Purse Organizer Insert Just $3.20, Shipped (Excellent Reviews)

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 10.26.19 AM

Here’s such a good deal on this cosmetic or purse organizer from Amazon! Get this Nylon Insert Cosmetic Purse Organizer for just $3.20 including shipping from Amazon right now ~ with great reviews.  Here are a few product features:


  • Easily move and rotate the entire contents of your bag
  • Multiple pockets to classify your personal stuff
  • Keep your mobile, keys, purse, make-up and other essential items organised and within easy reach
  • Material: Nylon
  • Size: approx 11.2″ x 6.7″ x 3.3″ (28.5cm x 17cm x 8.5cm)
 Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 10.27.44 AM
These come in so handy if you change your purse frequently, and I’ve heard so many people comment on how much they’ve liked them. There are dozens of colors to choose from as well (prices vary some) ~ head on over HERE to check them out!
Note: these do ship from overseas, so shipping time will vary based on which organizer you order.

Remember that pricing on Amazon is subject to change at any time.


This post contains affiliate links.  See my disclosure policy to learn more.

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90% Off At Hobby Lobby & Fun Monogram Deals!


My daughter and I made a super quick run through Hobby Lobby last night, and noticed they had 90% off Christmas clearance (with quite a bit still left!) IMG_0008.JPG

The best deal I saw was on the mesh ribbon – right next to it in the Valentine’s aisle they were selling the same red mesh for just 20% off, so snagging some of this to use to make a Valentine’s Mesh Wreath might be fun. :)


(See tons of Valentine’s Mesh Wreath ideas over here.)

But my favorite find were these huge monograms marked 60% off . . .


I snagged that big ole’ “h” for just $12.70 and hung it in our mudroom. Love!


Have you found any other great deals lately at the craft stores? Leave a comment and let me know what you’ve found!


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How To Remove Rust Stains From Stainless Steel (& Freshen Your Sink Too!)


How to remove rust stains from stainless steel (and freshen your sink too!)


I’m super excited to share this quick fun tip that works great if you have a rust stain in your kitchen sink, and to clean your garbage disposal while you’re at it! This weekend I left an old baking pan in our sink to soak, and it left a nasty rust stain on the stainless steel that needed some TLC.


Since I had an extra lemon in my fridge (and always have baking soda in the pantry), it was super easy to clean off. I just poured a little baking soda on the stain,


cut the lemon in half, squeezed out a bit of lemon juice, and then used them lemon to do a quick scrubbing.


In under a minute the stain was gone!



Since my garbage disposal can always use a thorough-de-stinking, I cut the lemon into quarters,


added some ice,

And let the disposal churn it all around a bit. (Note, your disposal will sound awful while this mixture is running through, but the ice will sharpen the blades and the lemon will make the disposal smell fresh!)


I did a super quick cleanout of the sink using olive oil (I’ve always used it to shine my stainless kitchen sink)



And the sink’s all freshened up, as good as new. Love that!




Do you have any other tips for cleaning stainless steel? I’d love to hear them - leave a comment to share!




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Pantry Clean Out: Is Your Pantry Working For You?


pantryNow that it’s a new year, my kids are (finally!) all in school, and we have a full week ahead of us, I’m super excited to really get back on board with menu planning.


(So far since Christmas our kids have had two snow days and two two-hour delays. I love my kiddos, but as a work-at-home momma I love them a little bit more after they’ve had a nice full day of school!) ;)


While we were home over the weekend, my (wise) eleven-year-old challenged me to tackle clearing out our pantry, and even offered to help. While I’ve cleaned it out before a time or two, it was in severe need of an overhaul again, so we spent Saturday night organizing and re-working the way our pantry worked for us.


It dawned on me that I’ve been keeping household cleaners in our pantry because in our previous homes that’s been our only storage area, however in our new house we actually have an almost barren linen closet in our bathroom. (I haven’t known what to put there!) Clearly it makes more sense for our extra cleaning supplies and toiletries to stay there, which freed up quite a bit of space in our pantry.


