Marley Spoon – $30 OFF Code on 1st Box! (Learn to Cook New Things!)

My Marley Spoon review is a little different, in that I just watched while my kids made it! Seriously - that's how well laid out it was....

Marley Spoon Review (Fun Way to Break Out of a Cooking Rut!)

PPP Team Member Jamie had her kids try out one of the Marley Spoon meals she ordered – here's what she had to say!  (And you can watch a short FB Live video of her kids prepping the meal below)


Jamie here! 🙂

A couple weeks back I ordered Marley Spoon as a fun treat for my 15 year old – who loves cooking shows and trying new foods.  It was a bit of a splurge, but not as much as I'd feared!

This link here was the one I used to get $30 off our first box – that made the 2 Meal Box for 2 People only $18. (That breaks down to $9 per meal, and $4.50 per serving)


When it arrived I was very impressed with how well it was packaged.  It is okay to sit out on your porch for 30 hours without danger – it's insulated so well.  As I unpacked it to stick it in the fridge, I was glad to see that rather than throw all the ingredients into the box together, each meal's ingredients were separated into it's own bag.

The meat was underneath those bags, in another more-insulated layer with ice packs.

I had him help me choose a couple meals he would enjoy trying – and he was SO STOKED when it arrived.  Here he is cooking the entire meal with just the help of his shirtless sous chef (my 11 year old).  I promise I didn't help even ONE BIT!!  I just sat in the kitchen and worked on my laptop so I could keep an eye on them. 🙂

I was impressed that it was laid out so well and with such clear instructions that they were able to make the entire meal.  They made oven fries, sliced peppers and onions, diced garlic cloves, stripped cilantro leaves, cut steak against the grain and seared it, and more!

Here is my 15 year old cutting up a red pepper for the first time – he learned a few new skills for sure!

Here they are finally sitting down to eat – the occasion called for a “Fancy” glass of orange juice 😉

The meal made enough to feed my 15 and 11 year old boys – with plenty left over to give a plate to dad, who came wandering in hungrily when he smelled steak…. 😉

They warned me midway through not to try and “Little Red Hen” my way into their dinner after I sat there not helping….(the nerve of those kids!)



This is the Peruvian Beef Stir Fry – and it was delicious!  


If you would like to try Marley Spoon – you can go here to get $30 off your first box I think it's a fun way to shake up your routine and learn to cook something different.  For my boys , it was kind of like a cooking class in a box – all for only $9 per meal!

I hope you enjoyed this Marley Spoon Review – I'd love to hear your opinion if you've tried it out!

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