25 Days of Summer Fun: All Done!


I’ve had this last day of our 25 Days of Summer Fun Series post on my to-do list for the last week, but we’ve been too busy having summer fun for me to catch up! In all honesty, my kid’s best days have been when they’ve played with a box . . .
or enjoyed sponge fun with $1 sponges from the Dollar Tree.
We also loved (loved!) visiting Airwalk in Birmingham (if you have a similar trampoline arena nearby I definitely recommend making a day trip of it ~ a friend of mine and I took our kids last week and had the best day!)
But, if you’re looking for more summer fun ideas, here are quite a few to keep you busy this last month of summer . . .


Make a Pool Noodle Race Track

Try out this Ivory Soap Experiment

Make Jello Ice

Create Sponge Water Bombs


And find lots more *simple* summer fun ideas over HERE on my Summer Pinterest board ~ I’d love to hear what summer fun your family has done this summer!


Looking for more penny pinched ways to enjoy the summer? Here you go. . .


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25 Days of Frugal Summer Fun: Visit A Home Tour


I’m not sure that this can be classified as the most frugal summer fun idea ever, but we had such a good time at the Southern Living Idea Home tour today that the trip was worth every penny spent. I met my sister-in-law today in Nashville to swap out my 13 year old son (he’d stayed with my in-laws for a week), and we decided to meet at the Southern Living Home in Nashville as it was the perfect middle spot. Oh my goodness, it was amazing!


Thankfully we were on our way out by the time that storm was brewing ~ whew!

Unfortunately I left my camera battery at home, so these are just the pictures I took on my cell phone. (They only allowed pictures to be taken outside ~ I wish I could have shown you the whole house, but you can get a better view over HERE.)






The house(es) were just beautiful ~ there was a main home and then several additional “guest” houses ~ each just perfect from top to bottom. The charge was $12 for adults, $5 for kids ages 7 and older (children 6 and under as well as full time military are free), and we had the nicest time meandering through the home while oohing and aahing over every single thing we saw. (My son had the nerve to say “Mom, you never do anything nice to our house like this.” Ugh!)


Not only was it a fun tour, it also reminded me of why I love pinching pennies. Let other folks spend too much money on groceries, I’ll save at the grocery store so I can afford to buy the things I truly love occasionally in our home. Many larger cities offer some type of home tours throughout the summer months, so if you can find one in your area, I definitely recommend taking a few hours to take a tour and motivate yourself to your own financial dreams!





Looking for more penny pinched ways to enjoy the summer? Here you go. . .


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National Ice Cream Month Deals


Did you know July is National Ice Cream month (meaning we need some National Ice Cream Month deals?) One of my all time favorite treats for my kiddos in the summertime is penny pinched ice cream, and there are a ton of great ice cream deals to grab while you’re out and about, all summer long. Here are the best deals that I know of:




Can you tell that girl of mine loves her ice cream? 😉



If you know of other great ice cream deals, I’d love to add them to the list! 


Looking for more penny pinched ways to enjoy the summer? Here you go. . .



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Free Imax Movies At Space & Rocket Center


We’re having a little too much frugal summer fun at our house, which seems to mean that I’m never (ever!) going to finish this 25 Days of Frugal Summer Fun series! But, for you local folks in the North Alabama area, I’m thinking you’ll love today’s frugal fun.
During the summer, the Space and Rocket Center here in Huntsville, Alabama is offering FREE summer Imax movies on Wednesdays at 9am in the Saturn V Hall Digital Theater.  Here’s what’s showing throughout this month:
  • July 10 Wall-E
  • July 17 Jetsons: The Movie
  • July 24 Mars Needs Moms
  • July 31 Planet 51
My neighbor has been taking her kids and they’ve loved it, and all she’s spent is a few dollars on popcorn. (A popcorn costs around $4.) This would be such a fun treat for your kids this summer if you’re here in this area, and a great way to beat the heat! Head on over HERE to learn more, and if you’re in another city that has a similar kind of program at a local museum, I’d love for you to leave a comment to share about it!

