What All Moms Need To Know (School Project Savings)

In lieu of a Friday Fluff Up (I'm keeping too busy with our 25 Days to a More Organized You Series to fluff anything up around here!), I thought I'd share my all time favorite Dollar Tree find. 


Guess what that fantastic store carries?


Project Display Boards for school projects  . . . yayyy!


And guess how much they cost?


Just ONE DOLLAR. (Seriously ~ happiness.)


You can easily spend $6-$7 on these at your local office supply store, so if you need one or two for an upcoming science project (like we do!) or other school activity be sure to check your local Dollar Tree first. (A friend of mine thinks you can get  a decent price on these at Dollar General as well ~ let me know what you find!)


Now – these are not as big and fancy as you may find for $10+ at your office supply store, but for basic school projects they WORK. If you're looking for a fancier one, check these out on Amazon (and have it delivered to your door!)


Here's what I grabbed today at the Dollar Tree for $5.69:

  • 3 loaves of Nature's Own Whitewheat bread $1 each
  • a new hole puncher (I've lost mine!) $1
  • 2 project display boards $2
  • 1 sheet poster paper $.69

And here are a few other items to watch for at your local Dollar Tree . . . 




Loved these snack sized containers that were 2/$1








These simple tins are perfect for making these


Happy Dollar Tree shopping!



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  1. Which Dollar Tree do you shop at?

  2. I was so happy to find several items listed on your site at dollar tree today BUT… I was told you can only use 4 coupons per transaction. Is this the policy of all the stores? There was only 1 cashier and we had already waited 15 minutes in line with people behind us so I just paid and left. I wish I had known because my husband was with me and I could have split it.
    Thanks for the Webzinz tip! I buy my boys these for Christmas to keep their account going (not because we want the toy). We bought 2 animals and put the tags in with the Christmas stuff to enter next year. The animals I put away for the Operation Christmas boxes.

  3. I love to get groceries there everything I need for $62.60 this month including freezer items, and money left over. All I bought there would have cost me well over $100 at other grocery stores in my area, but not when I shop dollar tree. I even have money left to get cat food, and litter. Oh how my family loves Dollar Tree.

  4. I ran into issues at my Dollar Tree today too. I was told you could use as many “newspaper” coupons as you wanted, but they would only accept TWO printed coupons per person per day. Seriously? And of course, there was NO announcement posted anywhere. I learned this after painstakingly going through the store matching my purchases to my coupons and then waiting in line FOREVER. Yeah, I was a little perturbed. Left most of my stuff right there on the conveyor belt.

  5. Cara Cammalleri says

    I love the dollar tree, if you are smart about it, you can get some really amazing deals!

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