25 Days To A More Organized You Day 10 {Guess What I Found?}

I'd hoped to get this up a little earlier tonight so you'd have time to tackle your freezer too, but I've got a little girl who's under the weather and it's been nuts around here! Hopefully you'll be inspired to get yours done this weekend too 😉

I'm so stinkin' excited about sharing today's post on what I did to make my home a little more organized, and am hoping you'll join me too! After entirely too long, I tackled cleaning out my freezer today, and you'll never believe what I found while I was in there. . . .


D. I. N. N. E. R.


(I know, I know . . .  so exciting, right??) 😉

I also found bananas (which freeze great for chocolate chip banana bread)


And lots of cheese that I didn't even know I had.

Not only did I find one dinner, I found a whole bunch of meals that have been just waiting to be cooked.  While I don't normally keep up with freezer cooking, I do stockpile basic freezer items when they're on sale, and if I make a big batch of something I pop the extras in the freezer. (However, I have a tendency to forget I've put them there.) Here's are the meals I came up with today after just 20 minutes of work:




Find a few minutes over the next few days and see if you can give your freezer a good clean out ~ you never know what you may find in your freezer too!


Here’s a sneak peek of this week’s upcoming challenges so you can get ahead for the week:

  • Day 11: the spice cabinet
  • Day 12: the pantry (part one)
  • Day 13: the pantry (part two)



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  1. This is great and just what I need! Thanks for the post I will be doing this this weekend. My freezers are horrid disasters.. :/

  2. Christina Susswein says

    I like the freezer clean up, my question is what/where did you find the bins. Are they plastic? My chest freezer is my big problem. I can keep track of whats in it (dry erase board) but I cannot find anything without moving every thing which is no fun! Thanks for all you do, Christina

  3. Ruth James says

    I don’t have an extra freezer but I do have 2 ‘fridges and I adore the lower drawer freezer because it is to easy to access. I freeze alot of tiny things for baking (like lemon or lime juices and the zests and herbs) that got “lost” or fell through the basket. I save gallon milk jugs to systemize these things….four for on the top right side of the upper drawer and they are high enough to really pack alot into.

    • Thanks for sharing Ruth! We’re actually getting a new refrigerator when we move and I’m looking for one that has the lower freezer door ~ good to know you like yours!

  4. my freezer is probably the most organized place in my apartment..lol I was going to do it the other day and kept all I found and it went right back where it came from….fridge also….NOW my extra bedroom….???? hummmm

  5. I use my extra bedroom a little but I have to have someone stay with my at times so I keep it "ok" .

  6. Can I have the list of things you organized/are organizing

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