The Friday Fluff Up: Give Thanks Blocks



Here’s this week’s edition of the Friday Fluff Up!  My friend Misty found this idea over on Pinterest, and it was so simple to do (provided you have a Cricut. . . I’m telling you what, that was my all-time favorite gift!)

(This was Misty’s version . . . after we realized that the orange letters didn’t stand out well on all the papers, she changed some of the colors on her and I love them!  She’s a wee bit more crafty. . . and patient. . .  than I am.) 😉



We started with wood pieces sold in a pack at Michael’s on clearance for $3 (which included enough for both of us to complete the project!)  I think the hardest part was detemining how to order the blocks so that they looked balanced once we were done.

Then we cut scrapbook paper in different colors to fit the blocks. . .

We used the Cricut (Storybook Cartridge) to create the letters, and then used Modge Podge to attach the letters.  Once they were done, we Modge-Podged the front of the letters to make them sturdier. So easy!  

Here are the blocks in the kitchen behind this week’s One Dish Italian Chicken Bake . . . I can’t decide where to keep them, but the lighting is definitely better in the kitchen!

What about you?  Have you made any fun crafts this week?  Here are a few of my favorite ideas found this week on Pinterest (you can follow me under ppennypincher if you’d like to get started . . . I love that place!) 


If you have a blog and have done a little fluffing in your home, I’d love to see it, so leave your link in the comments section.  Also, if there’s a craft you’ve seen on a website that you’re hoping to make, feel free to share that link as well (I’m always looking for new ideas!)


Check out previous Friday Fluff Up projects . . . and Happy Fluffing ;)


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  1. These are very very cute! I have been wanting a cricut for the longest time. Maybe one day I will be able to get one!

    • Thanks Jen! I scrapbook, so a few years ago I saw a deal on one and bought it for myself (to let my hubby give to me as a bday gift!) I really love it, but I know it’s such a splurge! Believe it or not, my friend has found a deal at Kroger on those before, and I’ve also heard Sam’s & Costco sometimes have deals. . . maybe you can coupon your way to a Cricut? 🙂

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