What’s For Dinner? Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings

These are some yummy dumplin's . . . in fact this might just be my new favorite crockpot recipe!  This has got to be one of the simplest recipes ever, and your family will think you've spent all day in the kitchen 🙂  They taste just about as good as Cracker Barrel's (don't you just love those?), which is a pretty big treat around our house.



If you have time to make real dumplings from scratch these homemade ones are absolutely the best, but if you're in a hurry on a busy weeknight, pull out your crockpot and let it do the cooking for you.


Slow Cooker Chicken & Dumplings


  1. 1-2 pounds chicken breast
  2. 2 cans cream of chicken soup
  3. 1 small can chicken broth (14 oz)
  4. 1 can water I just used the can from the cream of chicken soup 🙂
  5. 1/2 tsp. salt
  6. 1 tsp. garlic powder
  7. 1/4 tsp. pepper
  8. 1 onion
  9. 2 cans biscuits cut in quarters, smaller if you use Grands!***

***We actually used two cans of the cheap biscuits (the ones that come cans to one pack), and they worked perfectly.  Since the Grands! are on sale, just be sure to cut up into pieces no larger than 1 inch, as you'll want them to have plenty of time to cook all the way through! 


  1. Place chicken breast, soup, broth, water, salt, garlic powder, pepper & onion in crockpot.
  2. Cook on low 6-7 hours.
  3. Two hours before dinner time, add quartered biscuits to crockpot.  Gently stir in biscuits so that they're covered.  (I used 1 and 1/2 of the two small cans of biscuits – enough to fill up the top of my crockpot. . .you can use any leftover biscuits to bake and enjoy with your meal!)
  4. Cook two more hours on low.
  5. Serve and enjoy!

Serve with . . .



More Grands biscuits, of course!


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  1. Psst 🙂 The link to the homemade ones is broken!

    • I think I’ve got the link fixed – thanks for letting me know!

      Becky – You can put the chicken in your crock pot frozen and I think it keeps it a little more tender, plus it’s perfect if you’re like me and buy your meat ahead of time and freeze it! Either way is fine, but lately I’ve cooked almost all my chicken in the crockpot from frozen. Hope that helps!

  2. And I SOOO wish Iw ould have thought of that with the biscuits 2 nights ago when we made crockpot chicken soup! We had the biscuits on the side instead!

  3. The link didn’t work for the dumplings recipe and I can’t seem to find it searching otherwise….sounds so good though I think I’ll make it tomorrow!! THe chicken can go in the crockpot frozen???

  4. I have found pre-made dumplings in the freezer section. Does anyone know if you would still put those in 2 hours before eating?

  5. Does the chicken go in the crock pot frozen? I can’t wait to try this!

    • I put my chicken in frozen, but you don’t have to (it works the same either way, just convenient to cook from frozen!) I’d love the recipe for the chicken soup too Amber, thanks for thinking of that Alice!

  6. Amber, can you post the crockpot chicken soup recipe? I love crockpot recipes! Laurie, I can’t wait to try your ck and dumpling recipe!

  7. I make my stovetop chicken and dumplings with biscuit as well. It so good. I cant wait to try it in the crockpot.

  8. Thanks Laurie!!! We’re making this tomorrow morning!!

  9. Do you cook the chicken for 6 hours and then another just for the biscuits?

    • Hi Nicole! When I made it I cooked the chicken for six hours and then added the biscuits in and let all of it continue to cook for another two hours. So the chicken cooked a total of eight hours. Hope that helps!

  10. How many biscuits did you use?

    • Hi Danielle! I added it into the post (I should have been more specific!), but I used 1 1/2 of the small cheap cans of biscuits – enough that the top of my crockpot was full (the biscuits will rise to the top). Hope that helps . . .but you can really do as many as you’d like, just make sure there’s room for them to cook!

  11. thanks for the recipe! with the sale this week on Grands Biscuits at Publix – going to use it with my leftover (frozen) turkey from Thanksgiving! Perfect for the cold weather we’re expecting on Sunday!

