$13 Goodwill Transformation: Tin Buckets

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 10.26.20 AMYou guys.


I know I say this every week, but this is my favorite Friday Fluff Up Project.


For real. 


(Okay, I really do like my $2.50 Goodwill chair too. But you get the idea.) 🙂


I was struggling with something clever to do this week, so swung by Goodwill yesterday for a little inspiration. My husband and I had a date night (woohoo!) earlier in the week and visited our local parade of homes, and while the homes were beautiful, we realized so much of it was just in the decorating.


As we talked about it, even my penny-pinching husband agreed that we've always put money into our actual home ~ things like landscaping, painting, trim work, etc., because we know that's how to sell your home for the highest price. And while that's been a really smart way to earn equity towards newer homes, we don't have a lot of fancy “stuff.”


A few of the homes wa walked through had beautiful outdoor spaces, but they were no nicer than the one my smart husband just put in. However, even he could see that there was just a difference in the “staging” – where we have a few old pieces of furniture on our patio, they had some serious money invested in furniture and decor.


So, when I walked into Goodwill and saw a few plain old tins, I wondered if I could make them into something oh-so-slightly designer-ish on a penny-pinched budget. 


I already had grey spray paint at home from my last project, and noticed some cute wooden signs at Michael's that were pre-made when I swung by yesterday.


So I snatched up those tin buckets ($13 for all three after my 10% off coupon for dropping off a donation), and headed home. My plan initially was to actually stencil some cute wording on to the bucket, but after 3 failed attempts (meaning 3 extra coats of spray paint), I decided just the wooden sign attached would do.


The big bucket is for our “s'more fixin's.” I also need them to go hunt down some sticks to put in the taller tin for roasting (although honestly we've been using metal hangers around here!), and we're good to go.



Success! (By the way, the wreath is from Goodwill too ~ it was still in the box from Crate & Barrel and was priced at $20 ~ I paid $15 because I had a coupon for $5 off that day.) 


If you have a Goodwill or favorite thrift store nearby, it's worth stepping in to see what's in store. I absolutely love that place, and it's amazing what you can find if you're willing to hunt just a wee bit! I'd love to hear if you've found anything fun while thrifting too ~ leave a comment to share.



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  1. Jessica dodd says

    How do you get coupons from goodwill?

    • Hi Jessica! Our store has a 10% off coupon that you get whenever you donate anything, and you get a coupon for $5 off when you spend a certain amount (it’s a little card they stamp.) Hope that helps!

  2. Our Goodwill offers a 30% off discount every Wednesday, for seniors over 62. Also the first Saturday in the month, everything is 50% off, except the birdhouses and new items. My daughter and I love GW, our favorite place to shop! My house is decorated with great finds, love looking for goodies at holiday times too. She gets very excited to find clothes, not only for herself, but my two grandchildren.!! Plus now they have added the bonus card, every purchase made earns points ($ ) you can use on your next purchase!!

    • Love that Judy – thanks so much for sharing! I’m pretty sure our store has discounted days but I’m horrible about keeping up with them – I’ve got to do that (thanks for the reminder!)

  3. Is there a certain type of vinyl that you use for stenciling your signs? The one I tried didn’t adhere well, and the paint ran under the stencil a little. Your sign has very clean lines, though. Your project turned out great!

  4. My local Goodwills offer 75% off on Tuesday’s only & 25% off to seniors on wednesdays . We have two Goodwill outlet stores where they sell by the pound $1.49down to $.99 if you purchase 25 pounds or more. I picked up many lovely pieces & books $.15 per inch depth wise top to bottom not length. I spent less than $10.00 .

  5. Marie-Helene says

    I LOVE the paint colour! Can I ask which brand/colour of spray paint you used? Thank you

  6. I shop Goodwill Outlet where you buy items by the pound!! It’s real treasure hunting!

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