25 Days Of Homemaking Hints Day 1: A 1950s Cleaning Routine

Homemaker's Digest 3

I’m going to try something new this month, and we’ll see how it goes! Throughout the summer I’ve loved having my kids home, but all too often I’ve become somewhat of a grouchy-stressed-out-crazy-woman without a real plan for my day in place.


While I love blogging here on PPP, it takes a lot of time, and is a full time job on top of my family priorities. I realized over the last few weeks that I was spending so much time working that I wasn’t enjoying my first love, being a homemaker.


As I’ve shared before, God’s always put this weird desire in my heart for homemakingI love baking, cooking, and sometimes even cleaning :) and more than anything my heart has=s always desired just to be a mom.


I feel incredibly blessed that I’m able to do all those things, and work from home too. (I mean really, who gets that kind of opportunity?) But, just like everyone, there are days when I get overwhelmed by the housework and the cooking and the cleaning (and the kids . . .) and I lose sight of why I do all this.


So for fun (really, completely selfishly . . . ) I thought I’d spend the month of August sharing a homemaking tip with you each night to force myself into hunting down resources to keep me focused, and maybe encourage you too. As I’ve shared before, whether you’re a mom or not, whether you stay at home or work outside the home, if you’re a woman you are a homemaker so this series is just for you. 




I didn’t mean for that to turn into a dissertation ~ yikes!
Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 3.40.09 PM

Okay, so let’s get started. 


For tonight, I thought I’d share this interesting article on a “real 1950s cleaning routine for our modern day world.” It’s from The Modern 50’s Housewife, and I so enjoyed poking around her site!


Initially as I read it I loved it all (I’m so much a 1950’s housewife born 60 years too late!), but I was hesitant to share because of what you might think. As I scrolled through, I realized the same issues we have today were issues moms have had forever, and I love the suggestion to focus on our home before everything else each morning. (And reading through the comments were fantastic!)


So, anyone with me and ready to start focusing on the favorites around us at home each day? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one and if it’s something you’re even interested in. Leave a comment to share!


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My Once A Month Shopping Experiment



Okie dokie folks, I’m trying something I’ve never done before, and figured it might be something you’re curious about too!

While I love menu planning, shopping sales ads, and using coupons, just like you I get plain-ole’-worn-out sometimes. This summer I’ve been awful about menu planning and grocery shopping, and our “eating out” budget has paid the price.


While our family finances have changed and we’ve got some wiggle room in our budget, I hate seeing how much money we’re throwing away because I’m not choosing to be a good steward of our money. So, last week I decided that for the month of August I’m going to try once a month shopping.


Before shopping, I cleaned out our pantry, refrigerator and freezer so that I really knew what we had in stock. We still have quite a bit of meat that I stocked up on during good sales over the last six months, so I wasn’t completely starting from scratch.


I also made a mental note of any laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and paper products we were low on. (Thankfully we were pretty stocked up on everything except laundry detergent, which definitely helped this month!)

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 2.33.38 PM

Because Kroger is having a huge Mega Sale this week, I went through the coupon matchups quickly, hunted down a few coupons and headed out to shop. (My coupons are a mess, but I was super excited to have several Garnier & Tresemme coupons making those just $1, and 2 Buy One Get One Free General Mills Cereal coupons which made the big boxes just $.50 each after they deducted $4!)


When I checked out my total was $223 for $390 in groceries. This is by far the most I’ve ever spent in one grocery trip (I usually spend $65 – $75 on bigger trips), and it literally took two carts to get everything out the door.


My plan is to budget an additional $25 each week during the month for a weekly trip. Here’s what I’m hoping to purchase with that money:

  • fresh produce
  • milk
  • bread
  • any fantastic coupon deals (this will be tough which is why I haven’t tried this before ~ we’ll see how it goes!)

And here are the meals we have on the menu plan . . . 



glazed porkchops

  • Fettuccine Carbonara
  • Barbecue Chicken Quesadillas
  • Tacos
  • Breakfast for Dinner
  • Frozen Pizza (x2)
  • Hamburgers (x2)
  • Hot Dogs
  • Something with ham :) (we have a bunch of ham left over that’s been in the freezer from Easter and I’m determined to use it up this month – if all else fails we’ll have ham sandwiches and egg & cheese omelets!)


