25 Days Of Spring Cleaning Hacks Day 20: Get Ground In Dirt Out Of Laminate


Need a good way to clean your vinyl floors?

See how Jillee at One Good Thing gets ground in dirt out of vinyl/laminate flooring.

Looking for more Spring cleaning ideas? Check these out:

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7 Best Money Saving Apps



There are a ton of great money saving apps available, but if you’re like me it can be overwhelming to decide which to use. (There are so many choose from!) I only use a select few ~ here are the ones I take advantage of on a regular basis . . .


1. Ibotta

Ibotta allows you to earn real money through Paypal at several of your favorite stores, including Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, Publix, King Soopers and more. After purchasing an item with an Ibotta rebate, just take a picture of your receipt and Ibotta will credit your account – you get real money via PayPal once you’ve reached a minimum of $5 in your account.

2. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is similar to Ibotta – each Thursday they release new money saving offers at your favorite stores. When you purchase one of the items just take a picture of your receipt and you’ll receive a check in the mail when your account reaches $20.


3. Snap from Groupon

Similar to Ibotta and Checkout 51, Snap from Groupon offers rebates on regular purchases you make already, and when you take a picture of your receipt you’ll receive money back in your account. Once you hit $20 you’ll receive a check, and you can actually double (or triple) dip on deals using Ibotta, Checkout 51 and Snap from Groupon. Love that!


4. Favado

Favado is my go to resource for grocery deals when I’m shopping at the grocery store. It includes all the lists here on PPP, and while I prefer to look at the full list online before heading out, this is a great way to save when I’m in a hurry. (Read more about Favado and how to use it over HERE.)


5. Coupon Sherpa

I use Coupon Sherpa when I’m out and about to take advantage of retail savings. Before heading into any store, I do a quick search on Coupon Sherpa to see which coupons are available to pull up on my phone and easily save without pre-clipping coupons at home.


6. Groupon

I love having the Groupon app on my phone – if we’re out and looking for some savings on a meal, I always check out local Groupon offers to see if any of them will work for us. Most offers allow you to purchase just a few minutes before using, so you can take advantage of the Groupon deal right when you need it.

7. Amazon 

Goodness, I love the Amazon App. Before purchasing just about anything other than food I scan the barcode using my Amazon App to see how the price at a local store stacks up. This helps me get a ballpark figure for the retail price, and makes sure that I’m not paying too much to have something in a hurry.



Walmart’s Savings Catcher

I’m not including this in my top seven, because honestly I’m not a Walmart shopper and don’t use this one at all. However, if you regularly shop Walmart you absolutely need to have this one to make saving at Walmart easy! Just load your receipt to your phone, and if another store in your area beats Walmart’s price you’ll get the difference in a Walmart gift card. Go HERE to read more.


The one app that I would love to see but just haven’t found yet is a really good app for free kids meals. I know this one is hard because restaurants vary so much by city, but that’s one that I think would come in so handy as an app! I’ve tried a few and haven’t been all that impressed with them, but if you’ve found one I’d love to know which one you’re using.


So what are your favorite money saving apps? Leave a comment to share which apps have worked for you ~ I’d love to hear which ones you would add to the list!


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Look What Came Today! (Updated: Free $15 In Credit Available Again)



Schoola is offering $15 in free credit again! To get yours, go HERE to get started (and if you sign up feel free to leave your referral links in the comments so someone else can use your referral code.) Let me know if it works for you!

Remember when I posted about the new program, Schoola a few weeks agoWell I got my first delivery today (YAY!)


I had quite a bit of credit, so I ordered a few things for myself and several things for my kids. While we didn’t love all of it, quite a few items were great, and I’d consider them very similar to shopping a local consignment store. Remember that with their $15 free credit (and free shipping!) your order is totally free, so definitely worth trying out.


Here are a few of my favorite items . . . 

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 6.55.23 AM

A few Justice and Gap outfits for my daughter (she loves Justice, but I think their prices are ridiculous without a sale!)

IMG_0910.JPG IMG_0909.JPG

A Gretchen tunic for this summer for me ($47.99 right now on ebay - crazy!)


And a few cute Gap tops for me, as well as an Ann Taylor skirt and jacket. (The sizes were off a bit, so I may try to re-sell them at our local consignment store!) I also snagged a Joseph A Bank shirt for my husband and Hollister button down for my son – all for free. Success!

Here are a few tips when shopping Schoola . . . 

