Join Me?


As I shared over the weekend, I’m starting a PPP 21 Day Fix Challenge group THIS MONDAY (February 8th), and would love for you to join us! We’ll have one week to prepare, then start the challenge full force February 15th (just after Valentine’s Day chocolate.) :)

Guys, I completely believe in this. Honestly, I don’t promote programs like this often (ever?), but if you’re like me and struggle with your weight, I wholeheartedly believe this will work for you.


Getting the group started is taking a ton more work than I anticipated, but I so want YOU TO SUCCEED that it’s worth every minute. If you’re interested in joining me, head on over HERE to learn more and get started ~ I can’t wait to see what changes YOU can make in just 21 days!



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Would You Pay For Curbside Delivery?

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 12.59.12 PM

My neighbor shared that our local Giant Eagle is now offering Curbside Delivery for a $5-$10 fee, and when you use it for the first time they waive your fee.



You mean I can literally order my groceries online, drive on over to the store, have someone deliver them to my car, hand them my coupons, checkout, and go?




Seriously folks, I think this might just be the coolest thing ever. I wouldn’t pay $5-$10 all that often, but if you’ve got tiny kids at home and it’s the middle of winter and you really really really need some chocolate chips (or eggs, or bananas, or whatever . . .), you might want to see if your local store offers a similar program.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 1.01.13 PM

Note: it looks to me like Giant Eagle charges two fees – mine were both waived but I’m not sure what the cost normally would be.


It looks like you can also try out the Curbside App (for iTunes or Android) to take advantage of stores in your area that offer curbside delivery. While I’m not up for paying $5-$10 for someone else to do the shopping for me at the grocery store very often, it’s always fun to see what grocery options there are out there (and would definitely come in handy with small kids at home!) I’m also not positive whether or not they’d allow you to use coupons (I would think they would, but I’m not positive?) but would want to check on that prior to ordering.


I know that Publix used to have a similar program which they’ve since closed, and Walmart has it available in very select cities as well. (From what I can tell Walmart doesn’t charge a fee but you must spend $30 or more.) I’m curious to see if more stores will add this option as I think it could be a genius idea, and interesting to know it’s available.


Have you tried curbside delivery at a local grocery store? And would you be willing to chunk out $5-$10 for it? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one!

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12 Lightened Up Super Bowl Splurges

Super bowlsplurges (1)

Okie dokie folks, since y’all know I’ve been working on the 21 Day Fix (and would so love for you to join me ~ learn more HERE!), I decided it would be fun to throw together a roundup of lightened up Super Bowl Sunday Splurges that won’t completely bust your diet.


Anyone with me?

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 12.27.32 PM

Here we go . . . 

1. Slow Cooker Ranch Chicken Nachos or Tacos from PPP (add more salsa and less cheddar cheese . . .) :)

2. Skinny Kale & Parmesan Dip from Food Faith Fitness

3. Zucchini Crust Vegetarian Pizza from Kalyn’s Kitchen

4. Baked Parmesan Zucchini from Damn Delicious

5. Buffalo Chicken Sliders from PPP (make this one even lighter by turning it into a dip served with celery sticks)

6. Skinny Spinach Artichoke Dip from Happy Healthy Mama

7. Egg Roll in a Bowl from Frugal Healthy Life

8. 6 Can Chicken Tortilla Soup from PPP

9. Two Ingredient Skinny Vegetable Dip from Wine and Glue

10. Zucchini Nachos from Betsy Life

11. 9 Layer Mexican Dip from Jeanettes Healthy Living

12. Crockpot White Chicken Chili from PPP


And, if you’re looking for a few more Super Bowl favorites that aren’t quite so healthy, :) here you go . . .


What’s on your absolutely-have-to-have-on-Super-Bowl-Sunday list? I’d love to hear ~ leave a comment to share and our family may try it out this week!

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5 Unexpected Surprise of the 21 Day Fix (+ How I Lost 8 Pounds In 21 Days & You Can Too!)



If you’ve visited PPP very often,  you know I’ve spent forever worrying about my weight.


Okay, I guess not really forever, but at least my forevermeaning all 40 years I’ve hung out on this earth.

This was me as a junior in high school when I was probably around 190 pounds – it was all I could do not to Picmonkey this picture to make me look just a little better but I’m keeping it real here ~ yikes! I topped out at 225 as a sophomore in college.

