Crazy Deal on Groupon & Brandless! (Have You Heard of This Yet?)

CRAZY Groupon Brandless Deal!


I'm just a wee bit excited about this!

My friend Jamie recently ordered her first box of food and household items from Brandless, and I was completely impressed. (In fact, I was hopping on Brandless this morning to make my first order because I was so curious about what they had ~ I mean really, EVERYthing for $3? It's almost like the Dollar Tree online!)

Well, as I was looking around I noticed that Groupon had (2) $20 Brandless Vouchers for $10 each, I decided to try it out and see what I could get.

In addition to that I got $6 OFF just for trying out Brandless (CLICK HERE to register and get your $6 OFF automatically!), AND free shipping for having an order over $39, which really whittled down my total!


 Because you can only use the Groupon vouchers one at a time, I had two orders that each looked like this:

If you'd like to try it out too, here's how to get started!


FIRST~ go HERE and sign up for Brandless to get your $6 off credit with your first $39 order (you MUST use this link to get $6 off your first purchase)


NEXT ~ go HERE and purchase your (2) $20 Brandless vouchers for $10 each through Groupon

  • Login to your Brandless account and use your Groupon voucher found in your Groupon account under “my Groupons”
  • Pay as little as $20 for $46 worth of groceries, including free shipping ~ that's like getting half price groceries (I just love that!)



Curious what to buy at Brandless? Here's just an idea of how their prices stack up! (And remember, the prices below are comparing their regular prices, when you add in your free $6 credit AND the Groupon deal you'll be saving even more!) 🙂


Blue Corn Tortilla Chips 8oz – 2/$3 – vs – Simply Balanced Blue Corn Tortilla Chips 12 oz $2.79

**18.75¢ vs 23.25¢ per ounce

Organic Peanut Butter 12oz – $3 – vs – Simply Balanced Organic Peanut Butter 16 oz $4.89

**25¢ vs 30.5¢ per ounce

Organic EVO 8.5oz – $3 – vs – Simply Balanced Organic EVO 16.9 oz $7.89

**35¢ vs 46¢ per ounce

Organic Olive Oil/Sea Salt Popcorn 4.6oz 2/$3 – vs – Simply Balanced Organic Sea Salt Popcorn 5.5 oz $2.70


Brandless carries items in just about every category – from organic pantry staples, to notebooks and pens, to bath tissue and beauty products.  I'd love to hear if you try out some of the other items on the site, and what you feel was a good deal.  (And what wasn't!)


After your first order, shipping runs $5 per order (no matter how much you have) or FREE on a $39 + purchase.  In addition to the great deals available – Brandless donates a meal to Feeding America when any order is placed. 🙂

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  1. I have placed 3 orders with brandless – everything has been goid. You need to watch sizes to compare prices, but they have been very comparable and often better than similar organic products. I like the toilet paper, granite cleaner, chef’s knife, lemon vinaigrette dressing, white cheddar shells and cheese. Really everything so far, but those have been standouts. The liquid soap smells great but is not a good value. Love having it cone right to my door!

  2. Nicole Laniel says

    The first link does not work

  3. I did not get the $6 coupon for signing up. I am disappointed! I clicked on your link, but no $6.00 coupon appeared.

  4. Tammy Marcotte says

    We’re double checking your referral code, hang tight.

    This is what is coming up when you click the link. Page never changes.

  5. I purchased the groupon but question about how you made check out transaction having 2 different vouchers and it only lets enter one voucher at a time and to get free shipping

  6. Misty Lipps says

    Oh my goodness! I got my first shipment! Amazing!! Will be ordering again!!
    I used the Groupon and the $6 link! 18 items for $23 shipped and a free coffee sample. All organic! Wow

  7. Faith Reed says

    So you pay $10.00 for the Groupon deal and then $23 shipped for the 16 items. That means it is $33 for the 16 items correct?

    • Nope. Total order starts out as $39, and $6 off makes it go down to $33. You pay $13 in real money, and $20 with Groupon voucher. So you only actually pay $13 + $10 cost of groupon = $23. This is a good deal, about 41% off. However, your second order (with the other groupon) will not be so great, because (I think) you only get the $6 off one time. So if you total $39 (to get free shipping), you pay $19 real money + $10 cost of groupon = $29 for $39 worth of stuff, which is 26% off. Overall you are getting $78 worth of stuff for $52 real money, about 1/3 off. That’s pretty good given their (fairly) low prices to start with.


    Do I have to go searching for all the items shown on the link or how do I get those into my cart quicker than looking up each?

  9. Andi Romano says

    I believe that’s right. I don’t see how it comes out to $1.50 per item when you include the price you paid for the Groupon. This is misleading, unless I’m missing something. If so, someone please explain.

    • It’s 1.50 per item when you use the groupon. The groupon is 50% off and the items cost 3.00, making each item you get when you purchase the groupon 1.50

      • Not really 1.50 for every item, because you can’t use the Groupon to pay for all of it, so all of it doesn’t get discounted 50%. You need to order $39 worth to get your $6 off and free shipping, so you end up paying $23 for your first order including cash plus cost of Groupon. And for your second order (to use the second Groupon) you end up paying $29 for your $39 order. It averages out to each $3 item costing you $2. (Sorry, I’m a math teacher!) hope this helps.

  10. Just ordered mine! AMAZING deal! Great opportunity. Thanks for sharing! =)

  11. linda susan Gunthner says

    just received 2 boxes both had smashed products and a big leaky mess. the phone number to contact the company doesnt work…no answers to my emails..I am very frustrated what a waste of time and money….glass smashed and no one is responding…..

    • Oh Linda – that’s awful! I’m sending you an email right now and see if we can reach out to our partner at Brandless to fix this – I’m so sorry! I’ve had great success and hate that you’ve had a bad experience 🙁

  12. Evan Williams says

    My first order they packed the maple syrup on top of the blue tortilla chips. I texted them and got a $3 credit. Also with the first order there were no dark chocolate chips in the dark chocolate and peanut butter bars, like 0 in any of them. I texted them again and got another $3 credit. My second order with the groupon got lost. They’re reshipping it right now, so we’ll see if I get it tomorrow. Other than these hiccups the products have been very tasty, useful. So far my family is addicted to the double chocolate thin cookies and I love my new chef’s knife.

    • I LOVE the chocolate cookies too Evan! 🙂 I hate that your tortilla tips came back crushed but am so glad they fixed them for you – thanks so much for the feedback!

  13. Just ordered some things, looking forward to them coming in. I’m always researching stuff so did a couple searches for “best Brandless item” and “Healthy Brandless items” and “best Brandless beauty items” and got some nice reviews.

  14. I absolutely LOVE the grapefruit face wash! It leaves my face so soft and you only need a tiny bit.

  15. Just received my 1st order and the 8″ porcelain ramen bowls are awesome and were packaged very good!! Everything was in great condition but the box was starting to come apart. They may want to see about stronger boxes. Placing my next order now and going to try the Groupon deal now

  16. Nichole Blakely says

    Says the Groupon is unavailable.

    • Hi Nichole! This post was from a few days ago, so it must have sold out ~ bummer! We’ll keep an eye out and try to post if we see it become available again ~ thanks for the heads up! 🙂

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