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Back to School Deals Comparison

Back to School deals are here! Compare all the best prices on school supply deals at Staples, Office Depot/OfficeMax, Target, Walmart, and even Amazon! Just enter for what you're searching for below and we'll show you where to find it at the lowest price.

StoreItem Name/DescriptionPriceDeal Notes
AmazonBIC mechanical pencils 60 ct10.39
AmazonKids blunt scissiors 2 ct1.99
AmazonSharpie pocket highlighters 12 ct5.49
AmazonElmer's glue sticks 30 ct8.27
AmazonBIC ballpoint black pens 60 ct4.99
Office Depot / Office MaxCraZart crayons 24 ct35¢
Office Depot / Office MaxFolders45¢
Office Depot / Office MaxPortfolios45¢
Office Depot / Office MaxElmer's washable school glue 4 oz79¢
Office Depot / Office MaxCrayola crayons 24 ct50¢
Office Depot / Office MaxSpiral notebooks50¢
Office Depot / Office MaxComposition notebook50¢
Office Depot / Office MaxCraZart chalk 16 ct75¢
Office Depot / Office MaxManual pencil sharpener75¢
Office Depot / Office MaxIndex cards99¢
Office Depot / Office Max#2 Wooden pencils 12 ct1.00
Office Depot / Office MaxCraZart super washable markers 10 ct1.25
Office Depot / Office MaxFiller paper1.29
Office Depot / Office MaxCrayola colored pencils 12 ct1.50
Office Depot / Office MaxCrayola classic markers 10 ct1.50
Office Depot / Office MaxCraZart washable crayons 48 ct1.75
Office Depot / Office MaxLarge erasers 3 ct1.79
Office Depot / Office MaxKids scissors 5" 2 ct1.99
Office Depot / Office MaxEXPO markers 4 pk4.99
Office Depot / Office MaxHighlighters1.99
Office Depot / Office MaxElmer's washable glue 8 pk3.99
Office Depot / Office MaxBinders & accessories1.99
Office Depot / Office MaxBackpacks25% OFF
StaplesCrayola crayons 24 ct50¢
Staples2 pocket presentation folders50¢
StaplesImperial scale ruler 12"50¢
StaplesStaples manual pencil sharpener50¢
StaplesElmer's glue50¢
StaplesPoly folder50¢
StaplesComposition notebooks50¢
Staples1 subject notebook 70 sheets69¢
StaplesStaples pink wedge erasers 3 pk99¢
StaplesTru red gripped ballpoint pens 12 pk99¢
StaplesCrayola colored pencils 12 ct99¢
StaplesElmer's glue sticks 2 pk99¢
StaplesCrayola markers 10 ct99¢
StaplesStaples pencil box99¢
StaplesTru Red 5" Kids Scissors 2 pk1.49
StaplesPentel Hi Polymer Erasers 4 pk1.99
StaplesCrayola washable watercolor paint2.00
StaplesCrayola washable markers 10 pk2.49
StaplesCrayola washable crayons 24 pk2.79
StaplesCrayola colored pencils 24 ct3.00
StaplesWestcott jellies 5" kids scissors 3 pk3.99
StaplesEXPO dry erase markers 4 pk4.49
StaplesElmer's giant glue sticks 6 pk4.99
StaplesSharpie permanent markers 12 pk8.54
Target1" Basic binder2.69
Target1" Durable binder3.79
Target1 1/2" Durbale binder w/ clear cover3.49
Target1 1'2" Heavy duty binder w/ clear cover7.69
TargetPlastic 2 pocket folder50¢
TargetPaper folder w/prongs59¢
TargetComposition notebook50¢
Target1 subject 70 sheet notebook35¢
TargetFiller paper 175 ct99¢
TargetGraphing paper2.99
TargetElmers glue55¢
TargetElmers small glue sticks 2 ct55¢
TargetElmers small glue sticks 8 ct2.59
