Easter Treat: Resurrection Rolls


Back when my husband and I were first married, I made these Resurrection Rolls and we absolutely loved them.  Somewhere along the way though, I completely forgot about them until a PPP reader recently reminded me about them, so we of course had to try them out again. 🙂  They're one of those great recipes that use up a few Pillsbury Crescent Rolls  (is it possible to mess up a Pillsbury Crescent Roll?  we did of course use the reduced fat variety . . .), and are just a fun treat to make each Easter.  My kids helped me make them last night, and promptly devoured a few almost the minute that I pulled them out of the oven.


So why are they called Resurrection Rolls?  Well, you use a marshmallow for the recipe, but when the sweet rolls bake up, the marshmallow disappears, so the “tomb” is found empty.  We had an interesting discussion about it last night, and this morning my sweet four (almost-five-tomorrow!) year old asked ~ “Momma, Why did Jesus have to die on that cross?” 


Now, while there are definitely some spiritual lessons to be learned here, we also had to try out what would happen to a Peep because, well, we were just curious if it would work  as well as the marshmallow did! 🙂  Oh my heavens, that extra bit of sugar goodness made some seriously yummy rolls!  These are a great treat any time of year, and we made a double batch but have gobbled down just about every bite already. . . and hope you enjoy them too!


Resurrection Rolls (we doubled the recipe)


  1. 1 package Crescent Rolls reduced fat are fine
  2. 8 large marshmallows or Peeps 🙂
  3. 1/4 cup melted butter or margarine
  4. 2 tbsp. cinnamon (find it at Aldi for $1)
  5. 2 tbsp. sugar


  1. Mix together cinnamon and sugar in small bowl.  In another bowl melt margarine.
  2. Dip marshmallow into butter, then into cinnamon sugar.
  3. Roll marshmallow in crescent roll, pinching together at the seams.
  4. Roll crescent roll in butter, then cinnamon sugar again.
  5. Bake in 400 degree oven for 12-14 minutes.
  6. Enjoy!
*Note – you may want to put some aluminum foil underneath these while they're baking as the marshmallow goo tends to leak a bit.  


 Do you have any special treats that you plan to make this Easter?  I'd love to hear what they are in the comments section. Thanks so much for reminding me about this recipe, Jennifer…. they're so good!


If you need a sweet little craft to make with your kids this Spring Break – I think you'll love this Dollar Tree Easter Craft!  It's great for gifting to teachers and friends as well 🙂



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  1. Jennifer G. says

    We’re going to make homemade pretzels on Good Friday. The pretzel shape is thought to resemble arms in prayer. We’ll probably make kosher salt flavor and cinnamon-sugar. Yum!

  2. Donna L. says

    I just made these….they are WONDERFUL!!! I have shared with others!!!!


  3. Cannot wait to try these. I think for Easter morning will be great. They will go well with that darling boiled egg.

  4. We tried these Easter morning. The kids and I had a long discussion about Jesus, and the significance of the empty tomb. We all eagerly awaited the beep of the oven so we could check to see if these “tombs” were empty. Well, as soon as we saw the cooked goodies, my daughter promptly (and accurately) renamed them “Explosion Rolls.” I didn’t check your wonderful pictures and had placed the rolls haphazardly on a cookie sheet instead of in muffin tins. They still tasted great, but what a mess! But we had a great time talking about the real meaning of Easter and were able to laugh about the “explosion.”

    • Oh no Molly – I’m so sorry! (I feel terrible….I’ll update the post!) Yes, they would definitely be a mess … I hope your cookie sheet isn’t ruined!

      • Frances Boersma says

        Laurie, I am excited to try these, but I also would have made “explosion rolls” if I hadn’t read this post.

  5. For some reason, our marshmallows got larger and did not even come close to melting – not sure what I did wrong 🙁

    • Hmmmm – I’m not sure and can’t imagine they wouldn’t melt… I’ve never had that happen! Did you use regular size marshmallows, right? (Not the really big ones?)

  6. Peeps are also great roasted while camping.

  7. Gwen Drake Sanders says

    Such an easy way to show your young children the true meaning of Easter! PIN and make plans to do this with your children or your grands next year!

  8. Louanne Truran says

    Your site has great ideas.

  9. I like the idea of using a muffin tin to bake them – a lot less messy. I’m doing this this Sunday with my junior church kids.

  10. Do you use muffin papers?

  11. On another sight they actually have bible readings that correspond to each step in the recipe. It may be great for the older kids who can read and know how to use the bible. Its a teachable moment.

  12. My daughter (26 now) and I have microwaved peeps every year since she was little. She loved to watch them get big! Now my grandson enjoys it with us

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