Twenty Six Items At Publix For $.76!

Okay, I promise this is my last Publix deal post for at least the next few hours 🙂 but I just had to share this awesome Italian Days Scenario with you!  My friend Shannon put it together and she and I hashed it out on the phone tonight, so hopefully you'll get as excited about it as we did!


Below are the prices of the items after the BOGO sale (when applicable).  Included also is a $5 off $30 Publix coupon that many folks have found either in their local paper (in some areas of Alabama), or by mail.  If you're lucky enough to have all of the best coupons available you'll get TWENTY SIX ITEMS FOR SEVENTY SIX CENTS. . . (can somone please shout a big ole' WOOOOOOHOOOO!)  


Happy Publix Shopping!!!   And if you're not a Publix shopper, I promise other deals are on their way! 


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  1. That is awesome!!!! I can not tell you how excited I am about this sale this week. So thankful for the posts about the best scenario, so many good deals so hard to wrap your head around it. GREAT STOCKPILE WEEK!

  2. So where are these store cheese coupons? I”ve been all over and can’t find them.

  3. OLE’! (Just for you, Laurie 🙂 Thanks for the match-ups and scenarios!

  4. Can you print the Publix Italian Days page off and use those coupons or do you actually have to have a flyer?? Also, I am super super excited about his ad too… I am going to stock up on the $0.16 gum!! My husband chews that ALL the time and I have paid over $3.00 for it before!

  5. Are you in the land of doubling coupons? 🙂 Just curious since I am in Florida and my totals aren’t coming out quite so low. Great job with the scenario!!! I love the variety!

    • Yes – land of doubling here Carissa 🙂 I hate that you all don’t get doubles in FL, but it still should be a pretty decent deal!!!

  6. FYI: You might want to print just ONE of the Publix cheese coupons first to see if they work for you…to save some ink. All of the Publix cheese coupon printed out perfectly EXCEPT for the large barcode at the bottom of the coupon…these were all blank! Was that because I changed the zip code? All the other coupons printed just fine.

    • Hi RJane! It’s because they’re Publix store coupons – so they don’t have a barcode, just an LU# (which tells you it’s a Publix coupon). Hope that helps!

  7. Maybe I am missing something…I just did the calculations and got that the total before tax would be $2.78. Here is what I got after subtracting coupons from each item’s totals.
    (4) Green Giant Canned Vegetable – $0.65 =$1.60
    (4) Green Giant Frozen Vegetable – $1.00 =$2
    (2) Muir Glen Diced Tomatoes – $1.34 = – $0.32
    (2) Pillsbury Crescent Rolls – $1.67 =$2.34
    (2) Pillsbury Pizza Crust or Italian Meal Brads – $1.67 =$2.54
    (1) Progresso Broth – $1.30 =$0.30
    (3) Progresso Canned Beans – $0.67 =$2.68 (minused the $1/4 on the broth price)
    (2) Totino’s Pizzas – $1.25 =$1.50
    (2) Sargento Shredded Cheese – $2.00 =$0.00 FREE (In order to stack the manufacturer coupon, you have to buy 2)
    (2) Wish Bone Dressing – $1.32 =$0.14
    -$5 (Publix Coupon)
    -$5 (Italian Days Coupon)
    Total $2.78
    Still an awesome deal, totally not complaining…I just want to make sure I am not missing a coupon somewhere!
    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Magen! I did the math 14 times last night until it made my head hurt 🙂 but let me see if I can figure it out. On the Wish Bone you’ll be able to stack the Target coupon and manufacturer coupon (assuming your store accepts Target as a competitor), and on the Muir Glen you may be able to stack the Publix coupon and the manufacturer coupon. Does that make it work out any better? (See reply below on Dana’s comment.)

      • Yes, I did all of the stacking and doubling. I also chose the highest value on all of them. I had made one mistake and calculated 4 cans of Progresso beans instead of 3, so I corrected that, but had to add $0.50 for the Sargento cheese since I couldn’t find the SS coupon. That brought me to $2.61. I am still happy with that though.
        Which store would not accept both Publix coupons for your friend in Madison? Hopefully it wasn’t mine (Madison Blvd)- they are usually great!

        • I’m going to look one more time at it Magen – but my kiddos just hopped off the bus! It’s totally possible that I missed something, but I thought I got the same number 3 times (I’m pretty good at coupons, but my math sometimes goes nuts!) 🙂

          She was at the Madison Blvd store 🙁

    • lesli flores says

      my green giant frozen coupon says do not double making my green giant frozen veg. 3.00

      • Hi Lesli! The computers in my store automatically double them and our cashiers don’t “suppress” the doubling. But, if your store does, you’re right, your veggies would be $3.

  8. Also, did you get the: $1/2 or $.55/2 Sargento Shredded Cheese Products 1/30/2011 SS ? I get the Huntsville Times and can’t find it 🙁 So much for the free cheese. And it will bump up the total, but at least I will only have to buy one pack instead of 2!

  9. Can anyone confirm that Publix will accept more than one “Publix” coupon on the same items? Ex. the $1/4 for Progresso soup + $5/20 items when the soups are part of the 20. Also, the $5/$30 Publix coupon. It seems that they would not stack their own coupons on the same items. Has anyone confirmed this yet? I am trying to plan my trip and if they don’t accept all the coupons I will have to rethink my strategy. Don’t want to attempt that on the spot, you know?

