: THE 21 DAY FIX PROGRAM IS OFFERING A BRAND NEW SPECIAL THIS MONTH THAT IS INCREDIBLE – SIGN UP HERE TO LEARN MORE! In our first two rounds most people saw a weight loss of 10 pounds or more, and a few girls have almost lost 20 pounds ~ woohooo!


If you're interested in joining me, hurry over HERE to get started (watch for an email from me shortly and be sure to confirm the first email to get more information.)


This group is open to only a very limited group of ladies who sign up first (sorry guys!) ~ I can't wait to get started! Head on over HERE and let's see what 21 days can do for you. 🙂

If for whatever reason you have a hard time getting more information, send me an email at contact @ passionatepenny pincher.com (leave out spaces) and we'll get you signed up. So excited about this and can't wait to start!


Disclosure: I am an affiliate with Beachbody and if you choose to join I will receive an affiliate commission, which is how I support the work on PPP.  See my disclosure policy to learn more.

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  1. What is the cost

  2. Before I sign up I would like to know the cost. I thought before I tried to sign up it might give me that info. Thanks 🙂

  3. I would like to know cost as well.

  4. If I have recently bought the 21-Day Fix Program with the workout videos and containers, can I still join the challenge?

  5. Me too!!!!!

    • Hey guys! The cost is around $140 (depending on what you order.) I TOTALLY believe it’s worth it and really don’t know of another program that has worked as well (at least for me), and would so love for you to join me!

      Get more info here – http://eepurl.com/bOLhT5

  6. I’ve been through one cycle and I can’t believe the toning that I have done! I started with 5 pound weights, and went up to 8 pounds for my present round. I have doubled my burpee count and I feel way better about my self! I no longer lose my breath as I carry my teacher bag up 2 flights of stairs every day! It is worth it! The best part….you are done in 30 minutes! That is what sold me on the program!

  7. Lynda Fraley says

    While I don’t mind paying the cost for the first one my concern is the ongoing cost that you might incur if you don’t cancel on the sight that you sent us to to sign up. There is a monthly shake cost and then a weekly cost for this program, any ways around that?

    • Hi Lynda! I definitely understand that concern. After doing it in the fall I had to call by phone to cancel it, but it was pretty easy and I just told them I was no longer interested. Hope that helps!

  8. I have looked into trying this program before but what throws me off is the shakeology. What do the shakes taste like truthfully?! I have tried other diets and I fall off because of the shakes. I don’t have the time to get creative with recipes I need splendid to stick with it.

    • Hi Amy! I do just the plain chocolate shakes, and don’t put anything in them. Honestly, the first time I didn’t just love the shakes (think Slim Fast but a little tastier if you’ve ever don those?) but I think they really do help curb my hunger. I just mix mine up with ice and water, give it a good shake (I’m lazy like that!), and that’s it. You can definitely add fancy things to it, but this is enough for me!

    • There are SOOOOOO many recipes for the shakes! I’ve gotten chocolate and vanilla, and love the versatility of them. I have never had it just plain, but always use a recipe. So yummy! =)

  9. Mary Carman says

    I have looked up so many weightoss options for some one who is low income. Was hopeful for second. Your program sounds nice though.

    • I so wish it was less expensive Mary – that’s the thing that’s kept me from doing it but I finally decided it was worth it. There are so many great free apps out there (try My Fitness Pal), so definitely take advantage of those without paying anything. Hope that helps!

  10. I have already bought the 21 day fix, can I join you? I went ahead and signed up. Being part of a group will help me I think.

  11. I too saw amazing results with 21 DF last year. I went from 145 to 125 in about three rounds, with the first one being the most strict, I didn’t stray from the program not one bit. And it was so worth it. I broke bad habits and was aware of all the bad choices I was making, sometimes subconsciously. I felt amazing and stronger than I’ve ever felt. I’m doing another round right now to tighten up again…I got pretty slack at the end of last year and I don’t like the results! This program works if you follow it!!

    • Thanks so much for sharing Shannon! I really have been so pleased with it – the bad habits are the part that are so hard to break, but a few rounds definitely helps. So glad to hear your success!

  12. britni grenier says

    i have had the 21day fix program for a while. is there any way i could still join your group for accountability?

  13. I have also have the 21 day fix and the shakes but I would like to join as well.

  14. I just need the exercise part. I am good with the food as I am on a special diet.

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