Sam’s Club Vs. Costco Prices


Sam’s Club Vs. Costco Prices


{Note: The Sam’s Club prices were found in Huntsville, Alabama and the Costco prices were found in Columbus, Ohio. I’ve shopped Sam’s Clubs in both cities and found the prices to be almost identical, and in general, prices for food have been a little higher here in Ohio, so I think this is a pretty good idea of what prices you’ll see in  your area. If any of my Huntsville readers happen to shop Costco I would *love* to hear your prices to compare on these same items . . . I’m going to see if I can get to Sam’s Club here next week to compare as well!) 


This might just be my favorite post ever here on PPP! Because we’re a couple of penny pinchin’ nerds, my friend Shannon and I love to see the low-down-nitty-gritty of a good price, and always (always!) do the math to know just how much we’re spending.


So, when I called Shannon on the way  home from Costco the other day, we started discussing how fun it would be to price war Sam’s and Costco and see who actually won. (Did I mention we were penny pinchin’ nerds?  I wasn’t kidding.) ;)  I was very surprised with some of the results, but loved seeing them matched up evenly. This is just a small sample of the things we watched for this week, and if you all enjoy it, we may both make another trip back for more.


As always, when shopping these stores please go in with a budget in place (in case you haven’t heard that enough from me lately!) We would love to know if these prices are consistent to what you see in your hometown (remember, Shannon’s shopping in Huntsville, Alabama and I’m here in Columbus, Ohio), and if you’ve found other deals that you’ve just loved at Costco or Sam’s Club, leave a comment to let us know what you think.



IMG_3770.JPGSam’s- Whole Chicken $1.07/per lb
Costco- Whole Chicken $1.09/lb



Sam’s- Rotisserie Chicken 3 lb $4.98
Costco-  Rotisserie Chicken 3 lb $4.99



Sam’s- $1.88/lb
Costco- $2.99/lb

Note: This price is a bit deceiving because the Costco price was on Perdue chicken and the Sam’s Club was their Member’s Mark version, but both are antibiotic free 



Sam’s- Lean Meat 80/20- $3.28/per lb
Costco- Lean Meat 80/20 $3.49/per lb



Sam’s – Tyson Frozen Chicken 6 lb $13.19 ($2.20 per lb)
Costco- Perdue Chicken 10 lb $22.90 ($2.29 per lb)



Sam’s- Oscar Mayer Fully Cooked Turkey Bacon 36 oz – $5.86 ($.16 per ounce)
Costco- Turkey bacon 48 oz $5.49 ($.11 per ounce) but the non sale price is $.17 per ounce



Sam’s- Milk $2.29
Costco- Milk $2.69



Sam’s – Sargento Cheese 24 pk $7.98 ($.33 each)
Costco- $10.99 ( $.23 each)



Sam’s- $2.42/18  ($1.61 per dozen)
Costco- $3.99/32 ($1.33 per dozen)



Sam’s- 3 lb Grapes $4.98 ($1.66 per lb)
Costco – 4 lb Grapes $6.99 ($1.74 per lb)



Sam’s – Watermelon $3.98
Costco- Watermelon $3.99

WINNER = SAM’S by just a penny


Sam’s – Organic Spring Mix 1 lb $4.47
Costco – Organic Spring Mix 1 lb $4.49

WINNER = SAM’S by just 2 pennies


Sam’s- Onions 10 lb $6.82 ($.68 per lb)
Costco- Onions 10 lb $8.49 ($.84 per lb)



Sam’s- Sliced Apples 32 oz $3.98 ($.12 per ounce)
Costco- Sliced Apples 48 oz $9.99 ($.21 per ounce)



Sam’s- Strawberries 2 lb $4.98
Costco- Organic Strawberries 2 lb $6.98



Sam’s- $22.48 for 22 Mega Rolls $.93 per Mega roll roll (330 Sheets per roll) 96 reg rolls
Costco- $16.79 for 29 Tripe Rolls $.17 per jumbo roll (stock up price) 97 reg rolls (remember, this price is after their monthly coupon, so the price will go up $4.20 on September 1st but still a decent price)



