ANYONE Can Be a Penny Pincher!

Have you ever seen the perfect coupon mommy as you've stumbled your way through the grocery aisles?  You know the one I'm talking about – she's got her cute coupon binder opened to the exact coupons she needs (organized by store, aisle, shelf, and product, of course. . .) and she even has extra coupon back-up prepared just in case the clearance bin happens to change the moment she walks in the door.  I'm not sure who she is, in fact, someone reading this may even be her, but I live in awe of that girl.


Well, I'm here to tell you that if that's not you (and maybe you're  just a little more scatter-brained like me), you can still do this couponing thing!  If you saw me as I walked down the aisle you would never believe I actually knew what I was doing.  (Some days I wonder if the people at Publix are so nice to me just because they feel sorry for the crazy lady with the coupons stuck in her hair!)  I'm the mommy who clips her coupons just before a grocery run, wrestles a 3 year old into the Race Car cart (I HATE THOSE THINGS!!!), hurries to the bakery to grab a free cookie (for my 3 year old. . .not myself. . .well, usually. . .), and then starts to focus on the deals.
I pull out my crumpled stash of coupons (I've actually handed coupons to the cashier that have been soaked in day old sippy cup water), and start hunting down some bargains as quickly as I can (that cookie doesn't last long, you know?)  I can't even tell you the number of times I've been chased down by kindly Publix shoppers who've picked up my trail of coupons, and how many coupons I've had to tape together in the checkout late because my kiddos practiced their scissor skills while I shopped!
Even though I tend to be a little organizationally challenged, I still can usually find a few deals (imagine that!)  I think that once you've had three kids (maybe any kids . . .) those organizing brain cells are all but stomped to pieces, and it's really hard to keep it all together.  But I promise, you can do this!
So, over the next few days I'll share a few beginner coupon tidbits that might help any of you feeling a little overwhelmed by the process.  If you or a friend are contemplating taking on the coupon challenge, this will be a great time to start, and hopefully we'll all learn a few things along the way!
And maybe you'll turn into that really cute girl with the perfect binder, but don't get discouraged if you don't (it's okay!):  you'll probably still snag a few deals along the way!
Stop back tomorrow for beginning coupon information, and this would be a great time to invite a friend who's interested in pinching a few pennies to hang out at Passionate Penny Pincher with you!



New to couponing? Go HERE to get started. You can do this!


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  1. Cathy Newton says

    Thanks for all you do. My family has learned alot from sites like yours. You spend alot of time and put alot of effort into it. Thanks for caring about others.

  2. I am determined that I might become the organized one. Doubt it will happen, but we can at least try right? I guess my cute little box is giving me that jump start. Now to tackle the drawer full of coupons so that I can have them with me. I really feel like I am missing things because I do not have them with me. For instance missed the chance to do the ecoupon and paper coupon thing on tacos today because I did not have the paper one with me!

  3. The cookie never lasts long…Too bad! We need that time! 😉 Oh, and by the way…I am that girl with the coupon binder divided in sections. But, that’s what works for me and you’ve found what works for you!

    Thanks for all your hard work on this site. I love it! 🙂

    • I knew somebody out there would be that cute couponer! OHHHHHHH I’d love to be you! (I am working on changing my organization method – ’cause you all do look really cute . . .)

  4. That’s so funny! I actually started out as one of those with the organized binder; yet I find that just clipping them the night before actually works out better for me and having them all stuffed in an envelope. I”m like you: I run to the bakery first to get a free cookie for Staci! Then I quickly run down the aisles while she’s eating. ha! ha!

    Thanks again for all that you do! You’re awesome!

    • Okay Alice, since you’ve done it both ways I need your help! I’m really thinking about switching from my current method (you know, to file inserts away by date) to a MODIFIED clip and file method. (I’m thinking I’ll file high value coupons and ones I know I’ll use in a large accordion style file folder – it’s maybe 5×9, then continue to save old inserts for those oddball coupons – like the Bayer Contour Meter!) Anyways, have you totally switched over?

  5. I am recently trying to learn how to use coupons for grocery shopping and really don’t know where to start. I really want to learn to do this so I can save money that can go for other things like paying extra on house payments or past bills that built up when I was a full-time nursing student, full-time worker, and full-time single parant of 2. I was able to work, complete nursing school and raise kids so surely I can learn to couponing…So any help will be great..I also dont have alot of options for stores in this small town. Thanks

    • Hi Wendy Jo – it definitely is harder to coupon in a smaller town, so finding someone that does coupon matchups for your local grocery stores is huge! If you need help finding someone that does do matchups (if you don’t shop Publix or Kroger), send me an email or leave a comment with where you shop and I’ll see if I can point you in the right direction. Good luck, and YOU CAN DO THIS!!! 🙂

      email –

  6. My fiance just got laid off and as much as I shop at a discount place like Aldi’s I still want to learn how to cut back on the amount I spend in groceries. Today I’m starting my coupon adventure! I just want to say that I’m so happy you have posted these pages about how to get started because I don’t think I would be able to figure it out on my own. <3

    • You’ll do great Britt! If you have any questions leave a comment or send me an email – contact @ passionate penny (leave out spaces). Good luck!

  7. I started couponing about a year and a half ago. I was all gung-ho at first. Clipping every coupon and getting them into my binder (which actually is a photo album because I like the large slots for internet coupons). I didn’t want to take the chance on missing out on any deal! To be quite honest, to coupon that way can be very exhausting and time consuming. What I have done instead is only clip the coupons I know that I’m going to use and put those in my binder (which is now organized by aisle so I don’t miss those deals!) and the rest of the insert gets stapled together and filed by date in an accordion file so when you post some awesome deal I wouldn’t normally go for, I just whip out my accordion file and off I go! Thank you for all you do Laurie. You make saving me money easier!

  8. Julie James Isom says

    I love this page. Thank you.

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