Where Can I Find the Freezer Meals for the Freezer Cooking Challenge?

Where Can I Find the Freezer Meals for the Freezer Cooking Challenge?

I'm SO excited you'll be joining me for our Freezer Cooking Challenge!!  Here's everything you'll need to be ready for Monday!


(Remember, if you haven't signed up yet go HERE and use the code PPP30 to save 30% on these ~ if you sign up for the annual plan you'll also get access to our first ever Private PPP Eat at Home Facebook Group!) 


Here's the schedule for next week's freezer challenge:

  • Monday, May 14th – We'll be working on the April Freezer Meal Plans
  • Tuesday, May 15th – We'll be working on the May Freezer Meal Plans
  • Wednesday, May 16th – We'll be working on the June Freezer Meal Plans
  • Thursday, May 17th – We'll be working on the July Freezer Meal Plans


To find the meal plans we're using – you can locate them from the Eat At Home Cooks website and select the Member Login area.


From the Eat at Home meal plans website you'll need to login to access your menu plans:



To find all of the PPP Bonus material – it will be right on the Start Here page!


Once you're all logged in, choose WEEKLY MEAL PLANS:


To find the May freezer meal plans we're using on Monday – select Meal Plans May 2018.


Once inside the May Menus, you'll need to select Slow Cooker Meal Plan.

From the Slow Cooker Meal Plan – we'll be using the MAY 21 (FREEZER) plan.





Just to make things easy for you, we've pulled together a whole list of our favorite freezer cooking supplies, along with some of our favorite slow cookers!  I just can't wait to spend next week with you getting Supper Set for the Summer!!



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