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25 Days of Summer Fun: All Done!


I’ve had this last day of our 25 Days of Summer Fun Series post on my to-do list for the last week, but we’ve been too busy having summer fun for me to catch up! In all honesty, my kid’s best days have been when they’ve played with a box . . .
or enjoyed sponge fun with $1 sponges from the Dollar Tree.
We also loved (loved!) visiting Airwalk in Birmingham (if you have a similar trampoline arena nearby I definitely recommend making a day trip of it ~ a friend of mine and I took our kids last week and had the best day!)
But, if you’re looking for more summer fun ideas, here are quite a few to keep you busy this last month of summer . . .


Make a Pool Noodle Race Track

Try out this Ivory Soap Experiment

Make Jello Ice

Create Sponge Water Bombs


And find lots more *simple* summer fun ideas over HERE on my Summer Pinterest board ~ I’d love to hear what summer fun your family has done this summer!


Looking for more penny pinched ways to enjoy the summer? Here you go. . .


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25 Days of Frugal Summer Fun: Visit A Home Tour


I’m not sure that this can be classified as the most frugal summer fun idea ever, but we had such a good time at the Southern Living Idea Home tour today that the trip was worth every penny spent. I met my sister-in-law today in Nashville to swap out my 13 year old son (he’d stayed with my in-laws for a week), and we decided to meet at the Southern Living Home in Nashville as it was the perfect middle spot. Oh my goodness, it was amazing!


Thankfully we were on our way out by the time that storm was brewing ~ whew!

Unfortunately I left my camera battery at home, so these are just the pictures I took on my cell phone. (They only allowed pictures to be taken outside ~ I wish I could have shown you the whole house, but you can get a better view over HERE.)






The house(es) were just beautiful ~ there was a main home and then several additional “guest” houses ~ each just perfect from top to bottom. The charge was $12 for adults, $5 for kids ages 7 and older (children 6 and under as well as full time military are free), and we had the nicest time meandering through the home while oohing and aahing over every single thing we saw. (My son had the nerve to say “Mom, you never do anything nice to our house like this.” Ugh!)


Not only was it a fun tour, it also reminded me of why I love pinching pennies. Let other folks spend too much money on groceries, I’ll save at the grocery store so I can afford to buy the things I truly love occasionally in our home. Many larger cities offer some type of home tours throughout the summer months, so if you can find one in your area, I definitely recommend taking a few hours to take a tour and motivate yourself to your own financial dreams!





Looking for more penny pinched ways to enjoy the summer? Here you go. . .


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National Ice Cream Month Deals


Did you know July is National Ice Cream month (meaning we need some National Ice Cream Month deals?) One of my all time favorite treats for my kiddos in the summertime is penny pinched ice cream, and there are a ton of great ice cream deals to grab while you’re out and about, all summer long. Here are the best deals that I know of:




Can you tell that girl of mine loves her ice cream? 😉



If you know of other great ice cream deals, I’d love to add them to the list! 


Looking for more penny pinched ways to enjoy the summer? Here you go. . .



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Free Imax Movies At Space & Rocket Center


We’re having a little too much frugal summer fun at our house, which seems to mean that I’m never (ever!) going to finish this 25 Days of Frugal Summer Fun series! But, for you local folks in the North Alabama area, I’m thinking you’ll love today’s frugal fun.
During the summer, the Space and Rocket Center here in Huntsville, Alabama is offering FREE summer Imax movies on Wednesdays at 9am in the Saturn V Hall Digital Theater.  Here’s what’s showing throughout this month:
  • July 10 Wall-E
  • July 17 Jetsons: The Movie
  • July 24 Mars Needs Moms
  • July 31 Planet 51
My neighbor has been taking her kids and they’ve loved it, and all she’s spent is a few dollars on popcorn. (A popcorn costs around $4.) This would be such a fun treat for your kids this summer if you’re here in this area, and a great way to beat the heat! Head on over HERE to learn more, and if you’re in another city that has a similar kind of program at a local museum, I’d love for you to leave a comment to share about it!

Looking for more penny pinched ways to enjoy the summer? Here you go. . .



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Duct Tape Projects


Have your kiddos created duct tape projects yet? It’s one of my girls favorite things to do (even if what they make is far from fancy), and a fun way to spend a few hours on a lazy summer afternoon.  Here are a few fun projects to try out . . . 

Duct Tape Watermelon Purses

Duct Tape Flower Pens

Duct Tape Organizers

Duct Tape Purse using a Pringles Can (who knew?)

