What Should You Buy At Sams Club?


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Yesterday I made a trip to Sam's Club for a few items that we needed (and to treat my littlest while we were waiting for her sister to finish gymnastics), and I priced several items that I normally purchase at the grocery store to see how they compared. In case you don't know how much you're spending for certain items, I think it is so worth learning what the best price is on basic food pantry staples, so you never overpay just because you don't know what a good price even is.



Here are the things I think are worth (or not worth . . . ) shopping Sam's Club for.


Good Buys at Sam's Club


Milk $2.49/gallon

  • This is a great price and beats my local grocery by over $.50 per gallon. If you have a Sam's Club card and go regularly, stock up on milk while you're there!



Tyson Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $13.49/6 lbs.

  • This comes out to $2.24/lb. and is a decent price ~ while I'd rather stock up for it when it's a little less expensive, $2.24 is reasonable for boneless skinless chicken breast, and I do love the convenience of it being pre-frozen!

Banana $1.36/3 lbs or $.45 per lb.

  • Aldi's has had these for $.33 the last few weeks, however $.45/lb. isn't a bad price. I'd rather get them at Aldi's (or price match them at Wal Mart!) but don't think these are too bad a price!



Apples 32 oz. pre sliced $3.98

  • This is our family's biggest splurge, because my daughter loves apples but can't stand how they get brown by lunch time (and I've tried using juice to keep them fresh!) This is by far the best price I've seen on these, and a pack of them will usually last our family 3-4 days (we eat a lot of fruit around here!)



Ground Beef $3.18/lb.

  • Ground beef seems high just everywhere right now, so $3.18 for 90%/10% looks like a decent price right now (I miss paying $1.99/lb. for ground beef!)




Pork Spareribs $1.99/lb.

  • This is exactly what they're priced at in the new ad at Publix, and I think they'll be that price just about everywhere for Memorial Day weekend. I have seen them as low as $1.49/lb., so definitely watch your local sales ads!


Pepperidge Farm Goldfish $9.28/66 oz. ($.14 per oz.)

  • I was shocked by this one. I just did the math on it, and if you find Goldfish on sale at your local grocery store they're best sale price is usually $.99/6.6 oz. bag (which makes them $.15/oz.) Since Goldfish rarely have coupons, you're actually better off to purchase them at Sam's (unless of course a coupon comes out with a sale!)


Domino Sugar $10.98/25 lb. bag ($.43/lb.)

  • This is a good price IF you can't find any coupons and sales. Last Christmas a 5lb. bag of sugar was about $1.49, or $.29/lb., so if you can stock up while it's on sale you'll get the very best price, but $.43/lb. isn't too bad!


Domino Sugar $4.49/10 lb. bag ($.449/lb.)

  • This one is a little more expensive than the larger bag, but goodness, who has room for 25 pounds of sugar in their pantry? 😉


McCormick Imitation Vanilla $3.48

  • Aldi's carries their smaller bottles for $1, but this isn't too bad a price and you'll be stocked up for a few years!

Things probably not worth buying at Sam's Club. . .


Cereal $7.48

  • While these are large boxes, I can often get cereal for $.99-$1.49 per box, which would be seven of these large boxes. Cereal is just about always cheaper with a coupon!




Peanut Butter $9.98/80 oz. or $.124/oz.

  • I didn't expect this, but Peanut Butter is actually high at Sam's! Just this week I picked up Kroger Peanut Butter for $2 (it came out to $.11/oz.) and it often goes on sale at your local grocery store. Even the Skippy Peanut Butter deal is better at CVS this week!



Chex Mix $9.78 36 1.75 oz bags

  • I will never ever pay more than $.50 for a 15 oz. bag of Chex Mix, which makes it $.03/oz.  These little bags come out to a whopping $.15/oz., so they're just not worth it (I can put them in snack size portions at home!)


Eggs $2.14/18

  • Aldi's has these regularly on sale for $.99/dozen, and I've even seen them at that price at Walgreens. I really think you can find them lower than that on sale at another store!


Cantaloupe – $2.98

  • These go on sale all the time at Publix and Kroger for $2, so there's no way I'd pay $2.98 for these!


Grapes – $6.98/3 lbs or $2.32/lb.