And while I lost a pretty amazing 75 pounds way back in 1995 (and have kept it off for twenty years, 3 babies and all), I’ve never had a healthy relationship with food. 

2011 at the Alabama Governor’s Ball – the only time I’ve every worn a formal dress other than my wedding. 😉 

To keep off that weight, I’ve always exercised (at least 40 minutes to an hour, 4-5 days a week), and for the most part I’ve eaten reasonably calorically. (Thanks to working out I could eat a little more ~ my motto has been I exercise so I can eat!) :)


But I never really got down to my “dream” weight, and still hover at the highest end of a healthy weight for my height. 


And in many ways, I’ve stayed a little obsessed with food.


I’ve gone along with our culture’s model of what’s okay to eat, and chosen foods that just aren’t right at all. 


So last fall when I heard about the 21 Day Fix, I tried it (honestly, half-heartedly), and really believed it would work. However, I knew Christmas was coming :) and wasn’t ready to really give up all my holiday baking.


At that point I kind of put the 21 Day Fix on the back burner, decided to do my best not to gain weight over the Holidays, and then headed in full force to the 21 Day Fix in January after seeing a few more friends post their successes on Facebook.


I’m hooked.


While I’ve kept that 75 pounds off this body of mine for a whopping 20 years, my love of not-so-nourishing foods really has never changed. But doing the 21 Day Fix has changed how I looked at food, and I so wish someone had shown me this way back then.



Curious what I’ve found after sticking to it?

1. I have way fewer headaches.

I used to wake up with a headache almost every. single. day. Apparently that was somehow related to eating way too many carbs, because I don’t think I’ve had a single headache since starting the fix (which is crazy to me?)


2. My skin is so much better.

I’ve always had awful skin, and had horrible acne as a teenager. (Add that to a 225 pound body, and you can imagine high school wasn’t fun for me!) As an adult my acne for the most part has cleared up, but I’ve continued to have really large pores that have driven me crazy.

While they’re still noticeable, they are drastically less noticeable than they were 21 days ago. Honestly this has been the biggest surprise, and I never would have guessed it!


3. I’m really not hungry.

I expected to starve most of the time during the 21 days, but honestly haven’t struggled with that one?

Apparently I need way less food than I thought I did, and by choosing the right foods I think my body is so much more easily satisfied than it was before. Apparently your body really does like protein that consists of something other than Nutella. (Who knew?)

4. I need carrots. Or broccoli slaw.

cannot believe how much carrots and broccoli slaw fill me up. They’re amazing. Even though it hasn’t been easy, when I’ve really just been hungry I’ve reached for those instead of chocolate chips. (truth.)


I am so much fuller, and can’t believe the difference choosing the right foods has made.

5. Eating the right foods and exercising the right way changes your shape more than just eating fewer calories does.

Even though I’ve been at the weight I’m at in the after picture before, my body feels a little stronger and looks a little better because of choosing the right foods and exercising correctly. I love that. :)


And, I love that I’m exercising just 30 minutes each day.


Sooooo ~ will you join me as I finish out to my goal? (Please please please say you will?) 


Guys, I do not ever promote things like this.


I ended up gaining a few pounds over Christmas but am now down 8 pounds in 21 days and would like to lose ten more pounds to be at my “dream of” weight – I’d love for you to join me

I’ve been asked to sell essential oils, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, and everything else here on PPP, but never do, because they’re not something that I personally have used and 110% believe in.



But I really do believe this one 110% works because I’ve seen it myself.


And because I’ve always been in my heart the chubby girl, my heart aches for if you’ve struggle with weight issues too.


But we can do this.


just like in our finances, WE HAVE CONTROL over this area of our lives.


Goodness. I love that.


you and I just need to learn how.


So if weight’s something you’ve struggled with too ~ if you’ve felt like you can’t do it and it’s too big a task on your own ~ I want you to join me.