IF (that’s a big if!) everything goes according to the plan, this is how our budget will look:

  • Once a month shopping trip $225
  • An additional $25 for groceries weekend of August 8th, August 16th, and August 23rd
  • Total = $300 for our family of five, or $75 per week


I already noticed a few things that we’ll need to pick up at the store this morning while I was bakingHere’s the list of things (I’m putting it here so I won’t lose it, and you’ll get a peek as to what things are always worth keeping on hand!)

  • baking soda
  • flour
  • large plastic bags
  • chocolate chips (I made pancakes this morning for a slew of kids and they begged for chocolate chips ~ then I decided we needed chocolate chip banana bread too, so only 1 day in and I’m all out of my only bag) :)


And last but not least, here are my concerns:

1) Food rationing. :)

Part of the reason I don’t like keeping massive amounts of food in our house is that if it’s here, my kids will hunt it down and eat it. I explained to them yesterday that this was our “big” week of shopping, so there would be no more goldfish, ice cream, or juice boxes purchased until September. (The juice boxes and goldfish are for school lunches – with school not starting until next week you can bet it’s going to be tough for them to wait!) I’m curious to see how they’ll do, so we’ll have to wait and see.


2) Missing a deal.

By limiting my budget each week I may miss a few deals, but after doing this for years I know another deal just about always comes around. Hopefully I’ll be okay with that (we’ll see!)


3) Not allowing myself a trip to the store from now until the weekend.

I make quick trips into the store pretty regularly, so I’m not sure how I’ll do not shopping only once a week. I think it will hugely improve our budget, but definitely means I need to plan things out well in advance. What I love about this idea though is how much more efficient I can be if I take the time to plan things ~ by planning ahead on what we need, I should save myself time, money, and even gas as I won’t be making extra trips to the store!


If you’ve tried grocery shopping like this before, I’d love for you to leave a comment and share how it’s worked for you!  


New to budgeting and don’t know where to begin? Here are a few posts that might help you get started:


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19 Deals You Can’t Miss at Dollar Tree

19 deals you can't miss at the Dollar Tree this week

Here are 19 deals you can’t miss at Dollar Tree that I noticed when making a quick trip yesterday! These will vary by store. When you’re there, be sure to watch for the only 5 school supplies worth picking up at the Dollar Tree too, and don’t miss this complete list of Dollar Tree coupon matchups! 

1. South Beach Diet Bars $1

2. Glad Food Bags $1

3. Garnier Fructis Color Shield – $1

  • Use $1.00/1 Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner, or Treatment – 7-12-15 RP; Excludes Trial and Travel Size , 1.7, 2, and 3 oz (exp. 08/08/15)
  • Free after coupon


4. Alka-Seltzer Cold Plus – $1

5. Pediacare – $1

6. Hefty Slider Bags, 6-15 ct – $1

7. Angel Soft Bath Tissue, 4 pk – $1

8. Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce, 5 oz – $1


9. Werther’s Candy $1

  • Use $1.00/2 Werther’s Original Caramels – 4-19-15 SS
  • $0.50 after coupon

10. Bounty Basic Paper Towels $1

11. Wet N Wild Lipstick $1

  • Use $0.50/1 Wet n Wild Item – 7-26-15 SS
  • $.50 after coupon

12. Colgate Toothpaste $1

  • Use $0.50/1, $1/2 Colgate Toothpaste – 7-26-15 SS
  • $.50 after coupon

13. Hormel Pepperoni, 1.75 oz – $1

14. Renuzit Air Freshner $1

15. Puffs Tissues $1

16. Jif To Go! 3 pk $1

17. Duncan Hines Cake Mix $1

18. Sandwich Holder $1

19. Nature’s Own Bread (great way to stock up on higher quality bread at a great price!)


Don’t forget to check out 5 school supplies you should buy at Dollar Tree (and 9 to avoid).

See more Dollar Tree Deals.

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Cents of Style: Fashion Friday Deals Starting at $2.99 Shipped


Cents of Style is having a Friday Flash Sale today with prices as low as $2.99! I just checked and they have a Crystal Initial Necklace for $4.99 (so cute!) which would make a fun stocking stuffer.



They’ll update their deals every two hours, so be sure to refresh the page HERE and see what they’re offering!

Find more online retail deals. 