  • only sort by “New with Tags”, “Perfect”, or “Good” condition (bottom left side of the screen)
  • to make sorting easier, choose a few of your favorite brands (I searched for Gap, Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft, Abercrombie, Justice & Hollister)
  • they often send out codes for 20% off right after you join – be sure to use your code to get extra savings!
  • even though your order is free, they will ask for your credit card information at checkout


Have you tried out Schoola yet? Go HERE to sign up and get your completely free $15 credit, plus free shipping for a limited time! If you sign up, leave your referral link in the comments section here on PPP – and hopefully another reader will use your link so you can get more free clothing. Love that!

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Fridge Cleanout: You Might Just Find Dinner . . .

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 12.43.26 PM

This morning I took a peek in my fridge and realized it was in some serious need of attention, so determined to take a few minutes (um, an hour) to really clean it out! I started thinking about it and realized I haven’t ever cleaned it out (we got it new last May when we moved ~ yikes!), so clearly it was time to get started.




It took a solid hour to get it completely emptied and washed out, but goodness, it’s amazing how good it feels to get that job done! 


I realized we have way too many onions (I’ve got to chop some up to freeze), 4 packs of pepperoni (not sure why? those headed to the freezer too . . .) and we’ve got all the fixins’ for nachos for dinner one night. :)


If your fridge needs some TLC, block out some time to get that project done ~ you’ll be amazed what you may find in there (quite possibly dinner . . . ) :) and it just feels so good. 

A tried and true great way to get your refrigerator clean without a lot of backache. Your fridge will be sparkling quickly with this simple way to get all the drawers clean.

Curious how to easily clean your fridge out? Try this out. (It didn’t work for me in our new home, but worked great when we had a clean tub nearby!)


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More Target Savings: Suave, L’Oreal, My Generation, My Little Pony & More

Target is just plain ole’ hopping with deals this week! Be sure to see all the items I scored yesterday while I was there, and don’t miss these extra savings before heading out to shop . . .

Buy 4 Suave Professionals 2 pack $3.79

  • Use (2) $3/2 Suave coupons from the 3/8 Red Plum insert
  • Pay $9.16 out of pocket, get $5 Target gift card
  • Makes it $4.15 or 52¢ per bottle

Buy 4 Tresemme $3.94

  • Use (4) $2/1 Tresemme coupons from the 3/22 Red Plum insert
  • Pay $7.76 out of pocket, get $5 Target gift card
  • Makes it $2.76 or 69¢ per bottle

Buy 2 L’oreal (not part of the gift card offer) $5.99


Buy 1 Purina Dog Chow $11.99 – $12.99

  • Use $1/1 Purina coupon or $1/1 Purina coupon from the 3/2 SmartSource insert
  • Pay $10.99 out of pocket get $5 Target gift card
  • Makes it $5.99 after coupon and gift card


Buy 2 Betty Crocker Brownie Mixes $1.02 or Cake Mixes $1.00

Starburst Jelly Beans 2/$4


Buy 1 Guess Who $9.99

Buy 1 Chutes & Ladders $7.99

Buy 1 Hungry Hungry Hippos $19.99, price matched to Amazon $13.99 (price matched at customer service)


My Little Pony Equestria Doll $9.99



Lil Big Paws $14.99

Buy 4 Chutes & Ladders or Candy Land $7.99



Our Generation Dolls $17.49 (all Our Generation products are on sale 30% off this week)


See all the crazy good deals going on at Target this week!  

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Free Martha Stewart Magazine Subscription

Here’s another fun free magazine offer! Request a free one-year subscription to Martha Stewart Magazine from Rewards Gold. You will have to complete a short survey, but I’ve received Martha Stewart for years this way. . . great way to get a fun freebie! :)


Thanks, Cuckoo For Coupon Deals! Love a bargain? Find more freebies HERE.


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25 Days Of Spring Cleaning Hacks Day 17: Clean Soap Scum From Bathtub


Have soap scum in your bathtub that you can’t seem to get rid of?  

Head over HERE to see what Marissa at Finely Ground found that completely cleans soap scum from the bathtub, and check out my favorite soap scum recipe as well!

Looking for more Spring cleaning ideas? Check these out:

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25 Days Of Spring Cleaning Hacks Day 15: Get Rid Of That Boy Bathroom Smell


Is there an odor that lingers in your bathroom?  (Especially after your boys have missed the toilet?)  Yikes.

Find out how Anna at Ask Anna Moseley gets rid of that “boy bathroom smell” in a few simple steps.