  • Grapes are high just about everywhere right now, but my stock up price used to be $.99/lb. on these so I'd have a hard time paying that much. I'm hoping they'll go on sale at Aldi soon, and I can price match them at Walmart!
Pineapples $2.98
  • I've been able to get these at Aldi's (or price matched at Walmart) for $.99, and they're regularly priced at $2 on sale at Kroger and Publix, so $2.98 looks high to me


Beef Chuck Roast $3.98/lb.

  • These tend to go on sale at the grocery stores in our area for around $3.49/lb., and I just looked and last year they were priced at just $3.29/lb. (beef has gone up so much this year!) I probably would wait and try to find a better price, especially since these are sold in such large containers and I would have to split it between two meals for our family
Pork Loin Boneless $2.98/lb.
  • I think you can find these on sale for around $1.99-$2.49/lb. at the grocery store, just watch for the best sales





Cheese $6.48 for 2 pounds (or $1.62/8 oz. bag)

  • Cheese regularly goes on sale at most groceries stores for $1.99 8oz. If you're using coupons at all, I think you can realistically find cheese at your local store after coupons for $1-$1.50 per bag (that's my target price), so I probably would not pick up cheese at Sam's Club


Ball Park Hot Dogs $6.52 for 3 lbs or 24 Hog Dogs

  • Just last week I purchased Ball Parks on a BOGO sale at $1.50 for 8 hot dogs, making them $.18 each. The Sam's Club price is $.27 each, so I'll wait for a sale at my grocery store!


And finally, my last item not worth buying at Sam's Club. My kids have ooed and ahhed over this fancy gigantic floatie thing every time we've visited Sam's over the last few months, and the temptation at Sam's to buy crazy items is way too tempting. While I love running to Sam's to stock up on a few produce items, some meat and milk, overall I find my best prices by watching the sales ads at my local grocery stores, and have to steer clear of items we just don't need at Sam's.


Now, the Pizza, Pretzel & Hot Dog Combos in their restaurant do make me happy every single time (and we'll definitely take advantage of them some on vacation!), but as a rule I'd rather shop the grocery store and clip a few coupons . . . but that's just what works for me!



So, what do you think? Do you find it worth shopping Sam's for certain items, or would you rather save your money and shop only the grocery store? I'd love to hear your thoughts, as well as other items you've found to be a good (or bad) deal at Sam's Club.


Disclaimer: We are all different, and what I think is a decent price may be very different than what you think it is. These are just some guidelines to get you thinking about it, and I was surprised by what I found!  Don't forget that a Sam's Club Membership is basically free after extra savings is currently available – go HERE to get yours while it lasts!

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  1. I just purchased Peter Pan PB at our Sam’s – it is 96 ounces (6 lbs of PB seems crazy but we use it!!) and it was just over $9. I thought that was a pretty reasonable price for it – as comparing it to Aldi’s – I get name brand PB and an extra pound of it for just about a dollar 🙂 Our milk is under $2 there and i always save almost .20 a gallon on gas too. We also just got a 24 pack of Sunkist for these hot summer days for about $4.25 – which i thought was decent but the other sodas were a lot more than than per 12 or 24 pack.

    • Those are some good deals Becky! I really struggled with the Peanut Butter – our store used to sell those huge containers and I did think they were a great deal, but I’m not so sure when they sell two smaller ones. (I just did the math and you paid $.09 per oz – well worth it!) I forgot to check the prices on soda but were curious about those too … thanks so much for sharing! (And milk for $2? I can’t even imagine that around here!!!) 🙂

    • Milk is cheaper at Kroger and Walmart….

  2. I was just at the Sam's in South Huntsville & their milk was $2.29/ gallon. I've noticed that it fluctuates between $2.29 & $3.29 regularly. I never know what it is going to be when I go in. The eggs are generally between $1.78 & $1.89. I have to say I don't find things as cheap at Sam's as I used to- even when they do their special "instant savings" coupons.

  3. I was just at the Sam’s in South Huntsville & their milk was $2.29/ gallon. I’ve noticed that it fluctuates between $2.29 & $3.29 regularly. I never know what it is going to be when I go in. The eggs are generally between $1.78 & $1.89. I have to say I don’t find things as cheap at Sam’s as I used to- even when they do their special “instant savings” coupons.

  4. Jennifer G. says

    Thanks for doing this!! Im a Sam’s newbie and feel lost trying to figure out whats a deal and what isn’t.

