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  1. Neil hamilton says

    I am unable to download your coupon printer soft ware.

    • Library?

      • maxine MacKichan says

        How can you just get the coupons u want. last time it printed all coupons and went on and on ran out of ink. When I clip on one I want it clipps them all

        • There is a block you need to check – It says print all. you need to select it as if you want to print all coupons. then select it again to remove the check. Then you can go through the coupons and click on the ones you want to print.

        • Sue Jones says

          Click on the highlighted blue line that reads Clipped and it will unclip that coupon

        • The fast way is to click “clip all” and then click it again to remove the check mark and it will UNCLIP all.

        • Hit the button that says print all until it goes back to being able to select what to print.

  2. Janissa Miller says

    I LOVE THIS!!!

  3. WOW–everything already clipped for me??!!?!?! Fantastic idea, thanks for making it so much easier…like y’all don’t do enough for us already!!!

  4. Angela Gigi Weiss says

    Yes, why won't this ever work for me, tried everything…

  5. I have installed the printer from the pop up and it is in my list of programs. Why does the pop up for the printer continue to pop up for me to instal the printer. I need these coupons NOW! I see I am not the only onewith this issue and I do not see where you have bothered to respond to previous comments. I will bw calling you today.

  6. Not working on my MAC I grid everything also

    • Lisa Haughton says

      I print from my macbook and it has always worked for me. I know that doesn’t help you much :-/ You might try saving to a thumb drive and then printing at the library (mine charges 5 cents/page or family/friend’s) I saved one week to my desktop but never got them printed before they expired. You might be able to get more printings that way also???

  7. Joyce McDonough says

    I have printed from here many times, but tonight I went through 40+ pages TWICE and they don't print. What gives?

    • I have no idea! I printed mine tonight without any issues – I wonder if it’s worth trying a different browser? (I’m so sorry Joyce!)

      • I needed 3 coupons for the soft soap however it only let’s me print 2. How did you set it up to get the requested amount? Anyone know?

        • 2 per person is legal limit. if you use more than that, you can legitimately get arrested for fraud.

          • If you have a different device you can get more prints. For example, if you print front your phone you will get 2 prints. Then if you have a laptop you can get 2 more prints. Then if you have an IPAD you can get 2 more prints. I hope I explained that for you. That is not illegal because you are using a different device with a different IP address.

  8. Julie Kathleen says

    Silly thing won't print for me either….went thru 43 pages 3 times. Gotta love technology 🙂

  9. wont print no matter what I do

  10. I had to switch to Internet Explorer to be able to print.

  11. Everyone i click on your page to print won't let me. Has been doing it for like a week know

  12. Rhonda Franda says

    I was told by my computer gal never to install coupon deals, they are spam! Love coupons, but nothing is without downloading. Anybody know of a free coupons?

    • I’ve been using for years (probably at least 8 years), and never had any issues with spam because of it (they work really hard to keep it off of that site!) That being said, you still have to watch for legitimate coupon sites – the main ones I use ones and trust are, and (there are others, but most of your printable coupons will be on those.)

      If you really don’t feel like you want to download those though (I understand!) you’ll need to rely on your Sunday paper for coupons. Hope that helps! 🙂

  13. I finally got mine to print but there is no bar code. What gives?

  14. Mine printed just fine on the first try. No problems.

  15. How can I email them to my email? I'm using my phone can't print from here lol

  16. Donna Lopez says

    They have no bar codes

  17. Good lord that was a headache. Printer software would not print regardless of troubleshooting. I was finally able to print the coupon here:

  18. This says not able to be combined with any other offers. Does that mean you can’t use the $0.80 off 4 coupon?

    • I think it should be fine – but in case you’re worried you could skip the $.80 off to be on the safe side! Typically there’s no issue with it though, so I don’t think you need to worry over that one – hope that helps!

  19. where are they …..I tried twice 🙁

  20. where are they …..I tried twice 🙁

  21. Jeannette smothers says

    Can’t find where to get Smithville coupons!

  22. I don’t understand why people are having a difficult time printing the coupons. I hit print and mine print.

  23. Will not install for me! Try and try again.

  24. jacki watkins says

    it sends me a code….when I enter the code it say it is invalid…tried like 10 times, and it sends the same number and I get the same message

    • Jacki it sent me a code and I was able to get it to work right away – I’m so sorry it’s doing that! Maybe try doing it in a different browser (like if you’re in safari, try opening in chrome?)

  25. My computer has a pop up this is a malicious website so it blocks it and wont allow me to get on the

  26. I have printed so many times before … what gives? change my settings? didn’t need to before…… ggrrrrrr!

  27. How do I apply th $20 coupon to the food saver offered at Target? My husband just told me today he wants one Christmas and then this great deal popped up. I want to take advantage of this short deal before it goes away. Where and what code do I use at check ou for the coupon? Thanks in advance for your help!

    • To get the coupon you’ll need to print it and pick the Foodsaver up in store – if I were you I’d go ahead and order online then take coupon in and show it to customer service (to be sure they have it.) I *think* they should honor the coupon without any issues then, but if they don’t you can definitely just find it in store and use the coupon when checking out. Hope that helps! 🙂

  28. Lori Cockerham says

    Thank you Laurie and to your staff for all you do! The break downs by store/coupons etc is awesome! You all put a lot of time into all the deals you share, the links, coupon matches, etc. and I greatly appreciate it.

  29. I no longer get Facebook videos or emails. it’s been months. Don’t know what the problem is.

  30. was hoping to print some of the coupons but I have to put in a telephone #!!! was curious why didn’t use to have to…………….I don’t like that

  31. was hoping to print some of the coupons but I have to put in a telephone #!!! was curious why didn’t use to have to…………….

