What’s On Your Honey-Do List This Summer?

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This weekend we’re starting work on a big honey-do list of projects around our house. We’ve lived in our home for eight years (which is the longest we’ve ever stayed in one place), and while the house was new when we bought it, it’s in need of a little TLC!


So, we’ve made a list to start tackling some of these projects (we’re hoping to knock out a bunch this weekend ~ we’ll see . . .) and maybe it’ll motivate your family too to get started if you’re in the same place.  Here’s what’s on our list (some of these are things that have to be done, and a few are me just dreaming . . . )

  1. Re-stain front door
  2. Clean and paint front porch rocking chairs
  3. Paint front porch swing
  4. Fix front porch railing (this one’s a big job ~ yikes!)
  5. Paint/touch up siding
  6. Re-stain deck
  7. Get a new light bulb for the refrigerator
  8. Sweep out cobwebs on the front porch
  9. Get fans for the front porch (maybe?)
  10. Recover dining room chairs
  11. Cut down front tree (it was dead ~ my son tackled that one this morning)
  12. Replace tree in front yard
  13. Re-paint mailbox
  14. Paint tables for front porch
  15. Tile/brick/add something? to the front porch
  16. Get new kitchen curtains
  17. Re-paint guest bathroom
  18. Paint kids bathroom
  19. Update playroom
And here’s the progress we’ve made so far . . .
My husband spent about an hour working on it last night, and the front door looks so much better this morning!
We used Minwax Gel Stain in Mahogany (which is actually just $1 plus shipping right now on Amazon) and I could kick myself for not checking there before we purchased. (We bought it at Lowe’s in a quart size which was much bigger than we needed and we spent $14 ~ ugh!)
 Our next project for the day is to work on those front porch rockers. I *think* I’m going to paint them all black (you can see why over HERE) and use either blue or yellow accents. We tried the smallest one last night in black and I’m so torn, but since I have the paint all ready I’m going to see how it goes. Here are a few pillows I’m looking at for them . . .
(These pillows are $22.49 for two on Amazon ~ I love the Chevron print!)
And I love this one ~ I actually have it in turquoise in my office and it’s one of my favorites, but it’s priced too high right now on Amazon for me!

(I also love these blue ones for $23 on Amazon, and think they would look cute with white or black chairs!)


I’d love to hear your suggestions . . . I know last night over on Facebook folks were strongly pulling for the white chairs, but I think I’m going to try one of the big chairs in black before making a decision. I’ll update you next week with how it looks!


Do you have any projects that you need to tackle at your home this summer? If you have a quiet weekend it might be a great time to get started . . . I’m tickled to start seeing some of these big projects marked off our list, and promise it feels so good!  You can also join me over on Pinterest to see more home ideas.


See more previous Friday Fluff Up projects and ideas . . . and Happy Fluffing!


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  1. Jen says:

    White is pretty, but I think black would just kick it up to the next level. Go black!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Where did you get your rocking chairs? I’ve been wanting to put *something* on our front porch for awhile, but the rockers I’ve seen are just so expensive! And the ones I’ve seen on Craigslist just look rickety. :-)

    • Laurie says:

      My husband bought them for me from Cracker Barrel for Mother’s Day gifts, so it’s been several years to get them all ~ they have held up really well (the oldest one was the first one I got for my 10 year old’s nursery ~ obviously it’s survived 10 years!) This is the first time we’ve re-painted any of them and while they definitely need it now, I figure they’ve done pretty well after surviving the last 8 years outside. Hope that helps! :)

  3. Stephanie says:

    Yes, it does! Thanks! :-)

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