    • You’re so welcome! I don’t shop there often (I always have kind of assumed they were higher than deals with a coupon), but there are some items you can’t find coupons, and it was fun for me to actually do the math and find the best deals! 🙂 And we do love their great little restaurant deals… (my kids are so happy and we all eat for $10 ~ love that!)

  5. The Sam’s here in Florida sells GIANT baking potatoes for about $8 for 15 pounds. Decent price, AND easier and faster to peel because they are so huge. And their bacon bits (not the hard, crunchy, fake kind- the real bacony kind) are about $8.50 for a decent sized bag. I never see these on sale at the grocery store, and the price there is so high for such a tiny bag. (I see a “build your own potato” night coming soon to my meal plan.)
    However, our milk here is never below $3.49/gallon anymore. I usually get a better deal when CVS runs the ECB deal. So y’all are lucky!
    My kids love to go to Sam’s for the free food samples, which they call the “tastings.” If for some reason there aren’t any “tastings” that day, we usually have to buy an ice cream from the cafe. (I certainly don’t put up a fuss about that purchase, though! Yum!)
    Thanks for this post. I learned a lot, and will definitely check my prices more closely!

    • I didn’t check the potatoes Molly – that’s a great price! We also love the free samples, and the milk price really is good ($3.19 is what our regular store sells it for – but I’ve heard others have it as low as $1.99!) So glad it helped…. it was good for me to take the time to do the price checking too because I’m never sure what the best prices really are!

  6. I find you can save a considerable amount of money on meat at Sam’s Club. I frequently buy the boneless skinless chicken breast at Sam’s. It is currently priced around 1.89lb. I buy several large packages and freeze them into smaller portions that we would typically use for a meal. I leave some whole, cut some into thinner pieces and cut some into strips. I also use a meat grinder that I purchased on Amazon to grind some into a consistency similar to hamburger meat. I make several packages to use the ground chicken to make chicken burgers, meatballs, chili, add it to spaghetti sauce, tacos, ect. The possibilities are endless. It is way cheaper than ground beef and healthier too. I make my own chicken burgers instead of paying $3.99-5.99lb for pre made chicken burgers you would typically see in the grocery store. Not only do you pay less but you can add whatever seasoning or ingredients you like. I think my meat grinder is one of the best investments I have ever made. I used to frequently purchase ground turkey and ground chicken at $3.99-5.99 lb. as I like the lower fat versions. Now I can make my own for less than half the cost. I also purchase the whole pork loins and then cut them up to freeze them into meal sized portions. They are priced at $1.99lb so you save a little over the price of pork roasts and pork chops that are already cut up. You can usually find packages ranging in price from $15-$24. I typically cut several meals of pork chops, a pork roast and some cubed pork out of 1 package. They also several larger uncut packages of beef at my local Sam’s Club. I recently learned if you purchase one the butcher will cut them up for you. I have not yet asked if they will cut the larger packages of pork since I usually do that myself, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

    • I buy the whole pork loin all the time and have them cut them into butterflied chops! Sooo convenient when I don’t have the time or tools. I go back to the meat dept. First and have them cut it while I shop!

  7. Hey Thank you for your research-I need to do better about knowing the lowest prices…Sams usually has cheap, big carton of sour cream, cheap butter, and cream cheese.

    • Butter is definitely one I need to watch for there! I usually feel like I can get sour cream and cream cheese so inexpensively with coupons, but if you don’t have time for coupons I’m betting their prices aren’t bad!

  8. just got a pork loin for 1.99 a pound and pus card took 2 more bucks off thats 19 loin chops for 10 bucks!

  9. My big savings is on cat food, dog food and cat litter – important becaus.e we have 5 cats and 2 medium size dogs. Also, trident gum is a great price, and my husband can go through a pack a day. Milk is cheaper than at the grocery store – if they have it. I also find a great deal on Clif bars, razors, multi-vitamins and my daughter’s probiotics.
    Cereal is usually more expensive. Meat, if on sale at the grocery, is more expensive. The bags of frozen chicken breasts or tenderloins are often BOGO at my grocery store, so that is a better deal. They sell brand name bread, so even though it is a good price, I use our storebrand and it is cheaper.
    You really need to keep a price list of things you often buy, and study your local grocery ads to determine what is best. Also keep in mind the size you’re buying. I don’t have a separate freezer, so that comes into play. Plus we don’t eat produce quickly enough to buy it at Sams.

