6 Items at Rite Aid for $1.46 (including Huggies!)

If you have little ones at home, Rite Aid looks like your best drug store pick this week!  You'll get Huggies, Desitin, Johnson & Johnson, Purex, Sucrets & Carefree for as little as $1.46 $3.44 after coupons and UP Rewards. . . WOW!  Here are the matchups, and scroll down to see this week's drug store scenario:   



Here's my plan this week:

Transaction #1

Buy 1 Desitin ($2.99)

Buy 1 Sucrets ($2.99)

Buy 1 Carefree Pantiliners ($.99)



Transaction #2

Buy 1 Huggies Diapers or Pull Ups ($8.99)


Transaction #3

Buy 2 Purex 3 in 1 Sheets ($7.99 for 2)

Buy 1 Johnson & Johnson Baby Care Products ($2.99)



You'll pay a whopping $3.46 $5.44 out of pocket for all those items, AND get $2 in UP Rewards towards your next purchase . . . YAYYYYYYY! 


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  1. Thanks! This is a great deal!
    The Bargain Shopper Lady

  2. This is great. Thank you for even doing the transactions. Sometimes I see these great coupon deals but don’t know how to get the best price! Thanks again!

  3. The link for the huggies coupon does not work for me. Anyone else having a problem?

  4. Thanks so much for posting this! I just went through and refigured it (minus the sucrets since i don’t need them or have that coupon) and still only paying about $3 OOP! yay! 🙂 made my (sleepless) night.

  5. There is also a Huggies Video Value coupon that expires on 2/26/11. You would have had to watch it last month, but if you did you can still print it. 🙂

  6. 🙁 the huggies coupon expired today. so I can’t do this deal!

    • I just saw that Christina – I’m so sorry! You might ask if they’ll accept it (they get reimbursement for it a few week’s beyond the expiration date usually). If not, be sure to go through your printed coupons because there have been several recent $2/1 printed coupons available, and I just received a home mailer with $2/1 a week or so ago. Hope that helps (I’m sorry!!!)

  7. transaction 1 abuse the coupon.
    you can not use 3 1off any in one transaction because they are end of front coupon and only one allowed be used in one transaction.

    Transaction #1

    Buy 1 Desitin ($2.99)

    Buy 1 Sucrets ($2.99)

    Buy 1 Carefree Pantiliners ($.99)


    $1/1 Carefree Ultra Protection Product
    $1/1 Desitin Diaper Rash Product (IE) Printable (FF)
    $1.50/1 Sucrets 1/23/2011 SS Insert (exp 4/30/2011)
    $1 Off Any Item Non Prescription Purchase when you Watch Wellness Video
    $1 Off Any Item Non Prescription Purchase when you Watch RX Video
    $1 Off Any Item Non Prescription Purchase when you Watch Winter Video
    Pay $.47 plus tax out of pocket
    Get $5.98 in UP Rewards

    • Really? I didn’t realize that (and certainly wouldn’t want to do anything unfairly!) but if so, you could split them out into seperate transactions right? Or spread them out over the three transactions? I’ve been allowed to use more than one at my Rite Aid and had not ever been told differently.

      It’s my daughter’s bday and we’re heading out this morning to church, but I’ll try to re-work the scenario later today (it should still work!) Thanks for letting me know!

    • Kentucky Lea says:

      It is not an abuse of the coupon, they are 3 seperate coupons, 3 different videos earn them, you cannot use more than 1 of the same coupon in 1 transaction, but can use same earned from different months and different coupons for same value from same month.

      • they are all belong end of front coupons (1off any, 2off any, 4off 20). and one transaction only allow use one end of front coupon.
        even you can use as many as you want if the cashier scan them. but it is not good and violate the rule of the deal game.

  8. Does anyone know the limits on the sucrets UP rewards? I looked in the ad and didn’t see it. Does this mean no limit 🙂 ?

  9. Pretty sure your math is wrong here. In the first transaction you should get back $4 in UP rewards not $5.98. You get $2 UP rewards not $2.99 for the desitin and the Sucrets. That makes your math wrong on the huggies then.

    • You’re right Lee – I did the math at least 15 time yesterday because even I thought it was too good to be true :), but was thinking it was a $2.98 UP Reward instead of $2 UP reward – thank you so much for catching that! Sorry about that, but it’s still a pretty decent deal if with the additional $1.98!

      I updated it to reflect the correct amounts – I hate that I messed it up . . . arghhhhh!

      • I am glad i could help! Was still a great deal for me. I got huggies, 2 johnsons baby shampoo and sucrets and only spent $.52 with the UP rewards I had. Did great at CVS too and staples. i got over $40 worth of stuff today for only $2.73!

  10. I tried this, this morning. I only got $4.00 in Up+ rewards for the 1st transaction…I don’t know if I did something wrong, or if it was the constant jabber of my 4 and 3 yr old that messed up my concentration.. 🙂

  11. Just to let you know there were Huggies mailers that came out. But there is a printable on Huggies Pull Ups site if you haven’t already printed it for the month. Good luck!

  12. Can someone tell me how the Rite Aid videos work. I have watched them but no coupons come up. Is it in my account somehow?

    • Look for somewhere on the page that says “my account” – they should be there (I watched mine last week and am trying to remember how I accessed them, but it seems like you had to look around a little to find them.) Hope that helps Rhonda!

    • Kentucky Lea says:

      it is actually called “my rewards”, good luck!

  13. I did the first transaction this morning. It printed (as advertised) a $2 UP reward for the Sucrets and a $2 Up reward on the Desitin…not a $2.99 each as needed for the next transaction. Still a good deal though.

  14. I wish I would have went to rite aid earlier they were out of destin and the j&j products I wanted. I did get rainchecks though. Just hoping they are stocked before my coupons expire.

    • At my Rite-Aid, they take the expired coupons — just take the rainchecks back in there and have them after 30 days.

      • That was supposed to save, have them attach the coupons to the rainchecks. The downside of rite-aid rainchecks is that they expire after 30 days.

  15. Hi. I keep reviewing the circular and I don’t see the Johnson & Johnson $2 Up Reward you mentioned. Is that only available in some stores? Where did you find out about that? Thanks.

    • Hi Liz! It was on page 8 in my ad (kind of hidden). Sometimes Rite Aid varies their offers by markets, but usually my market skips the deals, so if it’s here in my ad I’m hoping you have it too! What zip code are you in?

  16. I have a couple questions. Does anyone know any good websites to get coupons MAILED to you HOME???
    and i dont understand the term ”doube, or triple coupons today” HELP!!

  17. I love to see the deal scenario. It makes shopping so much easier! Thank you.

  18. you could bought diaper as 8.99-2vvq-2mq-2off any =2.99 and get 2upr back.

    • If you have those Video Values coupons that would be a great deal (I didn’t include them since they’re not available right to watch right now!) What is the second $2 off from? (Using 2 – $1/1 Video Values store coupons?)

      Thanks so much – there really are some great deals to be had!


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