Drug Store Deal of the Week – 10 Items at Rite Aid for FREE (Including Huggies!)

The Rite Aid deals just keep on coming!  Here's my drug store plan this week (starting 11/14/10):

Buy . . .   

  • (2) Packages Huggies Diapers $8.99 each, receive $3 in UP Rewards at checkout
  • (2) Betty Crocker Potatoes $1.50 each, receive $1 in UP Rewards at checkout when you buy 2
  • (1) Gain Dish Soap (or as many as you have coupons for!) On Sale $.89
  • (2) Right Guard Or Dry Idea Deodorants On Sale B1G1 Free
  • (1) Colgate 360 Toothbrush On Sale $2.33, get $2 in UP Rewards when you buy 3 Colgate Products
  • (1) Colgate Total Toothpaste   On Sale $2.33, get $2 in UP Rewards when you buy 3 Colgate Products
  • (1) Colgate Wisp 4 ct.   On Sale $2.33, get $2 in UP Rewards when you buy 3 Colgate Products  


Use . . . 

Pay as little as $8.86 out of pocket (your out of pocket will vary depending on which coupons you have), get $9 in UP Rewards.  That's like getting all of those items FREE, and you can use your UP Rewards to purchase another pack of diapers if you don't want to save them for next week 🙂

Note – There is not a limit stated on the Huggies Diaper UP Rewards in the Rite Aid ad, however I'm not sure that 2 UP Rewards will print in one transaction.  From my experience, it seems like this is very hit or miss, but the worst case scenario is that you would only get $6 back in UP Rewards, which is still a great deal! 


Tip – This deal should easily work for those of you in areas with the “long” ad, but it's possible that some of the sales may be missing in the short ad.  If your ad doesn’t include all of them (go HERE Sunday to your ad and check the deals), print the pages of the longer ad that are missing and your store MAY honor the deal.  (It never hurts to nicely ask!)  I found the longer ad under zip code 90210. 

To see all the best deals at Rite Aid go HERE, or go HERE for Walgreens deals and HERE for CVS Deals.  Happy Shopping!

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  1. What is an “UP reward?”

  2. The Huggies +Up rewards ARE printing multiples! I purchased 9 packs in 3 transactions and it printed out 3 $3 rewards each time! Rolling my +Up rewards from last week and then rolling them each transaction this time I spent $9 OOP for 9 packs of diapers!

    • YAAAAYYYY Katie! Thanks for letting us know!

      Dana – A UP reward is similar to CVS Extra Care Bucks – it’s a coupon printed at the register when you make your purchase that goes toward your next purchase. So, you can use them towards more deals this week, or save them until you see more items at Rite Aid that you’d like. They usually expire within a few weeks, so be careful to watch your expiration date (I usually keep them with the cash in my wallet so that I don’t forget about them!) Hope that helps!

  3. I’mnot seeing the $3/1 Huggies P&N at the site you linked. Is there a particular zipcode I should try? Thanks!

  4. Hey Jill – I found it under 35756 (to make it easier to hunt down, look up “Huggies” in the “brand” field on top of the page). Good luck!

  5. In Pittsburgh, we didn’t get the Right Guard nor the Gain coupons… wierd, eh?

    • Really Elizabeth? Arghhhh! I know there was one on Coupons.com awhile ago, but I just checked and didn’t see one there. I know usually it seems like you all in bigger cities get way better coupons (then those of us in Alabama!), but we actually did see that one! I’m sorry!!!

  6. My ad has a pic of Little Movers, but just says jumbo pack of huggies diapers. Do you know if you have to get the little movers, or is it the same deal with the UP rewards for the P&N diapers as well?


    • Kara – the UP Rewards should print with the Huggies Pure & Natural also, as long as you purchase a similar sized package. It’s possible that your store won’t carry the P&N, and if they don’t I would ask your store if they would accept the P&N coupon on a different brand (since they don’t have them). If you’re in a larger city they might have them but I’m not sure that all stores carry them.

      Amy – I just checked the coupon database and mine actually shows one in both the 10/10/10 PG AND 10/31/10 PG. (Somehow I missed the 10/31/10 PG but I’ll update it). I know that I did see those coupons in my paper, but coupon inserts can vary quite a bit by area – it’s possible that you missed them. I hate it when that happens – I’m sorry!

  7. Is the Gain coupon in the 10/31 P&G or 10/10? Your site says 10/31 but another site says 10/10 — I couldn’t find it in my 10/31 one and I dont have the 10/10 🙁

  8. Although this is a great post, you should maybe metion some things regarding the rite aid Q policy. the Gain $1/1 should be changed to .89 since overage is not allowed (although many cashiers dont push it) also, you can only use one type of RA Q per transaction, if you look at the bar code, you can do one 48 and one 49. so you can not do a $4/25 AND a $1/1. It will not beep, but according to the policy.

    Just a HU in case anyone runs into trouble, it is good to know. Thanks for sharing a way to get cheap diapers!

    • Thanks for the information Diana! I did not know that you weren’t allowed to use the $4/$20 and $1/1. . . I really need to put together a basic Rite Aid post, but haven’t found time to do it! Thanks for the reminders.

  9. I noticed that there is a $1/1 Colgate Total Q and some more Huggies Qs in my 11/14 SS! Plus, in my 11/14 Red Plum, there is a $1/1 Herbal Essences or Aussie shampoo/conditioner Q. These are on sale for $2.99, get $2 UPRs, plus Q= FREE! 🙂

  10. Okay, I did the deal above. I wasn’t counting on the sales tax and because I got so many “free” items I had to pay a little over $19. Still really good though.

    My concern is, when she printed out my UP rewards it printed several, (like 6 for the 2 packs of Huggies and 4 for the 6 Colgate products). I should have only recieved one $3 off and two $2 off. Are all of these going to be “usable”?


    • Hi Susan! Your rewards were right – I wasn’t sure if they would print out two or just one on each item, but heard later in the week that they were printing on both of them. YAAAYYYY! What a great deal, and yes, they’ll work 🙂


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