  10. april clem says

    Hi im on ssdi and have really no money for stuff we need always take a little from this bill and a little from a different one the following month. Im trying to lern how to do this coupon thingy, to me its so confusing as i have illnesses that make thinking figuring things hard to stay on track and remember. I do not have a sams card but it is just two of us me-34 & my daughter-16, two medium size dogs and a cat. Is it in your opion worth me investing in a sams card? We do spent at least 30. On toliet paper alone a month and 10. On paper towels i was told the deals on these two things in bulk would pay for yhe cost of the membership itself right off the bat. My kid does eat lots of junk foods and frozen meals like pizza rolls. I normally spend between 150-250 a month between food and personal needs, pets and cleaning products. I could use any advice! Was thinking this payday 3rd nov buying a card but it would definitely cut into our food bill if i don’t make up for it quickly.

    • Hi April! If you have an Aldi’s in your area, my bet is that the prices there all the time on paper products, groceries, and even pet food will be lower than your prices at Sam’s Club, and you won’t be tempted to spend too much on items there that are expensive. I highly recommend checking them out even if you don’t ever use coupons, because they have by far the best prices and the easiest way to save of any store I know.

      Hope that helps~ blessings!

    • check your local Goupon, ours is having Sams for $45 with $20 gift card and coupons. Deal good for 3 days (from my post) so hope some of you see this and take advantage.

  11. I love JIF peanut butter and there are rarely coupons for it, so it is usually cheapest at SAMS.. but you can definitely get other kinds of peanut butter cheaper.
    What I find cheapest at SAMS (that you haven’t already commented about )—- The corn dogs, the big packs of peanut butter crackers, Nestle chocolate chips (I don’t stray from this brand–so this is by far the cheapest place to buy them), large containers of spices, almonds, pecans, Brisket. You definitely can spend more at SAMS than a grocery store, if you aren’t careful.

  12. Thanks for doing this. I have shopped at sams a lot before using coupons. There is great stuff at SAMs. Now the things I used to buy there has coupons which makes it cheaper. Still I go there for chicken like $1.75 lb. great. The things you posted i went there to buy all the time. Eggs, cheese, diapers. It’s great that it’s bigger and if not couponing it’s not bad. But good to know the difference on savings.

  13. Renee Boyd Renner says

    So, I shop Sam's once a week. My time has traditionally been limited for multiple stores, and shopping Publix still is not second hand nature to me. I find that the convenience of many items usually being a decent price at Sam's outweighs the stress I have over trying to get my coupons together some weeks. I am trying to do a Kroger or Publix big coupon sale/roundup once a month, then I shop Target (my regular go to for the last 5 years because my toddlers behave best in the bright red store) and Sam's the other weeks. We buy organic milk, and we are brand loyal to Horizon. It is normally cheaper at Sam's. I spend $50 a week just on that milk, so it would be outrageous in the grocery store. I am looking forward to trying the new Target organic milk since it often ends up on the Cartwheel, but I haven't yet.

    I buy the Goldfish, and that Sam's price stays pretty steady. Although the meat is a little higher than the grocery store sales, I find it easier to buy at Sam's since the prices stay pretty steady as well. The Fiber One bars at Sam's are a good deal too. Maybe not as good as a BOGO…I haven't been able to find the ones I like matching up with my coupons to check. We eat them like crazy though, and the Sam's price is WAY less than the grocery store price regularly. Usually even on sale with no coupons Sam's beats it.

  14. I was at SAM’s yesterday and purchased hamburger meat that was reduced for quick sale–about $2 lb. My co-workers and I went over for the Pizza special and I noticed so many people buying meat, so I thought I better take advantage of the situation. Glad I did

  15. Janet Martin says

    SAM’S Club is so Worth it.. I shop online.. they shop for me.. we go to pick it up.. Dh takes the five children to get pizza and fruit smoothies.. I go and shop for meat.. they won’t pick that up for you. I get our carts that they already clicked and pulled.. for free.. I shop once a month.. saves me easily 8 hours a month… You can save your list and reorder just the items you need… LOVE Click n Pull.

  16. I actually shop at BJs which is like sams. Not sure if those are near you but you can use coupons there, and they let you use as many as individual items are in their bulk packages. So if you buy a two pack of peanut butter and have 2 coupons you can use them both. Plus you can stack with BJs coupons which they send out often.