Here’s what we’ll be doing (limited space available):

  1. We’ll exercise each day for 21 days.
  2. We’ll learn to eat the right way, knowing that eventually chocolate chip cookies aren’t completely off the list, but they’re a special treat, not the main course.
  3. We’ll talk every single day about sticking to our weight loss goals, and we will do this together. This will be through a closed private Facebook group, and only for folks who sign up by February 8th.
  4. I’ll be your cheerleader (and I’d love for you to cheer me on too!) I’m fighting for you, I want to see you WIN at this.  I know you can have success!
  5. There is a fee for this group but I wholeheartedly believe it is worth EVERY PENNY. You’ll get the 21 Day Fix Menu Plan, 2 DVDs of 21 Day Fix Workouts, 21 Day Containers, and a 30 Day supply of Shakeology ~ it really is worth it and nothing else out there has worked and been worth it for me! I promise I would not recommend this if I didn’t totally believe in it and if you’ve struggled with your weight this is worth it. 


If you’re interested in joining me, hurry over HERE to get started (watch for an email from me shortly and be sure to confirm the first email to get more information.)


This group is open to only a very limited group of ladies who sign up first (sorry guys!) ~ I can’t wait to get started! Head on over HERE and let’s see what 21 days can do for you. :)

If for whatever reason you have a hard time getting more information, send me an email at contact @ passionatepenny (leave out spaces) and we’ll get you signed up. So excited about this and can’t wait to start!

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9 Deals You Can’t Miss at Costco This Month (Ends 2/21/16)


Okie dokie folks, besides the Costco whole chicken you should probably pick up every time you shop Costco, here are a few more items that just started in the Costco sale ad which may be worth picking up this month.


I spoke with a group of MOPS moms last night, and when they asked about saving at Costco I shared that there are very few things I really think you can get for less there than your regular grocery store with a decent sale, but if you’re going to shop Costco, these may be worth adding to your list!  


Just like any grocery store, you really do save more at Costco when you’re willing to shop their monthly sales ad (which is really just their coupon book that runs each month.) Here are the items I think are worth grabbing before 2/21/16.

Costco Best Deals Ending 2/21/16


1. Pepperidge Farm Goldfish 58 oz box $6.49 after $2.50 off coupon Makes it 11¢ per ounce compared to 14¢ per ounce in Kroger’s Mega Sale this week (and pretty much the lowest price you find them at the grocery store.) Definitely a stock up price!



2. Nutri Grain Bars 48 ct box $8.79 after $3.20 off coupon – makes them 18¢ per bar and not a bad price


3. Quaker Oatmeal 52 ct box $6.84 after $3 off coupon Makes them 13¢ per package compared to 18¢ per package in Kroger’s Mega Sale this week



4. Kirkland Water Bottles 40 9 oz bottles $2.39 after $1 off coupon Makes them 6¢ per water bottle

5. Cottonelle Bath Tissue 45 rolls – $16.99 after $5/1 in ad coupon~ makes it $.013 per square foot and definitely a stock up price costco16

6. Brawny Paper Towels 12 Mega Rolls $15.49 after $4 off coupon Not a bad price if you need to stock up!


7. Sun Chips $8.99 30 ct. $8.99 after $3 off coupon – makes them 30¢ per bag it’s still probably best to get larger bags and separate into plastic bags yourself, but not a bad price



8. Finish Powerball All-in-One Tabs, 110 ct – $9.99 after $3.50/1 in ad coupon or $.09 per tab this is a pretty good deal, or get them from Amazon for 9¢ per tab also when you choose to subscribe and save and clip the 35% off coupon in the right hand side of the page


9. Huggies Pull Ups 4T/5T $23.99 after $6 off coupon or 30¢ per Pull Up (limit 2) compare to $.30 per Pull Up for the same size at Amazon when you subscribe and save – if you don’t have time to head to Costco order them at Amazon to get the same price


Also wanted to include this one ~ it’s a decent deal, but not quite as good as a few grocery stores right now . . . 

Tide Laundry Detergent 170 oz – $14.79 after $4 in ad coupon or $0.087 per ounce  (compare to Kroger $.05 per ounce and CVS at $.06 per ounce after coupons this week)



Always a deal


Milk $1.89 per gallon This beats the price I’ve seen at Kroger lately, but I got 3 gallons of milk for $1.49 yesterday at Aldi, so if you don’t have a Costco membership you can still easily save


Bananas $1.39 for 3 pounds or 46¢ per pound


Costco Rotisserie Chicken $4.99 which comes out to about 5 cups of shredded chicken ~ stock up price!