Sam’s- Bounty 12 roll $17.98 ($1.49 per roll)
Costco- Bounty 12 roll $15.99 ( $1.33 per roll)



Sam’s – $9.91 for 90 or $.11 per tab
Costco- $14.49 on sale Buy One Get One Free $.06 per tab (remember, this price is after their monthly coupon, so the price will go up to $.12 per tab on September 1st but still a decent price)



Sam’s- Member’s Mark Napkins 4 pk 300 Sheets- $9.98 ($.08 per napkin)
Costco- Kirkland’s Napkins 240 ct 4 pk ($0.07 per napkin)



Sam’s- Rice Krispies Treats, 24 pk $8.38 ($.35 each)
Costco- Rice Krispies Treats, 54 pk  $7.99 ($.14 each)

Note: if I remember correctly that the Sam’s Club ones are much larger bars – so this is a little deceiving




Sam’s – Daily Chef K Cup 80 ct $29.98 ($.37 per K cup)
Costco- Kirkland K Cup 100 ct $34.99 ($.35 per K Cup)

WINNER = COSTCO by 2 pennies


Sam’s- Instant Quaker Oatmeal 52 ct $8.48 ($.16 each)
Costco- Instant Quaker Oatmeal 52 ct $8.55 ($.16 each)

WINNER = SAMS by less than a penny


Sam’s- JIF Peanut Butter 2 pk 40 oz $8.33 ($.10 per ounce)
Costco- JIF Peanut Butter 2 pk 48 oz $9.99 ($.10 per ounce)



Sam’s – Nature Valley Granola Bars 30 ct $7.49 ($.25 each)
Costco- Nature Valley Granola Bars 48 ct $12.69 ($.26 each)



Sam’s- Dole Gel Fruit Cups 16 ct $7.88 ($.49 per cup)
Costco- Del Monte Fruit Cups 20 ct $8.39 ($.42 per cup)



Sam’s- General Mills Cheerios 2 27 oz box ($.13 per ounce)
Costco- General Mills Cheerios 40 oz box ($.14 per ounce)



Sam’s- Huggies Diapers Size 2- 168 ct ($.24 per diaper) Size 1 198 ct ($.20 per diaper)
Costco - Huggies Snug & Dry Size 2 228 ct at Costco $32.99 ($.14 per diaper)



Sam’s-  Simply Right Diapers Size 3- 252 ct $34.94 ($.14 per diaper) this is the smallest size they have in the Sam’s brand
Costco- Kirkland’s Diapers $19.99 136 ct at Costco ($.10 per diaper)



Sam’s- Tide $21.48 ($0.10 per ounce)
Costco- Tide $16.49  ($.10 per ounce)



Sam’s Eraser’s 9 ct Kit-  $9.78  ($1.08 each)
Costco- Eraser’s 9 ct- $8.99 ($1.00 each)




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Costco Part 5: Grocery Savings



Time for my last post on Costco shopping (although you’ll definitely want to watch tomorrow when Shannon and I have both been working on a fun Sam’s vs. Costco post . . . it was so surprising to see the results!) I think there are a lot of deals to be had at Costco (or Sam’s Club for that matter), but I cannot stay it enough . . . you have got to go in with a budget in mind and choose to stick to it when you shop.


I’ve always felt like the meat, dairy and produce prices at club stores are very reasonable, but the prices for processed food items, cleaning supplies, and toiletries is just high compared to what I can do with coupons at a regular grocery store. If you can manage to walk into a club store and stick to the items on your list that are good deals than you are doing GREAT, but beware the temptation to over spend while you’re there!


The problem is, if you overspend on an extra box of granola bars at your regular grocery store, you’ll be out $2-$3 each week. But if you decided to splurge on an extra box of those same granola bars at Costco or Sam’s, you’ll easily be out as much as $10. And, if you decide to splurge on three or four items (or five . . . or six ~ yikes!), you can overspend by as much as $50 because each item is just bigger than what’s at home.