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The 5 Day Teen (Or Tween) Budget Challenge Update


I’ve been meaning to update you all week on how the 5 Day Tween Budget Challenge went in our home, and goodness I learned so much! My daughter Caroline did a great job handling her budgeted money (she was highly motivated because she knew anything she saved would be hers to keep.) Here’s how she did:


  • Tuesday – $2.25 at Family Dollar
  • Wednesday – $49.03 at Kroger and Sam’s Club (she cooked Chicken Pot Pie for dinner)
  • Thursday – $0 (she made pizza for dinner)
  • Friday – $15 at Panera (the kids had a babysitter while I worked during the day, and decided to go out to lunch with the sitter), Caroline cooked breakfast for dinner
  • Saturday – $28 for lunch at Culver’s (at her dad and brother’s request)
  • Total = $94.28 (which included a few splurges ~ she could have done it for less and I think would have if she hadn’t had a little peer pressure from her family!) :)

Do you know what I learned from this experiment?


Your kids are watching you.




My kid is watching me.


I wish you could have seen my surprise when Caroline walked into my office on Thursday morning and asked for my Kroger password so that she could login and check out their e-coupons.


And every time she went anywhere she checked our Entertainment and Enjoy the City Coupon Books to see if there was a deal or two there.


And while she was making dinner, she set the table, tidied up the kitchen, and had everyone wash their hands before heading in to eat.


Just like I do.


That girl is watching me.




As our kids are getting older (and probably because of the business that I run here on PPP), we talk (a lot) about our finances. But, giving them real access to how money works is new to them, so this has been a huge eye opener for our children. Even yesterday when shopping with my 15 year old, I realized he’s soaking it all in. (The thought of spending $25 on a t-shirt to him was crazy ~ he even made the comment that Goodwill is the best place to shop – ha!)


No matter where you are in your finances, your kids are not going to start out with what you have, so teaching them now how to handle their money can shape their financial future forever. I’ll keep you posted on how my son does on the challenge (I’m curious to see myself), but definitely recommend handing your kids the reigns on your family’s budget for a few days if they’re old enough so they can learn under your guidance at home.

New to budgeting and don’t know where to begin? Here are a few posts to you get started:


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BTS Shopping: Children’s Place Backpacks, Dick’s Kids Coat Clearance And When To Say “No” To Your Kids


Yesterday I spent the day shopping with Jackson and Reagan (Caroline is away at camp this week), and goodness gracious, we wore ourselves out! This has been a big summer for us as Jackson’s had his first experience at summer jobs, and it’s been amazing to watch his view of money change.


Because my kids have plenty of clothes right now, I really just wanted to find them each one super cute outfit to wear on their first day of school. I knew we’d pick up a few extra pieces (but wait until later in the season to buy fall clothes), but was determined to especially let Reagan pick out something special just for her because she wears hand me downs most of the time from her sister or free clothes thanks to Schoola so I thought she’d love a special outfit for her first day.


We went to Children’s Place and found a huge selection of clearance items, and Reagan scored big when we tacked on this extra 20% off couponFor $70 we got a backpack, lunchbox, water bottle and a bunch of tops and shorts (she did need some new shorts!), but she was determined to shop at Justice for her first day outfit.


So, after shopping a few stores with Jackson and lunch, we headed to Justice.




I’d seen several signs about the “new” Justice, and while I usually don’t just love their clothing, I knew it was something she really wanted and thought it might be worth checking out. Reagan found a pretty cute outfit (a little more trendy then I normally buy, but she looked darling in it.) I didn’t see any sales on any of it, but thought surely I could hunt down a mobile coupon.


I searched and searched, but nothing. However I’ve never know Justice not to have some sale or coupon, so took the outfit to the register and asked. The outfit (only 3 pieces mind you ~ for an eight year old) was going to cost $72.




When I asked the cashier, she informed me that Justice was no longer offering as many sales and coupons, just “every day lower pricing.” 


You can bet this penny pinching momma did a double take.


I politely asked if she really felt that a $72 outfit for an eight year old was every day low pricing? :)


She informed me that they were still working to adjust lower prices on everything.




My daughter was a wee bit crushed, but I snapped a picture of the outfit and we agreed to watch the items online to see if they go on sale. Then we went to a few other stores, and as we talked about it even she realized she really was completely okay without that outfit.




Guys, it is so easy in the moment to think our children need something they really don’t need, or choose it’s not worth the fuss to walk out of the store.  (Honestly, she really loved the outfit and there was a tiny part of my brain that knew we could afford it, so maybe I should just give in? I quickly realized that was ridiculous though!) I want my daughter to feel like she fits in, want her to feel every bit as cute as she is, but a $72 outfit just isn’t going to do that.


I’m so thankful my kiddos are starting to understand how money works (it’s been huge to watch this transformation over the last few years.) While they still have their moments of disappointment, I love that they’re starting to see what abundance comes when you choose to live on less.



