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These 6 Team-Loved Slow Cookers “Crock”!

It's no secret that I own WAY to many slow cookers – but I do have some favorites that I pull out more often than the rest….

6 of The BEST Slow Cookers

Looking for a new slow cooker to help you through the yummy comfort-food months of Fall and Winter?   Let me help you pick one that's just perfect for you!   (I LOVE a good slow cooker recipe – in fact I'll be starting up Crocktober soon and I would love for you to join me!)

My favorite slow cookers . . .

1 .  Crock-Pot 6-Q Programmable Cook and Carry Oval Slow Cooker

This is the one I use most days and I LOVE it!   

This is a great basic Crockpot – if you're going to pick one crockpot to start out with, this is the one. It's programmable, turns to low after you've set your timer, and cooks really consistently like a traditional crockpot. I've been so pleased with it!  Here's a pic of PPP Team Member Cheree using hers to cook up a ton of chicken all at once!


2 . Ninja Slow Cooker

If you're ready to step up from a basic crock to one that also allows you to saute, slow cook, and even bake in it, the Ninja is fantastic.  bI have the original Ninja 4-in-1 and so does Shannon, while Jamie has the newer model with extra Auto-iQ settings.  We all LOVE this slow cooker and it's extra features!  Note: It does cook a little hot (so not a perfect choice if you work away from home all day.)

Amazon currently has the Ninja Cooking System with Auto-iQ on sale for under $68 for the Renewed model – which is an awesome deal considering they're down from $112!

3 . Crockpot Casserole

I love this one for baking recipes that cook better when evenly spaced over a wider area – and finishing up by crisping in the oven.

Those are my top 3 “must have” crockpots (if you have space for them ~ yikes!) but here are a few more models that are loved by the PPP Team!


4 . Crock-Pot Round Slowcooker 4.5 Qt  – Under $24

The perfect size for a small family – big enough for regular meals but small enough to take up less space!  PPP Team Member Staci bought this slow cooker recently now that her college kids are out of the house.  Now that she's cooking for just her and hubby she needed a smaller crock pot (food cooks better/more accurately when the crock pot is more full).

5 . Crock-Pot 6 Qt Cooker & Carry Slow Cooker – Under $24

This is an extremely practical slow cooker that is inexpensive and big enough for most any recipe you can imagine.  Plus it's portability means you'll be ready to go to potlucks without worrying about spills.  PPP Team Member Jamie has this one to take food to youth group events!

6 . Pioneer Woman Hamilton Beach Slow CookerONLY $15! 

(Or get it here on Amazon)

For this price you are getting a great deal!  PPP Team Member Amber has this lovely slow cooker – she says: I have the flea market flora 6 qt and it does really well. I had a Hamilton beach before this one and like this one a lot better, especially that the lid has little clamps on the side – I've not traveled with it but that would be nice to know it's secure. 🙂

A few other kitchen items I love:


Long Handle Wooden Measuring Spoons by utensi ~ use the code PPPSPOON at checkout to get the best price on these while they last!

Progressive ProKeeper 6-Piece Set


KitchenAid 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 7.38.23 AM

Also, I love this Cuisinart Advantage 12-Piece Knife Set ~ we just bought it over the summer and for under $16 they're the best knives I've ever used. 


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