(Isn’t it funny that you fall into the same habits in a new space without really thinking about how the rooms in your home can serve you best? It seriously never occurred to me to put those items anywhere else because in our last few homes we’ve had a large pantry storage but hardly any storage in the rest of the house. Clearly it’s worth taking a few minutes to evaluate whether your storage needs are working for you in the space you have!)


Okie dokie – here’s a peek at the before and after pics (be prepared – yikes!)



My biggest goal was get most everything up and off the floor, so I’m thrilled that moving the cleaning items upstairs allowed room for that. I also was able to make some space for a bin that holds all of the pantry staples we’ll need for this week’s menu plan, so I won’t need to spend time hunting through the shelves to make dinner in a snap.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 12.41.09 PM

But the best part? Cleaning out your pantry is almost like taking inventory in a grocery store – now I know what I have and can work on menu planning based on what’s already there. This is one of my all time favorite ways to penny pinch, and makes life just so much easier!


In hopes of keeping it this way for a week or two (ahem), I gave my entire family a tour of our newly cleaned out pantry, letting them know exactly where everything goes. Hopefully (?) they’ll help me keep it that way. ;) I still used our Dollar Tree bins to help corral things a bit, but now our pantry is working much more efficiently for our family. Success!




Don’t forget that you can check out this week’s menu and print your free shopping list too over HEREIf you’ve been struggling to tackle cleaning out that pantry I encourage you to set aside a few hours this week to get started ~ I promise it’ll feel so good once it’s done (and help you pinch those pennies too!) ;)

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Shannon’s CVS Trip: Stock Up Price On Paper Towels and Special K



Here’s what I grabbed at CVS this week! I’m so excited to stock up on Special K and paper towels (it’s the little things in life, right?) ;)

Transaction #1

Bought 3 Sparkle Paper Towels $5
Bought 3 Bayer Aspirin $2.99

  • Used (3) $.45/1 Sparkle coupons from the 1/4 Red Plum insert
  • Used $10/3 coupon from the 1/4 SmartSource insert
  • Used $11 ECBs from last week
  • Paid $2.05 out of pocket, Got $5 ECBs

Transaction #2

Bought 3 Special K $2.34

After my loss in ECBs I paid $11.86 for all 9 items which makes the Sparkle about $.49 per roll and definitely a stock up price . Love it!

See all the top deals at CVS this week.

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Free Nursing Cover From Udder Covers

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 11.49.33 AM

If you’re nursing or attending a baby shower soon, order a free premium nursing cover from Udder Covers (regularly priced at $32.50), when you use the code ENBABY at checkout! Shipping will cost around $10, and you can check out several different options to choose from before ordering.


Several readers have commented that they’ve tried these and been very pleased with them, so if you’ve been looking for a nursing cover this is a great price.  Leave a comment if you’ve used tried them out ~ I’d love to hear what you think!


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15 Minute Mudroom & Closet Cleanout



We woke up to some beautiful snow this morning here in Ohio, which means I’ve got three rowdy kids + 1 noisy dog who’ve been up making messes since 6:15 this morning! They’re so excited to see the snow (it really is beautiful), but I realized our mudroom was in sore need of organizing all their winter stuff.


Even though we’ve lived further North than Alabama before (if you can call Kentucky North?), I’ve never lived where it snows with kids these ages, and goodness I’ve got a lot to learn! But this morning when I looked at how inefficiently our mudroom was working for us, I knew a few minutes of organizing would help so much.


I literally spent less than 15 minutes tidying things up, and decided to use the space that I had nearest our back door more efficiently. I’d been storing things in that mudroom closet that weren’t used all that often, so I decided to move things around a bit and make the room just more useful for what we need it for in the winter.


Here are the before and after pics (yikes!)

Main mudroom area before . . .



And after (whew!)


Mudroom closet top shelf before . . .


(it had a bunch of reusable bags as well as our sandcastle toys – clearly we don’t need those out right now in the middle of winter!)


And after . . .