And because I don’t want to miss this, Dicks Sporting Goods had quite a few crazy good clearance deals on kids winter coats. Our store had Obermeyer, Columbia, Spyder brand and more an extra 50% off dropping their prices to around $50 (regularly $125+) and you can use this $10 off $50 coupon. You’re welcome! :) 


Do you have any suggestions on helping your kids learn the value of a dollar? I’d love to hear ~ leave a comment to share!


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20 Deals You Can’t Miss at Publix This Week


Here are the 20 deals you don’t want to miss at Publix this week! Be sure to take a peek at the full Publix ad here, and don’t forget to easily print all the coupons you need with this week’s Publix 10 Minute or Less Printable Coupon List.



1. Wish Bone Dressing $1.32

2. Stayfree Pads $2.49

3. Kellogg’s Eggo Waffles, 9 – 12 oz – $1.78

4. M&M’s Candies, 9 – 11 oz – $1.89

5. Nabisco Chips Ahoy! Cookies, 9 – 13 oz – $1.89

6. Paper Mate Pens $1.10

  • Use $0.55/1 Paper Mate Pens – 7-26-15 SS
  • $.55 after  coupon

7. Puffs Tissue, 56 ct – $1

  • Use $0.25/1 Puffs Product or  $0.25/1 Bounty, Charmin, or Puffs Products – 7-26-15 PG (exp. 08/22/15)
  • $.50 after coupon

8. Suave Body Wash $1.50

9. Beech Nut Natural Baby Food $.90

10. Hamburger Helpers $.83

11. Energizer Batteries $4.20

12. Horizon Mac & Cheese $2.29

  • Use $.55/1 Horizon Macaroni & Cheese
  • And use $5.00/5 Horizon Organic Products – Publix Grocery Advantage Flyer (Valid from 7/18/15), Includes Shelf Stable, 6 pk; Super Squeeze, 4 pk; Cheese, 5.5 – 8 oz; or Macaroni & Cheese, 6 oz Only
  • $.74 each after coupon

13. General Mills Cereal $1.42

14. Murray Cookies $1.99

  • Use B1G1 Murray Cookies or Wafers – Publix Grocery Advantage Flyer (Valid from 7/18/15)
  • $.99 after coupon


15. Hormel Pepperoni $1.50

16. Sunny D $1.15

17. Domino Sugar 4 lb $1.59

18. Tresemme Shampoo $5

  • Use $2.00/1 TRESemme Shampoo or Conditioner Product – 7-26-15 RP
  • And use $2.00/2 TRESemme Hair Care – Publix Health & Beauty Advantage Flyer (Valid from 7/18/15)
  • $2 after coupons

19. Purex Crystals $2

20. Snapware Containers $3.50

See all the deals at Publix this week, and check out the complete Publix weekly ad to plan your trip before you go. 

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7 Secrets You Need To Know Before Shopping At Michaels


Love shopping Michaels Craft Store? Goodness, I do too! And I love that Michaels is coupon friendly, so you can save big every time you shop.

Here are my top 7 secrets you need to know before shopping at Michaels:
1. Use store coupons.

Michaels offers new store coupons that you can find in the Sunday fliers in your newspaper as well as online every week. You can print the coupon or just show them the coupon on your Smartphone.


Michaels often randomly offers a very high value coupon for one day only, so watch for those savings as well. When I hear one of these pop up I always post the information here on PPP, so be sure to subscribe to daily emails or follow PPP on Facebook so you don’t miss those savings!

2. Check out Michaels Mobile Alerts & App.

Sign up for mobile text alerts from Michaels by texting the words JOIN2 to 273-283. Standard text message rates do apply, but they send out coupons as often as 8 messages per month.

You can also download the Michaels app to your Smartphone to easily get coupons to show in store. I just checked, and found the following coupons available (which are the same coupons you can find on their website:)

  • 20% off entire purchase (including sale items)
  • 60% off framing
  • 40% off regular price stickers & embellishments by Recollections
  • 40% off regular price stringing, cording and tools by Bead Landing

(These will vary by week and are just an example of what’s currently available) 

3. Take advantage of competitor coupons.

Michaels will accept coupons from the following stores (as long as they’re in your area):

  • ACMoore
  • JoAnne Fabrics
  • Ben Franklin
  • Hobby Lobby

Michaels will accept a competitor coupon up to 50% off any single item, however they won’t allow coupons for a percentage off your entire order (i.e. 25% off your entire purchase.) Depending on the management at your store, you may be able to use a competitor coupon AND a store coupon in the same transaction.


