FREE Bag of Amora Gourmet Coffee! ($13 Value!) *PPP TESTED*

If you're a coffee drinker, you'll love this freebie!

Right now you can get a FREE Bag of Amora Gourmet Coffee in ground or whole bean varieties! ($13 Value)  They'll ship it right to your door (Arrives in just 2 days!), just pay the $1 Shipping & Handling fee.  (Read the important note at the end of this post)

Amora has 8 varieties to choose from – the hazelnut cinnamon sounds super yummy…. (Actually – just got it in the mail!) They are known for their dark intense roasts, but also have lighter flavored varieties.

How to get this offer:

  1. Head over HERE and click on the offer for FREE Coffee
  2. Choose your variety, and whether you'd prefer ground or whole bean
  3. Click through, avoiding any bonus offers
  4. At checkout you'll pay just $1 Shipped!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Grabbing this freebie signs you up for auto-delivery, so be sure to call 1-855-642-6672 to cancel or modify future shipments, if you don't wish to continue with the deliveries!  PPP Team Member Jamie tested this and it took under 2 minutes on the phone to cancel our subscription. Easy peasy!

In fact, you have 2 weeks to call and cancel before your next order ships out if you wish.  You'll even get an email reminder before it happens.

More about Amora Coffee:



Are you doing Keto?  If so you probably drink a LOT of coffee!


Here are some items PPP Team Member Jamie has been adding to her morning keto coffee routine:

Coffee Sweeteners/Flavors:

Jordan's Skinny Syrup – I was lucky enough to find this at a Tuesday Morning near me, but you can also purchase on Amazon!  I love the Hazelnut but also they have a million yummy sounding flavors.  The bigger bottle is a great deal!

SweetLeaf Sweet Drops – My mom just loves her Sweet Drops in Chocolate, so I finally ordered some.  They're good!  I need about 8 drops to get my coffee how I like it.  But then I added a little splash of the Hazelnut Jordan's Skinny Syrup, and now I have chocolate hazelnut coffee that is my new favorite 🙂

Pyure Vanilla Stevia Drops – These are still good – but I needed a break from the vanilla.  I like have a few varieties to keep my mornings exciting 😉  Also the pyure drops have more of a “diet sugar” aftertaste to me that I don't love.


MCT Oil Powder –  In my quest for regularity, I was told my multiple folks to add MCT oil to my coffee.  Other side effects include boosting your energy and clearing your brain fog.   Honestly, I DO actually have more energy after having this in my coffee for two days in a row.  The brain fog might take more than 2 days to clear 🙂  This one was an investment – but since I'm also testing things for the rest of us I thought it was worth it.

Collagen Powder – Collagen powder is supposed to help with aging, and increase hair and nail growth (yay!  mine is thinning!) and also make your skin beautimous.  I'm not sure if it's working yet – but the reviews are SO CRAZY CONVINCING!  I add a scoop to my coffee over the course of the morning 🙂

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  1. Rachel Ogadah says

    I never got a confirmation email when I ordered my sample and it showed up in the mail. Then, I never got an email reminder that I was getting a shipment. Next thing I know, I get an email that my next order has shipped, which is 4 bags at $15 a piece!

    • Oh no Rachel!! I’m so sorry to hear that happened ~ I would definitely reach out to their customer service! (You can reach them at 1-855-642-6672).

  2. Ugh I ordered this and ended up canceling because the price was so high. I sent back the first shipment so far have not gotten a credit and now I have a recurring charge from them and my account is cancelled.

    • Oh no Carrie! I’m so sorry to hear that – I would definitely reach out to their customer service!

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