Crazy Good Deal At CVS: Free Dove Men Care Deodorant, & Almost Free Body Wash!



Through June 30th at CVS, when you spend $15 on Dove Men Care Deodorant & Body Wash you'll get $5 in ECB.  (This happens to be both a June monthly deal and weekly deal at CVS right now.)  Dove Men Care Deodorant and Body Wash are priced at $3, even though the weekly ad has them listed at $5!



I purchased mine today and was surprised by the prices, so the (very sweet!) clerk figured it out and apparently the monthly sale overrides the weekly sale (because it is the better of the two prices). With that price, you can grab 5 Dove Men Care products for $15.  And, when you use the right coupons you'll get them all free!  Here are a few scenarios:


Buy 5 Dove Men Care Deodorants $3 each

  • Use (5) $2/1 Dove Men Care Products from 6/26 RP
  • Pay $5 out of pocket, get $5 ECB


Or, try this . . .

Buy 2 Dove Men Care Body Wash $3 each

Buy 3 Dove Men Care Deodorant $3 each

  • Use (1) B1G1 Free Dove Men Care from 6/26 RP
  • Use (3) $2/1 Dove Men Care Products from 6/26 RP
  • Pay $6 out of pocket, get $5 ECB


If you come up with any other great scenarios I'd love to hear them, and happy CVS'ing!


Note:  This is only valid through Thursday, and may vary by store.  It looks like this is the price that CVS's computers are set at, so I think it will work everywhere but as always, your mileage may vary!


New to shopping at CVS? Go HERE to get started.  Also, be sure to see how to get seven items (including 2 packs of Huggies!) for $8.37 at CVS this week.

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  1. I ran into this at CVS today too. I had bought one women’s body wash & two men’s and it didn’t print (because the men’s rang up cheaper). So I grabbed a deodorant and used a coupon, but it still didn’t print my ECB’s. Well it’s because the women’s body wash fell under the weekly deal while the men’s body wash & deodorant fell under the monthly deal. But the kind cashier went ahead and printed out the ECB’s for me since I had indeed bought $15 worth of items. So I ended up spending $4.25 and got back $5 ECB’s. Not sure this would work for everyone since my cashier had to force the ECB’s.

  2. I’ll have to go to cvs and see what I can do as way of a deal. I only got one rp insert so far and was planning my trip today before the shelf clears. LOL!

  3. Thanks… I will try this in the am

  4. I can’t find this coupon in my 6/26 Red Plum, was this Huntsville Times?

  5. i live in nevada… do we not get the same rp as you all?? my ss and rp do not ever match up with the deals.. what is going on??? HELP,,LOL..

  6. I went to CVS today and the lady at check out said it wouldn’t work because I needed my subtotal after coupons to be 15$. I disagreed but when she rang it up, it didn’t work. She said she was having problems with it all day.

    • I wonder if they changed their computers? I know it worked yesterday, but it’s possible that they decided not to continue to honor it. I’d love to hear if anyone else has found this (I had a friend who did it today though and I think that it worked for her . . . )

  7. So it appears I did not get the RP insert at all. I get 6 papers, and only got SS 6/26 in all of them. Even checked the excess papers in walmart, they all have SS but no RP. Could this be because I’m in North Huntsville?

    Thanks so much for what u do!

    • I’ve heard that North Hsv is not getting all the inserts lately – which is so frustrating! Be sure to look for them before you purchase, but I don’t think you’re the only one with that issue . . . just come on down to Madison to buy them (ha!) (It might be worth seeing if you have anyone close by who could grab them for you!)

      • I went up to the Times on Tuesday afternoon and they let me know that I could come on Monday mornings and buy the papers directly from them (specifically making sure that it is from a region where all of the inserts are present). They said I can do this every Monday if I like, others may be interested as well. I was able to get the coupons I needed and get my husband’s Dove products for next to nothing. After I use my $5 rewards towards the next purchase including the body wash he will get 10 bottles of body wash, 3 6-Packs of bar soap & 5 Sticks of HIS BRAND of deodorant for a little over $10! I love it! Thanks so much for all you do!

        • How wonderful Jen! Thanks so much for sharing – that’s a great idea (especially for those who live near the Hsv Times.) You did great! 🙂


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