  17. Kelly Dunagan Kish says

    Since I lost my health coverage – I get my RX's there. SAMs saves me a lot on them.

  18. I buy cappuccino mix at sams club…it is much cheaper than buying the occasional gas station cappucino. The sams club toliet paper may not be the best deal but it is so thick and nice quality, my gusband wont let me buy anything else.
    I also eat a lot of spinach and usually find their large container to be.a better price than buying multiple bags of spinach elsewhere.

  19. Lynn Marie Ardahl Ingram says

    I buy my dog food, toilet paper, and *real* vanilla at Sam's. I do not coupon – I've tried, no knack for it or I forget them.

  20. Figured out that buying just my dog food at Sams, I save enough to pay for my membership each year. So thats worth it.

  21. Amber Martin says

    A trick I learned is to soak apples in a little salt water for school lunches. They won't brown for over a day!

  22. Olivia Hensley says

    I just wanted to first say “thank you” for this post… In the last year, I have been converted to couponing, and I would never go back! We always kept a Sam’s membership, and I would never get out of there spending less than $200 it seemed, and I found myself going there more and more often. I bought shampoo, conditioner, and all other personal care products there. Now, I coupon and get those items nearly free (or very, very cheap). I would add to never buy personal care products at Sam’s. One or two things I would add to your list. The first is generic Zyrtec and Claritin products (Cetirizine and Loratadine). My daughter takes Cetirizine for her allergies, and no matter how I have tried, I can almost never get a superior deal to Sam’s. Only one instance I can think of, and that was when there was a $5 off any size Zyrtec, and I got a few packs of 5 tablets for free. We had previously purchased the Cetirizine at Sam’s and were running low. I had let my Sam’s membership lapse and had delayed renewing (almost decided not to). Then, I compared the price of the medicine at Sam’s with every other possible deal I could find. There was no comparison! Even after renewing my membership ($45 for one year), and buying the medication I still came out to a MUCH lower per pill cost than anywhere else. The Cetirizine is $15.48 for 400 tablets (370 in one bottle and packaged with a 30 ct to-go bottle). If you count in the cost of my membership renewal, that’s about 15 cents per pill. I saw an ad at one of the drugstores (I think CVS) for generic Cetirizine for $11 for 45 ct (after ECB), that’s 45 cents per pill. Next time I buy the bottle, it will be 4 cents per pill!

    My other addition is not a “have to have” for everyone, but it is for us… Batteries. I can’t seem to find great deals on those little packages, or if I do, there’s no way to stock up at that price (due to reward limits of 1 per household). I can get 48 AA batteries at Sam’s for $18, or about 38 cents per battery.

    Thanks again for this post – now I know what else I will buy next time I go!

    • Thanks so much for sharing Olivia! I’m so with you – it’s very easy to come out of Sam’s spending way too much, and I just think people need to be aware of those prices when comparing it to using coupons. BUT, there are somethings (definitely medicine – I should have included that!), that are worth picking up at Sam’s Club for sure.

      As far as batteries go, occasionally Staple’s will offer them free after rebate (usually at the beginning of the school year), and Amazon has some decent savings on them as well! I need to check and see what the pricing is to compare! Thanks so much for sharing the reminder about the medicine – such a good tip!

  23. Here is something to know about SAMs I only purchase/upgrade our cell phones there, Why? Because they only charge you the tax on the actually sell price of the phone, not on the retail price, which all carriers and big stores do. Example: if upgrading to a new phone the retail price is $500.00 but the special is $1.00 for the phone then you will pay $1.00 plus tax for the phone (carriers do have activation fees that are separate and sometimes SAMs has specials to waive them!) I know that our carrier would charge me tax on the retail price even if the phone was free for extending my contract! That’s where I save with SAMs!

    • Great tips Carrie! We’ve always purchased our phones there as well – it definitely helps to save on a few different things. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Can you please do something on what you freeze and any challenges or advantages to freezing things. I know you have said you freeze a lot of things. I would love to know what things you freeze.

    • Someone posted about the Sams over the counter mess. We can’t use the Sam’s brand Zyrtec;however, their price on Zyrtec is better than other places. Now coupon prices are better, sometimes. We also buy other over the counter items their usually using the Instant Savings price. We try to stock up when they are at that Instant Savings price, and use coupons too when the prices are better.

