Dollar Tree: Sunday Paper Just $1?

I just about fell out when I saw this sign at our local Dollar Tree yesterday . . . you’ve got it right, the Sunday paper is just $1!  (The Huntsville Times is priced at $1.50 here in our area.)  In the past readers have commented that stores in other cities offered this, however when I checked with our Dollar Tree didn’t carry the newspaper.  So, you can imagine my excitement when I saw this sign!



Now, please don’t run out and buy all of the papers at the Dollar Tree . . . seriously, I’d like one to be left when I get there!  But, maybe they’ll start stocking up on more if we support them. 🙂


Other great Dollar Tree finds?

  • $1 construction paper
  • $1 manuscript paper the lined paper for K-1st graders to start writing on
  • $1 adult & children’s sunglasses
  • $1 movie theater candy
  • $1 5-pack plastic containers perfect for putting snacks into smaller sized containers



Curious which coupons will be coming out in tomorrow’s paper?  Check them out over HERE.  And remember, this offer will not be available at all Dollar Tree locations, but it’s definitely worth taking a minute to call and find out!

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  1. In Huntsville ???

  2. It’s about time! I know the ones in MS always had them for $1. Yay!

    • Someone left a comment on facebook that theirs didn’t include the inserts in the city they were in – be sure to check before you buy!

      I found them at the store by Target …

  3. Are we expecting coupons in tomorrows paper? I see you have already sighted the 7/3 P&G in the CVS Matchups.


  4. Problem is the inserts. It is hit or miss. And if you wait till 10:00 to get your paper, chances are that other places that carry them will be out. My suggestion is you go back on Sunday and see if they have the insert – but still get your other papers to be sure you don’t miss anything! That has happened to me.

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