How Does Prime Pantry Work NOW? (Monthly Fees Disappear!)

If you've been wondering how does Prime Pantry work – please know you're not alone!  Here's a breakdown for you as well as my opinion on whether or not it's worth it….


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Have you tried out Prime Pantry before? If you're a crazy busy mom, you might love it for helping you shop at Walmart/Target prices without leaving the house.

🔥🔥🔥Plus, we just got news that should make you even MORE likely to give it a try!

Amazon recently made Prime Pantry deals available to ALL PRIME MEMBERS without paying a monthly fee.  In fact – they're no longer accepting new members into the paid Prime Pantry program.



There's ONLY ONE difference between paid and non-paid pantry members now:

  • Regular Amazon Prime Members = FREE Shipping on Orders of $35+
  • Amazon Prime Members who PAY $4.99/month for Prime Pantry = FREE Shipping on Orders of $10+


So How Does Prime Pantry Work?

  1. Amazon is able to offer lower pricing on Pantry Items because orders are typically bigger (to get free shipping). Shop from a special Prime Pantry section on Amazon to find these low prices.  Shampoo may costs $2.50 instead of $4.98, for instance.
  2. Shipping is FREE on orders over $35 – keep in mind the $35 threshold must be reached by pantry items.  (Good news: if you have any e-coupons, Amazon counts your $35 total BEFORE coupons!)
  3. Prime Pantry orders usually ship in 1-4 days (so a little longer than regular Prime shipping).   They ship separately from other items you may have ordered.
  4. Amazon NO LONGER offers the $4.99/month Prime Pantry add-on membership, however current members can still use their membership until we hear otherwise.



Ways to save with Prime Pantry:

1 . You can always Save $6 by choosing 5 qualifying items to add to your cart.  (this offer is always around, the qualifying items just rotate)

2 . There are also exclusive Prime Pantry coupons you can clip that are often pretty great discounts.

In fact – you can clip several coupons AND save the $6 for buying 5 qualifying items.  (Stacking both discounts is the best way to save a lot.)

Here are a 3 Fun Prime Pantry Deals using current eCoupons:

Capri Suns 10-Pk 100% Juice – $1.88

Gillette Sensor3 4pk Razors – $2.47

Ruffles Zesty Cheddar Potato Chips – $1.95



So is Prime Pantry Worth It?

Soooo….. for those of you who are currently on the paid Prime Pantry plan…..  Now that things have changed a little, is keeping your current Amazon Prime Pantry Add-On worth it?

The Cons:

Honestly, sometimes the deals on Prime Pantry aren't amazing – the coupons are for stuff you might not need, and the list of “qualifying items to save $6” may not be your favorite.

For this reason, the $4.99 monthly fee may not be worth it for you.  You might want to cancel your membership and only order a box full of goodies when the deals are HOT  😉


The Pros:

So if you're an always-on-the-run, super-busy momma, Amazon Prime Pantry DOES OFFER:

a) Very reasonable, competitive pricing on lots of household essentials you probably need each month

b) More Simplicity. Paying the $4.99 monthly fee saves you the hassle of having to get your box to $35.  As long as your order reaches $10 or more, your shipping will always be free.



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