Aldi’s Deals (+ What I Think Is Worth Picking Up At Aldi’s. . .)




Here’s what I grabbed today at Aldi’s for $26.71 plus $2.14 in tax.  My kiddos love fresh produce, and I’ve decided that I’ll buy them almost as much as they’re willing to eat as long as our budget allows it!  Here’s the price breakdown:


  • Bananas $2.57
  • Apples $2.89
  • Strawberries $.79 (x2)
  • White Bread $.89
  • Pizza $5.99 not the greatest deal, but it feeds my whole family with a few leftovers and is cheaper than eating out on a busy weeknight!
  • Skim Milk $2.49 (x2)
  • Chunk Pineapple $.89 for a recipe I’m trying out
  • Instant White Rice also not a great price, but I needed it for dinner tonight!
  • String Cheese $2.49
  • Eggs $.99
  • Carrots $.99


While I don’t buy many of my groceries at Aldi’s (and really think they’re priced  a little high on things like cleaning supplies, snacks, and a few other items), here’s what I’ve found is worth grabbing at Aldi’s in our area:

  • milk
  • string cheese (if I can’t find a sale)
  • produce, produce, produce! 🙂
  • spices
  • eggs
If you’re an Aldi’s shopper, what items do you regularly purchase at Aldi’s?  So far I really like having one nearby (especially for their great produce deals, did I mention that?), but I’d love to hear your thoughts too.
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  1. My Aldi flyer did not advertise the .79 strawberries. Our Walmart will match their prices and is closer. I wonder if all Aldi’s have that deal. I need 3 packages for my son’s school…. it would be awesome!

  2. factord_agin says:

    I now have Aldi’s envy, too. Publix + Aldi’s has got to = 100% awesome

  3. I wish we had the same produce prices at Aldi here in Indiana as you do down south! We do still get good prices compared to other stores here. We buy a lot of staples at Aldi-milk, bread, eggs, flour, sugar, rice, oatmeal, juice, and some produce. Baby wipes are a great deal–cheaper and surprisingly better quality than most other generics and name brand ones. They are usually $1.29 for a pack of 72 and sometimes only 99 cents a pack.

    • Laurie says:

      I never thought about looking at the prices on wipes – that’s a great idea Jamia! (And we’re so lucky to have such great prices on produce… they’re not always that good but this was a great week….) Thanks so much for commenting! 🙂

  4. Cheryl says:

    I buy the same things you do at Aldi. In fact, since Aldi on Hwy 72 is very near Publix, I go to Publix on Wednesday for the penny coupon deal then go to Aldi to pick up the milk and produce.

  5. You are lucky.I live in Fl, and here, the prices are high.
    Aldi, strawberries $1.19( and is cheap)
    Bread $0.99
    Eggs: $1.29
    I but almost all my produce at Aldi, and we eata lot of it, butanyway is the cheaper place.

  6. Brandi says:

    Our Aldi just opened this week and they have milk for 1.99 and different bread were ranging from 5 cents for hot dog buns to .25 cents for whole wheat sandwich bread. They also had kaiser buns for .15 cents and the cashier said they had hot dogs for .75 cents a package. Happy to finally have an Aldi close by.

  7. Crystal says:

    Their bread can be found for good prices as well as clearance sometimes…a couple of weeks ago I got five bags of whole wheat mini bagels (usally around $5 for 24 at Publix) for $0.25. SCORE!

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