Looking for more Spring cleaning ideas? Check these out:

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Laurie’s Shopping Trip: Aldi & Fresh Thyme + No Spend Challenge Update

I’m so stinkin’ excited about the little fun deals I scored yesterday at Aldi & Fresh Thyme Market! Because we’re sticking to our No Spend Grocery Challenge I really wanted to limit what I spent, but goodness these were just too good to pass up. Aldi had a ton of houseplants that looked great on sale for $1.99 (a good price I think?), and while I’m sprucing up my home for Easter I just couldn’t pass it by. Here’s what I bought:



  • Italian Seasoning $1
  • Ivy Basket $1.99 (I took the pot out and will re-pot it to brighten up our kitchen)
  • Total $2.99


Fresh Thyme

  • Organic Apples $.99/lb $1.24
  • 5 lb bag potatoes $.99
  • 4 packages strawberries 4/$5
  • Total $7.23



Since I’d spent $41 earlier at Kroger on groceries this week, this puts us right under our $50 per week No Spend Grocery Challenge goalI feel like we have plenty to get us through until next week (I will need to run to Kroger before the Mega Sale ends Tuesday to stock up on cereal, milk and granola bars), but we have plenty of food still in our kitchen to eat at home until then.


Have you scored any great deals on whole foods lately? I’d love to hear what you’ve gotten, and if you’d like to share your picture with others send me an email with your purchases and I’ll post them here for other folks to see! You can also post them over on the PPP Facebook page to show off your savings. :)


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Determining To Go Against Your Nature

Time for a random rambling. :) If you’re here just for the deals, scoot on to the next penny pinched post – I understand! 

I am a terrified snow skier.


Terrified folks. For real.


To clarify, I’m the kind of girl who normally would never-ever-never say a four-letter word, but stick me on the side of a ski slope and you might just catch me cursing like a sailor.


(Did I just tell you that? Um, sadly, you can ask my kids . . . it’s kind of the truth. GOOD GRACIOUS.)

My sweet husband loves to ski though. He loves everything about it ~ loves the beautiful views, tons of fresh powder, and fearlessly going down those mountains just as fast as he can has always been innate to him.

The very first time he took me skiing way back in 1996, I remember practicing how to put skis on in his apartment.  He gave me a few pointers (~ahem~), and then we headed out for our first day on the slopes in Paoli, Indiana for our first run.

He however failed to mention to this Southern-born-Florida girl that snow didn’t have traction. Seriously y’all, I kid you not, I had no idea.




It was there and then that my very first not-so-sweet word came spewing out of my mouth, and after the seventeenth time falling as I (seemingly) careened down the bunny slopes, we finally called it a day.

It wasn’t pretty.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 11.50.27 AM

Over the years though I’ve come to (mostly) love winter skiing. There’s absolutely no other way to see the incredible views that you’ll catch at the top of the mountain, nothing quite as fun as peeking up close at the beautiful log homes that pepper the slopes, and a warm yummy meal just tastes better after a day on the snow.



Skiing however is just not in my nature. I’m timid at best, a complete klutz at worst, and even after almost twenty years of skiing my stomach get just a wee bit nauseous every time another skier whizzes by.

But that doesn’t mean that I can’t do it. If I hadn’t been courageous enough to stick with it, I would have completely missed something so incredible, simply because I have a tendency to so very often live in fear.

There are lots of things not in my nature that I have to choose to take control of each and every day. My nature would like to eat nothing but 3 Musketeers and Hershey Bars every day as a meal.


My nature likely would decide cleaning the toilets in our home wasn’t really a necessity.


My nature would never-ever choose to wake up at 5AM to exercise, and rather enjoy as much extra sleep as I can.


And clearly, this naturally timid nature of mine would never EVER NEVER. begin a little home business that chatted with thousands of folks all over the world each day.


Um, if I stuck to my nature? I might just be 400 pounds, living in a home with dirty toilets and watching as life went my for others around me each day.


And honestly? There are days that if I stuck to my nature I would just spend whatever we had, skip saving for the things that have real value, and might just throw all those pennies right out the window.


The moral of the story? Your nature may not be that of a passionate penny pincher. You may not be a saver, never like to cook, absolutely hate the thought of menu planning, and you could easily decide you just weren’t made that way.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 11.50.19 AM

But you would never enjoy the view.

You’d never see the power of financial discipline, never know the sweetness of financial success, and never know the control you really have when you choose just to step out and take that first stride.

Y’all, we are all made so very differently and what’s easy for me may never be easy for you. But just like me on those ridiculous ski slopes (ridiculous folks, ser-iously), you can choose to work ever so hard to really stick with your goals even when they’re not in your nature.

I promise (promise!) the view’s worth the risk, and even after a few bumps on the bunny slope, so very worth the ride.

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