10 Reasons You Need To Try Out Walmart Grocery Pickup

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Walmart Grocery Pickup

Get $10 off $50 in groceries at Walmart with the code LA9ARAAC at checkout, and an additional $10 in free Walmart grocery credit for each friend you refer. That's like $20 in FREE grocery money ~ love that! WATCH ME HERE LIVE FROM WALMART to see how it worked for me. 

Walmart grocery pickup just started in Ohio over the last few months, and I'm so excited to finally try it out! If it's not in your area yet, watch for it coming soon (go HERE to see if it works in your hometown.)

I tried it out this past week after hearing friends in other cities rave about it, and was pretty impressed myself. I'll be sharing my live pickup in Walmart's parking lot today at 3:15PM Eastern Time over on Facebook live, so come on over and see what you think!


Here are 10 reasons you need to try Walmart Grocery Pickup out:

1. It's free.

When you spend a minimum of $30 at Walmart, Walmart Grocery Pickup service is completely free for you to use.

2. You'll save money.

If you're like me and shop with kids in tow (or just are tempted by too many things to buy when you're at the store), using Walmart's Grocery Pickup program can save you a bundle.

Because you shop ahead of time online, you can plan what you really need, and have everything on your list brought right out to your car. I love that!


3. Walmart Savings Catcher guarantee applies to Walmart Grocery Pickup prices.

If a local store has a better price on the item you're picking up, your Walmart Savings Catcher app will catch that price and refund you the difference in a Walmart gift card.


To take advantage of the Walmart Savings Catchers Savings, enter the “Savings Catcher TC Number” that you'll find on your email receipt from Walmart Grocery Pickup purchase in your Savings Catcher app.


4. Walmart is offering up to $10 off your first Walmart Grocery Pickup purchase.

  • Save $10 off $50 purchase with code LA9ARAAC on your first grocery pickup purchase


5. Get a $10 credit towards your next order when you refer a friend.



6. You're guaranteed to get the items you requested (or better.)

If the item you order isn't in stock, Walmart will replace it with a similar like item of even better quality. Walmart will also only charge the price for the item you select, so if you order Great Value Chips and Walmart needs to substitute them with Lay's Brand Chips, you'll pay the price of the Great Value Chips.




Goodie bag I received with my first Walmart Grocery Pickup order

7. A professional shopper will select your products for you.

The employees at Walmart who are selecting your order are trained specifically on choosing quality fruit, veggies and meat when they shop for you. Expect quality products without even having to head in the store, even on perishable food items.


My professional shopper did a fantastic job selecting produce for me, and even brought me a cute “welcome” bag for using Walmart Grocery Pickup for the first time. If you're not pleased with the produce when you pick up your order, your personal shopper will replace it for you.


8. You can pick up every thing on  your list through Walmart's grocery pickup.

Remember you can pick up all kinds of things Walmart carries at Walmart's grocery pickup, so add school supplies to your list, cleaning supplies, paper products, pet food, or anything you need. This makes it so easy to get everything you need all at once, and you'll pickup only the items you need, not all the extra items that may not be on your list when shopping.


There are over 30,000 items included in Walmart's grocery pickup options, so you can purchase all the groceries you'll need, as well as health and beauty products, paper products, household cleaners, and even pet food. I looked around this morning online, and you can add almost anything that you'd normally pick up at Walmart to your grocery pickup purchase ~ love that!


There is a minimum purchase of $30 that you'll need to spend to take advantage of Walmart's grocery pickup, but if you add in toilet paper, paper towels, school supplies and cleaning products you can get to that minimum $30 purchase pretty quickly.

9. Add additional items to your list throughout the day.

Typically you can pick up your order within 12 hours of ordering online, so your best bet is to order the day before you plan on picking up your groceries.

However, you can add to your order for up to a few hours prior to delivery (which is fantastic if you're like me and tend to think of things to add to your list throughout the day!)




 10. You never have to leave your car. 🙂

Here's my favorite thing folks . . . with Walmart's new Grocery Pickup option you never have to leave your car. 


Seriously. It's amazing.


