Home Chef $35 OFF – Only $4 per Meal Delivered! (YUM!)


If you've been wanting to try out a meal box subscription without putting a lot of money on the line – here's an awesome opportunity!

For a limited time – Home Chef is offering $35 OFF your first box – making these gourmet meals just $4 each!


  1. Click this exclusive link to have the $35 discount added to your cart
  2. Specify any dietary needs or things you don't like
  3. Choose the plan for 3 Meals a week for 2 People
  4. You'll be taken straight to checkout, where your $35 will be deducted, leaving a total of $24.70 Shipped!

That's just $4.11 per meal per person 🙂   

That's just $9.98 per meal, or $4.99 per person.  GREAT price!


I just loved my HomeChef experience when I ordered.  The instructions are excellent with pictures and helpful hints included.  The box comes packaged very well with tons of insulation – and can last days in your fridge before making.

You can watch my unboxing here – it's a little bit of a hot mess but…. just keeping it real around here! 😉

Give Home Chef a try while this deal is still available and let us know what you think!




⭐ If you want to review the menu options BEFORE checking out – go to homechef.com/our-menus.  Just keep in mind you still need to click THIS LINK HERE to place your order, otherwise you won't get the awesome $30 discount!

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  1. Can you give this as a gift?

  2. I am sorry but the Home Chef experience was NOT as I expected 🙁 When you go online they lock you into the first week before they even show you what the menu is and they create that menu for you before they even ask what your food preferences are. So my first week was not the meals that were listed in any of the videos. My choices were lots of vegetarian meals, chicken and pork and like one beef meal. Some of the pork was even ground pork which is really easy to make on your own not something I would want somebody to send to me. Very disappointing. Wasted way to much time trying to figure it out and now I am having to figure out how to cancel it and get my money back which was apparently charged to me before I was even given a button to “confirm” the purchase like when you are purchasing from any other website.

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