(And I don’t know about your kiddos, but if my kids see a gargantuan box of granola bars in the pantry they are way  more likely to gobble them down quickly because they don’t think I’ll notice on a super sized box. Definitely something to consider!)


While I undoubtedly think there are decent prices at Sam’s and Costco, I think it’s just. so. easy. to. overspend. there.  (Did you near me?) Our family’s weekly grocery budget is around $85 per week ~ if I went each week to Costco and spent $45 (like I did a few days ago), that would easily add an extra $180 each month onto my grocery bill, just for food.  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather really pinch my groceries, so I can save for the things I just love ~ like traveling, cute clothes for my kids, and fluffing up my home! That’s just my opinion (and we all have different views on this one for sure!), but do consider that before spending too much on something that’s so perishable. I’d rather have things that I can hold onto than pay an extra penny for cereal that my kids are going to eat through tomororw.


Goodness gracious, I didn’t expect to just rant and rave on this subject, but clearly it’s one of those things that bothers me. Hopping down from my pedestal now to share what I found with you. ;)



So, where are the deals? Let’s get started . . .

String Cheese $10.99 or $.22 each – great price and I think worth stocking up on if you’re at Costco

Most grocery stores sell 12-pack string cheese for around $3.50 ($.29 each), so this is a good price.



Eggs $3.99/32 eggs or $1.33 per dozen

Eggs used to regularly drop at my local Aldi to $.69 per dozen, but I haven’t seen that in ages! I’ve seen them priced anywhere from $1.69-$2.29 here locally, so if you can use them all before they expire (remember, you’ll need room for quite a few eggs in your fridge!), these are a good price.


Milk $2.69/gallon

This is a GREAT price in our area – Aldi also sometimes sells milk at a similar price, but I haven’t seen that recently and from what I can tell Costco consistently has the lowest prices on milk!


Turkey Bacon $5.49 for 4 (12 oz) packages after monthly coupon

Ouch. Turkey bacon is one of those things that you can almost always get for next to nothing – in fact it’s been free in the last month at Walgreens. The same amount would cost you less than $5 this week at Kroger, or if you happen to have a Shoprite nearby you could get it for as low as $.16. Don’t pay full price for turkey bacon (if you eat it at all!) ;)


(And I could kick myself for not getting the price on regular bacon – will have to check that the next time I shop . . . )


Hunt’s Snack Packs $5.99 for 36 cups after monthly coupon

I think these are a decent price after the monthly coupon, however they regularly go on sale at most grocery stores for $.25 per cup, and if you have a coupon you can drop that price even more. Dollar General and Shop Rite have them on sale this week, and the price at Shop Rite after coupon is just $.14 per cup. (Goodness, wish we had a Shoprite nearby!)20140826-154847-56927640.jpg

Rice Krispies Treats $7.99 for 54 bars after monthly coupon

These are a great price again after the monthly coupon. These are one of those items we rarely see go on sale, so $.14 per bar seems like a decent price to me!

Nature Valley Bars $12.68 for 48 ct box 

This makes them $.26 per bar, which isn’t a bad price but there are coupons on these all the time and you can normally find a good sale. We’ve bought the store brand ones at Kroger (they taste the same!) for $2 ($.25 per bar), with no coupon at all, but this week you could get them for as low as $.20 per bar at Walmart, $.06 per bar at Meijer,  $.11 per bar at Publix or $.18 per bar at Walgreens and CVS. It’s nice to easily stock up on them, but you may very well be paying too much!


Kirkland Mandarin Orange Cups $7.69 for 20 cups or $.38 per cup

These are a pretty good price, as good sales on fruit cups don’t come around all that often! I *think* though that Aldi sells fruit cups for around $1.50 which makes them $.37 per cup – so if you don’t have the option of shopping Costco or Sam’s that’s an easy option.