 Butterfly Duct Tape Hairbow

And, just in case your kids have way too much time on their hands, you could let them start creating these crazy Duct Tape prom dresses. (Wow ~ umm. . . wow.)

Looking for some great prices on duct tape? Here are a few fun items to try out . . .


Looking for more penny pinched ways to enjoy the summer? Here you go. . .



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Homemade Sidewalk Chalk


Here’s a fun and super easy activity for your little ones if you’re looking to keep them busy this week! Take just ten minutes to mix together a batch of homemade sidewalk chalk (they’ll love the goo) and then let them play with it ’til their heart’s content.  Here’s how to make it:


  • corn starch
  • water
  • food coloring


  • Mix together equal parts water and corn starch. 
  • Add food coloring (you’ll need to add quite a bit to change the color ~ I actually used cake decorator’s food coloring paste.) 
  • Pour into ice cube trays. Freeze until solid, then take outside to play with.
That’s it ~ so simple! I found the ice cubes above at the Dollar Tree (my favorite store. . .) and the kids loved playing with the side walk chalk “goo” once it melted probably more than the chalk itself. Let me know if you have any other tips on how to make this at home!



Looking for more penny pinched ways to enjoy the summer? Here you go. . .



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Pinterest Failure: Pop Rock Pops


Looking for something fun and frugal for the 4th of July with your kiddos? Last week we found marshmallows and Pop Rocks at the Dollar Tree (for just $1 ~ of course!), and tried out making Pop Rock Marshmallow Pops in just a few minutes.  Although they were a Pinterest failure for us, we still had fun making them, and my kids ate every last one.

Because I’m a frugal girl (and couldn’t find those cute paper straws), I thought it would be fine to just substitute with peppermint sticks that I found at the Dollar Tree. Ummmm . . . maybe if they were skinny they would have worked just fine, but these fat sticks didn’t want to hang onto my marshmallows at all, and we had a messy, sticky, disastrous treat. (My daughters word: FAILURE . . . but she licked up every bite.) 😉

See how to make them (so much prettier than mine!) over at The Decorated Cookie, and let me know how they go at your house if you’re courageous enough to try them. (I really think they’re such a cute idea, and would work perfectly if you follow her directions rather than skipping out on the right supplies!) I can coupon with the best of them, but Martha Stewart just doesn’t live at my house. 😉

See, aren’t those CUTE? Go HERE to make them correctly. 


Looking for more penny pinched ways to enjoy the summer? Here you go. . .



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25 Days Frugal Summer Fun


Looking for something fun and frugal to do with your kids? Today we found popsicle molds at the Dollar Tree (for $1 ~ of course!), picked up Kool Aid for $.50 at Kroger, and made popsicles in just a few minutes.

Ummmmmm. . . the only problem was that my kids got a wee bit too excited about the molds, had to *check* them every five minutes, and I’m pretty sure there was no hope for them to freeze correctly. Sooooo we have really cute molds but no popsicles. (If anyone’s made these successfully, I’d love to hear your tips!)


Looking for more penny pinched ways to enjoy the summer? Here you go. . .



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25 Days of Frugal Summer Fun: Make Patriotic Oreo Pops


Looking for something fun and frugal to do with your kids this week? They’ll love this one! We made these Patriotic Oreo Pops last summer and my kids (of course!) devoured them, plus they were pretty simple to make. Here’s what you’ll need . . .


Patriotic Oreo Pops

adapted from Makoodle, check out more fantastic directions HERE


  1. Double Stuff Oreos (absolutely required, no single stuffed Oreos around here. at all because they’re just not enough . . . ) On Sale $2.99 at Publix or $2.49 at Kroger, use $1 off Nabisco Cookie and Milk coupon from the beginning of June (if you didn’t print it, let’s hope another one comes out Monday when those Nabisco coupons normally pop up for the month!)
  2. White chocolate
  3. red, white and blue sprinkles the cake store in our town sells these by weight, I paid $2 for more than enough sprinkles
  4. Lollipop Sticks I also picked those up at the cake store where they cost $.75 for 50 pops


  1. Put cake pops on sticks (go HERE to see fantastic pictures and instructions.)
  2. Melt chocolate.
  3. Drizzle white chocolate over Oreos until covered.
  4. Then drizzle sprinkles over white chocolate.
  5. Cool on wax paper.
  6. Can be refrigerated for a few days.


Looking for more penny pinched ways to enjoy the summer? Here you go. . .





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