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  1. Robyn Hernandez says:

    ok so Im new to the couponing and when I try to print it says it printed but nothing is printing through my printer??? HELP PLEASE

    • Barb Parham says:

      I had the same problem. I was using Foxfire (Mozilla). I went to Internet Explorer and opened up the web page and clicked on the coupons I wanted and they did print. Try using a different search engine. I found that I have to use IE if I want to print coupons from any of the sites.

  2. same thing here

  3. i love magic eraser

  4. Are these coupons able to be used in Canada?

  5. Heather Underwood says:

    I think I am missing something doing this couponing thing. Can you explain how I make money?

  6. Joni barth says:

    I selected all of my coupons and hit print and then it said it was printing but nothing printed from my printer ? Help!


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