How Do You Manage Chores For Your Child?

This morning I walked in the door from my morning jog at exactly 6:03 am, and found my two daughters dressed (one even showered?), and both girls’ beds all made up. Then my 11-year-old looked at her sister and said “next we need to do the trash.”




I wasn’t quite sure what had spurred such early morning enthusiasm until I saw Caroline with her cute list (above) and a pen. She found the list online yesterday and created the chore chart for she and her sister (she was smart enough not to make one for her big brother – I’m pretty sure he would have thrown her list out the window . . . quite possibly along with her.) ;) Apparently today she was ready to get started.

Yup, I’m patting myself on the back because somewhere along the way I must have done something right as a momma to inspire such awesomeness, right? ;)


The truth is though, I’m horrible about keeping up a list of chores for my kids. I do expect them to unload the dishes (Jackson unloads the top drawer, Caroline unloads the bottom drawer, and Reagan does the silverware), and while I would love to say they make their beds daily, most days it just doesn’t happen. They do help with putting away laundry (some), setting and clearing dishes from the tables, and any other extra jobs that I ask them to do, but we really don’t have a fantastic chore routine set in place.


So, I’m curious – do you have a great routine that works for your family? I’m hoping Caroline will continue as drill sergeant for a few more days at our house, but know in all reality that might not happen. With summer coming, I’d like to have at least a small schedule in place, so I’d love to hear any tips on this one!


And, I would love to know if you pay your children an allowance as wellWe do (kind of) still do a “quarter jar allowance” for our kids, but I’ve even gotten bad about that. Please help me out on this one by sharing your tips with me!


And just in case Caroline’s organization inspired you too, here are a few free printable chore charts that may help you out: 


25 Time Saving Computer Tips Day 23: Easily Close Windows and Tabs

Here are a few more easy time saving tips when you’re online! To be honest I’ve just about run out of ideas, so if you have any more I’d sure love for you to share them. ;) These are two that are pretty simple though, and I use them all the time:

On Windows

  • Ctrl + F4 – Closes the current tab you’re in
  • Alt + F4 – Closes the current program you’re in


On Mac

  • Command + W – Closes the current window you’re in
  • Command + Q – Closes all your windows


Try them out and let me know what you think – and please share your tips if you have them too!


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Laurie’s Target Trip + Extra Deals: Inexpensive Axe, Dove, Trident, Produce and More!

After not shopping all that often using coupons the last few weeks, Target has me thrilled about their deals! Here’s what I scored this morning at Target for just a little over $3. . .

Bought 1 Axe $3.89 (my son will be so excited – I never buy that stuff!)Bought 1 Trident Gum $1.99Bought 1 Palmolive $2.37Bought 2 Suave Shampoos $2.89

  • Used $1/1 Trident Gum when you text SPRING or THANKS to 827438
  • Used $1.25/1 Palmolive when you text SPRING to 827438
  • Used (2) $1.50/1 Suave Shampoos (could also use $1.50/1 Suave Shampoos)
  • Used $.50/1 Palmolive
  • Paid $8.28 out of pocket, got $5 Target gift card – like getting it all for $3.28 after coupons and gift card!

Be sure to see how I saved 77% on my grocery trip earlier this week also before you shop, and don’t miss these big savings on games and groceries this week.  Here are a few more deals to watch for. . .


Buy 3 Tresemme $4.99

  • Use (2)  $2/1 Tresemme coupons from the 3/23 Red Plum insert
  • Pay $8.97 out of pocket, get $5 gift card
  • Makes them $1.32 each after coupons and gift card



Buy 3 St. Ives $3.99



Buy 3 Axe Deodorants $3.89

  • Use (3) $1/1 Axe Deodorant coupons from the 3/23 Red Plum insert
  • Pay $8.67 out of pocket, get $5 gift card
  • $1.22 each after coupons and gift card


Dove Deodorant $4.89

  • Use (3) $2/1 Dove coupons or $2/1 or $1/1 Dove coupons from the 3/23 Red Plum insert
  • Use (3) $/1 Dove coupons from the 4/6 Red Plum insert (Target coupons)
  • Pay $5.67 out of pocket, get $5 Target gift card (if you’re lucky enough to have that many coupons!)
  • $.22 each after coupons and gift card!