Quaker Instant Oatmeal $8.55 or $.16 per pouch

This isn’t a bad price at all, but I think you may be able to find a similar price if you wait for a good sale and a great coupon on these. This week they’re on sale at Giant Eagle for $2.50, or at Meijer for $2, and if you’ve got the coupon for $1/1 Quaker Protein Instant Oatmeal the price drops to as low as $.80 per 12, making them $.08 each. Just be sure to watch for sales on those if you regularly purchase them, because you should be able to score a good price at your grocery store as well!


Nutri Grain Bars $12.99/48 ct.

The prices on these comes out to $.27 per bar, which isn’t bad if your kiddos love them! HOWEVER, this week you could get them at Giant Eagle for $.12 per bar – if your kids love them watch for a good sale at your favorite grocery store to get a good price.


Jif Peanut Butter $9.99 for 2/48 oz jars.

The price on this comes out to $.10 per ounce. This week at Walgreens and Publix you can get peanut butter for less than $.10 per ounce, and I think if you wait for a good sale you’ll see better prices than this even without coupons at your local grocery store. It is nice to stock up on a bunch so easily, but if there was a GOOD sale with a coupon, you could definitely find peanut butter cheaper!



The moral of the story? ;) There are some decent prices to be found at wholesale stores, but like always, you’ve got to know your prices and shop with a budget in place before heading out. If you’re considering getting a membership at Sam’s or Costco, watch for a special offer from Groupon or Zulily (they come around a few times a year), and definitely take advantage of their monthly specials. (Costco has a flier you can pick up at their customer service desk, and the coupons automatically come off at checkout. Sam’s Club occasionally mails sales fliers with coupons out to members as well.)


And remember that we’re all in a different place when it comes to how we shop. Right now, I’ll take advantage of the meat, dairy and produce deals at Costco or Sam’s, and shop my local grocery store for just about everything else. But, there was a time when I only shopped Aldi for some of those items because they were a little cheaper there, and that worked for me.



Most importantly though, don’t feel like you need a membership at these stores to get a good deal – just about everything goes on sale at your local grocery store, so stock up on the items your family uses when they drop down to a good price!  DETERMINE YOUR BUDGET, make a menu plan, and find the best way to save that works for your family.


Happy penny pinching! ;)



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Costco Part 4: Diaper Pricing & Comparisons

20140826-153844-56324191.jpg Time to see how those Costco prices match up on diapers! Our store only carried Huggies, Here’s how they stacked up:

20140826-153843-56323249.jpg Store brand diapers:


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Costco Part 3: Paper Product Prices



Looking for more Costco price updates? Start HEREHERE and HERE, and you may want to check out these prices at Sam’s Club as well to compare.

I was probably most curious about how the prices on paper products would stack up at Costco, and it was interesting to do a little price checking! I think there are some good prices to be had, but like with everything at Costco, you have got to go in with a budget in mind as it is so easy to overspend when you’re there.


Their price on Charmin right now is $16.79 for 97 double rolls, and it comes out to $.019/square foot. This is a GREAT price for Charmin (remember to always do the math to find your best price on TP – $.019 is a stock up price on any brand, and Charmin at that price is a great deal!) Without their August coupon the price is $.024 per square foot, which is still reasonable for Charmin (but with the coupon this month it’s clearly a better price.)



The regular price on 30 rolls of Kirkland’s Bath Tissue is $14.99, which ends up at $.017 per square foot and is also a great price (and I’ve heard lots of folks say they’ve been very happy with this brand!) So, not a bad price at all, but you can still do even better (without a Costco membership.) ;)

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.52.03 AM

While those prices are great, if you don’t have the option of a Costco membership, you still have an easy way to save.  Amazon currently beats their price on Quilted Northern which is on sale Buy 3 Get 1 Free right now. The price per square foot ends up at $.017 per square foot, and it’s delivered to you (which definitely comes in handy, and you don’t need a membership!)


And, if you happen to subscribe to five or more items in one month your price drops even further because you save 20% on your entire purchase, making it just $.013 per square foot.  Definitely the best price, and you would be stocked up for quite awhile!  (To learn how to get that price without any store membership, go HERE.)