It dawned on me that my kids constantly need towels to dry off their wet slow stuff as they come in the door, so keeping a stack of towels handy should help so much! (And, we also need to have my son’s ski helmet closeby for the local school’s weekly ski club trips – it’s still so weird to live in a place where you can even have a ski club!)


Here’s the before pics of the bottom of that closet (which wasn’t used well at all prior to me working on it . . . )
And after . . .

So, there you have it. Fifteen minutes and just a little bit of work made a huge improvement ~ now if only I can keep things that way! If you have any looming areas to organize on your list I encourage you to take a minute and tackle them . . . I promise it won’t take as long as you think and it’ll feel so good when you’re done!


Do you have any other tips for organizing winter clothes to make life easier? As a girl who grew up in Florida and spent the last ten years in Alabama I could sure use your suggestions ~ hoping we’ll survive winter way up here! ;)



Looking for more cleaning and organizing posts? Check these out. . .



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90% Off Christmas Clearance at Target!


90% off Christmas Clearance at Target – including 70% off Christmas Candy. Fun!

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Happy 2015!


(I had the worst cold ever this week ~ on the mend now but you can tell from this pic I’m still full of sniffles!)


Can I just tell you that you never know what fun things God has in store for you?  This week while I’ve enjoyed slowing down a bit around here, I was so blessed to have my best childhood friend and her family (including her dad!) stop by for dinner. Leah and her family just about took me in during my teenage years ~ I had more meals at their table than I could possibly count, we spent endless hours fixing our hair in her bedroom, and her family forced this I-hate-anything-green-to-eat girl to suffer through a salad every chance they got.


(I seriously remember sitting at their table plugging my nose while Leah’s mom forced me to eat green vegetables ~ now I eat them every day!)


Leah’s mom passed away almost two years ago, but I remember walking into her kitchen and always smelling dinner cooking up in the oven or crockpot. Their family was a rock for me while growing up, so after not seeing them in fourteen years catching up was such a fun gift.


Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 11.13.18 AM

(missing in the pic is green pepper and French’s Onions – you’ll need those too!)

I made our family’s all time favorite spaghetti bake (seriously y’all, you’ve got to make this one. . .) and Leah made the most divine peanut butter dessert you can imagine (I think it was something like this one - she promised to share the recipe with me so I’ll let you know!)


Hope your family has enjoyed just a wonderful Christmas season, and be watching for more updates on menu planning, cleaning, cooking, crafting and couponing back up here starting Monday. Here’s to a fantastic 2015!

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App That Makes Penny Pinching Easy


Grocery  App


To sign up to get this free app, start HERE.  Signing up through this link helps make Favado possible for you ~ thanks so much guys! I’ve been using it along with our 10 Minute Target, Kroger and Publix Printable Lists and it takes me less than 15 minutes to get ready for a trip to the store using coupons!

If you haven’t started using Favado yet, you may want to try it out!  This National grocery app (including the grocery lists that we’ve been sharing here on PPP), is now available for Apple & Android phones.  So, whether you shop Publix, Target, Kroger, Food Lion Giant, CVS, Walgreens or Hy-vee (or dozens of other stores), all the coupon matchups you need will be available at the tip of your fingers. And, when you create your list, you can easily email it to yourself with the coupon matchups, so that you can print those coupons when you get home!



Here are a few things to get you started:

You can select which stores you shop most frequently and find the sales at your favorite store.

Add items to your mobile shopping list.

Email yourself the coupons that you’ll want to print before you shop & even share your list with friends. 

Cross things off while you’re shopping (love that!)

And even find extra ways to save while you’re shopping.


Here’s how to sign up and get yours:

  1. First, you must go HERE to sign up and create your account.
  2. Then watch for your confirmation email (it should come within a minute or two.)
  3. Once you’ve created your account, you can download the app in you phone’s app store. 


Let me know if it helps, and as a favor to me, please sign up through this link before downloading it to your phone (I know it’s an extra step, but I do appreciate the help so much!) 

Love a bargain? Find more free stuff HERE.

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