Looking for more penny pinched ways to enjoy the summer? Here you go. . .



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Duct Tape Projects


Have your kiddos created duct tape projects yet? It’s one of my girls favorite things to do (even if what they make is far from fancy), and a fun way to spend a few hours on a lazy summer afternoon.  Here are a few fun projects to try out . . . 

Duct Tape Watermelon Purses

Duct Tape Flower Pens

Duct Tape Organizers

Duct Tape Purse using a Pringles Can (who knew?)

 Butterfly Duct Tape Hairbow

And, just in case your kids have way too much time on their hands, you could let them start creating these crazy Duct Tape prom dresses. (Wow ~ umm. . . wow.)

Looking for some great prices on duct tape? Here are a few fun items to try out . . .


Looking for more penny pinched ways to enjoy the summer? Here you go. . .



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Homemade Sidewalk Chalk


Here’s a fun and super easy activity for your little ones if you’re looking to keep them busy this week! Take just ten minutes to mix together a batch of homemade sidewalk chalk (they’ll love the goo) and then let them play with it ’til their heart’s content.  Here’s how to make it:


  • corn starch
  • water
  • food coloring


  • Mix together equal parts water and corn starch. 
  • Add food coloring (you’ll need to add quite a bit to change the color ~ I actually used cake decorator’s food coloring paste.) 
  • Pour into ice cube trays. Freeze until solid, then take outside to play with.
That’s it ~ so simple! I found the ice cubes above at the Dollar Tree (my favorite store. . .) and the kids loved playing with the side walk chalk “goo” once it melted probably more than the chalk itself. Let me know if you have any other tips on how to make this at home!



Looking for more penny pinched ways to enjoy the summer? Here you go. . .



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Pinterest Failure: Pop Rock Pops


Looking for something fun and frugal for the 4th of July with your kiddos? Last week we found marshmallows and Pop Rocks at the Dollar Tree (for just $1 ~ of course!), and tried out making Pop Rock Marshmallow Pops in just a few minutes.  Although they were a Pinterest failure for us, we still had fun making them, and my kids ate every last one.

Because I’m a frugal girl (and couldn’t find those cute paper straws), I thought it would be fine to just substitute with peppermint sticks that I found at the Dollar Tree. Ummmm . . . maybe if they were skinny they would have worked just fine, but these fat sticks didn’t want to hang onto my marshmallows at all, and we had a messy, sticky, disastrous treat. (My daughters word: FAILURE . . . but she licked up every bite.) 😉

See how to make them (so much prettier than mine!) over at The Decorated Cookie, and let me know how they go at your house if you’re courageous enough to try them. (I really think they’re such a cute idea, and would work perfectly if you follow her directions rather than skipping out on the right supplies!) I can coupon with the best of them, but Martha Stewart just doesn’t live at my house. 😉

See, aren’t those CUTE? Go HERE to make them correctly. 


Looking for more penny pinched ways to enjoy the summer? Here you go. . .



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25 Days Frugal Summer Fun


Looking for something fun and frugal to do with your kids? Today we found popsicle molds at the Dollar Tree (for $1 ~ of course!), picked up Kool Aid for $.50 at Kroger, and made popsicles in just a few minutes.

Ummmmmm. . . the only problem was that my kids got a wee bit too excited about the molds, had to *check* them every five minutes, and I’m pretty sure there was no hope for them to freeze correctly. Sooooo we have really cute molds but no popsicles. (If anyone’s made these successfully, I’d love to hear your tips!)


Looking for more penny pinched ways to enjoy the summer? Here you go. . .



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25 Days of Frugal Summer Fun: Make Patriotic Oreo Pops


Looking for something fun and frugal to do with your kids this week? They’ll love this one! We made these Patriotic Oreo Pops last summer and my kids (of course!) devoured them, plus they were pretty simple to make. Here’s what you’ll need . . .