4. Don’t miss Michaels special one or two day sales.

Michaels frequently offers special short term deals, which you can find when you check their weekly ad online or sign up for their daily emails. This is a great way to save, and I’ve found fantastic prices on mason jars, canvases, and photo boxes watching for these sales.

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 12.27.24 PM


5. Shop Michaels “dollar” bins & big savings aisle.

All Michaels stores have dollar bins (really $1.50 bins) near the front of the store. These often go on clearance, and are a great way to stock up on seasonal decor, cute muffin cups, thank you notes, gift tags and lots more! I always make a beeline for this section of the store as soon as I walk in the door.

There’s also an aisle in most Michaels stores that has special gift items, kids activities, teacher gift ideas and more. I’ve seen these aisles clearanced 50% as well, which is a great way to stock up on inexpensive gifts, birthday treats, cute buckets and so much more while you’re there!

6. Watch for seasonal clearance at Michaels.

Michaels offers huge clearance savings, especially on seasonal decor. I’ve found great deals on Christmas decor, fall decorations, items for Spring and more by taking advantage of their clearance deals.

(Recent video of my clearance savings at Michaels – you can save so much by watching for those clearance sales!)


If you watch closely, they often clearance out items that are not specifically seasonal so you can save big on things you can use year round (for example, last Spring they clearanced cute paper straws that work any time of year.) So, watch those clearance bins because you never know what you may find!


7. Enjoy Military, Senior & Teacher Discounts.

Are you a member of the military? If you have a military ID card you can save an additional 10% off every single day when you shop Michaels. You can also save 10% every day at Michaels if you’re 55 or older.  Love that!

Teachers also save 15% at Michaels every day on participating items.  If you’re a teacher, save 15% at Michaels on products designed for your classroom. See the store management at your local Michaels to find out what’s included in this promotion.

Not sure crafting is for you? Michaels offers classes too!

Michaels also offers in store classes including classes for kids and adults. A few of their classes are free (however you may need to buy supplies), and some of their paid for classes start at just $2 per class. Go HERE to see what classes are offered at your local store.


Go HERE to read Michaels coupon policy, and if you’ve come up with other ways to save at Michaels I’d love to hear about it! Take a minute to leave a comment to share ~ I love hearing from you.



Looking for more free printables? Check these out:


Here are a few more favorite posts you may be interested in: 


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How To Teach Your Kids About Money: The 5 Day Teen (Or Tween) Budget Challenge


original photo credit 


Trying to teach your teenager or tweenager about money?


You’re not alone. 


Like anyone with children, we struggle at times wondering if we’re teaching our own kids the value of a dollar. Our kids know that we’ve always lived on a budget, but as our finances have become a little less stretched than in those early years, we often loosen the reigns just because we don’t have to be quite as careful with our finances as we once were.

And I’m so glad that after years of penny pinching we’re in a place that we can do that.


However, in just a few years my older kids will be heading out into the world and navigating finances on their own. While I *think* they know that money doesn’t grow on trees, I’m not always quite sure, and we’ve been looking for ways to teach them how to really handle money.


Enter the five day money saving challenge.


For five days, our teen and tween kids (ages 15 and 12) will each have control of our grocery and miscellaneous budget. As I’ve shared before, we live on a bi-weekly budget, meaning for us that every two weeks we take out a certain amount of cash for groceries, eating out, and any other miscellaneous expenses (or fun money.)

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 5.08.22 AM

So, until Saturday, my twelve year old chief penny pincher Caroline is in charge. :) (She actually started the challenge yesterday – Jackson will start next week) She’s required to menu plan, grocery shop, and decide where we eat (and to some extent what we eat), for the next few days.


Her motivation?


Any money that she doesn’t spend beyond the cash budget is hers. 


Y’all, this girl is beyond herself excited, and I’m pretty sure we’ll be eating rice and beans for the rest of the week.


Here’s what she’s spent so far:

Family Dollar $2.25

We were out all day picking up my youngest Reagan at camp and walking a huge walking trail. After driving for two hours and then walking for 5 miles we were starving, so she was willing for she and I to spend $2.25 on snacks before picking up Reagan. (She was pretty savvy and refused to stop after picking up Reagan – she knew that would cut into her budget too far!)