Dove Body Wash $5.49

  • Use (3) $2/1 Dove coupons from the 3/23 Red Plum insert
  • Pay $10.47 out of pocket, get $5 Target gift card
  • $1.82 after coupons and gift card



Palmolive $2.37

  • Use $.50/1 Palmolive
  • Stack with $1.25/1 Palmolive when you text SPRING to 827438
  • $.62 after coupon



Driscoll’s Strawberries $2.49


Green Giant Potatoes $2.99 

  • Use $1/1 produce coupon when you text SPRING or THANKS to 827438
  • $1.99 after coupon



Market Pantry String Cheese $2.04

  • Use $.75/1 Market Pantry String Cheese when you text SPRING to 827438
  • $1.29 after coupon



Market Pantry Eggs $1.79

  • Use $.55/2 Dozen Eggs
  • Stack with $.50/1 Market Pantry Eggs when you text SPRING to 827438
  • Also use $.50/1 Market Pantry Eggs when you text THANKS to 827438
  • $1.01 after coupons


Trident Gum 3 pack $1.99

  • Use $1/1 Trident when you text SPRING or THANKS to 827438
  • $.99 or $.33 per pack


M&Ms $2.89



Market Pantry Cranberry Juice $1.72



Coffee Mate Creamer $1.99

  • Use $1.25/2 Coffee Mate Creamer coupon from the 2/9 Smart Source insert
  • Stack with $1/2 Coffee Mate Target Store coupon
  • $,86 after coupon



Memory Game $5.89 on sale Buy One Get One 50% off

  • Use (2) $2/1 Memory coupons
  • $4.83 for two or $2.41 each
  • See LOTS more game savings over HERE – board games start at $1.74 each!
See LOTS more Target deals this week over HERE before you shop!




25 TIme Saving Computer Tips Day 22: Use Google As Your Calculator

Ready for another new computer trick to make your life just a little easier? Here’s just a fun little trick that you may not know, and is a great way to quickly do math without pulling up your calculator while using the internet!



If you need to do some math quickly, just type your equation into Google, and it will automatically pull up your sum. Try it out and let me know what you think – and save time pulling out a calculator when you’re in a hurry!


*(Note that you do need to put spaces in between your numbers for the Google calculator to work.)

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Spring Cleaning Scrub: Clean Your Air Return

Are you doing any Spring cleaning in your home right now? I’ve been a little off my game this year while we’re getting ready to move (in just six weeks – eek!) But, my friend Staci was willing to share of the few projects she’s tackling this month, and I figured you all could join her!


This week one of her projects was to tackle her air conditioning vent (bleck!) and I had done the exact same thing last week in our home. My favorite trick (I think ever?) was to use the same method I used on our fridge, and dump those vents in the bathtub to get them easily cleaned out. (Seriously, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that trick years ago!)


Here’s a peek at Staci’s before and after pictures . . .










When is the last time you cleaned out the dust lurking around your air vents? If you have a few minutes today, tackle this job and you’ll feel so much better to get rid of that extra dust. and grime lurking in there. Let us know if you have any other tips on easy ways to Spring Clean, and if you have any projects you’d like to see tackled here on PPP, share those too and Staci just might take them on for you! ;)

Laurie’s Target Trip: Spent $17.46 For $71 In Groceries & Games At Target


Before you shop, be sure to read through this list of Target extra grocery deals and this complete list of great savings on games. Happy Target shopping!


I’m so stinkin’ excited about my fun Target trip yesterday! Because we’ve been so busy preparing for our upcoming move and just racing around with three kids, I haven’t had a whole lot of time to do any major coupon shopping. (I have shopped a lot at Aldi and gotten a few deals here and there, but nothing all that exciting.)


So, when I scored big yesterday at Target I was tickled to come home with a few of the deals that I share here! Here’s what I bought . . .


Trip #1

Bought 3 Suave Shampoo, Conditioner, or other Suave Styling Products $2.89 ($5 Target gift card when you buy 3)

Bought 1 Market Pantry Vinegar $ 1.42

Bought 3 Market Pantry Pasta Sauce $1.14

Market Pantry Pasta $.78

Market Pantry Canned Veggies $.70

Paid $8.95 out of pocket, got $5 Target gift card




Transaction #2

Bought 1 Funny or Die $14.99 (I thought this one was $9.99 and didn’t notice the price ’til this morning ~ not sure I would have bought it at that price)

Bought 1 Jenga Tetris $9.99

Bought 1 Elefun $12.99

Bought 1 Operation Doc McStuffins $11.99

All on sale Buy One Get One 50% Off



The best part? Here’s what’s heading to our donation bin this week. I’m thrilled to have a few items that I can easily donate after all those savings!



See all the deals at Target this week and if you’re new to using coupons at Target, read this before you go. 

25 Time Saving Computer Tips: Go Back And Forth On Pages Easily

Here’s a super easy computer tip that you may or may not know, but was new to me! My friend Shannon’s husband sent over a few tricks, and I love this one.


If you’re on a page and don’t want to have to click the back button, just click Alt + Left Arrow to go to the last page, or Alt + Right Arrow to go to forward to the page you’ve been at.  This doesn’t work on a Mac (at least I couldn’t get it to), however you can swipe one finger across your trackpad (or mouse) to easily go back and forth there as well.


What’s the trick?

Alt + Left Arrow    - goes to the last page you were at

Alt + Right Arrow    - goes forward to the next page


When should you use it?

