Best Frozen Turkey Prices (+ Thawing Tips!)

Wondering what's the best turkey price per pound?  We've got a cost breakdown by grocery store to help you score a cheap bird for Thanksgiving dinner!

Best Turkey Prices by Store

Looking for the Best Turkey Prices for Thanksgiving this year?

Don't pay full price when you're in a hurry – know what a GOOD price is so when you see it go on sale you'll be able to buy confidently.  The gift of getting a frozen turkey early is being able to store it until Thanksgiving gets closer.  One thing checked off the list!

To make life easy, here's a handy dandy list of the Best Turkey Prices (for frozen turkey) at various groceries nation wide, valid as of 10/17/19:

  • Albertson's 49¢ per pound (with $50 minimum store order)
  • Aldi 87¢ per pound (Butterball)
  • Bi-Lo 99¢ per pound (Butterball)
  • Food Lion 27¢ per pound (with $25 minimum store order)
  • Ingles 98¢ per pound (Butterball)
  • King Soopers 49¢ per pound (with $25 minimum store order)
  • Kroger 47¢ per pound (with $25 minimum store order)
  • Meijer 37¢ per pound
  • Publix 49¢ per pound
  • Schnucks 59¢ per pound ($25 minimum store order)
  • Target 79¢ per pound
  • Walmart 98¢ per pound (Butterball)
  • Wegman's 48¢ per pound (with miniumum $25 store order)
  • Winn Dixie 49¢ per pound (10 pounds and up)

And if you'd like to know when to thaw that frozen turkey out, here are a few tips on that too to bookmark for later!

How Long to Thaw a Frozen Turkey By Pound:

In refrigerator…
5-10 pounds: 2 days to thaw (start Monday – 11/25/19)
10-15 pounds: 3 days to thaw (start Sunday – 11/24/19)
15-20 pounds: 4 days to thaw (start Saturday – 11/23/19)
20-25 pounds: 5 days to thaw (start Friday – 11/22/19)
25-30 pounds: 6 days to thaw (start Thursday – 11/21/19)


*No time to thaw in fridge? Scrub down your sink and thaw for 30 minutes in cold water per pound of turkey, changing water every 30 minutes.


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Looking for more turkey tips this year? 


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  1. Claudia Mais says

    What’s the best price I should watch for for a Butterball turkey breast (second choice would be a Publix or Sam’s one). Thank you!!!

  2. Best price for me was Food Lion 29 cents/lb (turkeys over 10lbs) with $35 minimum order. I coupled that with the ongoing promo of 6 trips of $50 or more in the 6 week period for $20 off your whole order coupon. Got 2 turkeys and I’m only 1 trip from getting my coupon, just in time for TG!

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