Sam’s Club lunch $6.17

Today we had to meet my husband to pick out stone for the outdoor fireplace my husband’s working on (more details coming soon), and didn’t have time to get lunch before we headed out to meet him. I had some Entertainment Book coupons in my car, but she decided most restaurants were above her budget even with a coupon. We ended up at Sam’s Club of course because she knew that she could easily stick to her budget there!


She really hesitated over purchasing drinks (we were surprised that the Pretzel Combo costs a whopping $.79 more with a drink while the hot dog combo is only $.20 more after the drink.) Reagan convinced Caroline that by getting a hot dog combo she was saving Caroline extra money, and Caroline then told us we were welcome to try the free samples throughout the store while we were there. :)


Sam’s Club groceries $16.88

We picked up a few basic groceries at Sam’s at lunchtime as well (as I’ve been traveling so much this month, our pantry is just about empty!) Here’s what she purchased at Sam’s:

  • Large bag salad $1.98 (I hate Iceberg Lettuce Salads but she and my husband love them. At $1.98, no matter what kind of salad she chose I couldn’t say no!)
  • Package of apple slices (we hardly ever go to Sam’s and they’re the only store that carries these. My kids love them and eat a ton of apples when they’re on hand, so she thought they were worth it. I know they’re overpriced, but goodness I love the convenience of them too!)
  • Bananas $1.48
  • Nutella $7.22 (somehow she thought this was $3.72 and went way over her budget before I caught it.  Lesson learned!)
  • Milk $2.22
  • Total = $16.88



Caroline planned a few meals on the way to Kroger. Her plan is homemade pizza, homemade chicken potpie and breakfast for dinner. Since we have most of the ingredients for those items, her grocery bill wasn’t too bad! Here’s what she bought:

  • 2 Kroger Pizza Crusts $2.49
  • 1 Kroger Cheese $2.99 (EXCELLENT price for 4 cups – great deal going on this week if you need to stock up!)
  • Kroger Pie Shells $1.66
  • 2 packs Kroger Waffles on sale $1, used $.75/2 Kroger Wafffle e coupon (great price!)
  • 2 Kroger brand cream of chicken soups for chicken pot pie $.89 (I’d rather make this homemade recipe, but knew that was more cooking than I was up to teaching this afternoon, so it worked in a pinch!)
  • 4 Yogurts $.40 each
  • 2.81 pounds Grapes $2.47 (great price!)
  • Kroger Mixed Veggies $.69 (the can of VegAll that I usually use for pot pie was $1.89 ~ we looked at the ingredients and they were identical, so she decided it was an easy way to save over $1)
  • Kroger Bread $1
  • Granny Smith Apples $3.99 (she wanted to buy the larger ones not in a bag which were a whopping $1.99/lb. ~ the bagged apples were $1.33 per pound so a much better price)
  • Dial Liquid Soap $.89
  • Kroger Pizza Sauce $1.29
  • Total = $25.98


Her total spent so far is $51.28, and within her budget (especially if she can keep everyone eating out for the next few days!) I’m curious to see how it goes and have loved watching her mind work as she’s figuring out the ins and out of budgeting and menu planning. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes, and if you’ve come up with other ways to teach budgeting in your family I’d love to hear your suggestions!




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Butterfinger Cake


This Father’s Day my husband asked for a specific meal instead of a present.  :)


He wanted Chicken Cordon Bleu, mashed potatoes, Apple Spinach Salad with Vanilla Bean Dressing and this Butterfinger Cake.  Yum!


After making it, I couldn’t believe how simple it was to make, and it was so good! My husband gave it a huge thumbs up, and it’s a great recipe to share at a potluck. Here’s what you’ll need:



Butterfinger Cake

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 60 minutes


  • 1 boxed chocolate cake mix
  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk
  • 11 oz bag of Butterfinger snack sized bars, chopped
  • 1 jar caramel ice cream topping
  • 1 8 oz container Cool Whip


  1. Prepare cake according to package in an 13X9 in pan.
  2. Cool completely in pan on wire racks.
  3. Poke holes in cake about 1 inch apart and 1 inch deep using handle of wooden spoon.
  4. Pour sweetened condensed milk over cake.
  5. Sprinkle half of chopped Butterfingers over cake.
  6. Pour caramel topping over Butterfingers on cake.
  7. Spread Cool Whip over cake.
  8. Sprinkle with remaining Butterfinger.


Store in refrigerator until ready to serve



Looking for more dessert recipes? Here are a few of my favorites:



Adapted from All Recipes. If you need a little more menu inspiration, head on over HERE.


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