Once you arrive in the parking lot, your professional shopper will bring your entire grocery list to you, and verify that you've received everything on your list. My professional shopper made sure I had everything I ordered on my list and even loaded my car.


Here are a few pickup instructions you need to be aware of:

  1. You'll get a phone call 15 -30 minutes before the start of your time slot from Walmart. To guarantee even faster delivery to your car, they'll ask you to call them back when you're 10 minutes from the store in order to make sure your frozen or chilled items stay fresh, and so that they are ready when you get there to load your car.
  2. Once at the store, look towards the right side of the building for the grocery pick up parking spaces.
  3. Park in a grocery pick up spot and your order will be brought to your car within a few minutes.


While I love going into stores and seeing what the latest deals are, there are times when the weather is awful, kids are sick, and heading into the store is more than you're up for. But taking advantage of this new program means you can shop from your home (even on your phone!) and pick up your order within 24 hours of placing it. Go HERE to try it out, and let me know what you think ~ I think I'm going to love this one!


Watch me live today over on Facebook as I pick up my first order. If you've tried Walmart Grocery Pickup out before, I'd love to hear your thoughts too!


This is a sponsored post from Walmart, however all opinions are (of course!) my own. I really did try it out and love it, and think you're going to love it too!



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  1. I have been using grocery pickup for months and it is just as fabulous as you say it is! I live in Northwest Arkansas just a few minutes from Walmart Home Office so ours works a little differently. There are no phone calls required and I can pick up my order usually within a few hours. I normally place my order during my lunch break and pick up around 5:30. I still shop in-store between major grocery trips but I love using it when I have a long list and would otherwise spend an hour shopping and fighting the after-work crowds.

    • I love that Melanie – thanks so much for sharing! I’ve heard that they’ve started the new program where you just pick up at a few satellite locations – love that you have that option. It really does make life so much easier (I love it!)

  2. I really loved it at first but then my produce just kept getting worse and it seems every time I pick up there is always substitutes. I really do like it but they need to pick produce better and also I am a Walmart associate and I cannot use my discount card for pickup which makes no sense to me. I stopped using it because I still have to go into the store to get certain items that I can use my discount card for.

    • I hate that Barbaara! 🙁 I was pleased with the produce I’ve gotten so far – hopefully as they continue to work on the service it will only get better. Good to hear your feedback though!

  3. I wonder if they’ll read labels like I do. My son has to be Gluten Free, Dairy Free and dye free. I wonder how the replacement item aspect would apply.

  4. Still working out pickup kinks in Colorado. I have used the service several times and I like the concept and don’t miss going inside the store. However, I have resigned myself to waiting for 30 minutes in the parking lot – even when I’ve checked in from home to let them know I’m on my way. Tonight I took something with me to do for the 30 minutes and I left much less frustrated than the times when I just sat in the car wondering what could possibly be taking so long.

  5. Hello! Which date did you use on Savings Catcher? Date ordered or date picked up?

  6. Randy Thomas says

    BEWARE …. to use this service through walmart, you need to have twice the amount of your total bill in your account. They put a hold for the amount of your bill in your account before actually processing your payment. So when you look at your bank statement it will appear as 2 seperate payments. I had 600 bucks in my account … bought 310 bucks in groceries. Now my account is overdrawn because the put a hold on an additional 310 and they won’t release it for 3 to 5 business days. Meanwhile I’ve already been dinged with a 35 dollar overdraft fee and had to borrow money from my church to cover my overdrawn balance and have gas money for the week. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE UNLESS YOU HAVE A SUBSTANTIAL BALANCE IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT AND WON’T MISS A FEW HUNDRED BUCKS FOR A WEEK

    • I used it today and even went back and ordered additional items. The first time it authorized the exact amount of the order and when I modified it it only added the cost of the additional items. Most banks will also refund overdraft fees that were caused by pending authorizations for a higher amount than the posted transaction if you call back after it posted and if you had a sufficient balance to cover the amount of the posted transaction.

    • Shelly Deboer says

      I have been using Walmart grocery pick up for a few months. The amount pending is only the exact amount of my order when it is placed. Once I pick up my order the old amount disappears and the new amount that goes through is only different if I ordered produce that needs to be weighed. Maybe its your bank with those rules?

