What's for Dinner – Italian Beef

This is my absolute favorite recipe for a roast EVER, and even though I posted it once before I wanted to share it again (I know I’ll be switching out my crockpot for my hubby’s grill pretty soon, so I want every chance I can get to make this!)  Every time Publix puts their Shoulder Roasts on sale I want to make this one, and it’s just SOOOOOO easy!

Even if you’re unsure about this recipe, I PROMISE you, it is a hit every time!  Your kids may not love it (mine are way too picky), but I’ve never met an adult who didn’t gobble it down (and I promise, your husband will be SOOOOO HAPPY!!!)  Enjoy!

Jennie’s Italian Beef
2-3 lb. Beef Shoulder Roast
On Sale $3.29

1 jar Pepperoncini Peppers

1 Package AuJus Seasoning Mix
Use Publix brand, about $.49 each

Hoagie Rolls

Trim fat from roast. Place roast in crock pot, cover with pepperoncini peppers (in liquid). Cook 8 hours on low. Remove peppers (I usually save the jar in the morning and put the peppers back in it to throw them away in). Shred beef and mix in AuJus Seasoning. Cook another 30 minutes on low in crock pot. Serve on hoagie rolls.  YUMMMMMM!

Serve with . . .

Corn on the Cob
Green Giant Steamers BOGO $2.39, Use $.50/1 HERE or $.40/1 or $.50/2 from 1/3 GM, or $.50/2 from 2/21 SS
Don’t forget to use towards $5/20 Italian Deals!

Thanks SO MUCH to I Heart Publix, and Two Thrifty Sisters for all the coupon matchups.  Be sure to check out their sites for all the Publix deals this week!

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  1. hey i was just wondering if you added any water to this recipe? i made it tonight with just the juice from the pepper jar and publix brand au jus, and it was (i love salt btw) almost too salty, may be i missed something? it was good, don’t get me wrong but all the same for next time i make it, just wondered about the water?

    • Hmmmm… I’ve made it several times and have never thought it was too salty, but I let the roast cook in the peppers with the juice all day, and then just remove the peppers before adding the au jus mix in. Did you let the peppers also cook throughout the day? I wonder if having the peppers in while it cooks pulls the water out of the peppers and made it taste different (and not as salty.) That’s all I can think of! (I hope that helps)! 🙂

      • I did take them out early, maybe that was it, however I am enjoying another plate as I type, it was delish!! 😀

        • I was thinking you could also reduce the amount of Au Jus mix maybe…. if you season it with half and then add more to taste? The other think I remembered is that my mother-in-law always uses Reese Pepperoncini Peppers, but I’ve had a hard time finding them so I just use whatever I can find in the store. Glad you enjoyed more though! (My hubby’s favorite way to eat it is to have it the second day on bread with mayo ~ health food at it’s finest!)


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