*HOT* Kohl’s Towels As Low As $2.73 Per Towel + More Deals!



Update: I had a comment from a reader who ordered these the last time they offered a great sale, but she wasn’t happy with the quality so you may want to consider that! Another reader paid a little bit more for the Apt 9 Towels and was pleased with those -  buy 9 and your total should be around $53 + earn Kohl’s cash ~ makes them $4.77 per towel. Thanks to everyone who let me know!


Here’s an incredible deal on bath towels at Kohl’s! I’ve been looking for a decent sale on these for ages, so I’m pretty excited to see this one:

Place 15 Big One Towels in your cart $4.00 each (or mix and match towels, wash cloths and hand towels) or 9 Apt 9 Towels

  • Use code BAND at checkout to save 15%, or MARCHING at checkout to save 20% if you spend $100
  • Pay $51 + tax at checkout, get $10 Kohl’s cash
  • Makes towels just $2.73 per towel!


Or, try this out . . .
  • Use code MARCHING at checkout
  • Pay $85.69 for everything, get $10 Kohl’s cash
  • Makes it $75.69 after coupons and Kohl’s cash



Don’t miss the great deals on Little Tikes and a Kitchenaid Mixer as well!


Find more top retail deals.

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Free Downy Infusions at Target!


Check out this moneymaker on Downy Infusions!  When you buy Downy Infusions at Target,  you can get TopCashBack’s $5 cash back offer!

Here’s how to get this deal:

  • Visit Target through TopCashback
  • Purchase Downy Infusions 41 oz. sale priced at $3.99 and choose to pick up in store (Do not add anything else to your cart)
  • Within seven days $5 cash back will have posted in your TopCashback account

This is available to new and existing TopCashBack customers! Go HERE to get started.

Love a bargain? Find more free stuff HERE.

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Slowing Down When Life Goes Racing By

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 8.22.49 AM



My friend Deb shared this sweet video yesterday on Facebook, and it reminded me of this post I wrote when PPP first started years ago, about my favorite book from this same author. I’ve been a little weepy this week as my oldest has started high school (no one can ever prepare you for how life all of a sudden starts just RACING by ~ my days with my kids at home are so fleeting!) So, I thought I’d share it again today for any of you missed it from way back in 2010.  Remember I tend to ramble a little long . . .


When my oldest child was a baby, I read lots of wonderful parenting books. I studied thoroughly how many times a day Jackson would need to eat, how often he should sleep, when he should potty, what to do if he didn’t potty, how many hours of belly time he required each day, and exactly how many minutes I should let him cry before rushing to comfort him. (Remember those days? Maybe you’re still there!) We slowly added more babies to our family, and they ate all the time, never slept, pooped whenever they wanted to, were tossed to their bellies by well-meaning siblings, and cried – A LOT – hopeful they might get comforted.


Well, of all the great books I read back then (and they really were helpful, at the time anyways!), one of my favorites was a book titled Mitten Strings for God by Katrina Kenison. Instead of writing about how to raise the perfect child (really how to raise the perfect momma . . .) she reminds readers to slow down and enjoy this precious time with their little ones. In one of my favorite chapters she writes about making meal times sacred, and adding meaning to our hurried moments spent around the dinner table.


In the years since reading those books our family and mealtimes have changed. The nights spent bouncing a colicky baby through dinner while stuffing veggies into a close-mouthed preschooler have passed, and we’ve moved on to evenings where we stuff dinner down before rushing out the door to yet another activity or settling down to homework. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for the opportunities my children have to play sports, enjoy friends, and learn new talents. But a tiny part of my heart aches for those nights patiently bouncing up and down (I remember thinking at least I got my leg work out in each night!)