Perdue Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast 10 lb. bag $23.99 or $2.39/lb. If you love Perdue chicken breast, the Costco price isn’t awful, however you’ll get a better price when buying fresh chicken (Fresh Thyme and Sprouts has it for $1.67 this week), and Kroger regularly puts their frozen boneless skinless chicken breast on sale for around $2.20/lb



Organic Spring Mix 1 lb. $4.49 – no coupon but a very good price



Not a deal


Smucker’s Uncrustables are $10.95 for 18 and just not a good price at 60¢ each. You may find them at a better price at your local grocery, or take a few seconds to make them at home ahead of time and freeze! 



Curious what else to buy at Costco? Check out this list of my favorite 15 items to buy at Costco every single day. Here are a few more posts you may want to check out:








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Costco Fans? This Is Going To Make Your Day :)


****HOT DEAL****: don’t miss Costco’s almost free membership going on right now – just $1.07 after special freebies! Go HERE to learn more, and print your free Aldi, Costco & Sam’s Price Comparison Chart before you shop.***


I’m so excited about this. 


Like, for real. 


I make a quick Costco run this morning to see what items you really need to watch for on sale this month (watch for details shortly), and decided (because I love you so much?) to answer the deep burning question that has rattled passionate penny pinchers for decades.  


I’m here for you that way.


I found out, once and for all that those lovely-plump-and-juicy-Costco rotisserie chickens might just be a deal.


You’re welcome.


Honestly? I didn’t expect it to be. 


But I was wrong. Which is kind of exciting?!


Here’s how the prices stack up:



So if picking up a Costco whole chicken just gives you a wee bit of joy (honestly, just doing the experiment itself made me a little happy today . . .) you now have permission. :) 

Curious what other items are worth getting at Costco this month? Go HERE


Not sure what to make with all that yummy Costco chicken? Here you go:


  1. Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili
  2. Slow Cooked Chicken Tortilla Soup
  3. Barbecue Chicken Quesadillas
  4. 6 Can Chicken Tortilla Soup
  5. Savory Cream Cheese Chicken Rolls
  6. Cheesy Chicken Rolls
  7. Chicken & Broccoli Braid
  8. Chicken & Dumpling Casserole
  9. Homemade Chicken & Dumplings
  10. Chicken and Noodles
  11. Almost Homemade Chicken Pot Pie
  12. Chicken Tettrazini
  13. White Chicken Chili
  14. Sweet Southern Chicken Salad

And if you love rotisserie chicken but don’t have a Costco card (or like to know what the ingredients are by making it yourself), you can make Rotisserie chicken at home too. 



Curious what I wouldn’t buy at Costco? Here you go.  If you have other thoughts on what you love buying at Costco I’d love to hear them ~ leave a comment to share!



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How To Survive Survival Week: 7 Days To Spend Nothing?



Okie dokie folks . . . anyone ready to really change their grocery budget this week? 


We’re taking on the challenge to SURVIVE SEVEN DAYS TO SPEND NOTHING, and I’d love for you to join me too.


Now, we’re all at very different places in our lives and finances, so this is going to look different for each of our families.  I’ll share how it’s going to look at our house, and I’d love to hear how you’d like it to look in your home too!


Here’s what you need to do to join me:

1) Decide if you’re going to do a complete no spend challenge or “partial” no spend challenge (like our family is doing.)

You may have enough in your kitchen that you can survive an entire week without a single purchase. (If that’s you, WOOHOO!) Or, if you’re like me, you may need to stock up on a few basic pantry staples ~ that’s totally okay too.

2) Take stock of what you have already, and what you really (REALLY) need.

Now, you may have everything you need, but if you don’t, take stock of what you absolutely must have to survive a week. Here are the essential items on our family’s list (they definitely may vary for your family):

  • eggs
  • milk
  • loaf of bread
  • flour
  • sugar
  • baking soda
  • baking powder
  • fresh fruit & veggies

Because I’ve been doing the 21 Day Fix (watch for details coming soon ~ I’d love for you to join me in February!), I had to tweak this a little bit from what we would normally do. While we have plenty of meat in our house we were almost out of chicken (again?!) so I did re-stock at Fresh Thyme yesterday when I saw it on sale for $1.67/lb.


