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Over the last few years our family has committed to donate more frequently to our church's food pantry.  In the spring of 2009 our church gave out $100 in cash to 100 members of the church as Kingdom Assignments, asking us to “grow it” for God's kingdom.  Well, when my husband came home with the $100, I almost strangled him (I could see work in my future!)  I then changed my attitude :-), and we prayed about what to do.  After lots of ideas, couponing that $100 was what we knew worked best for us, because it was something we already knew how to do, and we were pretty impressed with the results.


My husband and kids helped clip a few coupons (and we printed coupons on every printer we could find!), and after six weeks we ended up with almost $700 worth of groceries for $100.  (We based the price on Walmart pricing, because it just seemed unfair to use Publix full prices as a real price, even though that's where I did almost all of the couponing!  I think I estimated the cereal at around $2.50, and spaghetti sauce around $1, etc.)  The day the kids and I stuffed our car full of those bargains (and made LOTS of loads into church!), we were so excited!

Since then, we've chosen to spend $3-$5 of our weekly grocery budget on items to donate, and while it isn't much, it's something small we can do.   I try to think of different places to donate odd items – medicine goes on mission trips, food and toiletries head to our church's food pantry, cleaners are taken to my daughter's preschool program, and we even have a local group home that will take frozen or refrigerated food when there are bargains on those items.


Each week on Passionate Penny Pincher we'll highlight great donation deals at your favorite stores.  I'd love for you to check them out, and join me in sharing a few fabulous finds with someone in need!





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