Patriotic Oreo Pops

adapted from Makoodle, check out more fantastic directions HERE


  1. Double Stuff Oreos (absolutely required, no single stuffed Oreos around here. at all because they’re just not enough . . . ) On Sale $2.99 at Publix or $2.49 at Kroger, use $1 off Nabisco Cookie and Milk coupon from the beginning of June (if you didn’t print it, let’s hope another one comes out Monday when those Nabisco coupons normally pop up for the month!)
  2. White chocolate
  3. red, white and blue sprinkles the cake store in our town sells these by weight, I paid $2 for more than enough sprinkles
  4. Lollipop Sticks I also picked those up at the cake store where they cost $.75 for 50 pops


  1. Put cake pops on sticks (go HERE to see fantastic pictures and instructions.)
  2. Melt chocolate.
  3. Drizzle white chocolate over Oreos until covered.
  4. Then drizzle sprinkles over white chocolate.
  5. Cool on wax paper.
  6. Can be refrigerated for a few days.


Looking for more penny pinched ways to enjoy the summer? Here you go. . .





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25 Days of Frugal Summer Fun: Attend A Vacation Bible School

Are your kids driving you nuts yet this summer?  Mine aren’t quite there yet, but we’re on our way quickly . . . 🙂 This week we started Vacation Bible School at church though, and they’re so excited to do something they love, and I had a great time listening to my oldest daughter tell her baby sister all the fun things they’d be doing at VBS this week!

If you’re looking for a VBS, here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Contact local churches in your area to see when they offer VBS
  • Find a friend to go with your child to VBS if you’re attending a different church than you normally attend
  • If you can help with VBS, they’re always looking for volunteers, and it’s a great way to see how your kids interact with other children each day!
  • Most Vacation Bible Schools are always looking for extra snacks to feed their volunteers, so if you have a few items in  your pantry to donate, that’s a great easy way to help out.
If you’re working at a Vacation Bible School in your area and would like to share about it, feel free to leave the dates and location in the comments section!  


Looking for more penny pinched ways to enjoy the summer? Here you go. . . 





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25 Days of Frugal Summer Fun: Kids Bowl Free

Have you taken your kiddos bowling yet this summer? If not, there are several programs available that offer free bowling in the summertime, and it’s a great way to keep cool on a hot summer day.


Shoe rentals typically run $3-$4, and other bowling alleys may also participate in similar summer programs, so it’s worth calling your local bowling center before you head out. If you have any tips on how to make bowling in the summertime with your kiddos a success, please leave a comment to share!


Looking for more penny pinched ways to enjoy the summer? Here you go. . . 





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Yarn Obstacle Course

Need an activity your kids will love and might just keep them busy for all of 32 minutes? This is for you.  We made this yarn obstacle course for my kids to play in last summer, and I set up another one today so that they could at least have a few minutes of peace. (Entertainment seems to run short around here!)



I found this idea on Pinterest last summer, and when my kiddos saw this Yarn Obstacle Game you can bet they were all over it.  My son designed the “course” (which kept him busy for half an hour. . .) and all three of them have spent a few hours playing in it . . . yayyyyy!  (Who needs a clever craft when you can have cheap entertainment in the summertime, right?)




To make the course, all we used was regular yarn we had on hand and painter’s tape to protect the walls.  As I’m typing, my six year old just hollered: “Momma, I can’t get out of the lasers!”  Yup . . . summer life is good. 🙂 


Looking for more penny pinched ways to enjoy the summer? Here you go. . . 





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Homemade Snow Cones

My kids love Snow Cones.  At the ball park, a carnival, or wherever else they find one, they just can’t get enough. So, last summer I decided to try out making Homemade Snow Cones, and they were so excited to try them out (plus it was so easy to do!) You can find Sno Cone Syrup at the Dollar Tree for (you guessed it) a dollar, but making it yourself with items already in your kitchen is kinda fun too.

Homemade Sno-Cones


  1. 2 cups sugar
  2. 1 cup water
  3. 1 envelope Kool Aid mix free at Publix and Kroger
  4. crushed ice



  1. Cook sugar and water over high heat on stove top until boiling.
  2. Boil for one minute.
  3. Add Kool Aid Mix and stir completely (we used grape  . . . delicious!)
  4. Let cool.
  5. Crush ice using blender (tip:  if your refrigerator has a “crushed” ice option use that to make the process easier on your blender!)