This list may look very different for you. You may be able to make it without those items, and you may absolutely need more items on your list! Tweak it to fit your family, just don’t go buy an entire week’s worth of groceries when you shop ~ only stock up on things you absolutely need to get you through the week.

3) Get ready to bake.

(and cook.)

(but I like baking more.) :)

If you’re out of something that your family thinks they need, baking (and cooking too!) can will save you in a pinch. If you run out of store bought snacks, make some muffins (these or these are great).


If there are no Oreos left in the cupboards and your family can’t survive (ahem), bake up some cookies from scratch.


Your family will love it (and you’ll save so much time eating out and going to the grocery store that you may actually have time to bake!)

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 1.26.27 PM

4) Think outside the box.

All out of bread? Bake a loaf from scratch. No hamburger buns to use with barbecue? Make loaded barbecue stuffed potatoes.

Get creative and see what ways you can use what you have on hand to come up with a meal.


Not sure even where to start? Here are our favorite what-to-eat-when-there’s-not-much-left-meals:


5) Really use what you up what you already have.

Do you have a roast that’s been hiding at the bottom of your freezer for 6 months? This is the week to use it.


That pasta that hasn’t been cooked since you stuffed it in the back of the pantry a year ago? Time to eat it up too.


If you’re not sure of what to make with the ingredients you have on hand, I highly recommend All Recipes ingredient search – you literally can type in the few items you do have at home, and in just a few seconds hunt down a delicious meal!





As for how this is going to look for us this week, I’ll be honest and say that we’re still going to eat lunch out after church on Sunday (because it’s just one of those things we do.) I did run to the store yesterday to grab the staples we absolutely had to have, but still saved a bundle on a full grocery trip!

Here’s what I bought. . .


  • 3 gallons milk $1.49 each (I love that price!)
  • 2 dozen eggs $1.39 each
  • Total = $7.25


Fresh Thyme

  • 10.32 pounds Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast at $1.67/lb = $17.23 (I hated to spend so much, but didn’t want to run out and that was too good a price to pass up)


  • 5 pounds potatoes $1.50
  • Granny Smith Apples $3.99
  • 2 bags organic carrots $.99 each
  • 2 bell peppers $.99 each
  • 4.73 pounds bananas at $.37/lb (I was so excited about that price!) = $1.75
  • (also in pic above – Organic Salad Blend from Kroger ~ $3.99)
  • Total = $30.99




TOTAL GROCERY SPENDING IN JANUARY, INCLUDING WEEK 1WEEK 2  and WEEK 3 = $323.25 or $80 per week for our family of 4 ~ and our pantry is still pretty packed!


Would you like to join me? I would so love for you to enjoy a few days off of spending too ~ I promise you’ll be amazed at how much you can easily save! Leave a comment HERE if you’re joining us ~ I love hearing from you!


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Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Sliders


I was completely scared off the first time I made these after reading through the ingredients, however since our pantry always has a few bottles of Frank’s Hot Sauce (because my hubby is addicted to Buffalo Chicken Dip), I decided to try them out a few years ago, and now they’re on our regular dinner rotation.

Here’s a quick warning though:  this recipe is just a wee bit on the spicy side (obviously!), so if you tend to shy away from spicy foods try out these yummy-slow-cooker-not-spicy-at-all barbecue sandwiches. 😉

To pinch those pennies on dry ranch packets, we use this homemade mix.

I’m super excited because not only is this good for you, you can seriously pinch some pennies on this recipe this week. Check this out:

  • Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.67/lb this week at Fresh Thyme or Sprouts
  • $.50/1 Frank’s Red Hot Sauce coupon should make it around 9¢ if your store doubles, 59¢ without coupon doubles
  • Watch for rolls on clearance ~ I lucked into those whole wheat dinner rolls at Kroger for just $.88 and they were perfect



Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Sliders



  • 1 1/2 – 2 pounds boneless skinless chicken breast
  • 10 oz. Frank’s Hot Sauce (use $.50/1 Frank’s Hot Sauce coupon)
  • 1 dry ranch dressing packet
  • 1 package dinner Rolls (our favorite are King’s Hawaiian Rolls)
  • ranch dressing for topping


  1. Place chicken in crockpot.
  2. Mix together ranch seasoning and hot sauce, pour over the meat.
  3. Cook on low 6-8 hours.
  4. Shred chicken, and slice buns in half.
  5. Add chicken to buns, drizzle with ranch dressing.
  6. Enjoy!