  24. I have started going to Sam’s once a week, mainly for bagged lettuce. A several months ago I started making salads for my work week lunches (and my boyfriends) every day. This meant I went through about 3 bags of leafy greens a week…each bag being close to about 3 dollars. I can get one container of lettuce at sams that is the same amount of greens (maybe even more) for the price of one bag else where.

  25. Kim Darnell says

    Well I have to admit, before using coupons we always shopped at Sams . But now we go there for cases of water, some cold items and fruit, and I like there lettuce also . But we walk the store over just in case . I wll tell my honey no way will I pay I can get it with coupons and he agrees. He will use them coupons just like I do.

  26. Great buys at Sam’s are in the baby aisle – formula prices are low (and they have their own formula which is comparable to Similac that is under $25 for a huge container), baby wipes, diapers, children’s vitamins and children’s tylenol are all great values.

  27. Really that float is a great buy and lasts a long time no have used it so many times off my boat! Love it! Just saying

  28. Boy, I need to move out of California. Our prices do not compare to yours at all. Of course our gas is now down to 269 a gallon and people think that's fabulous while my family in Missouri is paying under two dollars.

  29. I buy trash bags at sams…they have awesome prices on trashbags!

    • We are buying for a family of 7. We compare prices, but lots of things at Sams. With the special membership (where you pay for Instant Savings), we save way over that extra amount on items. We try to wait until they are on the Instant Savings to buy our Sams staples. We also price compare. We even took pictures, so we could compare prices. The milk is usually not cheaper at our Sams. We have a United Market Street (used to be a Texas only store, but was bought out by Albertsons), where we usually buy our produce, because it lasts longer when we buy it there. We also buy our meat there, because it is better than WalMart meat. We have had too many bad experiences with meat at WalMart. It also goes on sale at the other store, and sometimes is even buy one/get one. We buy bigger packages and put it into packages that would feed the least number of us who might be here for a meal. We shop Auldi, WalMart, Sams, and United Market Street. Sams has the cheapest gas and is close to our house. The exception is that United. Market Street has a rewards system where you can use your rewards for money off per gallon on gas. You have to have a certain number of points, but those points can also be used toward specified grocery items, too. We have certain things we buy at different stores.

  30. And foil…that is one item in the regular grocery store that has skyrocketed….i love my big Ole roll of foil!

  31. Deborah Jett McVay says

    Does Sam's have anything organic?

  32. We always buy : nestle quik, Krusteaz pancake mix, Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup, milk, seafood and i can’t believe no one has mentioned the rotisserie chicken!

  33. Terry Farley says

    We do not have a Sam's nearby. We do have a BJs membership. BJs does take manufacturer coupons and has a coupon flyer of their own. And the milk eggs and the fresh deli sliced (not prepackaged) cold cuts are the best prices around.

  34. Cora D Utkiewicz says

    Ground turkey is way better priced. About 2.99 a lb compared to 3.49 -4 at Meijer

  35. Cora D Utkiewicz says

    Oh. And IBC bottled root beer !

  36. What about glasseS and tires are they cheaper? Was looking for way to justify membership there. Used to live next to one so the gas justified the membership.

  37. Lots of deals if you comparison shop. I keep a mental log of everything I purchase on a normal basis and the prices of my three primary stores used. The allergy med my daughter is on justifies the membership alone for me. Especially when my sister and I split the membership fee.

  38. We love Sam’s at my house! We go there at least once a week but it is less than 10 minutes away and across the street from Walmart and Publix. Now I live in SE GA and there are no Aldi stores so Sam’s is a lot cheaper on a lot of things. We don’t coupon as we buy a lot of minimally processed food. Our staples- Rotisserie chicken (5 bucks), we use for lunches, 1 meal and I make stock for the week, butter (4 pounds for under 10 bucks, I freeze 3 pounds. Butter is almost $4 a pound here so it’s a great deal), 3 pack of almond milk, Greek yogurt, Organic kale mix, Organic carrots, Organic string cheese, fig bars, crunchmaster crackers, hummus, Sam’s multigrain tortilla chips (so good!), fruit (we love the sliced apples too), Organic coconut oil, Organic quinoa…Sam’s is starting to sell a lot of organic items that is A LOT cheaper than Whole Foods. We ONLY buy our tires from Sam’s. So much cheaper and road-side is included. They will even plug a tire that you didn’t purchase there (one time they didn’t have my tires in stock and I had no choice…the place I bought the tires at was going to charge $50 to plug, Sam’s did it for free), the last time I had a nail in my tire (I am always getting nails in my tires!), I only had to pay $15 to get a whole new tire. So hands down, best place for tires.