 The price on Bounty Paper Towels after coupon was $15.99 right now, which I think is a pretty good price. (Those coupons really help – so if you’re a Costco shopper be sure to take advantage of what their sales are each month! Remember you can pick up the sales flier at the front of the store each month, and don’t actually need the coupon to get that price.)


To compare, this week Meijer has 12 Giant Rolls on sale for $13.74 after a coupon, and Target has 12 Mega Paper Towels for $15.24. I don’t know the exact square footage on these, but if you head to either of those stores just figure Costco’s price per square foot is $.020 with their current sale, but my bet is the prices are even less if you’ll hang on for a good deal at your local drug store or grocery. I don’t think the price at Costco is bad at all, but am betting you can do just as well elsewhere, and you really don’t need a Costco (or Sam’s) membership to really save big!


(I actually stocked up on paper towels 3 years ago from an online deal at Staples – I spent $40 and *just* ran out of paper towels last week. Definitely watch PPP for these kinds of deals, because I always post those!)



The deals on Kleenex were definitely pretty reasonable (especially if you don’t love clipping coupons and waiting for sales!) Here’s the math on those:

  • Kleenex at Costco 10 ct 230 each 2300 total = $.0076  each
  • Kirkland Brand at Costco 30 ct 110 3300 $25.99 = $.0078 each

At Amazon right now, there’s a $5 off coupon on their Kleenex 85 ct pack of 36, which makes it $28.17 when you subscribe and save or $.008 each. But, if you choose to subscribe to 5 or more items per month your price drops further, making it just $.074 each.

To compare at your local grocery store, Walgreens has a 6 pack of 80 sheets for $4.99, and if you use coupons and Ibotta rebate your price will drop down to $.007 each as wellThere aren’t really any stock up prices compare to this week, so I’m betting your deal would be just as good at a local grocery store with a good sale. It’s definitely so worth it to watch your unit price to know if you’re really getting a good deal!




I’ve still got some more price checking to share on diapers at Costco as well as groceries, so watch for more of those later today! 

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Costo Part Two: Meat Prices


Looking for more Costco price updates? Start HERE and HERE, and you may want to check out these prices at Sam’s Club as well to compare.

Curious how Costco meat prices stack up to pricing at your local grocery store? I was too when I went shopping today, and while I think Costco has fairly reasonable prices on meat, just like on produce you have to buy a bunch which can be hard on your budget if you work from a weekly, biweekly or even monthly grocery budget.


{Do you have a weekly grocery budget? If not, get started there as just determining to stick to a grocery budget really can change your finances!)

 I felt like the prices were comparable to a good sale at your local grocery store on beef and chicken, however you have to have plenty of room to store your meat. I’d planned on picking up chicken breast to fill our freezer, but without having an extra freezer I really don’t have room for the huge packages of meat at Costco. Here’s what I found . . .

Whole chicken $1.09/lb. ~ these were huge, and I’ve often seen whole chicken on sale for as little as $.69-$.79/lb. BUT, this is still a great way to cook and freeze a bunch of chicken, so it might be worth it for you!


Ground beef $3.49/lb. (compare to $3.18/lb at Sam’s Club) ~ I think this is an okay price, but again, storing that much meat would be hard in a smaller space and I’ve seen similar prices on sale at local grocery stores. (I’m also curious if the meat manager would bag it into smaller portions for you, as that would definitely make me consider purchasing so much at one time! I kind of doubt that they do, but figure it never hurts to ask.)


Perdue Frozen Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $22.99/10 lb bag (actually cheaper than the Kirkland chicken price) ~ I think this is an okay price, but I’ve regularly seen chicken for less on sale at my local grocery store, and Sam’s carries a smaller bag for just about the same price per pound (which is easier to take all at once on my weekly grocery budget!) But, it’s not a bad price at all, and might be worth it to easily stock up on a ton of chicken.