Looking for more penny pinched ways to enjoy the summer? Here you go. . . 


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Summer Snow {Shaving Cream Fun}

Anyone else have a few extra bottles of free shaving cream in the pantry? After stocking up a few months ago, I loved this Summer Snow idea when my daughter found it on Pinterest. (We love checking out Pinterest ideas together!) So, out came the stockpile. 😉

 Summer Snow (Shaving Cream)

All we did was spray two bottles into an empty container (both girls got a bottle before I realized what they were doing!), and popped it in the freezer over night. The next morning it had hardened and after crushing a bit with a spatula, they were ready to play!


I had no idea they’d have so much fun with this (I kind of thought we were past the days of shaving cream play. . .), but they loved it and even my big ole’ 13 year old got in on the game. Since the shaving cream is just soap I let them have at it (it’s probably the cleanest they’ve been since school let out, then they rinsed down with their homemade plastic bottle sprinkler and I didn’t spend a penny out of pocket.) Woot!





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25 Days of Frugal Summer Fun: Visit A Thrift Store


I mentioned running to our local thrift store yesterday to my kiddos, and they were so ready to go. (My oldest was hoping to find a used Lacrosse stick ~ we didn’t find one but are still on the hunt!) The kids loved seeing what they had to offer, and I didn’t have to worry over spending too much while we looked around. (Shopping with three kids at most stores can be a huge challenge ~ not so much at the thrift store!)  It was a great way to hang out together on a quiet afternoon, and they all enjoyed exploring a bit!


Here are a few of the things we spied along the way . . .



Several old records (2 of my 3 kiddos had never seen a record before ~ wow!)


Some really cute prints for a little boy’s bedroom for just $4 (in case you know anyone who needs them  . . .)


This print that I thought *might* have potential if put in the right frame?


A fun odd-shaped ottoman (I’ve been wanting one for my office, but am not ready to tackle reupholstering quite yet)


My girls also got a kick out of looking at all the fancy dresses and thought this one could be Cinderella’s (if you need something formal, check your thrift store for beautiful dresses!)


And my son was so impressed that you could get a working television for just $20.

After our trip we swung by Sonic for half price slushes, so our entire afternoon outing cost just $3.58! My kids were pretty content without buying anything while we thrifted, but if you have little ones and want to just buy a small special treat, you could easily find books, puzzles and games for less than $1.





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Frugal Summer Fun: Find A Bike Trail

This is a re-post of one of my favorite frugal activities in the summertime. Such a fun way to enjoy a day as a family, and if you have bikes, you won’t spend a penny!


Are you looking for a fun summer activity, but don’t want to break the bank? One of our family’s absolute favorite frugal summer activities is trying out local bike trails in our community, and this year all our kiddos are finally old enough to ride their big kid bikes all by themselves. (We’ve spent the last twelve years pushing, pulling or toting one along with us, so I’m thinking we’ve finally arrived. . . WOOHOOO!)


Photo Credit  

If you haven’t tried out a bike trail yet with young children, here are a few suggestions:


  1. Find local bike trails in your area at TrailLink.com.  (If your family doesn’t own bikes for everyone, or your little ones are too tiny to enjoy the ride, remember you can always take a walk on some great trails as well!)
  2. Plan your trip during the coolest part of the day.  By planning your trip in the early morning or evening, you’ll avoid the heat of the day as well as miss naptime for the little ones in your family.  Around our house, an early evening bike ride makes for a very good night’s sleep too! 🙂
  3. Pack appropriately for your trip.  You’ll want to take water bottles (carry a sack backpack if your bikes don’t have racks for water bottles), helmets, bug spray, a few band-aids and some antibiotic ointment (just in case!), as well as a camera for pictures along the way.
  4. Plan the length of your trip based on the ages and bike-riding ability of your children.  Our youngest just started riding a two-wheeler this Spring at the age of five, and she pretty easily handled four miles on her first long trip.  Before setting out on a “longer” trail though, you may want to do a test-drive around your neighborhood to see how they do before planning a longer trip though!  In case you do go further than your little ones can make it, many trails include places to stop along the way so you can usually send someone back for the car if you need to.
  5. Know what kind of surface you’ll be biking on before you go.  Many trails have both solid and rocky surfaces, which may be difficult if you have little ones who are new to riding (or riding with training wheels.)  You can check to see if the trail that you’re planning to ride is on a paved or gravel surface by looking on TrailLink.com for trails that are either wheelchair accessible or allow inline skating.  Most likely those ones will be an easy ride for your little guys!
  6. Plan a fun treat at the end of the trail!  While we love the ride, one of our favorite parts is a special ending somewhere along the way.  Many trails include playgrounds at the end of the loop, and you can always swing by McDonald’s for $1 Sundaes, Wendy’s for $1 Frosties, or Sonic for half price slushes or milk shakes as a special treat.  (This is also a fantastic motivator if you’re children’s legs get a little tired . . . I’m always amazed at how much more quickly my children will pedal when there’s food involved!)
Here are our kids enjoying Ice Cream Sandwiches at the only Nestle Toll House Store in Alabama after our bike ride in Athens last weekend . . . they were pretty pleased with themselves! 🙂


What other tips do you have for bike riding as a family, or frugal summer fun?  I’d love to hear your thoughts, so take a minute and leave a comment to share!




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Plastic Bottle Sprinkler


We tried out making a plastic bottle srpinkler today, and it was so easy, quite a bit of fun, and my thirteen year old set it up all by himself! (I hate my kids growing up, but there is definitely something nice about having ones big enough to help out with these projects . . . especially since I’m not all that handy with a drill myself.) 🙂


 Homemade Sprinkler


Here’s what you’ll need to get started it if you’d like a little frugal summer fun too:

  • plastic bottle (we used a 2-liter bottle)
  • duct tape
  • hose
  • drill to make holes in the bottle
Go HERE for great step-by-step instructions ~ it should take you just a few minutes to set up and my kids loved it!
What ideas will be on you summer to do list this year? I’d love to hear them! You can also check out my summer fun board on Pinterest for more summer fun ideas.
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25 Days of Frugal Summer Fun: “Paint” The Driveway



I hadn’t planned on posting a frugal summer fun tip today, but while I was unpacking from our trip my 10-year-old ran in and said “Mom! I found a fun summer idea for you, and it’s really fun!” So, since this one is kid tested I figured it was good enough for you. (Forgive the pitiful pictures ~ all I had time for tonight was a quick snap from my phone.) 😉

Give your kids some water and a mop, paint brush or even paint roller.


Let them “paint” the driveaway.


There you have it. Now, how’s that for some penny pinched fun? (I promise, these will get better after I’ve had a few nights of sleep in my own bed . . . )


What ideas will be on you summer to do list this year? I’d love to hear them! You can also check out my summer fun board on Pinterest for more summer fun ideas and see more in the 25 days of frugal summer fun series.



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25 Days Frugal Summer Fun: Host A Tea Party (Just For Yourselves)


All too often, I think we have to do big fancy extravagant activities with our kids to make a day “special”. And while my kids love fancy tea party days like this, they’re pretty content just to have a make believe tea party up in the play room with their mom.



So, if you just need something to keep you and your little ones busy this week, here are a few ways to host a fun tea party ~ just for your little family.

  • Let your kids dress up. (You could even dress up too!)
  • Instead of using real food, use play-do and make fancy “treats”.
  • To keep your kids busy while you get a few things done prior to the tea party, let them color a fancy place mat for each person in attendance (even if it’s just the two of you!)
  • Turn some music on.
  • Choose a special book to read at tea. Some of our favorites are Pinkalicious for girls and the Brave Cowboy for boys.
Leave your cell phone, computer, and television somewhere else, and just enjoy your kids for a bit. This is undoubtedly one of the things I struggle most with as a parent. . . as I often pay “half” attention to my kiddos. If you struggle with it too, try to turn everything else off and just hang out with them. My bet is they’ll enjoy that as much if not more than $20 spent on a not-so-frugal day at home.
What ideas will be on you summer to do list this year? I’d love to hear them! You can also check out my summer fun board on Pinterest for more summer fun ideas.
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Free Summer Movies 2013


Looking for a break this summer from the sun? For day two of our 25 Days of Frugal Summer Fun series, I wanted to make sure you found all the theaters in your area offering free summer movies 2013! Here are the theaters that I know are including this great freebie over the summer . . .