  39. Swati Gupta says

    I think the 5lbs. whole milk mozzarella cheese brick at Sam’s Club is a great buy if you frequently toss pizzas in your home oven for big party treats..

  40. We love SAMs club and have had our membership for years! We get all our prescriptions filled there. We buy all of our dog and cat food, as well as cat litter there. We used to always buy our cases of diapers and wipes there. We buy toilet paper, paper towel, dish soap, jet dry, sponges, muffins, a variety of snacks (goldfish is definitely one of them) and we get a lot of our celebratory cakes there. I know you can find deals with coupons for things like toilet paper and such but I’ve found the savings aren’t that significant to go through the hassle being we go through so much toilet paper so often. We also try to hold off getting gas and fill up there once a week, as their prices aways beat everywhere else by at least .20/cents a gallon! As for things like fruits and veggies, the fruit market or Aldi typically win with much lower prices and as you mentioned most other grocery items just don’t seem worth it, especially things like cereal that you can almost always find a coupon for.

  41. Is there any chance you shop at Costco? I’m wondering what’s worth buying there.

  42. Wow this is an old post but people are still commenting. I just found it before heading out the door so I’ll add my two cents. I typically buy butter and shredded cheese. The butter is a decent price but around holidays it can be found cheaper. We go through lots of it so I have to stock up. It’s 9.88 for 4 packs so it comes to 2.47 a package. The cheese is not name brand as shown but it comes in a large bag which I separate at home and freeze. The cost is IS 11.48 for 80 oz so it’s 1.15 per 8 oz bag if you do the math to compare to the local grocery . I also get the 2 packs of yeast. These are for too much for the average person but if you bake bread and make your own pizza crust then it’s a great b bargain. The best deal I’ve found is bread flour, It’s 8.39 for a 25 lb bag! I separate and freeze it as well. Another thing I purchase is the generic Zyrtec, it works great and I can’t find a better price anywhere. My favorite purchase is the 4.99 roasted chickens. They’re so good and easy to freeze for future meals. I buy several at a time. Finally I buy flea drops for my dogs. They are much cheaper than the name brands and very effective. I’m probably forgetting a few items but that’s mostly what I buy there.

  43. I would love to see another update of “what to buy at Sam’s club” or comparing Sam’s and Costco. I know that some prices have changed, but also maybe new products available too? For example I purchase a 5 pound bag of Daily Chef shredded cheddar cheese for $8. I have never been able to get cheese that cheap- in my local store (Meijer) they often go on sale 2 8oz bags for $5.
    Plus- Sam’s has the fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts for $1.98. I couldn’t even find this at Costco at all! Occasionally Meijer will have it on sale for $1.99 a point, but Sam’s is ALWAYS that price. Love Sam’s club!

    • I just bought the 8 oz bags of KRAFT shredded cheese at Meijer yesterday for 1.99 a bag. Not an unusual sale price at all. Watch and see, it happens about once every third week. Now Aldi’s does have a one and two pound shredded cheese offering that is a great deal but only available in Mild cheddar.

  44. The dirty little secret is that Aldi (if it’s an option in your area) is ALWAYS the best deal. If people could get over their prejudice of Aldi as a “poor person’s grocery store” they would be shocked with the amount of money they save. I consistently save $20/week over Walmart and $40 week over the local supermarket chain. This is just for 3 people in my family!

    • Heather Randall says

      I love Aldi, but they are not always the cheapest – particularly on fresh meat, I find Kroger’s prices better. Also, dairy products like sour cream and cream cheese regularly go on sale 10 for $10 at Kroger, which beats Aldi.

  45. Marla Chalmers says

    I haven’t looked at shredded cheese (you’re paying for convenience) but the big 5lb block of cheese is between $11-12 here in NW Arkansas and SW Missouri. Compared to $4-6 a pound at the grocery store, it’s a STEAL!

