10 Easy Ways To Save On Christmas Decorating

10 easy ways to save on Christmas decorating

Can you believe it's nearly time to start decorating for Christmas? My husband refuses to let me go full out until after Thanksgiving, but I'm already planning ideas to start working on. Here are a few easy ways to save on Christmas decorations that are worth trying out . . .

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1. Shop Goodwill or your local thrift store.

You never know what you'll find at Goodwill or your local thrift store, and you can often find items for your home that either are in perfect condition or that you can update with some spray paint. They also sometimes have trees that people donate as well as greenery, so watch for those because you just might find a deal.

Last Spring I found this pinecone wreath from Crate & Barrel still in the box at Goodwill. You just never know what treasure you may find when you're there!


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2. Don't miss the Dollar Tree.

Goodness knows I love the Dollar Tree for Christmas shopping. They have so many cute ornaments, and in the last few years I've found fun Christmas signs, placemats and more. Be sure to swing by and see what they have before paying full price at another store.


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3. Trade in your old lights.

I shared this a few weeks ago on PPP, but if you have worn out lights you can trade them in at Home Depot to get up to $5 back. This offer just ended for 2015 yesterday (sorry guys!), but keep it in mind if you find worn out lights as you dig through your Christmas boxes this year!



4. Use fresh greenery from your yard.

I. love. this. 

If you have any evergreen bushes anywhere in your yard, you can easily use them to decorate your home during the holidays. A few of my favorite bushes to use include nandina (I love their berries!), holly bushes, arborvitae, magnolia and box wood.

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5. Take advantage of free printables.

There are a ton of super cute free printables Christmas banners on Pinterest, and you can easily add them to a frame for just the cost of your printer ink. Go HERE to see dozens of great ideas.


6. Do it yourself.

If you can make it yourself, doYou can easily make burlap garland for a fraction of the cost you'll pay at a crafting store, and so many cute ideas are out there on Pinterest to make homemade decor without spending a fortune.


That being said, you can easily spend a bundle on homemade DIY projects too, so be sure to include that in your Christmas budget.

7. Shop after Christmas.

You can save a bundle if you're willing to wait until after Christmas to stock up on Christmas decor. Every year my husband watches for Christmas lights to go on sale 90% off at Walmart and Lowe's, and spends next to nothing.


I've purchased Christmas trees on December 26th, as well as garlands, ornaments, and just about everything, than boxed it up for the next year.


8. Ask for a deal.

Especially when shopping for fresh Christmas trees, local suppliers will often give you a discount if you just ask. My husband has always haggled a bit when we've gotten our trees, and if you wait until just before Christmas to put a fresh tree up you can save even more.


9. Pull out those vintage items.

We have a small set of Mr. & Mrs. Claus mugs from my grandmother, and honestly if all I had at Christmas was those and a small tree I think I'd be plenty happy. Look for those special items in your boxes and forego tons of bling this year.



10. Keep it simple.

Do not ruin your finances to decorate for Christmas. Instead keep things really simple, add some fresh greenery, and make the spirit of Christmas in your home by listening to Christmas music, baking up a yummy treat, and remembering what the season is all about.


While I love Christmas, I don't want my home to feel so taken over by the season that I can't enjoy it, so simplicity is huge for me. Remember that the Christmas season really isn't about a bajillion decorations all over our homes, but rather the Spirit that lives in our homes each day.


What other tips do you have for decorating for Christmas on a budget? I'd love to hear ~ leave a comment to share!

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  1. Hi I would love to share the 4 Christmas candles I made for $12. But not sure how to send it to you. I’m on the mailing list but not sure if I email you on that if it will get back to you or not. Please let me know

  2. Tammy Chavis says

    Where can I purchase the red buckets

  3. I found some old frames in my basement. I saved my favorite Christmas cards from years past and framed them! Free and beautiful Christmas decor.

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