    Also, does anyone know what day that $5/$30 coupon was in the newspaper? I only get the Sunday paper and usually don’t look through the news parts.

    Thanks so much for all the info!!

    • Hi Dana! About the $5/$30 coupon – In our area (North Alabama) the coupon was found yesterday in the paper – which is when our ad starts. So if you’re ad starts today (in FL, GA, or SC), you’ll want to watch those papers closely today! It was a seperate flier that came from Publix.

      As far as whether or not they’ll accept the $5/20 AND $1/4 Progresso, it’s going to depend on the management at your store. Yesterday I was told that my store WAS accepting both, today my friend found out her store is NOT taking both (which is the only frustrating part of shopping at Publix!) The worst case scenario is you would not be able to use the $1/4 Progresso coupon, $1/4 Green Giant and $1/2 Muir Glen coupon – still making it just $3.76 if your store doubles.

      As far as figuring out the prices, I used the best coupon matchup on each item (so like the $.35/1 Pizza Crust coupon on the Italian Breads, then doubled), and stacked any coupons that said “Publix Store Coupon” with a manufacturer coupon. If your store will only take the $5/20 without the other store coupons it will go up some, but not too badly for all that stuff! Hope that helps some, and I’m going to run and double check my math one more time! 🙂

  10. I got $4.36 on 24 when I tried adding up the items on the scenario. Please tell me where I went wrong.

  11. Dana,
    You could also do the $5/$25 Save A Lot coupon as a competitor coupon if they won’t let you do the Publix one. I accidentally already threw my Sunday paper away, so that’s what I will be doing! You just go to their website and sign up for the club and you can print the coupon. Hopefully they are condsidered a competitor for your store, my store accepts them!!

  12. I am thinking that I should make the trip to the Madison Blvd. store. I got the Save a Lot coupon. Thanks for all your help!

  13. OK. If you are using multiple $5/20 coupons, do you have to split up the transactions? I think the coupon implies that you can only use one per customer. Anybody have experience with this? I am thinking of buying about 65 items but wonder if I need to split up the transactions to use 3 $5/20 coupons or make my husband do it with me(ok that sounded bad), you know what I mean! lol : )

  14. I left there today with what I felt like was a major haul for $20.
    I purchased 6 cans of tomatos, 6 cans of green giant veggies, 4 frozen green giant boxes, 4 cans of Progresso beans, 2 Macaroni Grill meals, 2 Wanchai Ferry meals, Lg Smuckers All Natural PB, 2 Lg Publix yogurt, 2 Arm & Hammer baking soda & 2 V-8 juices. I feel like there was more than that but I’m going off memory. I didn’t get the $5/30 Publix coupon in the paper yesterday but I did have a competitor $5/50 and used the $5/20 items as well as the rest of the Italian Days coupons.

  15. can i get 20 green giant veggies and use 5 $1 off 4publix coupon in one transaction?

    • Hey Robyn! It’s up to your cashier & management at your store – I think they probably would let you use one, but it can vary from store to store. Good luck!

  16. Hi everyone! Here is my shopping report:
    I shop the Meridianville Publix on Hwy 231/431 N.
    12 cans of Progresso soup – BOGO (3 – $1/4 Publix coupons + 3 – $1/4 Man. coupons)
    6 – 28oz cans Hunts tomatoes – BOGO (2 – $1/3 P coupons + 2 – $.45/3 M coupons)
    4 cans of Green Giant veg. – BOGO ($1/4 P coupon)
    3 cans Hunts tomato paste – BOGO
    3 – 8oz cans Hunts Tomato sauce – BOGO
    1 Bakery bread loaf $1.29 ($1.50 off bakery bread wyb 6 Hunts tomato sauce/paste)
    2 Sargento shredded cheese 2/$4 (2 – $1.50 off Sargento M coupons)
    + some produce
    I used the coupons mentioned plus the $5/20 items P coupon, plus the $5/$25 Save a Lot coupon.
    So…they took all the coupons together and My Italian Days products came to about $5! My cashier also told me that I could have done a 40 items deal all at once. I was thinking I might have to split up the transactions but she said no. Yeah Meridianville Publix! I am going back tomorrow with the rest of my coupons.

  17. So excited….I went last night and did this scenario and some other things. I divided into 2 transactions so I could use 2 of my $5 off 25 and 2 of the $5 off Italian Days. Transaction 1 was $25.20 before tax and 2 was $25.40 before tax. LOVE IT!

    I bought:

    1 12 pack pepsi canned drinks
    2 Finish dishwashing tabs
    2 Advil 50 ct gel caps
    1 Breyers icecream
    1 loaf Publix bread
    1 Cantalope
    4 packs Sargento cheese
    8 cans Green Giant green beans
    6 cans Hunts tomato sauce
    6 Green Giant frozen veggies

    All for a grand total of $8.75. Woo hoo! Feels like the good ol’ days (last year when I used to do so well :)) Yippee! I needed a good run to get back in the game.

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