Carmike Movies – Carmike theaters are offering $2 movies each week. See locations and movie schedule HERE.

Cinemark – Cinemark has movies for $1 each week, or watch ten summer movies for $5. Find locations and movie schedule HERE.

Clearview Cinemas – Clearview Cinemas has free movies for families on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 AM starting July 10th& 11th. Find Clearview Cinemas in your areaHERE.

Marcus Theaters Marcus Theaters offers kids $2 movies on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 10am from June 18th through August 15th. Find more information HERE.

Monaco Theaters – Monaco Theaters offers free kids movies Mondays and Wednesdays at 10 AM starting June 5th. Find more information HERE.

Rave Motion Theaters Rave Motion Theaters offers free kid’s movies each Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 AM. Find locations and movie schedule HERE.

Regal Cinemas – Regal Cinemas offers movies for $1 Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 10 AM. See locations and movie schedule HERE.


Leave a comment if you find any movie theaters that I need to add to the list!


What ideas will be on you summer to do list this year? I’d love to hear them! You can also check out my summer fun board on Pinterest for more summer fun ideas.
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Homemade Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Note: This may leave white residue even after it’s washed away – test out in a small spot on your driveway to be on the safe side if you’re concerned about that prior to letting your kiddos have at it! 😉 It washed off for me without any issues, but someone let me know they’ve had that problem with it in the past.



Who’s ready for summer to really start? I finally am! We actually made this homemade sidewalk chalk paint last summer, and as I was looking through my camera I noticed the pictures . . . my kids loved it and it was so simple and definitely penny pinched. Fun!

Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Here’s how to make it if you’d like a little frugal summer fun too:

  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup cornstarch
  • food coloring
Mix together corn starch and water. Then, separate in small containers and add a few drops of food coloring until you have your desired colors. (You can pour the corn starch mixture into muffin tins and then add food coloring to each space to easily change your color palette!)


We just used plain old paint brushes to “paint” the sidewalk, and the girls had so much fun. If you’ve tried homemade sidewalk chalk at your house, I’d love to hear any other suggestions you have on how to make it easily!


What ideas will be on you summer to do list this year? I’d love to hear them! You can also check out my summer fun board on Pinterest for more summer fun ideas.


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25 Days Of Frugal Summer Fun. . . To Be Continued

 So… here I go completely bailing on our 25 Days of Summer Fun Series. (At least for now.)


Seriously, after day two.


I looked at my husband tonight (as it was pouring down rain and way too cold outside), and said, “you know, it’s kinda hard to do this 25 Days of Frugal Summer Fun series when it’s cold out, and I’m not sure it’s going to be helpful to anyone reading because they’re not right in the middle of summer either.” His response?


Yup, he’s right.


In case you haven’t figured this out yet (~ahem~), I’m just a mom. I don’t have any degrees in marketing, advertising, or even journalism . . . in fact, I’m in sheer amazement each day that so many folks take time to read what’s here on PPP.  (It’s all I can do just to keep this technologically-challenged brain on top of things most days!)


I do however know a thing or two about coupons, and I’m not a bad cook. 😉  Sometimes though I get so excited about an idea before thinking it through rationally. And somewhere as I was planning out May I figured I’d better get a head start on summertime . . . because isn’t that what all the best stores do? They sell Christmas candy during Halloween and market Easter bunnies when it’s still Valentine’s?


This plain-ole’-momma should have thought that one through a little better, and since I figure we’re only two days in you’ll understand me stopping early. That way I can have some frugal summer fun with my own kids once they finish up their school year, and share what we do each day along the way.