  7. Micah Stadler says

    I can’t seem to find out how to apply my pick up orders to my Savings Catcher. What am I missing?

    • Did you get an answer yet? If not….
      You will get a confirmation e-mail with your TC# after you pick up your groceries. It took me a few orders missed to figure it out. 🙁

  8. can you use coupons with the pick up service?

  9. I read your review a year or so ago and had been patiently waiting for Walmart to bring this to my city, regularly checking the website to see if it was here. Well, it came and I’m disappointed. I finally tried Walmart pickup last night. I have been using Smiths’ (Kroger) ClickList for about a year but figured I’d try Walmart’s since it’s free and Smiths is $4.95. I was very disappointed. I’ll start with the fact the pickup area reeked of weed, very badly. They tried to tell me it was sewer but unless the rats are smoking I think he was full of it. Moving onto the service itself, they didn’t substitute my items and some are needed for tonight’s (the next night’s) dinner. This means I’m going to have to run to the store today which defeats the purpose. He just shrugged when I asked why they didn’t substitute. I was also quite disappointed that i did not receive a real receipt. I use Ibotta and by not having a real receipt I missed out on about $9 in rewards, which effectively makes this more than if I’d used my clicklist. This is in addition to the fact that I can’t use coupons and it results in Walmart not being any cheaper than Smiths which, in my opinion, tends to have better quality when it comes to produce and meats. . While the employee wasn’t rude, he was very indifferent from dismissing my concerns over the weed smell coming in my car even with windows closed to the fact I really needed the darn mozzarella for my dinner tonight. They hadn’t thought to give a different brand or size he admitted. My ClickList girls are so much friendly and on top of everything! They have substitutions available for anything and everything but will take it off if it isn’t a sub I want. I may give Walmart on more try eventually, but I think I’m sticking with my ClickList.
    I’m not some blogger, not paid by anyone, just a mom trying to find an easier way to get my groceries.

    • Oh yes, and my order wasn’t there when I arrived at 7:05pm with a pickup window of 7-8. He said he stuttered asking if it was supposed to be ready at 7 then said he has to “find it,” 15 minutes later I get an email saying my order is ready and to come pick it up and he finally comes out 5 minutes after that. So my kids and I had to sit in the weed parking lot all that time.

      • I’m soooo sorry you had that experience Michelle, and appreciate your feedback so much! We were in a test market when we tried it and I was very pleased, but they were just beginning to test it out and I’m sure were on their “a” game.

        I talked with the employee who works at our store’s Kroger click list (I’ve only done Walmart grocery pick up once but use Clicklist frequently), and he said even they were having a hard time keeping employees well trained and having enough people to manage it. To me it’s a big undertaking for these stores and depends SO SO SO much on the quality of your employees, so I hope they can figure out how to continue to offer it without sacrificing quality. I’m so sorry you didn’t have a good experience (I just hate that!)

    • It’s against ibottas’s terms to submit a clicklist receipt. So really you’re not out anything more. My Kroger is bad with substitutions too so it’s always an adventure. Such as substituting a meat sauce for a vegetarian one…

  10. I’ve not gotten savings catcher to work with pickup. I copy the TC number but savings catcher doesn’t recognize it.

  11. nicee

  12. I have health problems and started using Grocery pickup a few years ago. I love it! I live in NC and go to Harris Teeter. They charge $4.95 fee but always are quick and friendly. You dont have to give card or check until you arrive. Produce and meats always look great. I have a special diet and for most of their products I can look at nutrition first. Lastly I get a convenient email each week where I can shop from my recent order….so for many items I can just hit add.

  13. Unfortunately, moms who could benefit the most from not having to get kids out of car seats, deal with small children “wanting” impulse buys, and sticking to a predetermined grocery list are excluded by both Kroger and WalMart (with the exception of about 20 locations nationwide.) WIC and SNAP programs are not accepted as forms of payment for Kroger CLickList nor WalMart’s Grocery Pickup. Not sure how they justify treating these Electronic Banking Transactions differently, but it’s in writing on their web sites!

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