TargetElmers large glue sticks 6 ct4.99
TargetPencil top erasers 12 ct49¢
TargetPink eraser 2 ct49¢
Target3x5 Index Cards75¢
TargetSchool supply box, mini plastic 1.29
TargetScissors, kids 2 ct1.49
TargetPost-it note flags3.29
TargetRuler, basic wood55¢
TargetWhite out1.59
TargetCrayola crayons 8 ct2.39
TargetCrayola jumbo crayons 8 ct3.69
TargetCrayola crayons 24 ct50¢
TargetStore brand crayons 24 ct35¢
TargetMondo Llama crayons25¢
TargetMondo Llama markers50¢
TargetMondo Llama colored pencils50¢
TargetCrayola markers 10 ct99¢
TargetCrayola washable markers 10 ct2.79
TargetExpo dry erase markers 5 ct4.89
TargetHighlighter 5 ct1.99
TargetSharpie marker 5 ct4.89
TargetCrayola colored pencils 12 ct99¢
TargetStore brand colored pencils 12 ct75¢
TargetMechanical pencils 8 ct1.69
Target#2 Pencils, wood 24 ct99¢
TargetBic pens 10 ct99¢
TargetCrayola watercolors paint set 8 ct2.39
TargetStore brand watercolors paint set 8 ct1.75
WalgreensWexford folders20¢when you buy 5
WalgreensSharpie markers 8 ct7.49
WalgreensWexford dry erase board3.99
WalgreensElmer's glue49¢
WalgreensWexford filler paper 130 sheets49¢
WalgreensPaper mate pens7.49
WalgreensPaper mate ink joy pens99¢
WalgreensSharpie highlighters or pens99¢
WalgreensFriskars scissors1.49
WalgreensExpo eraser2.00when you buy 2
WalgreensSharpie gel pens3.00
Walmart1" Basic binder2.46
Walmart1" Durable binder3.28
Walmart1 1/2" Durbale binder w/ clear cover4.64
Walmart1 1'2" Heavy duty binder w/ clear cover4.93
WalmartPlastic 2 pocket folder24¢
WalmartPaper folder w/prongs24¢
WalmartComposition notebook56¢
Walmart1 subject 70 sheet notebook35¢
WalmartFiller paper 150 ct87¢
WalmartGraphing paper2.00
WalmartElmers glue54¢
WalmartElmers small glue sticks 2 ct54¢
WalmartElmers small glue sticks 6 ct2.47
WalmartElmers large glue sticks 3 ct3.17
WalmartPencil top erasers 12 ct47¢
WalmartPink eraser 2 ct47¢
Walmart3x5 Index Cards72¢
WalmartSchool supply box, mini plastic 97¢
WalmartScissors, kids 2 ct1.44
WalmartPost-it note flags1.94
WalmartRuler, basic wood54¢
WalmartWhite out1.50
WalmartCrayola crayons 8 ct1.07
WalmartCrayola jumbo crayons 8 ct2.34
WalmartCrayola crayons 24 ct50¢
WalmartStore brand crayons 24 ct35¢
WalmartCrayola markers 10 ct97¢
WalmartCrayola washable markers 10 ct2.47
WalmartExpo dry erase markers 4 ct4.88
WalmartHighlighter 6 ct1.52
WalmartSharpie marker 5 ct4.87
WalmartCrayola colored pencils 12 ct97¢
WalmartStore brand colored pencils 12 ct75¢
WalmartMechanical pencils 10 ct1.92
Walmart#2 Pencils, wood 12 ct47¢
WalmartBic pens 10 ct97¢
WalmartCrayola watercolors paint set 8 ct2.34
WalmartStore brand watercolors paint set 8 ct1.22
WalmartPen + Gear 2 pocket paper portfolio15¢
WalmartCra-Z-Art crayons 24 ct35¢
WalmartComposition book, wide ruled 100 ct50¢
WalmartCra-Z-Art super washable markers 10 ct50¢
Walmart2 pocket poly folder with prongs50¢
WalmartPen + Gear kids scissors 5"74¢
WalmartCra-Z-Art colored pencils 12 ct75¢
WalmartCra-Z-Art glue sticks 2 pk84¢
WalmartCra-Z-Art washable school glue84¢


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