Rotisserie chicken $4.99 each

Do you normally buy your meat at Sam’s Club? I’d love to hear if these prices are what you’re finding at your local store, and if you have any other meat deals that you’ve found, leave a comment to share that too. 

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See What $50 Looks Like To Donate!



I am so excited to share this with you all!  Recently I went to 305 8th Street Group Home to drop off some donations.  They mentioned that they were out of canned goods, and a friend of mine gave me a check to pick up some donations for them. Wow!


They knew that I’m totally a let’s-see-how-much-I-can-stretch-the-$50 kinda gal, but the items that 305 needed weren’t on sale ~ anywhere. So, I called Laurie and we decided Aldi would be the best place to pick up the most items at the best price ~ I grabbed everything above for $61 and was thrilled to help them re-stock their food pantry.


This will help 305 8th Street so much. Imagine if your family took a night off of eating out, ate sandwiches instead, and went shopping to grab a ton of items for those who are in need – isn’t it amazing to think what just one meal out could do? So many group homes run on a shoestring budget, and after shopping your whole family (kids included!), could swing by to drop the donations off. It really could be life changing not only for you but also for your children as they see how they’re able to give.


Whenever we teach coupon classes, Laurie and I always share that donating is really the reason we drive ourselves a wee bit nuts to share deals with you each day and get a few deals ourselves. It would be so much easier just to swing by the store, get what we need, and pay full price, but because we pinch a few pennies each week we’re able to give to those in need.


And to me, that’s worth it. ;)

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Target Home and Garden: Watch For 50% Off Clearance



There are a lot of  Home and Garden items 50% at Target!  Here are a few I saw worth watching for if you’ve got a Target nearby . . .










See all the top deals at Target this week, and create your Target shopping list before you shop.

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Costco Part One: Produce Prices


I really thought that I could share all my Costco thoughts in one big ole’ post, but goodness I just have too many thoughts to go around! ;) (Now that my kids are back in school and I finally have time to actually think, I feel like I have way too many words to say when it comes to penny pinching ~ so get ready.) Last night the Sunday School class that we’ve been visiting (who have been so. sweet.) went to a Columbus Clippers game, and a few of us got to talking groceries. (Y’all know this is one of those areas I get waaayyyy too excited about!) I’ve been curious about how prices at Costco compared to Sam’s Club, because the Sam’s in our area is quite a drive.


After talking about it last night I decided it was worth checking out, and made a quick trip this morning. There really are some good deals to be had at on very specific items at Costco, but goodness it’s just so easy to spend too much if you’re not careful! Here are a few quick things I learned:

  • Costco has coupons available every month. These are offered to every Costco shopper, and you don’t actually need the coupon to even get the savings! I think there were some fantastic deals included in the coupon book, and if you don’t get it mailed out to you, swing by your customer service desk to pick one up.
  • Produce and even some meat prices are decent at Costco, but I wouldn’t call them rock bottom prices by any means. On the flip side though, they offer great prices on organic produce, which probably would be tough to beat elsewhere.
  • I LOVE (love, love, LOVE!) that Costco’s tagged prices include prices per unit on every item. It’s so easy at Costco to do the math and know if you’re getting a good price, as long as you have a basic stock up price list in mind! I think there are many deals that would be just as easily found at your local grocery store by waiting to shop the sales ads, but there are some decent prices to be had if you’re careful to go in with a budget, and stick to it.
  • Costco shopping to me requires much more “bulk” shopping than what I’ve seen at Sam’s Club. There are some great prices, but on certain items (like frozen boneless, skinless, chicken breast, eggs, potatoes, onions, etc), you’ll need to buy a bunch to get a great price. If you have enough folks in your family to eat a bunch (and enough room to store it!), there may be some great deals, but you’ll want to take that into consideration before purchasing!


Here’s what I thought about the produce pricing . . . and I’ll share more updates on other items in the store shortly . . .


Seedless Watermelons $3.99 – I thought that was an incredible price and picked one up!

