10 Best Car Games for Kids to Play

car games for kids to play


If you’re planning a big roadtrip with kids in tow, you’re probably wondering how to fill up all those miles with fun instead of complaining. 🙂   Here are 10 car games for kids to play that will help keep the peace AND help everyone have a good time!

We’ve made SO many long roadtrips and my sweet hubby really doesn’t like the kids to spend too much time with their eyes glued to screens, so it means we have to plan ahead and get creative.   These are some of my favorite ideas:

10 BEST Car Games for Kids to Play


1 .  Road Trip Bingo

This is one I remember doing as a kid – such a fun and simple game that lets the kids be competitive with each other, forces them to check out the scenery, and just about any age can join in!

You can print your own road trip bingo (along with a couple other games) here – or pick up these super cute ones that have little closing windows to help keep track of your finds. (I love these!!)



2 . I Spy

“I Spy” is a total classic car ride game – and getting the kids to guess what you’re thinking of helps keep everyone engaged together.

The first person starts the game by silently picking out an object with their eyes and then saying “I spy with my little eye, something that is …. (name the colors of that object)”

Everyone takes turns guessing the object until someone gets it right.  Best to let the kids know the object needs to be IN the car – or else you’ll pass it by before anyone can guess it.

Another game that’s very similar to this is Spot It! on the Road.  Might be worth a try – those reviews are awesome!!


3 .  Story Puzzles

Story puzzles are so easy to do with the whole family – and usually involve lots of giggling.  

The kids take turns putting a story together one puzzle piece at a time – changing it up as they go until it takes on a crazy fun life of its own.  One person starts the story (i.e. Once there was a boy names Jack who had a pet dinosaur….)

…and then they “pass” it on to the person to the left.  That person can then add anything they want to the story (i.e. …. a pet dinosaur named Princess Petunia!  Who ran away from home because….”)

These can go on as long as everyone is having fun!


5 . Mad Libs

Mad Libs are always fun to play in the car – and if you’re making up little goody bags for the trip, these can be a fun little extra surprise the kids find in their bag.

Another good idea for trip bags is a new pack of gel pens or some kind of fun art supplies.

6 . The Movie Game

One of my favorite car games for kids to play is the movie game (even though I’m kind of terrible at it!)  This game is great because it’s all about the movies YOUR family knows and loves (whether it’s The Little Mermaid or Napoleon Dynamite)

The first person starts the game by saying a quote from a movie (one that everyone should know).  Everyone shouts out what they believe the movie to be.  Whoever is right, will think of the next quote, and so on.

You can also play this game with the littler ones by saying a character from a movie, instead of a quote. (i.e. Ursula : The Little Mermaid)



7 . DIY LEGO Tray

This DIY Lego Tray table is just one of my favorite ideas ever – and it would be SO perfect for a road trip!  Bring  a ziploc baggy of LEGO’s along and let the kids spend hours letting their imaginations run away with them.


8 . Hangman

Hangman is another classic game that requires very little supplies – but can keep the kids busy forever!  

You can even print out this handy little hangman sheet and make your own game cards.



9 . The License Plate Game

Have the kids try to spot license plates from as many states as possible during the trip.  It keeps them looking out the window and checking out what’s around them.  You can even print out a nice license plate game printable over here!


10 . The Radio Game – or Name That Tune

Out of all these car games for kids to play – this one is probably the best suited for teens – and one mom and dad can have fun with too 🙂

Hit seek on the radio, and the first song it gets to stop it.  Whoever can name the song’s artist wins 1 point. Play to 10 points, or until it gets old!

For the littler guys do “Name That Tune” instead – simply take turns humming a tune and see who will be the first to guess it

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 8.22.13 AM

A couple more ideas to pass the time:

  • Kumon Books are amazing – and great ways to keep the little ones learning over the summertime.
  • Car DVD players are SO helpful with the little ones – even if you don’t use it alot, there is something to be said for 2 hours of peace and quiet 😉
  • Books on CD – like this FREE Audible Narration of Tom Sawyer – will give everyone some calm quiet time.

Do you have any favorite car games for kids to play on roadtrips?  I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear about them!!  (I can always use new ideas)


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