Throughout the years, my kids have craved this same thing. They still beg for a few moments of uninterrupted attention (I think even my big-old-almost-ten-year-old wouldn’t mind bouncing with me, although we’d have to jump side by side!) One of the things Katrina mentions in her book is adding value to mealtimes by lighting a candle, turning on quiet music, using special plates, and beginning dinner with a simple Grace. While we don’t do it often enough, occasionally we take time for these things. All three of my children love little more than setting a special table (they grab every odd colored candle they can find), and sharing with us about their day. I’d love to tell you that we say some fabulous prayer each night, but to be honest all we say is the traditional “God is Great . . . .”, maybe with a short addendum if something special happened that day. (We were out with family the other night and my son pointed out that we missed Grace; already it matters to him!)


What I’m realizing all too quickly is that these simple moments are fleeting. These days of candlelit meals (not the least bit romantic but awfully cute) won’t last nearly as long as I’d like them to. Today Jackson will be thrilled to play maitre d’ to his baby sisters and the girls will be tickled to don their princess tiaras to the dinner table. Like I said, we don’t take moments for sacred meals very often, but I have to make them a priority. Because those colicky babies have begun to grow up, and I hope one day they’ll share fairy tale dinners with their own families.




(Remember that it doesn’t have to be anywhere near perfect to be beautiful? Here’s proof.) ;) 

Do you have special routines in your family that make mealtimes sacred? For our family, it seems the more we value our mealtime, the easier it becomes to skip a night out and stay tucked in our own home. Tonight we’ll be staying in and I’ll let them light every pink, green and blue candle they can find (it sounds sweet, but the uncoordinated colors are very difficult for me!) I can’t make this last forever though, can I? So for tonight, kiddos, the candles are yours to choose.


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Dollar Tree Savings: Fall Decor, $1 Ribbon, Floral Supplies, School Project Boards & More + A Fun After School Treat



I made a quick run to Home Goods and the Dollar Tree this morning, and goodness a trip out to the Dollar Tree always brightens my day! ;) (I know, I know ~ so silly but seeing what the Dollar Tree has for next to nothing is just fun.) ;)



I decided to treat my kids with a special after school surprise for surviving their first week of school in a whole new state ~ they’ve done great, but we have had a few tears and some tough late nights as we’re all adjusting. Since they all love Nerds, I figured they were a fun little splurge to brighten up this rainy afternoon here in Ohio. ;)

Here’s a peek at a few more of my favorite Dollar Tree finds . . .


Super cute ribbon all just $1


Some fun pumpkins for fall . . .



$1 helium balloons


coupon organizers


 3-pack snack boxes just $1



 cupcake or cake carriers both just $1 (love that!)




$1 clothing storage bags (if you’re the parent of a kid in band, you know these come in handy if they’re traveling ~ last year I spent $10 on one!)20140821-111614-40574931.jpg

$1 foil pans – perfect if you’re taking a meal to someone


$1 stones for floral vases




Birthday & school supplies . . .


And my all time favorite, school project boards for just $1 (compared to $7-$10 at your local office supply store.) LOVE THAT!


Have you found any fun deals at the Dollar Tree lately? I’d love to hear about it ~ leave a comment to share, and don’t miss all the Dollar Tree deals going on this week over HERE!

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Coupons for Troops: Don’t Throw Away Expired Coupons!

Need to clean out your coupon binder? If you have expired coupons to throw away, consider sending them overseas to the troops, where they can use them for up to 6 months past their expiration date! To learn more and get started, head on over HERE.


(And, if you’ve been able to donate coupons to the troops before, I’d love to hear about it!)

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Enough is enough.

You know that ridiculously full feeling you get when something just tastes so good so you decide to eat *entirely* too much of it?

When you know better, even maybe think you’d better just slow down and stop, but eat just one more bite because it’s way too good to miss?


Sometimes that happens to our finances too.


After our move we decided to skip a family vacation for the summer as we knew we’d have plenty of expenses come our way. I also wanted the freedom to enjoy splurging on dinners out at different restaurants, treating our kids to ice cream on summer afternoons, and a little extra wiggle room to just not stress over our finances for a bit.


And it’s been fun.  But I am full. 


Stuffed to be honest.


I’m ready to reign things in, tighten up our boots, and stop letting money slide away just because there’s extra wiggle room.


Anybody with me?


