The Friday Fluff Up: Puh-leease Tell Me I’m Not The Only One With Closets Like This?

Last weekend when I visited my buddy Nancy we discussed the disastrous state of a few of our closets.  While I’ve tidied up my son’s closet, and even our own (yikes!), my Sweet Caroline’s closet might just be considered for the next episode of Hoarders. 🙂


Now, it’s not completely her fault that this disaster lurks in her bedroom (really!)  I have a super sweet friend who I swap clothes with, so included in Caroline’s closet are her own clothes, clothes for the next three sizes that she’ll grow into, as well as quite a few clothes that are waiting for her little sister. (She has the biggest closet of all of our children, so she’s kind of become the storage area. . .can’t you tell?) But, I knew I needed to go through and attack the closet, so I spent about three hours working on it earlier this week.


Are you ready for the before pic? (Go ahead and gasp . . . I did too!)


Before . . .

After . . .  
I got rid of a whopping four bags of clothes to donate, and have all of her clothes now hanging for the summer and next winter . . . WOOHOO! We usually do our back-to-school shopping at the end of the summer, and Caroline and I both agreed that she really needs nothing other than a fun new outfit for the first day of school.  (In fact, in her words she said “you know mom, it’s kind of embarassing that I have this much!”)

The only money that we spent to tidy this up was on new plastic hangers which were on sale 10/$1 this week at Target.  We threw out tons of mismatched hangers that were too small for her clothes, and now everthing fits neatly . . . yayyyyy!

If you have a “hoarders closet” in your home too, I really encourage you to block out a few hours this summer and clear it out.  While it’s a little overwhelming to get started, it feels so good to have it done and I’m tickled that we’ll save so much money in the fall because now I know exactly what she has.  If you happen to take the challenge in your home, take a before and after shot and I’d love to share it with our readers here . . . plus you’ll be so proud when you see the changes you make!



And if you have any great tips on how to keep those closets clean, I’d love (LOVE!) to hear them!  It’s one of those ongoing issues in our home, but I’m determined to get them under control (I have one more left in our guest bedroom that needs some TLC . . .eek!)


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  1. Wowza, you did a fabulous job on organizing and such.. you should come to my house, cause my closet is worse then your before picture.. lol for sure!!

  2. Oh boy can I relate. My coat closet downstairs has become more of a “hideaway” spot for things I just don’t want all over my living room. You did a wonderful job organizing that closet! You have inspired me to tackle mine…soon.

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