    • Thanks for sharing Marla – that is a great deal! I definitely like the convenience of shredded cheese, but need to take a closer look at that. Great tip!

  46. Jennifer says

    I agree, except about the cheese. We purchase block cheese as shredded it ourselves, Sams ifs cheep for a HUGE block of cheese.

    Also, their raspberries and blueberries are some of the best around at a reasonable price.

    Then their rotisserie chicken is worth the membership alone! So yummy and you get so much more meet then the other stores for less money!!!

  47. Sharon Shepherd says

    We like to buy pizza rolls at Sam’s Club. Our local grocery store has the bags with 120 for $12 – $14 each. At Sam’s Club we get 150 in a pack for less than $9! We love them and we do eat that many (trust me that doesn’t take long either lol) so that’s a great deal for us.

  48. I love shopping at Sam’s. There is just two of us in the home and so I find it much easier and cheaper than going to stores like Aldi, or Walmart. I buy everything according to meals I had planned out. Once I get home, I will separate everything into baggies and freeze them accordingly. For smoothies, I’ll place some fruit, spinach and other goodies in small bags. that way we just have to take them out and blend them. My meats and veggies are placed into small baggies and then placed into a large one together. Almond milk at our Sam’s is $3.49 for 3 half gallon sizes. At a other stores I’m paying that much just for one half gallon size.

  49. If you use citric acid (the type you buy for canning) to sprinkle on your apple slices in a ziploc bag and shake them up, they will not get brown.

  50. Melissa Manross says

    Is there a more recent list available?

  51. My husband & I like cage free eggs, and they are cheaper at Sam’s Club. If you buy them at Target, they’re $4.99 for 28 ct, where at Sam’s, we paid $3.16 for 18. Also, we pick up Monster Energy drinks for him – it’s better than paying up to $2.99 a can at convenience stores. Lastly, I know this isn’t food, but we got a 4 pack of Dust Off can air for $10. One can retails for $6.99 at Target.

  52. Sams is the worst 50+ buck I ever wasted at least at the bar that night I got blasted and had a memory so hope people wake up on this fools fool store and shop krogers, food lion, and others that are really giving you bang for your buck if you shop the Isle grabbers and got have name brAnder kill me the pay twice the cost for a purty yes purty rapper and colors wile the put the same item in the bag but shop on keeping up with the Jones I save mine for my next fun items.

  53. Love the milk and goldfish crackers prices at my Sam’s. Thanks for the tips!

  54. The baby wipes are the best deal anywhere!! 1000 count members mark wipes ARE the best!!
    I also buy napkins, Kleenex, paper towels, spices like old bay in bulk etc, sometimes clothes, candy bars. I also buy the huge bottle of Pantene shampoo and conditioner. They also have awesome deals on Zertec but NOT name brand but members mark. It last forever it’s great!! I also buy contact solution. I also get razor heads for me and hubby every so often. I stopped buying shave cream their becaus it’s cheaper at Walmart.

  55. The moment you suggested buying imitation vanilla and that it would last years I threw everything else out the window. You don’t even cook!

  56. We pay a membership fee to shop at Sam’s Club under the premise that they present us with the best bulk prices around. So its your stock up and save store. Unfortunately this is simply not true. Like most people I compare Sam’s prices to the sale prices I find elsewhere, and in most cases Sam’s loses the deal. And in many of the arguable close races the membership fee eats up the savings. As they raise the membership fee, and the price creep over time, you have to be vigilant to save any money at all there. Not something we the members should have to be concerned with. Everything that I see listed above I have found at other local store and meat markets at prices equal or better than at Sam’s club. As my Sam’s savings list keeps shrinking I have to weigh the worth of paying the next membership fee. It’s marginal at this point in time, and I feel we will soon witness the death of another major Brick and Mortar store. All of our lists are different and you may still be saving some money. But I urge you to watch closely and you too will begin eliminating items from your Sam’s list.

  57. I’m wondering if you have a more current Sam’s price list somewhere, that I may be missing. For example, the current price listed for imitation vanilla extract on the Sam’s Club app is $4.97 for the size posted here—nearly $1.50 more. More and more, it seems Sam’s Club is a convenience store for those who don’t have time to figure best price scenarios between stores and sales cycles. They stock the varieties of products purchased most often by that demographic so they can serve as a one-stop shop for them. More careful shoppers, beware.


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