My hubby and I have been penny pinchers for a long time, and I don’t think we’ve ever in our married lives splurged without worry as much as we have the last few months. (And what we call splurges are far from what many other folks might consider a splurge ~  we just haven’t paid as much attention to our spending and that’s been so nice!)


I can’t even begin to tell you what peace comes with being able to splurge because we’ve pinched pennies for years.


But we’ve definitely spent some time learning the value of a dollar, and watching it just burn on things that (while fun!) weren’t really necessary is just about past being enjoyable here for us.


So, we’re getting back on track, and determining which items we really want to splurge on rather than just burning through money with no real plan in place. We have some big goals in mind, and I’d rather save $50 towards something I really want than blow $50 on eating an extra dinner out.


(Are you there too?)


So, here goes. Let me know if you’d like to join me, print out our free printable budget spreadsheet, and determine TODAY to really grab control of your finances if it’s time for you to get it together too.


What an exciting adventure we have ahead of us! ;)


In case you’re wondering what this really looks like for us, here’s a peek and some tips that will help you too:

  • We set a budget every two weeks for groceries, eating out, and miscellaneous expenses. We’re determined to start sticking to it again, and I’ve already shopped this week for what we need – menu planning helps so much with that!
  • As our finances and expenses have fluctuated quite a bit in the midst of move, our written monthly budget needed to be tweaked. My husband spent a few hours this weekend getting that straightened out. (Read more on that over HERE.)
  • We had a long talk with our kids about why we choose to have a budget, how that impacts our choices when going out to eat or picking food out at the grocery store, and what things we’re able to do because we live within our budget both for our own family and for others.  As they’re getting older, helping them understand that there is a finite amount of money for our family rather than just saying “no” when they ask for something extra seems to have helped them understand how family finances work.
  • We’ve determined to stick to our budget. Some days many days sticking to a budget isn’t fun, however years of choosing to spend money carefully has proven that it. is. worth it. If you’re struggling with saying no to something extra that you really can’t afford, I encourage you to do your very best this week to really consider your own wants vs. needs. Set up a plan, decide to really follow it, and keep your eyes on the goal rather than settling for the second best you want right now. 
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App That Makes Penny Pinching Easy


To sign up to get this free Favado app, start HERE.  Signing up through this link helps make Favado possible for you ~ thanks so much guys! I’ve been using it along with our 10 Minute Target, Kroger and Publix Printable Lists and it takes me less than 15 minutes to get ready for a trip to the store using coupons!

If you haven’t started using Favado yet, you may want to try it out!  This National grocery app (including the grocery lists that we’ve been sharing here on PPP), is now available for Apple & Android phones.  So, whether you shop Publix, Target, Kroger, Food Lion Giant, CVS, Walgreens or Hy-vee (or dozens of other stores), all the coupon matchups you need will be available at the tip of your fingers. And, when you create your list, you can easily email it to yourself with the coupon matchups, so that you can print those coupons when you get home!



Here are a few things to get you started:

You can select which stores you shop most frequently and find the sales at your favorite store.

Add items to your mobile shopping list.

Email yourself the coupons that you’ll want to print before you shop & even share your list with friends. 

Cross things off while you’re shopping (love that!)

And even find extra ways to save while you’re shopping.


Here’s how to sign up and get yours:

  1. First, you must go HERE to sign up and create your account.
  2. Then watch for your confirmation email (it should come within a minute or two.)
  3. Once you’ve created your account, you can download the app in you phone’s app store. 


Let me know if it helps, and as a favor to me, please sign up through this link before downloading it to your phone (I know it’s an extra step, but I do appreciate the help so much!) 

Love a bargain? Find more free stuff HERE.

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Fun Finds at Hobby Lobby . . .


There are some pretty fun deals going on this week at Hobby Lobby!  They have all framed art, medal decor, wood decor, frames, glass decor 50% off. So many cute ways to save! Remember that so many of the items at Hobby Lobby go on sale every few weeks, so if what you’re hoping to buy isn’t on sale this week, odds are pretty good they will be in the next few weeks (and you can also use this 40% off printable coupon.)

