Pineapples $2.99 each – pretty reasonable considering they’re huge


Broccoli $4.49 or $1.49/lb. – I paid $1.99/lb. last night for it at Kroger, however we could never eat that much before it would go bad! If your family eats a bunch of broccoli, it might be worth it. ;)


Onions $8.49/10lbs., or $.84/lb – not a bad price at all, but that’s a lot of onions!

Small Red Potatoes $7.99/10 lb


Organic Salad Blend $4.49 1 lb. – I thought this was a great price – typically I purchase the smaller bags that aren’t organic at Kroger for around $2-$2.50 per bag (which I’m guessing would be about 1/3 the size of this container), so I think this was a decent deal


Garden Salad $2.99/3 lb. bag – great price!20140825-130615-47175169.jpg

Grapes $1.74-$1.87/lb. – I bought grapes last night at Kroger for $.99/lb., so I think this is an okay price? If I couldn’t find a good sale this is a decent deal, and Costco’s produce really is great quality


Organic Strawberries $6.99 – I’m not sure how to compare these – I *think* the same size of non-organic grapes at Sam’s is $4.99


Granny Smith Apples $6.99/5.5 lbs or $1.27/lb. – I think this is a good price, but these apples are huge, so I’d have a hard time sending my kids with a whole apple in their lunch box because I think a lot of it would go to waste! If I was slicing apples at home those for them, this is a decent price.




Organic pre-sliced gala apples $9.99 for 8 6 oz. bags – goodness, these are not worth it at all (in my humble opinion?) That’s a whopping $1.07 per bag – yikes! Sam’s Club has these in one big container that I separate out for my kids, and I was so much happier with that price!

Watch later today for meat pricing - I’d love to hear your thoughts too!









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Laurie’s Costco Trip + Watch For Costco Updates Shortly!


I decided to check out our local Costco this morning, and goodness do I have some thoughts to share with you about that place. It’s going to take me a few minutes to get all the information gathered up, so be watching for it shortly while I do a little price comparing! Here are the things that I picked up that I think were worth the price:

  • 3 gallons milk $2.69/gallon (the cheapest I’ve seen here in Ohio is around $2.99, and it’s even $3.09 at Aldi, so I was pleased with that price)
  • 2 1/2 dozen eggs $3.99 (ends up being $1.33/dozen and the best price I’ve seen here as well)
  • Rice Krispies Treats $7.99 after automatic coupon ($.14 each)
  • 2 packs Finish Detergent Tabs $14.49 buy one get one free after automatic coupon (makes them $.065 per tab – I was so pleased with that price!)
  • watermelon $3.99
  • Organic Salad Blend $4.49
  • Total = $43.02


I don’t know if I’m the only one who’s like this, but it was all I could do not to stop happy Costco shoppers and let them know which items they could get for a better price elsewhere. (I did catch one sweet lady who didn’t know about the buy one get one coupon on those Finish Detergent tabs ~ I just couldn’t let her leave the store without taking home her free box!) ;)  I think there are decent savings to be had there, but you have GOT to know your prices before easily spending too much.


(Shannon and I just got off the phone discussing how there’s just a lure to buy too much at Sam’s & Costco even for us penny pinchers ~ DON’T BE TEMPTED TO BUY TOO MUCH! Whew, thanks for letting me share that . . . I feel much better now.) ;)

Stop back shortly for lots more updates on how to know what to buy there, and if you just love shopping Costco, I’d love to hear what  are your favorite items to buy when you’re there! And be sure to print off this free printable stock up grocery price list if you haven’t gotten it already.





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Staci’s Aldi Trip: Spent $12.93


Here’s a peek at what my friend Staci scored at Aldi this week for just $12.93 (wow!) Staci noticed that the hamburger buns at her Aldi (in Madison, Alabama) were marked down to $.25, so she stocked up. (Remember, you can freeze those!)

Have you made a trip to Aldi lately? If you don’t have time for a lot of coupon clipping, it’s an easy way to save, and don’t forget you can price match at your local Walmart as well.

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