Make a DIY Tent Sandbox for only $25!!



DIY Tent Sandbox

If you have little ones – a sandbox is such a great way to keep their little hands busy and their imaginations active.  But not everyone has the know-how to whip up a sandbox from scratch.

This DIY tent sandbox is an easy way to make a sandbox happen this weekend – plus you can do it all for about $25!

First you'll need a tent.  

A tent with a waterproof bottom will both keep moisture out from the rain, keep animals out at night, and keep the sand clean.   A tent that has the option of a screen window for ventilation is best, but if you have it positioned in the shade, any tent should be okay.

I recommend this Happy Camper 2-Person Tent because it's the least expensive (ONLY $13.47 Shipped!) and gets a good rating.  If you have an old tent then that's even better (You can't beat FREE!)  You could also check out the following options:

Ozark Trail Kids Camping Tent – $14.96

Ozark Trail Kids Tent (2 colors) – $17.44

Next you'll need about 5 bags of Play Sand.

And you're in luck!  This weekend Home Depot has the  Quikrete Play Sand 50 Lb Bags for only $2.50 each!  So you'll wind up paying about $12.50 for 5 bags.  (You can always go back for an extra couple bags if you like, but it's better to get 5 and see if it's enough so you don't have to return any bags)

Total Cost = $25.47!

Pick up a few sand toys from the Dollar Tree and you're ready to play!




Thanks, Faithful Farmwife!

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