Let us know if you’ve found a great deal at any of the craft stores his week!

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Not Quite Perfect (But Still Really Good.)

(My littlest might just be the picture of not quite perfect but still really, really good!)


I absolutely love reading The Nester.  In fact, her tagline (and now the title of her book) “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful” rings over and over in my head oh-so-often when I’m fluffing up my home.


It reminds me while I’m adding a few knick knacks to my kids’ rooms that just fluffed a bit and not-even-close-to-perfect is okay.


It encourages me while hanging wallpaper (eek!) that if there’s a teeny-tiny flaw somewhere along the way, it’s really not the end of the world.


And it allows grace, knowing that even if my home doesn’t look like Martha Stewart just stopped by  to decorate (or goodness gracious, the Nester herself . . .), the home that my family comes home to each day is really just fine.


And guess what else? It’s a reminder that our lives are exactly the same way.


Last night, after a long day of putting kids on buses, missing them (a tiny bit?), mourning a little over missing my traditional back-to-school breakfast with good friends (not quite worth a drive to Alabama . . . ), hating that there was no one to knock on my door for a 5AM run, and just feeling a little more lost in this new home of ours, my running buddy texted to check in on the day. I was whining (so much more than I deserve to!), when she sent this text (I hope it’s okay to share Carrie!)





She hit the nail on the head, didn’t she?


My home doesn’t have to be perfect. But it’s good.


My kids don’t have to be perfect. But they’re good.


My situation for today is not just perfect. But it’s good.


And really, my life won’t likely ever be perfect.


But it’s (really, really, really) good.



I went to bed last night thinking about how God’s grace showers me so much more than this crazy-mess-of-a-momma every could have imagined.  Right now things aren’t perfect, but my life is so much better than I ever deserved.


If you’re struggling along and feeling like nothing’s just quite right in your own life ~ know that nothing really ever is just quite right.


(Well, maybe it is . . . I just haven’t seen it yet?) 


Beyond the facades we see of cute folks on the outside, hide a bunch of other folks feeling not-so-perfect too. But that doesn’t mean that a single one of us ~ nor a single one of our lives ~ isn’t  good.


Be encouraged that your not-quite-perfect home, not-quite-perfect kids, and maybe even that not-quite-perfect husband (ahem?), is probably pretty darn good. Cling tight to the good in your life right now today in the midst of where you’re at.  I’m holding on to my not-quite-perfect too. ;)


I’d love for you to comment and share your thoughts too ~ I love hearing from you!






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Back to School: Time To Start 5 Minute Challenges Again?

Wheeewwwwww. (Did you hear me audibly sigh across the computer screen? I figured you did.) ;)


My kids headed off to school this morning, everyone *seemed* ready to go, and my  house is quiet for the first time ever in this new home of ours.  My sweet husband called and wanted to meet me for lunch (we haven’t done that since he moved here last November), so even though I really should be deal hunting all day I’m going to take him up on a date. ;)



In the meantime though, I thought I’d let you know that it’s high time we start back a few five minute challenges (have y’all missed them? I can’t believe I let them go for so long!) Today it’s time to thoroughly clean those kitchen countertops. So, hop off the computer, set your timer for just five minutes, and really (thoroughly) wipe down your kitchen counter tops. Get some hot soapy water, move everything (even the stuff that you never ever move), and do a thorough scrubbing.



All done? (I told you it would be easy!) I finished mine up this morning and it made my whole kitchen feel so much better, and there’s even bread dough thawing for my Caroline’s favorite breakfast-for-dinner with almost homemade cinnamon rolls. (The kids each pick their favorite meal one night of the week ~ Jackson’s hoping for broccoli cheese casserole and steak, Reagan wants McDonald’s.) ;)


If you’ve got five minutes today scrub those counters and check that off your list, and if you’re at work today, try taking a few minutes to finish it up when you get home tonight. Watch for more deals on their way in just a bit!

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