Need a slow cooker to get started? Here are a few decent deals on Amazon:


See more Slow Cooker recipes HERE.
Recipe adapted from Taste of Home.  If you need a little more menu inspiration, go HERE, and don’t miss this penny-pinched collection of Slow Cooker Recipes!


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A Bajillion Reasons I Love Your Mean Comments On Facebook


Let me say first that almost all of the comments you all share are so incredibly kind and generous, and I’m SO THANKFUL for that. But, occasionally I do get a mean comment (or two, or eight . . . ), so here are a few thoughts on those I’ve decided to share. Bear with me . . . .  

Y’all . . . I love your mean comments on Facebook.


Um . . . mostly? :) 


For real.


Don’t believe me?

Well, believe it or not there are some fantastic things you’re doing every time you choose to leave a mean comment over there, so I thought I’d share my absolute favorite (of the bajillion . . . ) reasons I love here.


Here we go. 😉


1. You’re making my posts more visible.

The truth is, Facebook doesn’t let you see most of the things I post there on PPP most days. In fact, of the 419,000 + Facebook fans that I have, most of my posts (especially deal posts) are seen by less than 10,000 people.

However, when you comment anything (even not-so-nice things), Facebook sees my posts as a little more valuable. Not the most fun way to get attention, but in a very noisy online world I guess I’ll have to take it.



2. You open the door for a few nicer readers to stick up for me.

I love that. 


If you’re one of the nice readers who comments, I really (really!) appreciate you. :)


3. I’m so glad to give you a place to vent.

Everyone has a bad day occasionally and just feels the need to holler sometimes.


I get that.


If being rude or snarky on Facebook gives you a safe place to vent, while I may not always enjoy it, I’d rather you be mean on one of my Facebook posts than to a real human being in real life.


I just hope you’re not mean to real life human beings in real life too?


Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 12.27.30 PM


4. You’re helping me develop some seriously thick skin. :)

Good. gravy. 


When I started PPP I was about as thin-skinned as they came, but now (most?) of those not-so-sweet comments just roll right on by. Every once in awhile I feel the need to defend myself and may share a word or two, but I try to remember that for the one or two mean comments I do get, there are so many more folks reading who are just plain old nice.


5. At least you’re seeing my posts.

Honestly, so few folks see my posts on Facebook that at least your mean comments lets me know a few people really do see the stuff I spend hours typing away at each day. If you really want to keep up with all the deals here on PPP I highly encourage you to sign up for my free daily emails. 
Although, the more you like or comment on Facebook the more often you’ll see what I post – so like, comment and share away too!


6. We live in a free country.

love that we live in a place where you’re allowed to comment on things (within reason?) and we can all voice our own opinions. 


I love that you can tell me how atrocious my recipe looks, how terrible it is that I bought Frosted Flakes last week, and how much you don’t like Chick-Fil-A.




I love that we’re so fortunate to be in a place where we have access to computers and smartphones and laptops and ipads . . . especially when so many people in the world don’t even have clean water.


So the fact that we can all share what we think with others who have different opinions all over the world is downright amazing to me. 


7. And now, one last thing.


Do remember that just about everything you see online was written at some point by a real, living breathing person.


And, that person (quite possibly), really does have feelings.


I’ll take your mean comments and sift through them as I can, but there are a few times they’ve been hurtful because I really am just a mom who loves to share a deal.


Our family doesn’t eat perfectly, my recipes haven’t been plated by Martha Stewart, and I’ve been known to have cleaning products near food in my pantry.




But go ahead and say what you need to say, get that heavy weight off your chest, and PLEASE BE NICE to the real folks who actually see you in real life each day, okay? 




Thanks for listening to me ramble today. I sure am thankful for you (mean comments and all), because you give me a place to rant sometimes too. :)


Thoughts? Leave a comment to share




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Free Martha Stewart Magazine Subscription

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 8.57.00 AM

Here’s another fun free magazine offer! Request a free one-year subscription to Martha Stewart Magazine from Rewards Gold. You will have to complete a short survey, but I’ve received Martha Stewart for years this way. . . great way to get a fun freebie! :)


Love a bargain? Find more freebies HERE.


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