Anytime you need to go back or forth across pages you’ve already visited, just try out these buttons so you don’t have to use a mouse! Especially on a laptop this can save a bunch of time, and once you get the hang of it, the shortcut will come naturally for you.

Was this one that you already knew about? Try it out a few times and let me know if it works for you –  and share any other tips that you have in the comment section so I can share those too!


Looking for more time saving tricks?  Here are the ones we’ve already worked on . . .



Free App Friday

Through 10pm tonight, get $280 worth of fun and educational apps for your iPhone or iPad that you and your kiddos won’t want to miss! There are 44 Free Apps today to choose from, so head over HERE to get yours.


Don’t have an iPhone? Check out today’s list of 10 free Apps for Android phones as well.

Thanks, Smart Apps for Kids! Love a bargain? Find more free stuff HERE.


Why Coupons Work (& What Products Do You Just Love?)

I posted this a few years ago (yup, with a selfie of me using my very first Swiffer Duster), but it’s such a good reminder of why coupons work not only for us but also for companies! This morning I used some of the Tide Oxi Clean I’d gotten last week at Target and it worked so well on a comforter that needed a little TLC – that coupon deal got me hooked. ;) I’d love to hear what you think!


Every once in a while, a well-meaning friend or cashier questions my ethics when I get an item for free using coupons. While I completely understand what they’re asking, I also think they may misunderstand exactly why manufacturers put those coupons & freebies out there.


You see, companies like Colgate, Proctor & Gamble, and General Mills are nice, but they don’t just want to give away their products for free (and my guess is they know exactly how many “free” things they’re giving away with those coupons!) Instead, they’re using a brilliant marketing scheme that works pretty effectively. They’re trusting that if they create a fantastic product, market it to us *penny-pinched* mommas, and we love it, we might actually come back for more.


Guess what? It works! A few weeks ago I received a free sample of Swiffer Dusters that I requested during one of their Facebook giveaways. My four-year-old was so excited when she saw the box in the mail that she opened it within three minutes of the  freebie making it through the door, and of course we (immediately!) had to try it out. Do you know what? That product is amazing! I love it!!! In fact, the very next week I went out and bought replacement Swiffer Dusters without a coupon (I accidentally left it the coupon in the car and it was raining outside. . . ), and I will probably use Swiffer dusters in my home forever. So, that little Facebook freebie made a believer out of me.


Now, my goal obviously is to buy those items in the future when they’re on sale and I also have a coupon. But, if they hadn’t sent me that freebie, there’s absolutely no way in the world that I would have tried them out. (Trust me, I’ve been a fan of my free rags for years.) However, since Proctor & Gamble was willing to let me try them out for free, they’ve pretty much guaranteed that I will always purchase them.  They created a fantastic product, marketed it to a mom who daily fights dust bunnies, and sure enough,. . . I’ll be going back for more.

Seriously – you should try them when dusting your window blinds . . . simply amazing!

Here are a few other items that I really would rather not live without after trying them out for free (or at least really inexpensively . . .)

  • Theraflu Daytime or Multi-Symptom (These were free at CVS on Black Friday – my husband will never go without this stuff again because it’s been a miracle drug when he’s had a cold!)
  • Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese (I have a crazy-fast-growing-11-year-old boy.  Enough said.)
  • Clorox Cleaning Wipes (They make my Motivated Moms bathroom & kitchen sink cleaning a breeze each morning!)
  • Schick Intuition Razors (I shared this summer what happened when I purchased cheap razors at Wal-mart after getting used to the good stuff . . . goodness I love nice razors these days!)
  • and, of course . .  . any Swiffer products!

Are there any items that you’ve tried out using coupons that you probably wouldn’t have tried had you not gotten a deal on them?  Please leave a comment to share . . . because I’d love to try them out too! :)


And by the way, I caught my hubby cleaning the ceiling molding in our kitchen with that Swiffer duster the other day after watching me show him how well they work.  Any product that gets him up & cleaning is my kind of product!



25 Time Saving Computer Tips: Quickly Search Online

Looking for another way to save time online? Tonight is one of my favorite little tricks, and it may help you too!


Rather than using your mouse all the time to search, let your keyboard do the work for you. To easily search for something, here are the tricks I use:


  1. Use Ctrl + L to place your mouse in the browser bar (or Command + L on Mac computers)
  2. Begin typing whatever you’re searching for (in most browsers, you can automatically just type what you’re looking for in the browser bar without having to use Google or another search engine), then hit enter
  3. Once you’re on your search engine (mine automatically uses Google), you can click the “tab” button to go right to the first item on your page, rather than having to use your mouse to get there
  4. Tab down to the item you want (mine is usually at the top of the search), and skip having to mouse around! ;)


Stop back by tomorrow night when I’ll have another tip for  you, and if you have any other great time saving computer tips to share, leave a note in the comments section so I can include them!



Looking for more time saving tricks?  Here are the ones we’ve already worked on . . .



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