The Friday Fluff Up: The Nerf Wars


Yesterday was my son's twelfth birthday (Happy Birthday Jackson!), so I decided to “surprise” him with a clean closet. 🙂  (Yes, I know that sounds nuts, but it's been making both of us crazy, and I just couldn't figure out what to do with all those Nerf Guns!)  However I recently saw this brilliant idea on how to store those crazy things, and it works!


So, get ready (this is a little painful!) for the ridiculous-out-of-control-I-can't-believe-I'm-showing-you-this-before picture . . .




(Yup, I'm mortified too, but we're keeping it real here, right?)




And here, my friends, is the after 🙂 (Ta-daaaaaaaaa!)






WOW!  Why didn't I think of using a hamper before for all those Nerf guns?  I thought that the hamper and two bins from Target would easily hold more toys than just Nerf guns, but there is nothing but Nerf guns there.  (If anyone buys the boy another Nerf Gun I may have to confiscate it!)


This took me all of about 30 minutes to do, because while it looks horrible, it was all Nerf Guns!  I'm so happy with the finished project, and am seriously wondering why I waited three years to tackle that disaster.  (I've tried a time or two, really, I just haven't had a good plan in the works.) 🙂


I would love any tips on what to do with old baseball jerseys, t-shirts, etc. that have special meaning (like the kindergarten t-shirts with all the kid's artwork on them?) as now I have them all hanging on once side of the closet and can't decide whether to let them go or come up with a way to re-purpose them.  If you have any tips, please leave a comment to share! 


Thanks for the clever idea, The Happy Housewife! Check out more of my favorite fluffing up ideas over on Pinterest.  If you have a blog and have done a little fluffing in your home, I’d love to see it, so leave your link in the comments section. Also, if there’s a craft you’ve seen on a website that you’re hoping to make, feel free to share that link as well (I’m always looking for new ideas!)


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  1. Sonja von Franck says

    Great job and idea! Clothes baskets are so useful. I’m about to use two of mine and just completely clear two “dump sites” (my landing desk and the counter beside the refrigerator) I’ve been wondering how to take advantage of the vertical space in my kids’ closets. Thanks for sharing and “keeping it real”!

  2. debbra hunt says

    OK first I am with you on if one more gun comes into this house.. love the basket Idea since we have tried everything.. maybe we could use one of those hanging nets (for unmentionables…LOL) for bullets.. Bullets drive me nuts!!!

  3. Jessica Latham says

    I use a kitchen garbage can for toy guns and stick horses! I love tubs and bins! The toy bin organizer from target kmart lowes also works great for small items like animals cars trucks nurf bullets and so on! Also a wire shelf like you use in your closet is great to store larger toys on.

    For the shirts I have seen people make quilts out of them! Love your site! Have a great weekend!

  4. Rebecca Hammond says

    Hi! Suggestion for the shirts: frame them! Keep one or two special and frame them! You can do it yourself with a poster frame or go to a Michael’s, or hobby lobby and let them do it. You could even cut pieces from the shirts (If you have a lot that are all special:)) and make a collage poster frame of all the shirts. My son is almost 2 and I do not have any special shirts yet,.but in the future I will probably frame a few or make a collage. A quilt? Have a quilt made is popular with t shirts/Jersey’s

    Good Luck!

    • I was thinking quilt too, but framing is a great idea!

    • Definitely quilt them. You can do a simple quilt without all the quilting stitches on a sewing machine (unless you like quilting). Cut the jersey number or the special school artwork parts out in even-sized squares and make a patchwork quilt. A layer of batting in between, plain cloth (or favorite team print) on the back, stitch between each square in long lines through all layers of fabric and batting, bind the edges with blanket batting or a quilting method and you are done! They can help decide how the pieces are laid out, and depending on how many shirts you have, you might have enough to make a blanket/quilt to cover the bed! If not, then at least a lap quilt 🙂

  5. Tammy Shelton says

    Nicely done Laurie. I love those rolling bins from Target. I have a number of them and they live under my son’s beds. We use them to store toys too! They just pull the bin out, and push it back in. Nobody sees them. They are perfect!

  6. Great idea! We have all of our son’s Nerf guns carefully balanced on his closet shelves. This is way better! As for old t-shirts, I have a friend who cuts them into squares and makes quilts out of them. I think that would be a great way to make a memory quilt!

  7. I had a boyfriend whose mom made a quilt from all the t-shirts from his high school theater shows, and it was a wonderful graduation present.

    I’m starting earlier. I’ve already saved a few of my favorite outfits from my baby. My plan once the pile gets a little bigger is to pick a size that works well to capture the look of the fabric and a key detail like an applique or message. 4 inch squares maybe. Then I steel my nerves, and cut my stack up into pieces. I’ll make sure to write in permanent washable marker somewhere on each square (but not on the edge where it would get lost in the seam) a date or a little note, so I don’t forget why I saved it. When she gets bigger, I can cut the pieces bigger too, in sizes that are multiples of 4. So a sports jersey might be an 8×8 square to get the whole team logo, or a strip from her favorite dress be 4×12 to show off the whole pattern or the fabric.

