Kohl’s Mystery Coupon – 40% OFF Code?!

Check your Kohl's Mystery Coupon code in your inbox to see if you got 40% OFF!  This is a HUGE savings for those of us who don't have a kohl's card!

Kohl's Mystery Coupon Code – 40% OFF!?

If you’re a Kohl’s shopper, don’t miss this! Check your inbox right now for a *possible* coupon code sent via email valid for up to 40% OFFvalid through 11/17 ONLY.  (If you don’t get Kohl’s Emails – sign up here!)

*HINT: If you're looking for it, it should be titled “the clock is ticking: how much will you save❓”

Kohl's 40% OFF Code – BEST Deals To Try

Here are a couple deals you can use your mystery coupon code on to get an even BETTER deal than is stated in the post:


GO HERE to see all the awesome deals in their Kohl’s sale using these coupons ~ so many fun savings today only! 

More Kohl's Coupons 

If you got a Kohl's mystery coupon that was less than exciting (say 20%) – there are some other Kohl's coupons available to use online right now instead! (Like the Kohl's 30 OFF Code for Cardholders!)

PLUS – you'll earn Kohl's Cash at the same time 🙂  (You earn $10 in Kohl's Cash for every purchase of $48 and above)


  • HARVEST30 – 30% OFF Total Order for Kohl's Cardholders Only
  • YOUSAVE – 15% OFF Total Order or 20% OFF $100+ Order (for ANYONE)
  • SEPMVCFREE – FREE Shipping for Kohl's Cardholders Only
  • FALLSTYLE10 – $10 off $50 Women's Apparel
  • MENSTYLE10 – $10 off $50 Men's Apparel


Love shopping Kohl's? Be sure to check out these 14 secrets you need to know before you shop, and don't miss the rest of the crazy deals at Kohl's going on right now.


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  1. Kristy Oliver says

    Anyone have a 40% they are not using?

  2. Anyone have a 40% coupon code?

  3. I’ve never seen a 40% off coupon. Have you?

  4. Anybody not using their 40% code? Pls email to straylight121@yahoo.com

  5. anyone not using their 40% coupon please email me tjperez81 at cox dot net

  6. If anyone has a extra 40% off coupon code they are not using, I would love to be able to put it to use. We are trying to get Christmas shopping started and on one salary, it’s very hard to manage. My email is kellyb210@gmail.com if you are willing to help us out. Thank you very much!

  7. If anyone has a 40% off coupon and is not going to use it please email me at oanes.ashley16 at gmail.com!
    My daughter had surgery and is in need of full body pajamas to keep her from pulling off cords! Thanks in advance!

  8. looking for a 40% code perlatellez@gmail.com thanks !!

  9. 40 off coupon?

  10. If anyone has a 40% they won’t be using I’d greatly appreciate it! Looking to buy some items for our baby that’s due soon 🙂

  11. Melanie Wilson says

    anyone have the 40% off coupon they aren’t using? please mail to me!! melaniewilson.biz@gmail.com

  12. Does anyone have 40%. Would appreciate it. Need to get new snow boots for my little one.

  13. Does anyone have an extra 40% off code. Son’s 18th birthday is Monday.

  14. Also looking for a 40% off code if anyone has one and isn’t using it. Thank you.

  15. Does anyone have an extra 40% off they are not using? It would be greatly appreciated!!! Please email me the code, danielle.landes16@icloud.com

    • Hi, Danielle
      I didn’t find 40% Off coupons. I have Dealhack coupon code of FFAMILY25 which give 25% off on your cart value. You might want to check it.

  16. anyone have a 40% they are not using 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  17. Tina Marie Jordan says

    Oh please can someone email me the code?

  18. If anyone has a 40% off coupon code they are not using please email to noble5252@yahoo.com. It will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  19. If anyone has a 40% off coupon code they are not using please email to noble5252@yahoo.com. It will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  20. Looking for a 40% off coupon. Thanks so much. ndfan19@gmail.com

  21. Michael Bennett says

    Looking for new 40% code please email me

  22. Looking for 40 off kohls coupon. Please email me if you have one you’re not using.
    Merry Christmas!

  23. Donna L Pollard says

    Looking for a 40% off code. Please send me to me if you are not using.
    donnapollard24@gmail.com. Thanks so much

  24. 9VYB4HJUMARTP 30% off

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    Thank you in advance!!!

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  27. Chelsea,
    Thanks for sharing your 30% code. Would anyone like to share their 40% code? We all could use a little help in the finances department and 40% off would go a long way to helping our Christmas. Thanks in advance!
    By the way, everyone’s 40% code is the same. All we need is one person to share!!!

  28. If anyone has a 40% coupon please email me the code, I got a 30% and wanna save some more … my email is xixemoxix@gmail.com trying to get some Christmas shopping outta the way. Thank you (:

  29. Please share 40% off coupon if you will not be using it. I would greatly appreciate it and it would help as i need to buy Christmas gifts for kids in need. Thank you.

  30. 40% Off Codes

    30% Off Codes

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  31. Ashley marie Bowman says

    thank you!!!!

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    Thank you in advance, it is much appreciated! Happy Holidays!

  36. Anyone have a 40% coupon they could post? I could really use it to save $ for my family. Thanks so much!

  37. If anyone has a 40% off code still available, I would greatly appreciate it! Please send to noble5252@yahoo.com. It is much appreciated. Happy Holidays!

  38. If anyone still has an unused 40% off mystery code it would be much appreciated. Please email to noble5252@yahoo.com

    Thanks in advance, Happy Holidays!

  39. Amanda Wells says

    I need a 40% off please blksabr@yahoo.com

  40. If anyone has a 40% off coupon code they are not using please email to noble5252@yahoo.com. It will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  41. Janet Reynolds says

    Does anyone have a code for the 40% off at Kohls? Thanks so much.

  42. Does anyone have a 40% coupon that their not using? I so, please send it to me sdilda@windstream.net. Thanks in advance

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  48. Meli McIntosh says

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  50. If anyone has a 40% off coupon code they are not using, please send to me at noble5252@yahoo.com. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

  51. Kristen Tillman says

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  52. Abdulrehman Valiulla says

    anyone 40% code, please share on email abdulvaliulla@gmail.com

  53. please mail me 40% coupon if you are not using ramugus@gmail.com

  54. hi! I think I prepaid for the planner and am wondering if it has been sent or how it will be sent? can i check somehow?

    • Hi Mary! You should get an email confirmation when your planner is shipped! If you don’t get confirmation within the next few weeks, send us an email to shop@passionatepennypincher.com, and we can check on your order status! 🙂 We’re excited for you to get it!!

  55. Anyone have a kohl 40% today they are not using?! Thank you

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