  12. I just wanted to let you know that i made this for my husband and three kids this week and there was not one bit left !!!!.They are already wanting me to make it again for the snow storm this weekend !!!The great thing about it is the crockpot did all the work ! This was a perfect comfort food for a cold night !! thanks so much !!

    • You made my day Cathy – I’m so glad you all enjoyed it! 🙂 I just finished up our leftovers yesterday . . . yummmm. . .Thanks so much for letting me know – that was so sweet of you!!!

  13. I am excited to make this very soon. Do the biscuits take like dumplings from cracker barrel in this recipe?? I didn’t know what they would be like after cooking a crockpot. Sorry if this is a silly question. 🙂

  14. Ok, silly question, do I cut up the chicken? Or is it supposed to come out whole when done? Never made this before!

    • Nicole – I used chicken tenders (which were perfect!), but you could just use boneless skinless chicken breast also. You can easily cut up the chicken breast after it’s cooked to make for yummy sliced chicken to go with your dumplings, but I probably wouldn’t want it as whole chicken breasts (only becuse I’m used to it with my dumplings cut up chicken tenders at Cracker Barrel!) 🙂 Hope that helps!

  15. I have a tube of cressants in the fridge. Do you think I could use those for this? I wonder if I cut them into strips if it would work. I am not a very good cook but I think I could handle this.

    • hmmmmmmm, I don’t know Patti! I heard Publix is completely out of biscuits! You know, I can’t imagine it would be bad, but I’m afraid to say definitely yes . . . let me know if you try it (really though, how can you mess up a crescent roll?)

  16. Making this right now for tonight’s dinner! I used about 2 lbs. of leftover turkey from Thanksgiving and ended up adding another can of cream of chicken and about 2 more cans of chicken broth – it seemed pretty thick with the original ingredients listed.

    • I hope you like it Stephanie! Was the turkey cooked or uncooked? (I bet it will be fine either way, but now I’m worrying!) The sauce does seem a little thick but after cooking all day with the juices from the chicken it really thins out. I don’t think it’s possible to mess this one up though – it’s just so yummy! (Let me know how it turns out!)

  17. Oh my, this was absolutely delicious!!! My whole family loooved this, which is really hard to do!!! 🙂 It really is almost as good as Cracker Barrel’s!! Thanks for the recipe!

  18. Tammie Frye says

    Thanks for this recipe! I was thawing out some chicken for tomorrow night, but didn’t know what I was going to do with it! I have always wanted to try my hand at chicken and dumplings! My mom makes yummy ones from scratch, but I want to try using the biscuits.

    • I’ve made the ones from scratch and they’re so good too, but these are EASY and I like them almost as well as Cracker Barrel’s (and that’s saying something for me!). Let me know if you like them!


    Hello, I love chicken and dumplings (from scratch). I wanna know if I could use this recipe but from scratch. Rolling the dough out (NO BISCUITS) then placing the dumplings in the crockpot on high in the chicken broth after the chicken has boiled 6-8 hours, so please let me know. I wanna make this for christmas. THANK YOU!

    • You know, I never thought about it Latice but I can’t imagine it wouldn’t work the same as regular biscuits (and probably taste even better b/c homemade dumplings are the best. . .) Let me know if you try it!

  20. do you chop your onion?

  21. what settings do you use on your crock pot i have high,med & low ?

  22. You mentioned a can of broth.. Is that the big can or regular small can

  23. You wouldn't happen to have the nutrition info would you? I like to keep track of that. PS this recipe is the best one Ihave tried. And I have tried at least three others.

  24. Mary Bachman says

    I made this tonight and followed the recipe closely. It looked great but the taste was super "oniony". Next time I'll only use a half or quarter of an onion. I used a yellow onion…was I supposed to use a different kind?

    • Hmmmm – I think I usually use yellow onion as well, but have made it recently without an onion and it’s been fine that way as well. Definitely use less next time (or even omit it if you don’t like the onion taste!) Thanks for letting me know Mary!


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