    By just saving one piece from a few pieces of clothing a year, I can store the whole project in a single box. When the time comes, I sew all the pieces together, into a big mosaic of her childhood to take with her to her first apartment or dorm. Lots of little straight seams, so not too hard and the end result is a really basic quilt top that I can sew together with batting and a big sheet to make a cozy comforter. I’m a decent sewer, but if I panic at the end I know quilters who I could pay to do this for me.

  8. I make T-shirt quilts! They do make great memory quilts that are so cuddly and warm! They can be pricey, but you can find materials on sale or use coupons at Hancock fabrics. If anyone is interested in learning more about the quilts or would like pricing, please contact me at! Thanks

  9. Jennifer H says

    I have been saving t-shirts for my three kids. I will make a t-shirt quilt for each of them for college. First one has to be made this summer as child number one will be off to school this fall. Oh My! There are several t-shirt quilt websites out there. I’m going to sew mine. I’ll have to find someone else to quilt it though.

  10. Check out SimpleOrganizedLiving blog and see what she did with her old t shirts that they just couldn’t bear to part with. Very nice idea.

  11. Joleen Blank says

    My mom made stuffed animals out of old ties, I would think you could do the same with jerseys. Or what about fabric baskets to store those nerf guns. Mccalls has some patterns that look really easy.

  12. Have the old shirts and jerseys made into a blanket. Kinda like a quilt but much bigger squares. It could continually be added to until graduation. Nice remembrance gift.

  13. Kimberly Broyles Goodman says

    Brilliant! We had been using under the bed storage (when we get them there lol) great idea!

  14. Hilary Ronaghan Cowen says

    a friend of mine makes scarves with old tshirts. You can search her at Scarf Factory on fb and see examples of her work. Mail her the tshirts and she'll mail you back a cool scarf. I've also heard of making a blanket/quilt out of tshirts. I'm saving my daughter's elementary shirts for a scarf at the end of 5th grade.

  15. Michelle Heilman Wise says

    I have seen they make quilts out of tshirts that have specail meanings. If you sew you could do it yourself or you can send them in and they will do it for you.

  16. I love the quilt idea too for the t-shirts and jerseys and such. Then you can give it to them when they move out. A little piece of home.

  17. Christopher Telle says

    Even BETTER Suggestion!

    Use a drying rack to make a Nerf Weapons Rack (either freestanding or wall mounted). Functional, decorative, and sure to be AMAZINGLY COOL to kids of ANY age!


    Your Nephew and obviously talented interior decorator.

    • HA Christopher – come visit us and I’ll have it set up for you!!!! Thanks for the amazing interior decorating idea! 🙂


      Your way more talented (and old) aunt 🙂

  18. Ellen Votaw says

    Through the years I had collected tshirts from day camp, brownies, places we traveled, clubs from schools and theatrical productions our daughter was in. When she graduated from college I gave h=r a quilt made f%om the fronts of the shirts she has used it to show her own daughter the possibilities and fun from her life
    My husband also collects shirts from various Harleysville dealers and rides he’s been on, and I made a quilt for the king sized bed of his travels It’s a great reminder of the fun he’s has a road riding.

  19. Back when I worked in retail, we would “wrap” the graffic tees around the outside of a gift box. Then secure with pins and “close” with the other half of the gift box. I hope that makes sense. Theyll have a sort of 3D framed effect. Then you can hang as a boarder/wall art in your sons room or game den.

  20. My friend made a quilt out of her kids old tshirts. I’ve been saving all my son’s and he just graduated so she is going to make a quilt for him 🙂

  21. Laundry baskets under the bed are cheap, easy and hold quite a bit. We use them for extra drawer space as well as for toys, crafts, etc.

  22. Cindy Strong says

    I love this idea my son has his all piled in a corner of the basement. As for the t-shirts I have a comforter bag full of Star Wars ones that I’ve been saving since he was two now going to be 14. Plan on having a blanket made out of them.

  23. I am going to make a quilt/blanket for when my kids go off to college.

  24. I make throw pillows out of fav shirts..thirst..sweaters..I put them on the bed in the spare room..They can take them when they leave home..

  25. Sorry my above post should have said t shirts..

  26. As simple as it was, thanks for the nerf gun clean-up. Going to do exactly this today. As for old shirts…if you have special ones that you love, I just saw a video on putting them on canvas (just the picture or jersey name/number)…looking for link now…

  27. Great idea. Especially, I love the t-shirt.

    Thanks for sharing.

  28. Good idea. i like for nerf guns you stored.

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