How To Make Those Staples Deals Work For You

Remember all the great deals at Staples that I posted yesterday? Well, one sweet reader reminded me that Staples Reward programs have a few specific rules, so I thought I'd really quickly explain how to get the most bang for your buck at Staples this week. Here's what you'll want to know:

A Staples “Easy Rebate” will come back to you as a check that you can use to cash at the bank. There will be information on your receipt showing how to submit the rebate. Here are the Easy Rebate items available this week:


  • Get a free ream of copy paper after Staples Easy Rebate, and you'll pay $6.99 at the checkout and get a check mailed to you for $6.99 (you'll need this coupon to get this offer)
  • Get a free pack of Photo Supreme Paper after rebate when you purchase it for $14.99 (the information on this rebate is in this week's Staples WeeklyAd ~ Limit 2)
  • Get a free pack of Bic Pencils after rebate when you purchase them for $4.29 (the information on this rebate is in this week's Staples WeeklyAd ~ Limit 2)
  • So, if you purchase all three items, you'll pay $26.27 out of pocket, but get a $26.27 rebate check in the mail that you can cash at the bank.
A Staples Rewards offer is NOT cash back, but more like cash off a future Staples purchase. This week, you can buy up to 3 canisters of Lysol Wipes for $3.99, and you'll get back $3.99 in Staples Rewards. To get your rewards, you will need to have a Staples Rewards card (you can get one for free HERE.) Here are a few special things to note about the rewards:
  • You will receive a Staples Rewards check that can only be used at Staples once a quarter.
  • If you don't spend $10 on Staples Rewards items in one quarter, you will not receive a check. Since the money doesn't “roll over” towards the next quarter, you'll lose any money you've accrued if you don't reach the $10 mark.
  • Staples Rewards will give you 10% cash back on purchases of copy paper, ink cartridges, and toner. You'll also get $2 back for each ink cartridge you recycle at Staples.
  • You cannot “roll” your Staples Rewards. For example, if you bought those 3 Lysol Wipes this week (and received $11.97 back in the next quarter), you could not use those on a new Rewards item when it becomes available. However, you can use them towards most other items, including Easy Rebate items. So, if you had $11.97 in Stapes Rewards and the above copy paper offers became available again, you could use them and then submit them for your Easy Rebate.
Did I make all that clear as mud? 😉 It is definitely a little confusing, and it takes me a few minutes to wrap my brain around it every time these deals come out, but I'm hoping this will help. If you have any other tips or suggestions on using Staples Easy Rebates and Rewards please leave a comment to share, and if you have any questions I'll do my best to answer them!
Update: Staples also has a coupon available in this ad for a FREE set of earbuds with minimum $25 purchase. Might as well grab them while you're picking up everything else! 🙂


Thanks Linda for the reminder!



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