  32. I have been trying to print and nothing. What am I doing wrong?

  33. Do you have a code I can use so you can get the credit for ibotta . I know that there are other sites that have codes, but I like you channel and would perfer to sign up with your code.

  34. Please email coupons with barcode.

  35. Anita Scott says

    So, this is the second week only a few of my coupons printed! Last week only one coupon printed, this week only 4 printed. HELP!

  36. The coupons did not print.

  37. Brittany parrish says

    I cant figure out how to print the coupons, it wont let me.

  38. Nancy Saller says

    I am unable to print coupons from my iPad. What is the possibility of that?

  39. Told me they where printing on printer & nothing. This is a great idea but I can’t print them now.

  40. Yahaira Almanzar says

    Can someone tell me where to get inexpensive ink for printer. I’m out of ink and the can be expensive

  41. It will not print for me. It says it printed but my Printer is completely untouched . How can I fix this?

  42. Elizabeth says

    Coupons won’t print

  43. Lanita Fontno says

    Thank for posting, I wish I could meet someone who knows how to do couponing, from Kent Wa

  44. Is there a way to get the coupon without the text code. I just had to turn off phone service to save money, but still would like to print my coupons. Any way to get around it.

  45. Would love to get the coupons but do not want to give my cell number. My friend did this and now gets tons of junk calls on her cell. Isn’t email address enough?

  46. Can you print the coupons twice? How do I do this?

  47. Michelle says

    I wish there was a way to clip,save and use all from your phone…

  48. Leann Lehmann says

    went through 46 pages of coupons to clip twice and it still won’t let me print.

  49. Why is this not working for me, it won’t download

  50. Why can I not print the preclipped coupons

  51. frustrated, no mater what I try the coupons will not print. Ive used my computers , multiple email addresses, and cell phone it sends them to print but nothing prints. Im able to send other things to print off the same device but this program will not work on any of my devices. what gives?

  52. My coupons dust print but it says that did

  53. For some reason, these won’t scan at my local Walmart. Is there something special I need to do? I usually use the self check out since I hate waiting in the one line that is open. Thanks for any assistance.

  54. Every time I try to print it keeps telling me the coupons are at my printer but they are not I have checked every aspect of any type of technical error and everything is working fine. Also it tells me I’ve reached my limit; how can I reach my limit when I haven’t printed anything?

  55. My Walmart says they no longer accept these coupons. As per the cashiers at both retailers in my city.

  56. This does Not work. EVER!! I have tried several times and it has never worked!! Just a scam.

  57. My coupons say they have printed but they haven’t. How can I fix this problem?

  58. Linda Buchanan says

    I am NEVER able to print from this site. I tried on my other device and had to get a code texted to me and still that didn’t work. I just tried again and it says LIMIT REACHED. I give up. I am thinking of unsubscribing from PPP because I can never print the coupons she lists. Very frustrating.

  59. Tried printing. No go, wants me to verify phone number tried that won’t verify. Says contact support tried that they don’t reply. Said would take up to 48 hours for reply been that. So how can I get them to print or get support to help with issue?????????

  60. I’ve tried Serveral times, tried different browsers Nothing works!!
    This is always happening to me. Tired trying GRT these coupons from ppp. Time sign off and find another coupon site works.

  61. It’s no wonder anchor is going under Christ

  62. Liz Kuhns Boyle says

    Not a single Starbucks coffee coupon like the link said.

  63. OK I give up, the very first time I try to print coupons from this site, I cant!!! I tried from my phone and couldn’t connect to my wireless printer, so i re-selected and had them sent to my email to print and got nothing but blank pages! No when I try to go back in again to print I get error messages and all the items I want to print say limit reached! 45 minutes later no coupons, I am beyond frustrated!!!! Its such a shame, I love to watch these ladies go live with all their bargins and love the printable coupon feature to try to save a buck, IF it would work! HELP

    • Hi Shawna! From your desktop I would start on this page (not have them emailed to you), and try a different browser to print in if it doesn’t work for you – I have the most success in google chrome printing coupons normally. Once you get it to work it gets easier (hang in there)!

  64. unable to print coupons that were sent to my email. shows was emailed to me but when press print it show no printables are available. please help

  65. I do lots of printing since we homeschool and love my HP instant ink printer! It has saved me so much money on ink and I never have to worry about running out.

  66. Sally B Johnson says

    Have tried repeatedly to print the coupons and get error message saying “Something Went Wrong” with a link to either try again or click a link and report error 343. Clicking the link goes to a page that says “Page Not Found”. Have tried numerous times.

    • Hi Sally! Can you try printing in a different browser? That may help (like if you’re using Safari, try printing from google Chrome – that’s where they usually work best for me!)

  67. Karen Brannon says

    Why can’t you just offer digital coupons?Easier for everyone and saved trees!

  68. Can you use these at any store ? Also do you have to print them ? Or is there a way to store them & pull them up when your ready to use them ?

    • Hi Christie! Most chain grocery stores and drug stores accept printable coupons! (You can always ask your local store if you’re unsure!). Sadly you can’t use them from your phone, so you will need to print them out! (You can also find coupons in your Sunday newspaper inserts!). Hope that helps! 🙂

  69. Never got my coupons to print and it said I reached the limit what’s up with that

  70. Coupons will NOT print. Tried TWICE! says “Filter failed??”

  71. Thank you!

  72. Nancy Saller says

    For some reason the coupons won’t print on my iPad. I tried before and couldn’t do it nor can I do it this time.

  73. It stated that they printed but they did not. How can I reprint them as it looks like I do not have that option??


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