So, go ahead and get your summer bucket list ready and let me know your big plans, and we’ll do them all together in June. Thanks for understanding. 😉


{By the way, what keeps getting me even more excited about these new series is the fun graphics my friend Cheryl of Beyer by Design has designed for them. We’ve got some exciting plans in the works for the next few months, so keep watching to see more udpates!}

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25 Days of Frugal Summer Fun: Host A Lemonade Stand

One of my kiddos all time favorite summer activities (despite how much it makes me nuts . . . ) is hosting a summer lemonade stand. It teaches them a little about work, and is a great way for them to get those entrepreneur juices flowing.


I did a little searching, and there are a ton of great lemonade stand ideas out there to help make things a little more fun, and maybe even go more smoothly! Here are a few ideas . . .


photo credit

Print these super cute free Lemonade Stand Printables at Be Different Act Normal

Try making these Lemon Shake Ups instead of plain ole’ lemonade 

Photo Credit

And if you really want to go all out, make this super cute Lemonade Stand out of a Pallet (so smart!!!) For directions, visit I Know The Plans I Have For You


What ideas will be on you summer to do list this year? I’d love to hear them! You can also check out my summer fun board on Pinterest for more summer fun ideas.
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Summer Bucket List ~ 25 Days of Frugal Summer Fun

It’s the first day in our 25 Days of Frugal Summer Fun series, and I’m so excited to share one of my favorite ways to start out the summer! While there are all kind of ideas that our family loves to do in the summertime, tonight’s idea is a great way to begin the summer with a plan of attack. My kids have so many ideas swirling about in their heads with summer break just three weeks away {yikes!}, so it’s time to get started planning!


I thought I’d start by sharing how we created a summer bucket list last summer, which is still sitting on our front porch just waiting to be re-used this summer. Here’s how we started last year . . .



Reposted from May 2012 

Last night, after my girls were in bed, I asked my son what he would like put in our family’s “bucket list” for the summer. I gave him a few ideas as a starting point, and let him go wild coming up with ideas for fun summer treats to add to the list.



My (little?) boy is twelve this summer, and as he rattled off things to do, I had to inwardly grin. Do you know what that big ole’ boy wants to do this summer? (Please don’t laugh. . . although I did just a bit!) He wants to play cowboys and indians and go on an “adventure”; to create an art project and play capture the flag; to make a cake all by himself,  catch a few fireflies, and, of course, build a fort outside to hide out in.

Do you know what snuck up on me as we made our list together? That boy of mine is growing up (I just hate this growing up business some days!) I doubt I’ll have many more summers when playing cowboys and indians, drawing a sidewalk chalk city, or making freshly squeezed homemade lemonade will be on his to-do list for the summer.



So our bucket list is going to stay real close at hand this summer, and we’ll be working to to clip every one off the list. And do you know what else? I’m not going to be sad about things changing one tiny bit. (Do you hear that?) Because while I know in my heart that these cowboy days are very closely nearing an end, that boy is pretty fun to hang out with as he’s growing up.  Instead of being sad as about this growing up stuff (really!), I’m just going to enjoy every single moment we’re in right now, and look right on forward to getting to know the person that he’s becoming.

(Thank goodness though that I have two little girls coming up behind him though . . . I think we may still have a few more years of princesses left!)


By the way, our all-time favorite book to read for boys has been The Brave Cowboyby Joan Walsh Anglund. I think this one’s a must-have-book for every little boy (toddler-kindergarten aged), and even now we still pull it out every once in awhile just to look through the sweet pictures and spend a little time imagining just like that cowboy did. 🙂

Thanks for the clever bucket list idea, Delia Creates. . . I loved it! See more great Summer Bucket List ideas HERE, HERE & HERE. I’d love for you to join me over on Pinterest to see more crafty ideas, and please leave a comment with any other summer craft ideas you have! 

What ideas will be on you summer bucket list year? I’d love to hear them! Don’t forget you can also enter to win a $10 Amazon gift card when you share a comment on this post before 10 PM tonight. Good luck!
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