Publix Coupon Matchups

In a hurry? Go HERE to print all the printable only coupons that match up with this week's Publix sales ad, all with direct links right to the coupons you need.

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  1. I have been looking for the past couple weeks at the frozen Birdseye vegetables to be $1.67 each and they just haven’t been! Or if they are the shelf isn’t marked at that price. The price I’m seeing at my Publix store (co.line rd- madison) is $2.59 each.
    Just curious if Birdseye actually will go on sale here before my coupons expire or is this primarily in Atlanta metro area?

  2. Where is the Publix Crest coupon at?

  3. Laurie, I am trying to come up with best scenario possible for a few Publix and manufacturer coupons I have, but not the best at knowing how to stack. In the beauty circular expiring today is a $5 off purchase schick razor and cartridges. There is also $3 off purchase schick razor. In SS circular from 2/23 there was $6 off schick cartridges and $4 off schick ra

    • Hi Jessica! Sorry to get back to you so late on this – I wanted to take a second to really look it over before replying and it’s been a busy morning! πŸ™‚

      Buy 1 Schick Razor $9.39
      Buy 1 Schick Refill $9.59
      Buy 1 Schick Hydro Silk (I’m guessing these are around $7)
      Use $5/2 Publix Razor and Refill coupon
      Use $3/1 Publix Hydro coupon
      Use $4/1 Schick Razor
      Use $6/1 Schick Cartridge
      Total $25.98 before coupons
      After coupons $7.98

      I (think) that will work – but I’m not sure that the prices are all accurate so you’ll have to see what they are in the store! Just keep in mind that the manufacturer coupons and Publix coupons are completely separate, so you can use one set of each of them. Hope that helps (at least a little!) πŸ™‚

  4. Tony NShannon Ventresca says

    You can get a $1/2 uncle ben's wild rice coupon on and score them for $.49 each!!

  5. For the stores which accept Target coupons: There is a 1$/2 International Delight and 1$/2 Edy’s Outshine frozen fruit bars that can be stacked with manufacturers coupons.

  6. Isn’t the Right Guard Deo stick coupon meant for a different product other than Sport?

  7. Is there a reason that we can’t create a shopping list from the Publix coupon matchup lists? There aren’t any boxes showing when I look at the lists to mark items for my shopping list. πŸ™

    • What browser are you using Kathy? It just worked for me in Google Chrome, but I definitely want to make sure there’s no other issues going on πŸ™

      • I use IE but not sure which version. I haven’t had any problems until the last couple of days. It works fine when I try it on computer at work, so I must have something weird going on with my laptop. πŸ™ I so depend on your website for creating my shopping lists and tell everyone that mentions wanting to coupon to go to your site. Ya’ll rock!!! Thanks!!

        • Maybe give it a few days but if it continues please let me know ~ I’d hate for it not to work for you! So glad the lists help (it definitely makes my life easier as a shopper too!)

        • I have also noticed that the Grocery ADV May 24-June13 is not showing anything even on the computer at work. πŸ™ Only see comments but no list of items.

  8. $2.00 off Purdue Frozen chicken product Target Coupon available this week in addition to the $2.00 off manf. coupon available. $1.81 money maker at publix (2.19 per package of shapes, strips or nuggets).

  9. my mistake on chicken coupon. there is a coupon for the 2.00 off, on the target coupons, but it is a manf. coupon, not a target one. but it allows u to print 2 from there and print 2 from sorry for thr mistake.

  10. can I use similac $5 checks with the $5 off 2 ready to feed? would that make it free or almost free?

    • I *think* the checks are just like regular checks so you should be able to use them Shannon? It’s been awhile since I’ve had babies and used those, but I think it would work. Never hurts to ask! πŸ™‚

  11. I can’t find the Cottonelle wipes coupon to save my life. Are you sure it was in the 1/3 SS? Tell me I’m not losing my mind lol




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